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Journeys Taken in Life or Mind

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write about somewhere you have been or dream to go.
Please write about the place, people, tastes, smells, energy, or anything else from your travels; good or bad.  Alternately, write about a place you dream of going and how you envision it.

Gypsy Red
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One night, long ago…

The Moon observes, the stars are witness
to a fiery clandestine loves’ existence.  
Two strangers observe each other;  
from opposite continents,
but here where the world was birthed,  
love became an unexpected encounter.  
Night shields them from those  
who would condemn this passion,  
it is prohibited by a binding regulation.  
With excited hearts and pulse agitated the  
fear of being discovered has kept them segregated.  
She looks at him in midst of the people congregated
with fictitious uninterested observation,  
defiant, he glances at her with verve, challenging,  
knowing he risks everything for what is clandestine.  
Their skin color defines from whence they have come;  
the difference of languages is an obstacle to none.  
They only have the here and now because tomorrow  
is not promised to anyone, only the present,  
awaiting what promises to be unleashed.  

A subtle and sensual conquest will be the completion,  
it will no longer be postponed,  
on this night of extreme heat, he is waiting,  
to steal even a minute piece of the heart that beckons.  
Tired of watching from afar, tonight  
he will taste her sweet lips in a first kiss,  
gambling, it’s all or nothing, hidden he waits  
until from work, towards her quarters, she makes her way.  
A routine he has observed for many nights  
he has mustard the courage to make his stand,
hoping against hope that a preempted strike,
will give him the advantage at getting a good hand.
The black darkness of night surrounds her departure,  
mind distracted, she does not realize that  
he's awaiting the moment of her approach.  

When she arrives to his hiding place,  
"good evening" he says, startled  she stumbles,  
quick to stop her, within his arms hugging her to him,  
so she does not hurt herself, the struggle ends.  
The raw animal masculinity that is him  
assails in such a way that she feels faint  
such has been the desire and denial  
that for so long in secret she kept.  
This is the instant they both have dreamed,  
her eyes said everything though her voice was silent.
Slowly he approaches her lips with trepidation, fearful,  
losing themselves in the exquisite kiss they both so longed for.  

Their raging passion breaks its restraining dam,  
spilling over them, into them like a flashing thunderstorm,  
for so long watching, wishing yet unable to express,  
all the feelings secreted within their breast.  
His hands explored all of her charms,  
the body, his imagination had coveted.  
Her moans of passion he swallowed,
silencing them lest they be discovered,
along with their every exhaled breath.  

His mind raged and argued;  
"At what point are you going to stop?!"  
But tonight his body wanted
to take over and refused to be denied.  
Knowing that time wasn't his ally,  
possessed by the lust that was suffocating him,  
he led her by the hand to a place more secluded,
wishing to make love to her under the starry Arabian sky.  

She was not opposed, knowing what he intended,
because she as much as he, wanted to end this sweet agony.  
Arriving to the place he had previously selected, he tenderly,  
with remarkable patience, removed her clothing,  
and anything that might hinder him in this endeavor.  
Taking her nakedness in, in all its splendid glory, he lost his breath,  
then he laid his uniform shirt on the floor,(described in poems of old)  
taking her in his muscular arms, together they finally capitulated.

They made love, for the first and last time,  
as would wild beasts because, you see,  
there would be no more opportunities.  
This moment of illicit love found in the desert,  
will live forever emblazoned in our memories...

Gypsy Red

poet Anonymous

A beautiful poem Gypsy, thank you for your post.

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
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- Cherry Blossom -

I do recall the year, it was early in the spring,
The sun was on high, looking ever splendidly...
When we went to the gardens, there to sing.
The pond where the swans swam elegantly...
Was clear as a mirror, reflecting the blue skies,
Near the fields where at night blazed fireflies.
The small path along it with the old wood rail,
Wound near some rugged cliffs we knew well.
And so, around the pond we found our way...
To the gardens, where we spent that fair day.

The hills were tall, the flagstones at our feet...
Were ancient and cracked, retaining the heat.
My sandals did not notice, as I walked along...
Whilst we went to gardens, singing our song.
The cherry blossoms were in bloom, in season,
And the tiny shrines stood so solemn nearby...
The maidens tended them for faithful reason,
For gods and ancestors they could never deny.
Pretty as the cherry blossoms along the path,
Past the pond that was the swans' cool bath.

We sat near the fountains, without any care,
Looking at the cherry trees all around there...
Watching the maidens in their sweet devotion,
Letting the hours pass like drops in the ocean.
Somewhere, a bell tower called out the time...
But we were singing, and so lost in the rhyme!
Only the Buddhist statues, did smile so wide...
As our hearts once did, where blossoms reside.
Still do those trees grow, and so every spring,
Do their blossoms blow, and so much joy bring!

As night came down and the fireflies did dance,
We walked in the woods where tall pines grew.
There, where old spirits awaken and do prance,
We said farewell to the day and to skies blue...
For the stars did herald a night of no less glory,
Than the day which I related early in this story.
By now the shrine maidens were saying prayers,
And the monks were walking along lonely stairs.
They saw not the wonders of the world like we,
As the night winds bring us each to our destiny.

Twisted Dreamer
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One hit is all it takes.
To see into another realm.
Is it beautiful?
Is it terrifying?
I am seeing blue everywhere.
And tiny blue faries.
But then my vision shutters to black.
And when I come to, I have a decaying hand on my shoulder.
I start to scream when I am shot forward by a blast of flames.
Where am I?
I am in a submarine.
We are hit. Being torpedo'd.
Shit! I am running now.
Trying to get to my friends.
Everything is black.
I turn a corner and everything goes still.
The lighting is dimmed here.
I have found them, but it is not them.
On their faces are little aliens.
Sucking out their identities.
Their souls.
Where are there faces?
All I see is a blank canvas.
And then I look past them.
Eyeless creatures.
Demons of silent hill.
Oh fuck!
Is this real?
Of course it is.
How could it not be?
It's so vivid.
I start to run and I am being chased.
I can hear it.
But where is the creature that is tracking me down?
I look behind me. Nothing.
I slow down. Look again, and still nothing.
Then as I turn back, it is in the hallway ahead of me waiting.
For some reason I don't know, I approach it.
It waits. Unmoving.
Is it blind too?
I reach out and touch it.
Then, just like that, I am back with my friends at my house.
But I feel a hovering presence the rest of the night.
Lingering over my shoulder.
Is this how it was suppossed to be?
Is this how it would feel to lose your sanity?
Not knowing truth from reality?

Twisted Dreamer
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Blue Dream

A warm day.
A few clouds.
A subtle breeze.
All barely noticable.
Until two hits.
I get in tune with my Mother Nature.
To better understand the day.
Two hits and everything is clear.
Slowed down.
It is all brought into perspective by two hits.
A Blue Dream.
I feel nature stiring.  
I can hear the voices of the different creatures.
Feel the life flowing around me.
The sunlight feels like a warm carress against my skin.
The wind feels playful, and tugs at my hair, loosening it.
The clouds continue to move at a lazy pace.
I feel like I can finaly breathe.
Let go of my pain.
Ease my mind.
I feel like I can think.
Concentrate better.
Confidence is restored.
Another hit.
And life has meaning.
No longer dreading my day.
Looking at the glass half full.
I take my time getting ready.
Then I am off.
At the beach.
It feels so serene.
The roar of the ocean a lullaby.
Then, the strangest thing.
A caterpillar crawling in the sand.
He too must be enjoying the heat.
He reminds me of life.
How we morph into something beautiful in time.
And it always takes time.
Another hit.
Does it take time?
I will make my life now.
Yes, that is what I will do today.
I'm walking home, and see three friends.
They are also in tune today.
Together we will make this day glorious.
Go on an adventure.
It is a perfect day after all.
Amplified by four hits.

Lost Thinker
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From the weight of the world
I slip through the sand
on my way
to wonderland.

The worries I had
all fade to gray
problems of mortals
are not for today.

I fall through the sky
wind in my hair
I tumble through clouds
without my despair.

I swim the cool waters
see visions that flow
feel all pain sinking
with no under toe.

A promise was whispered
with no one to hear
vowing their silence
and sharing my tears.

Grasping the truths
they only can teach
all trace of my life
was far from my reach.

I can't remember your face
or the love I forsake
I'm realizing slowly
this place isn't so great.

I know it's amazing
with no pain to go through
I can't help but miss
not seeing you.

Viwe Lugongolo
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Are We There Yet?

My butt hurts
The seats have metamorphosed into cacti
Aligned with dust and earth
Using the telescopes crocheted to my cask tie

I don't know some of the dimensions I journey into
Walking on space where your urn is your shoe
And finding out that paradise has a furnace that spews

D_Poetic Engineer
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       Lady On The Mist

<yframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vbliMlCopTo?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></yframe>

Took my lady on Maid of the Mist
To see the mighty Niagara at its best
The American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls
Dubbed as “HoneyMoon Capital of the World”
‘Twas her childhood dream since she was six
“Wishes do come true,” as she was mesmerized
By this grandeur only first seen
In a movie a few decades earlier

Her misty-eyed looks--in awe and admiration
Are now revealed through her soul
How fulfilling it was to share
This experience of a lifetime
With whom you love and adore,
And cherish it in the abyss of time

Just like those never ending Falls
Our love will never end,
For it was greater than any of those
Its unfathomable depths incomparable
Only you and I can conceive

Breathtaking and awesome--
Were all she could utter,
As she got blinded by the mist
Tried to capture her feelings
In my lens soaking wet
Mixed feeling of emotions
Will now be preserved
In her mind and virtual world
Of this wonderful maiden voyage
By my lady on Maid of the Mist

             By: EngrVV 10/16/12

poet Anonymous

Everyone, thank you for all of the great submissions so far.

poet Anonymous

“Geyser Baths and Star Trucking”
Andean hot tub memories scorched unforgettable images on my brain,
I felt mystical things there, heard ancient pan pipes on thermal breezes,
the tears of the moon comforted me in my warm watery cocoon,
natural volcanic body baths soothed my aching muscles and
warmed my soul, my weary brown eyes gazed skyward,
searched millions of vibrant twinkling stars,
I could have kissed them, they seemed so close.
Sulfur fumes did not inhibit my joy
above the tree line, my mind raced,
it contemplated and analyzed
subjects from
A to Z and back again.
I traveled time and space,
it felt so fine, as if I were the
only one on the entire planet.
It was heavenly indeed,
no material needs way out there,
just the elements and you, no one else, it was perfect.
Serious relaxation set in and stayed for ten nights,
lots of interesting things swirled around in my relaxed state-
protozoa, world history, pheromones,
black holes, Beethoven, Boa Constrictors,
my past mistakes, California earthquakes,
fast cars, the lottery, Mom and Dad,
Sister Kate and Uncle Jake, politics,
and the purpose of life itself.
Such meditation made me realize
how much of my life I took for granted.
Here, the infinite was before me,
a sacred panorama, blanketed by thin mist,
I could see forever, think deeper.
Dinosaurs and their plight interested me,
so did the concept of interplanetary visitors,
the ones who made the Nazca Lines and
moved the Easter Island heads, they
landed at Tiwanaku, too.
I left no stone unturned, from
the origins of the continents to botany and economics,
even the Hale-Bopp comet was thought about.
Predicting the future seemed a bit of a sticking point.
With no one there to discuss such an important topic,
I felt microscopic, a bit blue in the thin mountain air.
I wanted so badly to have the company of another
breathing fellow human being, my frustrations
dissolved in the geyser waters that
quashed the yearning temporarily.
I transcended my mortal body, saw spirits of
the dead Quechuan Kings, flew with Condors,
unlocked mental doors that had long been closed.
I wondered if loneliness was always like this,
it was bliss being beyond the physical abyss.
On the sixth night of such introspection,
I spied one set of dim headlights
creeping the chilly night along the
black ribbon called Highway 4.
It was a big rig making its way
over the mountain pass to Chile, to
the city of Arica, a door to the Pacific.
I could hear him grind gears as he traversed
the steep hill below the northwest ridge.
He was a skilled driver, used his brakes to shift.
I wondered if he had the radio blaring to stay awake,
sipping a sugary Inca Kola listening to FM 93.7 Radio Chacaltaya,
that station belts out some serious tango tunes,
keeps them hopping back in La Paz.
Was he single, a native, or an expat gringo
working to make extra dough for
his wife and young son back home in Amarillo.
So many questions and not enough time,
he was still moving his heavy load down the road.
If I could just get his attention, we could talk
about the future of all mankind.
I screamed at the top of my lungs,
but, to no avail, the trailer’s rear lights
disappeared as slow as they came,
he was 30 kilometers away anyways.
I guess it was fruitless to attempt such a thing.
It was then, at that precise moment,
I realized the immensity of the universe,
a vastness to which all humanity paled,
I hoped he did not go over the metal guardrail
on the downhill side of the road, felt sure he made it,
as I heard no explosion.  The silence settled in again.
I often think back to those lonely nights over a decade ago,
never felt so free, free as we’ll ever be, the trucker and me.
I would love to go back with just my tent and pack and some Clif Bars,
camp on the shoulder of Sajama, high on the altiplano, it’s such a magical place,
where the frost licks the cactus, geyser waters pool
between the jagged rocks, and truckers drive
like clockwork on lonely highways
beneath countless stars.
This goes on endlessly.

poet Anonymous


Sand beneath my feet
Breeze lures my senses
I taste the sea on my lips
As silent fingertips

Begin to move
Playing an ancient drum
I walk the ground
Listening to the holy sound

Of freedom unbound
Of pounding of feet
The rythm has begun

I move to the myriad motion
The bulges slowly sweep
A melody so deep

My pounding heart
Fills my every pore
Waves roll over the shore

Wind catches my hair
The music now everywhere
I stand and watch myself

My spirit seeking
The meaning of this
Momentary eternal bliss

Woman of water
Holds out her hands
She understands

Crystal colored clouds
Moon carved in gold
Mystery unfolds

Secret beholds
The sound of a word
The blink of an eye

Tranquil tender tears
Unlocked hopes and fears
I am waiting for eternity

I know she
Will come
To me

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