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Shane Hawks
Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Clear your guilty conscience. Share a secret. Get it out.

Shane Hawks
Twisted Dreamer
United States 2awards
Joined 7th Oct 2012
Forum Posts: 79

When I think about the future, I fast forward to the moment of my death because I feel it's the only thing I have to look forward too.

Fire of Insight
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Like a poetical confession? Are there any rules?

poet Anonymous

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Shane Hawks
Twisted Dreamer
United States 2awards
Joined 7th Oct 2012
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No rules whatsoever. It can be poetic but it doesnt have to be. just an attempt to ease your guilt.

poet Anonymous

ďBetter That WayĒ
Heart and mind confessions are relative,
my diary is so full of indiscretions and guilt,
where to unload them is the trick,
certain people might want to
whack me with a heavy stick.
Some of my deeds were so bad,
I ripped the pages out,
tried to forget them
induced on drugs and alcohol,
my proverbial saviors
through the years of tears.
I had a ball rationalizing my pain,
it was swell, pure hell, these personal stains.
Expensive paying for my mistakes, too.
In cash and humiliation, how funny,
most didnít notice them at all,
but, they did notice my public fall.
In fact, they relished in it,
triumphed in my demise,
pointing fingers, all of them
laughing their asses off,
while hiding in their own sins.
Sorry folks, my mind is made up.
No confessions are worth spilling, and
no apologies will be given,
they will be my companions
long after Iím in my grave.
Itís better that way.

Thought Provoker
Joined 3rd Sep 2012
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At work again
and wet (again).
Why can't I stop my mind from wandering for more than an hour?
(who am I kidding; half an hour would be a miracle at this point)
Why must I check out
who comes into my work?
Under my gaze men and women are reduced to parts and shapes
to be used for my enjoyment.
I have a hard time remembering names now,
humans instead categorized under visual impressions;
pert breasts bouncing in low cut tops
wide hips swaying
the sight of jeans pulled tight in the action of bending over.
No task is complicated enough
or demanding enough
to keep the naked, sucking, thrusting thoughts away.
Ö....I think I have a problem.

( I have another, but it's so long that I didn't want to post it here and take up space; http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/72063-to-my-first-girlfriend/ )

Gothix Poet Lover
Lost Thinker
United States
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once i thought my bf cheated on me so i hired someone to check it out and i was right he was cheating on me with my best friend.

Gothix Poet Lover
Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 18th Oct 2012
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so to get back at both of them i secretly planned for all of our friends to be at a place and i set up a camera in his room and caught him in the act. and the next day we watched the film. then he came over and said that he loved me and wanted to do something. but i got all the proof i needed so things got ugly.

Thought Provoker
Joined 3rd Sep 2012
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Am I still your good girl?

All I desire is for someone to lay their dejected head in my lap
having failed once again
and as I gently and lovingly pet the back of their head
and tell them that it's ok
for them to stroke the place directly above my knee
and to sigh softly
and to tell me through a shame filled voice
how I am such a good girl
and for a pleased smile to cross my lips as my heart warms
and to tell them that I love them
and for them to respond the same
and it would be the only time I truly believe the words
no matter who else utters them.
I have always had this thought
and now that that I remember why
I am completely and violently disgusted with myself
and further repulsed by the fact
that remembering did nothing
to lessen this twisted desire.
I have always known that I am strange
to want the things that I do
but as I trace the root of it all
to that hidden seed planted in my lonely childhood
I am starting to realize
just how fucked up I really am.

(For the sake of context, this is referring to; http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/71174-shhh/ )

Dangerous Mind
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the dirtiest DeMoN. Dining,,,


a hunger

that thrives

momentary lapses
of reason

split second starvation..



finally have possession
of you..

So I
sit here and
watch you sleep

Satan softly serinades
the air..

you can dream
as I scheme

how to keep you

Another shot of
comfortably numb

sung by the bottle
humming a hostle lullaby..

out of my mind

Moaning the
sweetest disowning

you belong to her..
for what it's worth
you have met

the dirtiest demon


"But, there's gotta be a way
I can get him to stay"

Let us prey

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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To every girl I have ever touched
I am sorry I soiled your innocence

Fire of Insight
Joined 1st Nov 2011
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.:C.O.N.F.E.S.S.I.O.N. [Wee-Beyís Blues]:.

I did I did it, I did do it
Sure I did, Iím sure I did
Didnít I say I did?
Then I did


Sooner or later we all do
Then itís

Fire of Insight
Canada 2awards
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Black And Red

Now he`s on the wire
A moth to the fire
Dead shards from a smile
We keep in our closet
Waiting to defile
Another crimson sunset
Shaming a filthy liar

With anguish filled airlooms
Haunting a blood stained bedroom
Tear drenched photographs
Mark the lustful romances
Ending in recycled epitaphs
Forging a certain reassurance
Of the fools impending doom

As he stares into his notebook
Another plague is overlooked
The final page sends it`s gleam
To mark a miserable conclusion
On a story broken at the seams
Through his self harming confusion
And the sleepwalk pills he took

To quench a malignant acid thirst
Nauseous delusions in quiet bursts
Failing health brought on by sadness
And his tattered lack of confidence
Petrified inside a solidified madness
Made to worship the devoid silence
As poltergeists debts are reimbursed

Signing requiems on ancient contracts
Deadly hieroglyphs giving life to artefacts
Illustrating history through a desperate eye
Emotion spread across the moving canvas
A translucent layer of a melancholy sky
Distorting forgotten shadows into broken glass
Tearing it`s way through this memory preservation act

Fire of Insight
United States 4awards
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What I Cause:

I complain about dishonesty,
yet no one knows the truth of
my emotions.

I say I want to die here alone
yet I keep reaching for the
fleeting figures.

I scream that no one understands
but I do nothing to change or
understand it myself.

Yet I can't say aloud that I'm to

Lie me die here, let me die here,

I don't deserve all the kindness
you all give to me, but I'm too
dishonest to admit my flaws so

I hide my need for love behind

I cover my eyes when I start to
see reality because I don't want
to taint the world with the lies
my lips are forming.

Why are there so many casualities
with those who come into contact
with me?

Am I that cruel?

See me falling down, let me die
here slowly.

Nothing is going right, not a
trace of honesty, but I know I'm
the one to blame.

But it's alright, I will never say
that I've had enough, I'll always being
saying 'No worries'.

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