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Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Confess your love, sins, secrets, lies, ect through a poem.
Sometimes itís easier to confess or tell something in writing. Now is your chance. Not like anyone is going to read but us. Have fun.

No collabs
2 poem limit

Gypsy Red
Tyrant of Words
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Thought Provoker
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I act like she doesn't bother me
Her looks are nothing compared to this hottie
She thinks she has my man but I know better
I am sure she hates me too after she read my love letter

My lyrical words she wishes she could be bold
The secrets we share, the fucking we do the secrets untold
You have been mine since the beginning you chose me over her
I wasn't ready for you though and I know your second choice was her

She thinks she has you because of the children you share
I know you want me more than her fat ass in ugly brief underwear
Her teeth are so fucked up her smile nothing to boast
If I had the chance I would put her on comedy central and her ugliness I would roast

I could have kept you if that pregnancy I did keep
My views are so different now but I won't say a peep
About how my idea was to trap you too with a baby when I had the chance
She beat me to the punch and kept getting pregnant to keep your romance

We laugh at how you say my husband is annoying to you and I repeat the same
When deep down I hate her guts so much it is her I would love to maim
Then take what was mine from the start of time
Our confessions of true love are for a lifetime

Tyrant of Words
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"If Closets Could Talk"

When friendship's based on lies
The truth can remain hidden but it never dies
It lives and breeds within, consuming hope for peace of mind
Will my avowal allow me to seek what I must find?

You are not worthy of her
And she deserved so much more than you ever were
I'd have given anything to touch her kind of love
I wonder, do you care who you're under or above?

I'm through lying for you
Dusting off old skeletons so they match the new
I realized too late that you never were my friend
And I'm left to carry a pain that will not mend

Wuz we best friends back then?
Now I'm ashamed when I look back at were we've been
I'd have done it differently if I had lived your life
Love was not enough, you could have had the perfect wife

Our friendshipís based on lies
And my guilt tares me apart every time she cries
But still I cannot tell her for fear she'll hate me too
The truth won't help me now, I'm damned no matter what I do

Now that's unimportant
To cause so much pain was the inverse of my intent
It matters not that I am not the only one to blame
I still bear the guilt for extinguishing the flame


Tyrant of Words
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"Hey Joe, What Does It Mean If It Burns When I Piss?"

I Covered for your lies `cos I was your friend
You claim it was only every now and then
Seems more like every now and every then
In fact there's no time I can't remember when

Remember the night after her party
The night you transformed me from a friend into a tool
When you drove the bodacious one out behind the school
You never saw it coming but caught her tainted jewel

Now I fear that even truth can't set me free
I don't want to hurt her again when she's my friend too
She'd leave you and despise me if she only knew
I went along when I knew all along it wasn't true

As if date rape wasn't bad enough for her
You made her pay your doctor's bills for giving you herpes
Made her feel false guilt and bare your burden on her knees
For turning her true love into a sexual disease

She has suffered so, imagine how she felt
Believing it was her fault for making your dick melt
When all along it was your cheating with her best friend
You are the virus that brought four friendships to an end


Fire of Insight
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These Walls Hold secrets

Your little white lillies
Are smothered in dirt..
Here quit crying,
Wipe the blood off your shirt..

You stuck in this fortress
A thousand miles wide..
These walls.. they have secrets..
Ones I cant hide..

So don't touch the walls!
They bite back!
They'll beat you
Until your senses lack..

Keep your hands to yourself
And tell no one your secrets..
Because you never know
Who might not keep them..

Dangerous Mind
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A Fixation... MiNe.
The bruisin..


It's my addiction..

An affliction
To which..

I bow..

Wear the crown..

Soak me with


A natural born addict..

Mother it's merely
a scratch..
I was out matched..

Lying little girl..
to unwhorl
a habit..

If there is no pain..

How can one measure
the sweet satisfaction

Sadistic passion..

A violation

of elation..

The sensation of sedation.

Can you give it to me

Fire of Insight
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I'm insecure
I doubt myself alot.
I usually take for granted
everything i've got.

I tell others
"of course I don't cry"
I know i'm not perfect
But at least I try.

I trip over my shoes
as well as my words.
I hide my pain well
and make sure no one heard.

My friends consider me weird
but cute at the same time.
I refuse to eat ketchup
because I drank it as a child.

I listen to music
like it's the air I breathe.
I try and help others
and I love to write poetry.

poet Anonymous


I am your confessor

Tell me your sins

Talking about them

Will make you feel better

Was it that lady you seduced

Who now is pregnant

Or was it the embezzlement

From your employer

You know I am good for listening

Pour your heart out now

I am afraid you were a bad boy

You will need some discipline

Come downstairs

I am your dom

I will whip you and chain  you

Sodomize you with a dildo

Make you into someone very very small

Only after you have repented

Will I let you

Kiss my ring

If you were expecting charity

I am not the one

You will lick the floor

As I cum.

Katelyn Michelle
Thought Provoker
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I don't think I try
As much as I should
But I don't deem anything worthy
Because if I did, I would

I give up too easy
Confrontation frightens me
I cry when people yell too much
Although I'm just as guilty

I have the tendency to lie
Tell people"It's just fine"
Force that plastic grin onto my face
At the knife they drove into my spine

The Rake is on my fear list
Along with Slender man
I'm also scared of dark hallways
I avoid them when I can

My friends at growing tired of me
I can really see
When they leave me for each other
Rubbing my face in their glee

Religion is meaningless to me
Although every Sunday I go
To a baptist church, I sing the songs
But on me,"God" has yet to grow

I am a walking paradox
Although, I don't mean to be
My thoughts and actions contradict
Everything I want to be

I'm cutting off my friends
Atleast, the parasitic ones
People who drain the life out of me
Their time has surely come

I never think I'm good enough
Although everyone says I am
I hate myself, no I loathe myself
I frequently hold razorblades in my hands

I get attached too easy
Especially to males
I'm learning I can trust NO ONE
For their promises always fail

Lost Thinker
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Fear-marcos varela
I curl up under my sheets, praying to a lord for my soul to keep, keep safe and keep alive. I hear the noise closer and closer, is it death or a man summoned by him to take my life to take my soul, it begins to get colder I feel the sheets begin to unfold, unfold over my head o my god I know for sure that i am dead.

But wait I feel it is me who decides my fate, and I grab a hold of this being, begin to slash and gash away, arms to heavy to lift so I shift over and stand on my two feet looking down on this man,

I realize he is me and I am him,  I beat the old me I am now filled with serenity, serenity from my past defeated the beast that consumed me and used me. I arise a man full of hope and passion, passion for life passion for greatness a greatness I could not find do to the hatred I had inside.

I know longer fear the man I used to be because I am free,  free from darkness free from anger the devil inside of me no longer hides in me, find yourself a new home a new soul to grab and take hold.

This fear that we have will never let go if we do not learn to take control, control of our mind body and soul, dwell on the past no live in the present because we are all heaven sent, Sent from a peaceful place to test our fate.

Dead Poetess
Twisted Dreamer
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forgive me mother for i have sinned

i drove your car across the bridge
to find testosterone
bottled in denim
lifted my skirt
so that my inked
astronomy would
(yes okay the stars on my thighs)
i watched his masculinity
stare my sun kissed skin
moved my legs enough
to take those bottled blue eyes
pouted my lips over my drink
and sipped

waited for his sweat to speak

all it said was hello
i replied like you taught me
then awoke in his arms
i canít let go

so youíll have to believe, i had a flat
and this wonderful man fixed it
which is why
he came with
to give your car back

i canít explain why youíll never see me again
or why iím gone
when you return


Fire of Insight
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.:True Blue Baby:.


me want a true blue baby

but no want one her story hazy
no want
she drive me crazy

me no want one white, brown, yellow
wit a bedtime dat's too mellow

make a meal?
she feed me Jello?

me no want red, black nor green
a fiend too mean to her fellow
no carry tune;
her cello

no - baby - no

me want a true blue baby
float you like she navy
donít care the hair is wavy
she donít call the sauce is gravy

me want a true blue baby

them mustard greens she make me
she know them Blues that save me!

true blue baby

true blue, true blue - my baby

true blue!

photo: dazs km

Just G
Fire of Insight
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To my husband, I'm sorry I feel this way sometimes.

Covetous Creature

Perched at my window sill
Staring at paint chips like tea leaves
Of all of these insecurities
Who needs any of these;
When you have history's
Self-fulfilling prophecies?

I'm going to write
Until every thing is right
Until everything is, alright

Reaching the Event Horizon
Of my mediocrity
You can't stop time
Past; Present; Future; Destiny
I swell and burst;
Just wanting to be sky

Picking butts out of the ashtray
Second cup of three day old coffee
I stopped taking care of myself
When you ceased desire to look at me

Stuck between a rock
And the hot place
It's flesh I want to displace
And the covetous memories

We skirt subjects as nimbly
As you used to remove mine
Stony faces urge unspoken words
And hidden landmines

Bodies that barely touch
With the same magnetic polarity
I push on; for you
Through arid monotony
Rough hands; hollow interest
I retreat to fantasy
Memories of your coquettish smile
Play out in infamy

I'm going to write
Until it's alright
No more distractions from my antics
No more hiding in semantics

Defuse, dissolve, dilute
This disillusion, nigh
Into something more vast and more blue
I just want to be sky

Just G
Fire of Insight
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To Adderall: I'm breaking up with you.

Addy's Iniquity

Dear Diary;
I used to write you poetry
About love, and the loss of
Now all I have is indecency
Shame and vulgarity

Please guide me and
Give me some clarity
The last thing I want is
Is your pity or charity---

And then there she was;
I met her on the streets
I followed her to the A-Train
And obediently took a seat

Addy you're all I need
To ignore the photo in my locket
You're always there for me
Leaving drops of sunshine in my pockets

Each line that seems to stop time
Aching for the ethereal foil
Breathless anticipation grips my spine
And surges to life like a Tesla Coil

It steers my ascension
From this vorpal rabbit hole
Sin, sex, salvation, motivation
No other goal, but to roam and roll

Good secrets never last
And it's starting to show
Personal devils play xylophone melodies
On my fragile rib bones

All he sees now is emotionless emaciation
All I feel now is hate for my own creation

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