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What Happened?

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about a realtionship you've had that has taken a turn or changed or an event in life that changed everything for you..you may even go as far as realizing your not who you were
keep conversation to a minimum
no world limits
any questions PM me

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The way we were

The laughter woven in the wind
The touches during velvet nights
The kisses under pouring rains
The secret shared under twilight skies
Our life woven through with a golden circle
There was no you, no me…it was us
On sand we wrote poems
On the wind we sighed proses
Carving promises on whispered words
Touches on smooth white clouds
We slumbered in sated complacency

Come thundering music and lightings
Balls of silvery lights on ceilings
Garish wonders of new found land
Lithe nymph from some where
Dancing on the floor on her toes
Eyes smouldering of avid desires
Arms encircling your waists
And your heart
I faded away in the distance
No longer real gossamer thin
You become you, yours, yourself and hers

I sunk deeper into the void
Tentacles of silver madness
Drowning protestation into nothingness
My heart stopped beating in synch
With life living love
You, you danced on to the melody
Pan’s lute gripped your desires
Never a thought spared for me
Once your love your life
Or at least you told me that once
A long time ago

Lighting died, thunder rolled over and slept
Roiling wants needs and desires
They died and went away
No one cared anymore
Time of dances on puffy cloud nine gone
Years have gone unnoticed
Your beloved sang her dirge for dying love
And left to love anew
You lay crumpled on the sand
Of love letters lost to growing mildew
You are loved no more

You looked at me across the room
Love dead in our eyes never to bloom
You looked so small then
So lost and alone
Just as I was when you were gone
I stood there rooted
I could not return
Our vows and promises buried
In your dusty dream
And even dustier claim
Gone are the way we were.

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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One of several religious experiences I had that changed my life...

- The Forgotten Goddess -

Part One: The Wild Place

In autumn, one year, when I was a teenager full of angst...
Doubtful of all gods and their power to comfort with caring,
I did go astray from the safe road I had walked at length.
I found myself lost in the wilderness, yet filled with daring!

Of old, the races of mankind have told tales of deities fallen,
Not all from sin, but some from grace too blindingly beautiful.
Thus it came to pass, that I did go wandering quietly solemn,
In places wild and desolate, seeking divinity with a heart full.
Divinity amidst nature, as the ancients did find in noble quest,
Thusly I walked through forests deep, like a trip into the past.
My second sight was open, and for hours I did hear only this...
The sound of the leaves beneath my feet, and no divine bliss.
Lonely is a pilgrim's path, when the pilgrimage is madly long...
Despite the whistling of the wind or the birds' delightful song.
In every corner of the woods, I thought as the sun did sink,
That I beheld the shadows move, as the stars began to wink.

Part Two: The Lost Queen

In that in-between time, when day and night are thus mixed,
I left any semblance of a trail behind me, perhaps on purpose.
And so my feet were set upon a course I knew not was fixed,
By a power as old as time who had set me upon this course.

As twilight came upon the land, in the golden afternoon glow,
I found myself in a sandy patch of land, still hot from the day.
Still hot, the sandy ground, where naught green could grow...
And so I sat upon a rock to rest my weary feet without delay.
There came, as if in a shaft of the golden sunlight, a dark form,
Though not frightful, it rose before me like some bleak storm.
A woman's face and form I saw, in ancient robes of black hue…
Glimmering faintly, those garments, as like unto so very few.
Her face was white as ivory, her eyes black as a starless eve,
She whispered to me secret things, like none as I'd believe!
And in that place, outside of time, she took me into her arms,
My will surrendering unto hers, my spirit taken by her charms.

Part Three: The Road Home

Held within the power of a goddess, one is without all power,
Save to hear and heed, and in her presence I knew comfort.
All sense of the world escaped me, in that enchanting hour...
I was like a drowning soul adrift at sea, heedless of any port!

Her true name, she spoke, as that a secret thing lost to time,
My own as well, she knew, and so we formed a lasting bond.
An ancient goddess and her child, in golden light so sublime,
That spell did last seeming long, as if cast by a magical wand.
Until at the last, she turned into a cloud of ravens flying off...
Into the trees beyond the dry lands, the clouds their very loft.
I heard the sounds of ghostly wolves, and saw their tracks...
Yet nothing of them could be seen, invisible were their packs!
They followed me unto the border of the woods as I had left,
And with night they were gone as I found the old road home.
Never again did I behold the forgotten goddess whose craft,
Had quieted within me all desire to, in her lost lands, roam.


How I found the right way home, I cannot recall; it just was,
And so I learned not to question divinity again, for it is real!
Mankind merely has to open their inner eye, and so because,
We have the gift to see, we have only to open up and feel.
Light and darkness are but words we put on greater things,
Which lie beyond all mortal sight like a hidden bell that rings.
Haunting in its' melody, familiar in its' tune as any you'd hum,
That is how true magic works, when its' working has begun!

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I took back what he tried to break.


Fed from the bed of your words that misled
Now uncompromised dry I am bled
Unmoved by the verbal that falls like water
running aimlessly trying to slaughter
my mind with tongue licking and ripping
it doesn't catch just keeps slipping
on the tide of my impenetrable shield
keep it coming you drain as you wield

"You're long gone I got tired of your song
and the feel of your hand it's impact was strong
Made me bruise and bleed at your angry need
But never did I crumble or allow you to feed"

I keep getting stronger on the throw of your thunder
that lifts me up and pulls you under
Your Max headroom smile all plastic and fake
is just as pathetic as the piss that you take
Your threats make you feel like the big I am
you hang them over me don't give a damn
My silence that bothers your unsettled thoughts
You just have to guess and come up with naughts

Selective and subjective accusations so vile
flow on the tide of your unceasing bile
My breath is my breath that on you will waste
So no words shall fall as your wrath I taste
The ouch in your suffering that puts me at fault
is struck ever deeper in the wounds that I salt
So you say in your hard done by way
how weak is the strength of your twat-ish display

"You're long gone I got tired of your song
and the feel of your hand it's impact was strong
Made me bruise and bleed at your angry need
But never did I crumble or allow you to feed"

Gypsy Red
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One Night Long Ago...

The Moon observes, the stars are witness  
to a fiery clandestine loves’ existence.  
Two strangers observe each other;  
from opposite continents,  
but here where the world was birthed,  
love became an unexpected encounter.  
Night shields them from those  
who would condemn this passion,  
it is prohibited by a binding regulation.  
With excited hearts and pulse agitated the  
fear of being discovered has kept them segregated.  
She looks at him in midst of the people congregated  
with fictitious uninterested observation,  
defiant, he glances at her with verve, challenging,  
knowing he risks everything for what is clandestine.  
Their skin color defines from whence they have come;  
the difference of languages is an obstacle to none.  
They only have the here and now because tomorrow  
is not promised to anyone, only the present,  
awaiting what promises to be unleashed.  
A subtle and sensual conquest will be the completion,  
it will no longer be postponed,  
on this night of extreme heat, he is waiting,  
to steal even a minute piece of the heart that beckons.  
Tired of watching from afar, tonight  
he will taste her sweet lips in a first kiss,  
gambling, it’s all or nothing, hidden he waits  
until from work, towards her quarters, she makes her way.  
A routine he has observed for many nights  
he has mustard the courage to make his stand,  
hoping against hope that a preempted strike,  
will give him the advantage at getting a good hand.  
The black darkness of night surrounds her departure,  
mind distracted, she does not realize that  
he's awaiting the moment of her approach.  
When she arrives to his hiding place,  
"good evening" he says, startled  she stumbles,  
quick to stop her, within his arms hugging her to him,  
so she does not hurt herself, the struggle ends.  
The raw animal masculinity that is him  
assails in such a way that she feels faint  
such has been the desire and denial  
that for so long in secret she kept.  
This is the instant they both have dreamed,  
her eyes said everything though her voice was silent.  
Slowly he approaches her lips with trepidation, fearful,  
losing themselves in the exquisite kiss they both so longed for.  
Their raging passion breaks its restraining dam,  
spilling over them, into them like a flashing thunderstorm,  
for so long watching, wishing yet unable to express,  
all the feelings secreted within their breast.  
His hands explored all of her charms,  
the body, his imagination had coveted.  
Her moans of passion he swallowed,  
silencing them lest they be discovered,  
along with their every exhaled breath.  
His mind raged and argued;  
"At what point are you going to stop?!"  
But tonight his body wanted  
to take over and refused to be denied.  
Knowing that time wasn't his ally,  
possessed by the lust that was suffocating him,  
he led her by the hand to a place more secluded,  
wishing to make love to her under the starry Arabian sky.  
She was not opposed, knowing what he intended,  
because she as much as he, wanted to end this sweet agony.  
Arriving to the place he had previously selected, he tenderly,  
with remarkable patience, removed her clothing,  
and anything that might hinder him in this endeavor.  
Taking her nakedness in, in all its splendid glory, he lost his breath,  
then he laid his uniform shirt on the floor,(described in poems of old)  
taking her in his muscular arms, together they finally capitulated.  
They made love, for the first and last time,  
as would wild beasts because, you see,  
there would be no more opportunities.  
This moment of illicit love found in the desert,  
will live forever emblazoned in our memories...  
Gypsy Red

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I am not officially entering this poem in the contest, but I feel compelled to post this poem and the story behind its writing. It is too persoonal for me to consider it for a contest, but I think it helps explain me.

Ro-Ro is a little girl who changed my life. She may even have saved my soul, though it remains to be seen if such a thing is possible. Nevertheless, she opened my eyes to a prejudice I had been carrying in me since my youth and helped me eliminate a fear that had been eating away at the core of what made me the person I believed I was. I always thought of myself as someone without preconceived notions, without hatred of others because they were classified in some way as different from the so-called "norm". Then Ro-Ro came into my life and humbled me in a way I did not think possible. Certainly not something I would ever have imagined a four-year old girl with Autism, who could not speak or understand a word I said, could do. But there she was, the one the nurses  called, "the monster" and "an evil child", and it was my turn to watch her when her behavior aide called in sick.

Before I could work with her, they had to tell me all about her and what kind of behaviors to expect. By the time I was filled in I wanted to turn right back around and go home.
I'm not going to tell you all of her behavior issues and what they told me about her, but one thing I have always believed is that if you treat someone with kindness, they will find a way to return it, even if they can't speak or write or express how they feel in a way most would recognize.

So I went to her room and apprehensively walked in, waiting to see flames come out of this lottle girls mouth, or horns on her head and giant bat-like wings sprouting from her back with talons for finger and flesh ripping fangs...

But no, she was just sitting there looking off into space with a much relieved nurses aide who was never more happy to see me so she could go home. I don't know exactly what happened but in a short time, I found a girl who looked like she needed me as much as I need her. When she looked at me, her face changed and I found Ro-Ro exposing the angel within her and teaching me a lesson I will never forget.
Somehow, in just a few seconds, she could tell I was there for her, not because of her. Over the next 6 months everyone wanted to know what it is I do with her that no one else seems to be able to do. All I did was give her a chance to be herself and show me what she wanted.

Anytime anyone else would pick her up to bring her somewhere, she would fight to get away. It was like she hated being touched. But when I would pick her up she would grab ahold of me like she was never gonna let go. She would laugh and smile and giggle like crazy. I couldn't even explain what was happening. I had no real answers when people would ask because they wanted to be able to get her to behave that way all of the time.

Whenever any doctors or nurses needed to do anything with her, they had to come and get me. If I was there, she would let them do whatever they had to do, be it give her a shot or just change her clothes or her diaper. They never tried to potty train her because she was impossible to get to sit still and had no idea what she was supposed to be doing on that round seat with a hole in it.

But when I was around, somehow she knew that everything would be alright, and we got her started with potty training before long.
One of the worst behaviors she had was hitting herself. She would literally bash herself in the head with both fists. So we had to hold her hands so she couldn't do that. I started gently deflecting her hands aside with the backs of my hands. and the frequency of her hitting decreased. I also watched as her moods changed and was able to predict when she was about to start hitting herself. So I worked with the team of theropists on ways to alter her behavior and try pressure stimulation that they believed would help. It did help, but not 100% of the time.

So you must be wondering how exactly she changed my life. Well it all goes back to my own childhood. I lived across the street from a house that had learning disabled adults living in it who were not supervised and had many unusual behaviors. I won't go into all of that, but lets just say I learned how to be prejudice without even realizing I was. By the time I was in high school, I was like most other kids my age, we saw people with learning disabilities as "retards" and used the term rather loosely back then. After all, they were easy to pick on and never taked back.

So I went on my merry way through life thinking I was Mr Equality-for-all without ever stopping for a minute to see who I really was. So in that hour or so before I met Ro-Ro, I was dreading every minnute and just knowing I was going to dread the next 8 hours of my life. And then I met her and my life was never the same after that. I went on to become a Teacher's Aide working with kids from various age groups with all different kinds of impairments. It's the most meaningful work I have ever done, but also the lowest paying. I'll never understand why that is. It's not an easy job, but it is the most rewarding personally.

If I wasn't starving and nearly homeless every month, I would still be doing that kind of work in one way or another. I wrote this 11 years ago, one week after I began working with her and now I have my own impairments that offer me a whole new perspective on the situatioon.

"Ro-Ro Rows Her Boat"

Ro-Ro rows her boat gently down uncharted streams
She can travel anywhere she wants, but only in her dreams
There she can decide where her boat oars will move her
Sailing to her happy home and a family that loves her

Circling in unknown, turbulent cold waters
Changing direction, guided by those deciding hers
Controlled by unseen hands steering her to and fro
Taking her to places that she doesn't want to go

The mystery of life she will never understand
I reach out to her but never know if she'll take my hand
I want to pull her from that boat and walk beyond the shore
Where love is real and she won't need to dream it anymore



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Yvette's Lover in the Afternoon

It began like a classic romance and became a heartbreak I still feel
A young officer falling desperately in love with an older woman

We first met when I came in your antique store in Saarbrücken that rainy autumn afternoon
Hoping to brush up on some French, not to fall in love

You were simply a ginger headed vision, drinking un cafe après midi
When your pouting lips first kissed Bonjour to me

Tall, tan and elegant you were quintessential French
That teetering of aloofness and friskiness that held me captivated in the lock of your blue eyes

After many, many visits we became friends
Then one afternoon, it progressed to lovers with soft kisses and tickling moist whispers

In a way, it was my own Summer of Forty-two
Just seductively French with lots of tricks, ligature and toys

Though I was not a boy, I was still so quite naive
As it were to turn out about a great many things

Still the romance was intoxicating, the sex pure exhilaration
I came to feel love like I had never felt before and, sadly, never since

Then came the night that I wish I could forget
After dinner for two and passionate lovemaking in the shower

Hearing the door open and alarming words of a Frenchman returning home to his wife
Paralyzed in the bathroom drying off with a towel as you left unashamed to greet him

Then, after awkward introductions relegated to the guest room
Lying awake staring at the ceiling as the tears flowed

Finally getting up in the middle of night and sneaking out silently
Driving home, crushed and embarassed, realizing I had only been Yvette's lover in the afternoon

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nevermind--submitting to a contest & don't want it to be searchable on google. sorry

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"No Point In Hiding It"

While I'm sittin' in my room
Kickin' it to old school
Having thoughts from the past
Sorta sad
We're both fools
Although it's old news
I've been thinkin' a bit
The time it took me to convince you into taking a risk
We could've made it but we faded due to trivial things
I'm feeling jaded
Contemplated even giving you rings
The reason we fell apart
Too many people involved
And you'd always like to scream how I was leaving you scarred
But relationships go both ways
So peep the issue
But I really do miss those days
I didn't diss you
You decided it was time and you may've been right
In hindsight
We we're like day and night
The trust we shared was more or less non-existent
The name-calling too
The whole thing was twisted
But still I can't forget it
Due to the fact
With you I knew exactly how to act
I wish I could turn time back
Find where it was that relationship cracked and try to patch up that slack

Pretty Normal
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Why's my message ignored I wonder,
the life of the technological scaremonger,
I miss your bare feet
and slightly plump under.
It's not the night, but the mornings I blunder.

To dream of you was such a sweet thing,
now it's a that's-too-rotten-to-eat-thing
a foil layer of you secreting
as congenial messages remain so defeating.

        days to follow.

        I'm so hollow.

It's the backlash of your beauty
and the fact that I'm so fruity.

Basking, bathing, granting cover
from the night's I'm not the lover
when morning breakfast sends another
it's the days prior that recover.

Over dream head-light crashing,
to the thoughts that were clashing,
with what I believed was for certain
you loved me
when I drew the curtain.

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thnx everyone for posting

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the most loveliest affliction

Everyone says things they don't mean
and I wrote out of anger and wounded self esteem
it's understandable when I invested so much
that it'd crumble and resent at the losing of  
a pillar ,a crutch.
From a different time and headspace,
I can talk of our breakup with more reasonableness
and grace.
We were the ideal,
my romantic hopes and dreams made real.
You and I, had no reason to cast a doubtful eye
on any of it all
No reason to suspect that out of love we'd fall.
No one could've planned for this,
I was shocked angry even hearing about the near kiss
but that's all under the bridge and by god,there was bliss.
Like when we laid together on New years
and in truth,only your vibrations in my ears.
Older and wiser, I see the error of our way
to start with :
too far too quick,from 100 plus miles to 24/7 a day.
I let my ego melt and mould into yours  
That's why I felt the need for independence,when that sense of irresperable communion  sours.
Sure mistakes were made, yet I don't think anyone's really much to blame
we were always interested in different things, that's okay but ours were so divergent we ended up growing away from anything that was remotely the same.
Most of all, we were so young
with little experience ,for the table for this togetherness so much naivety we  brung.
full of naive unreality
unprepared for a lovers state of banality.
I don't regret all that time
It taught me the hard way
lessons I wouldn't had learned otherwise
for they were bitter as lime.
Much as it might seem ,Love IS NOT an endless ordeal,
Love is a complex and crazy as anything in the turning of the wheel
it is a surprise,a relief
source of smiles AND a closing of the mind with grief.
It will make you both struck dumbfounded AND
left feeling robbed and assaulted by a thief.
The best prizes are  ones  to which need hardest fought
The most precious jewels in all the world are the ones longest and most riskfully saught
the most loveliest affliction is the best one a person can do no better to have caught.
And maybe there's no other way I could've learnt those things
other than by it being G---, and Scott.

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There are two worlds that you live in, but I hate it to admit,
in one of them I'll live with you, in the other, I don't fit.

As I saw, when I just met you,
you are changing very fast.
You are not the girl I once knew,
that girl belongs now to the past.

But my feelings were so real
and I couldn't really grasp
all the changes, the whole deal
now I know, we couldn't last.

As I pack my things to leave here
you are happy somewhere else.
This is written just for you dear.
That's the story my heart tells.

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Dear son, as you know
your mom has died not long ago.
She was too weak to win the fight,
she tried so long, but still she died.

Dear son, I know your many tears,
I cried them too, I know your fears.
I also have sat in my room
alone in solitude and gloom.

Dear son, I see the darkness in your heart,
the thought of knowing that we have to part
the thought of knowing that the time will come,
the pain you feel have thousands felt, my son.

Dear son, just cry your heart out, don't feel shame.
Every other human on this planet does the same.
As your mom told you before she left this place.
"Just take your time in life, this ain't no race."

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