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Poetry Contest

Write a poem as though it was your last day alive.
Today your going to die. Pick up your pen and write. Tell me about your life, what you achieved, most vivid memory, lessons, advice, love, dreams, the world today, how you feel, whatever you want. These are your last words, your last thoughts. What would you leave for me, your friends, family, the world.

No collabs
No word limit
1 entry
Tell or show in someway at some point that your dieing or going to.

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My Last... Or My First?

It was the only thing I feared:
the death of my soul.
Why did it have to be today?
No, I'm not so naive
as to believe that question is hard.
Of course it was today,
and of course you are not here with me.
What did I think?
That you would come around for me?
That you would think I was good?
Or even just good enough?
Where is my mind, to have thought
such disgusting blasphemy?
I will never be enough for you,
I get that now.
So I'll just wait here
and I'll pass to a different plane.
I'll go as quietly, as peacefully,
as humanly possible.
I just hope I don't suck up there, too.

Gypsy Red
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The sorrows of a mother’s heart

The sorrows of a mother’s heart
sometimes are too numerous to count.
The disappointment is insurmountable
when it is your children who bring it about.
A single parent lives trying to make up
for what this child’s life might lack,
consoling themselves with a waterfall of tears
caused by the pain and guilt carried on their back.

I have wept many a bitter tear
berating myself for not being stronger,
smarter, lacking courage or so full of fear.
I gave my children in recompense, my youth
and love, extinguishing any dreams, a disparager.
They were always first, an irrefutable truth,
always keeping in mind:
“the sin of the father shall be visited upon the sons”
So in silence I have bared my cross for things I had done.

As they grew I tried to impart wisdom and encouragement,
for a moment they the held promise of turning out well,
but as they hit young adulthood the illusion dispelled,
the iron hand of disappointment struck it’s blow
and the reign of sorrows inevitably became the norm.
Where did I go wrong, what did I not do?
The questions pile up but the answer is obscure,
try as I might it feels like a losing battle
my children are on a fast track to destruction
and I, bystander useless to affect the outcome.

My heart wails its grief to the silent night,
“father why have you forsaken me!”
I tried and tried and yet I failed,
my children will pay the price for the iniquity
of not having been enough of a parent,
unable to lead them into life’s future in victory.
My children will hate me and the legacy they inherit
and I will go to my grave mourning my failure as a parent.
I will always pray for my children and for their forgiveness
hoping they realize it was hard without a counterpart
and from the abyss of endless night I shall weep,
the sorrows of a mothers broken heart.

*"Oh my children, how my heart for you has wept!"

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If I were to die today
Would anyone even know?
That I am no longer there?
If I were to die today
Would anyone finally hear my voice?
Or would it still be as invisible as before?
If I were to die to day
Would they turn around and ask
Someone who is no longer there
If I were to die today
Will I finally have meaning?
Will someone regret?
If I were to die today
Would someone even remember?
Would someone even miss me?

Death Plane for Teddy
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[font=Courier New][size=2]

                      < bolt-action 22 >
                     talk about ignorant
                     i'm up here in this tower
                     with just a bolt-action 22
                     and only 15 rounds left
                     but it's got a good sight
                     so maybe
                     i can get a few more

                     it will be a few less
                     than you're hoping for
                           - - -

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I swore to never let go of your hand,
I said, I will stay with you till the end.
I promised to keep you warm, when you are cold.
I kept my promise all these years we grew old.

A last ray of light falls through the curtains in my eye.
I smile at you and slowly whisper my goodbye.
You bend forward and try to soothe my pain,
you gently kiss my droughty lips, it's not in vain.
I muster up the strength I've left to tell you how I feel,
I want to tell you "I am sorry, I couldn't fulfil our deal".
You seem to read it in my eyes and tell me, it's enough.
I want to talk to you, but all these words come only as a cough.

The promise made was something that I knew I couldn't keep,
yet I tried so hard for you.
I see your face and slowly drift into this endless sleep,
I hold your hand and...

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Congratulation Asp! Thank you October!

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