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Life is a box of chocolates

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write a poem comparing life to a box of chocolate
Write a poem of any style with your view of life as compared to a box of chocolate.

Unlimited entries
Comments are open but no personal put downs.


Life is a box of chocolate

to you this may be
covered in brown goodness
so sweet and sticky

you dive into it willing
and chew it with delight
a carmel center awaits

my brown is of another nature
and the center more of a goo
more Tangy and sour

sucked in and down
being pulled apart
Life is a box, I am the chocolate

poet Anonymous

Thank you for your submission. Now I want some juice. Thanks :-)

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Life is like a box of chocolates
If it was half empty
And filled with those bitter dark chocolate ones nobody fucking eats
And everyone makes it known when the covers back on

poet Anonymous

Thank you for your submission. I do hope you get at least one good chocolate out of the batch.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Thank you J

Fire of Insight
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Chocolate and life
Life and chocolate
In a box?
Eaten in a tree?
No,it must not be..
I think my life
Is a box of chocolate
Sweet and heaven
Melting so purely
In the confines of my mouth
Or old and moldy rotten and brown
And other atrange colors to
Really it makes me sick..,
Life is my box
My box of chocolate
Just like it you see..
Sweet or disgusting
Im living it.

poet Anonymous

With a name like "Life is meaningless" you sure do surprise me with your meaningful poetry about it. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for your submission

poet Anonymous

somelikeithot, I enjoyed your work and different take on it. So many of ladies fit in one mold or the other. Still there are the good, the bad and the one you wish you had more of. Thank you for your submission.

Lost Thinker
United States
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[left]Its chocolate or life

live in a box and your stuck
eat chocolate and it tastes so sweet
life is a box of chocolates
think about this your living in a shoe box and walking in my shoes
leave no road not taken
but life ones tasted so sweet the chocolate melt in your mouth not in your hand
leaving you sticky and sweet but once it hit your tongue the taste stayed for so long because it lingered on your sweet tooth
you knew in the end what you wanted
so the chocolate never lasted so sweet and life ended with just that[/left]


Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Life is a box of chocolates
But if it is,
Then my chocolates are mouldy
Fly riddled and furry,
Stale, and they reek,
Don't dare open the lid of my life,
Because you'll simply throw my life away.

It should have been thrown away a long time ago.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Chocolate Truffle Surprise

Oh my dear Forest, you were so right indeed
About life and that proverbial box of chocolates

Normally, I am most selective, quite discerning
Only going for the darkest of chocolate, no whimpy Godivas for me

Still even I get ambushed, taking that trusting bite and ...
Getting surprised, despite my been there, done that demeanor

Taken aback by something unexpected, causing oral distraction
A self-inflicted bit lip, warm saltiness to blend with the sweetness

Reminding me of other darker elements, vieled aspects of my life
Where leather replaces lace, flogging replaces caresses

Looking devilishly at my coppered love, sprouting a crooked smile
As she innocently asks "was that a good one?", but then realizes too late

Here we go again, time for me to pursue my damsel in distress
Tying her to the railroad tracks once more, teasing, probing fun

Then tenderly feeding her, one by one, the remaining morsels
While I prepare to nibble and savor something a little more sweet

Just then, on time to complete the metaphor, it floats slowly down
A single white feather to add tickling delights to our already kinky evening

Thought Provoker
United States
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If my life is a box of chocolates
I hope i can think outside of the box
There a good chocolates, creamy milk chocolate, crunchy nuts, gooey carmel
And then there is the god offal fruity berry crap that questions everything
Why is that in the same box as chocolate?
I want chocolate
Not strawberry, coconut combo paste that infects the se-rounding chocolate
Who even thought of that?.. coconut and strawberry
It doesn't belong
It makes me feel like i wasted my time and money
To think one thing in life could go as planned!
Now i'm stuck here with an half empty box and strawberry crap that's called "chocolate"
Which is my life

poet Anonymous

The cultures of humanity fill this box we call Earth
much the same that chocolate fills a gift box with mirth.

Some bitter like cocoa, some sweeter like milk
or neutral in sugar like semisweet or silk.

There's Swiss, so delightful and French so creamy
Belgian so mature, and Mexican the eldest, a Mayan dream.

There's toasted nut covered, coconut too, and cream filled
little morsels, think Asia, Portugal, India and Brazil.

European, Australian, North American too! Arabian,
Italian, Dutch, English, Pol and Norwegian.

The most perfect thing from a gift box it seems is not
so much different from what you get with new friends.

As sweet as it is, it's likely a blend
of flavors and experiences from the world we live in.

Open up a box. Make a friend.
Though sinfully sweet, it's never a sin.

poet Anonymous

DarkPoetics, Thank you for your submission. I enjoy seeing everyone's take on the same idea.

poet Anonymous

AlmostDead0909, Thank you for your submission. I heard the Adam's family song in my head while I read this one.

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