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Poetry Contest

You are a character in an imaginary James Bond film. Invent a name of your character and write in any way you wish about the part you would play in the film Please use your character name as the title for your write Good Luck

poet Anonymous

Bond likes them shaken, not stirred.
I'm not that particular, I dress casual.
I drink them any way they make them.
Prefer crushed ice and high speed mixers.
Sophistication can get you killed.
I have twelve lives, not nine.
Reckless abandon is my motto,
That's what it takes to blot out
the murderous hate
I feel for all evildoers.
I'm in all the Bond adventures.
You never see me,
I'm behind the scenes
cleaning up all of James' messes.
I confess, it's not easy being 003.
I'm "Nameless", Q calls me "Me."

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i love this idea ill post later

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Misty Peach

More than a mouthful, I'll overflow Bond's lips
Stirring him first with my little finger, then shaking him senseless with my thighs

Burnt orange hair, naturally, above and below
My tastes run decidedly into the kink, switching things out nicely

Having seen Casino Royale, I know he too likes to play with zip cord and rope
Though I have so much better things in mind for his crown jewels, candle wax, ice cubes, or something more shocking

While he might have a license to kill, I have one to arouse, tease, and dominate
Collecting my well earned tribute for a most exacting skill from drip-at-the-tip Double O's

In reality, I'm not interested in his secrets or M's plans for Queen and Country
I only want to add him to my harem, make him my little ponyboy, tail included

Yes, I will train him hard, till he's all tired and sweaty
Then comes the wash down and oiling his rippled body

After he's satisfied me, once, twice, thrice
I'll help him explore his feminine side, from the inside

Oh, I know he'll be envious, for my piece is bigger, longer
Even when he extends his tiny Walther PPK with a silencer

And when I am done, I will demand more than Vesper, to become the name of a drink
Instead, I will have "Misty", then "Peach" branded on each of his incredibly firm butt cheeks

poet Anonymous


I am the only woman

Who runs an organized crime gang

We train our cat burglars

To be amazing acrobats

I have a deep secret

I am a lesbian

Hired by Goldfinger

To poison the water with Sarin

I meet James Bond

Played by Sean Connery

Who is surprised

He cannot seduce me

In the book only

Only Hollywood did not do lesbians

Way back then

James Bond saves me

We make love passionately

Fade to black

This was imaginary......!

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My Thanks for your entries.

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Sincere thanks to all who entered, my apologies for this comp not proving to be more popular.

Strider An great take on the subject, by focusing more upon the undercurrents I felt you wrote completely outside the box, subtle is the analyst, that touch, that intricate divide, part George Smilie, part Harry Palmer. Your work is always most thoughtfully inclined, well done, thank you for your entry

Colonel - the swinging knot, the wicker chair, the girl without a tell; no need for a screen test, that misty peach of yours does have the genre nailed. My thanks that you wrote for this competition, well done.

Kitty, thank you very much. Goldfinger and Miss Galore were innovative and classic Bond and what a delightful twist you brought. Poor James, I think that you would have left him severely shaken and stirred. Well done, your entries are most welcome and always greatly appreciated.

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