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Poetry Contest

write about the stereotype you fit into, if you're a punk write something anarchaic and rebellious. if you're goth, write something dark, and morbid. and so on.
Collaborations are aloud,
there will be two winners chosen,
you can submit two pieces but only one can win.

No word limit, but keep it flowing, and don't let it run on if you have to force it.
just let it flow out.
those are my only requirements.
good luck everyone!

Dangerous Mind
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what to do when inquiry fails

<stuck again
in that infinite inquiry loop>
asking... check
asking... check
asking... check
<any less of an enigma
would have tripped the wires
by now. but no>
asking... check
asking... check
<the insomnia stretches infinite
<no reply?>
*loop terminated*

Twisted Dreamer
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you have 1337 forum posts...
this was good. rather electric and, DOS inspired.

poet Anonymous

ďHumans in StereoĒ
Thick book scholars have been hollering
for centuries about Cardinal sins and vices.
Good grief, what thieves of the spirit,
they donít want to hear it, these so-called
Scriptural experts have their own strife
and sex spurts, constantly pointing fingers,
reading us scary stuff about eternal damnation,
classifying the human race degenerate in
the name of the Sacred and the Holy Ghost.
I do not envy them or their unethical tactics,
their image of me is certainly misconstrued.
Iím not lazy, greedy, or even seedy.
I have my desires, but Iím not needy to
the point of screwing someone over.
Yes, I get pissed sometimes, but  
hammers can smart, try hitting your thumb
and see how you feel, painful, it hurts!
Iím a proud Father, I love my Country, but
would I die for injustice, lies and more lies,
the kind they want us to believe, Hell NO!
You see, I practice endless
grace and charity constantly,
itís what my ancestors taught me.
Iím not your typical human being.
So please, Dear Lord,
STOP trying to classify me,
it might work with others,
but, not with me.

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Not So Simply Applied

There is no label that can define me
or a box that can hold me
I leak out and spread in many directions


I'm not a purpose built figure
with enter and exit on my lids
and nothing in between
I am vast and unfathomable

Easy going

Mysterious maybe but not a mystery
ever evolving
my mind a separate Universe
to the one that envelopes us
I am something of everything


I am more than a stereotype
in societies robotic world
There is only one of me
and I cannot be so simply labelled

poet Anonymous

Confessions of a sex line operator

You want to suck on a what?

Oh honey,
I might be an open minded slut
and you're probably fifty eight
with a small dick and a beer gut

but that?

come on, wouldn't you rather
talk dirty,
maybe get a little flirty
and i'll take you straight to the moon...

A strap on?

Oh yeah cause I love that shit,
there's nothing that's more natural
than having D cup tits
and a guy taking one up the tail pipe...

for the team, I assume?

One more story for the x-rated chatroom
and suddenly you're Ron Jeremy
just because you filmed a dodgy threesome
in a large minimalist room.

Wait, two guys and a girl on the side line?

It's ok.
I'll tell you just what you wanna hear
and whisper so sweetly into your ear
that you're the best I've ever had.

You know, if it'll keep you happy
that you think you're not a gay lad...

Fire of Insight
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what crowds my heart with lonely souls....
i find nothing.
but a deep shell of lost eyes that has never been taned to
its original self.
who am i?? might you ask...???
i am someone from your darkist past...
like a melody that flows the brain
creating a sound..a feel...
you thought wasnt real...
some who beliving i have meet you at the
cherry blossom tree...
who am i you ask...??
i must be from your darkist past.
but life has forgotten who i am,
i have been abandon for i am left alone.
so i soon uncover the truth
that has never been told before.
i say...forgive me.
who am i ???you ask.
i must be from your darkist past

-Kumiko Yamamoto

alon aLion
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I`ll be back -- perhaps

The White Rabbit
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Hatred hurts

The hatred within me,
It grows like a flame,
Soaring higher and higher,
I hate this game.

Screams of frustration,
Bloody knuckles stain the wall,
Tears flow freely,
But the anger doesn't dissolve.

The hopelessness kicks in,
As my knees start to weaken,
I sink to the floor and cry,
There is no hope, there is no beacon.

My hands start to sting,
But its still not enough,
So i pull out a blade,
And feel my skin, so rough.

Previous scars,
All tell their tale,
Time to add another one,
The pain they give is stale.

Cold hard metal,
Smoothly glides through,
Dancing shades of rouge,
My thoughts lift off, away from you.

Fire spreads through my wounds,
The feeling sublime,
The frustration ebbs away,
As i put it away for another time.

The White Rabbit
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Never good enough

Fighting for worth,
And failing each time,
So I guess Iím nothing now,
As I watch others in their prime.

Better versions I see,
Clones that walk and run in the sun,
All more skillful and better than me,
Iíll be replaced with a trigger of a gun.

I was never wanted,
That much I know,
Of how I was never good enough,
As I was constantly compared to.

Remind myself,
Of what I couldnít be,
So I gave up and gave in,
I finally stopped believing in what I see.

I no longer cared,
For what I lacked,
Burn all my hope,
Then take it back.

I donít care anymore,
So I donít aim high,
But that doesnít mean,
That I donít try.

But expected as always,
It doesnít measure up,
To what THEY can do,
I know when its time to give up.

Iím hard on myself,
Always picking like them,
If I canít even love myself,
What about others then?

Twisted Dreamer
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oh, god, oh fuckit to fucking hell.
who knew wearing a jumper all day
could make me sick to the stomach?
i'm not well, no, i'm not well.

Marcus cooke
Dangerous Mind
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The Acid Folk

We are the acid folk,
who live underground,
you never hear us,
we never make a sound.

We are the outcasts,
the undesirables
the ones the universe left behind.
We are forever out of sight,
always out of mind.

We the acid folk,
we shower in sin,
we are like the piece
of the jigsaw puzzle
that just doesnít fit in.

We are acid folk
just want to be left alone
to follow our own paths,
its better to be on our own..

Splintered dreams
spun from cobwebs
forever cling to our body in decay
are hopes and fears are forever on display.  
not that you would understand?.

We just wanted to be belong,
to fight the good fight,
despite what you tell us
we know whatís right

We are a new generation
a new human race
we can think and feel
we just want to be safe.

We serve you food,
we tidy your litter
and all the time
your attitudes
like a bitterest pill
always bitter.

Over the counter-culture
and over the hill,
I consider you vultures,
moving in for the kill.

Because we are acid folk,
we are the new breed,
we will fight the power,
because there is always a need.

Marcus cooke
Dangerous Mind
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A Touch Of Goth - (A Poem About "Pav" AKA "The Goth-Father")

Alas pavlou  
Darkness took you at night  
drinking goth tea  
Society was wrong and you were right  
Itís the false fangs that become you  
Itís the purple velvet cape  
Itís the PVC trousers  
(That i never gave you back)  
You have been to places that I could only dream about  
Glow in the dark bat socks  
fit snug under Camden made nu-rock boots  
scary goth candels  
your legedary in salem  
companys a loner  
the crows are taking over  
Ending in a symphony.  

Youíre a nightmare with no cigarettes  
laughing Psychotically  
You have a kinship with that bat upon your fishnet vest  
Youíre fantastic  
super Exotic  
Youíre a free man in socity  
So tell me why we canít things remain the same?  

You are the goth-father to the emo's  
Youíre the only Goth left  
you're a shining example  
you're a shining light prossesed  
you're flat in alfred street  
opisite the temple of the golden dawn  
there's blood wine on the carpet  
and cobwebs on the walls  
there's bats in the belfry  
spiders crawling up the walls  
hellraiser action figures on a shelf  
next to the skulls and the tortured souls.  

It was a plesure  
a honour  
acid casuality's  
oh pavlou, why cant things remain the same?  
you gave me that book of poety by "poe"  
a vhs copy of "darkman"  
laughing at the ouji board  
oh pavlou, why cant things remain the same.  

Dangerous Mind
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Whores are us..

fairy dust
die hard lust to
the rough stuff
do it all.

How do you want it?

in between jobs
I sit at home
roaming the dark corners
my neurotic dome
I don't need
any company
dick is
far from my mind
they can't gather
the thought that
i just
need to unwind
bury the crime
cry myself to sleep

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