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Political Metaphors

Rachel O.
Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

A metaphor on your political views.
Inspired by a DU friend when he used a metaphor to describe his views on politics, and it made a lot of sense.

I want to see what else everyone can come up with. The person who can come up with the best metaphor, and carry it all the way through a well written poem, will win.

Everyone has some sort of political view. Whether you follow it or not, or you care about it or not, you can still write about it.

New or old.
Long or short.
Any style.
Two entries.

This is not a place for arguing, take it to PM if you disagree so strongly that you must say something.

Praise is always welcome.

One week, so chop chop!

Dangerous Mind
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golden age

the morning bird perches fat and proud on the rooftops
belts out his song of the airy state of the world as he sees it
bursting with pomp and pride
little feathered head full of steam
i hear him down below but his confident trills
fail to register with my fading senses

seems he's spent so long on the rooftops
he's forgotten what the torn-up concrete looks like
between sooty cracked-plaster walls
can't fault him for staying up there i suppose

i head back inside and flip on the news
where my proud congressman's mapped the path
for our grand auld nation in its golden age

i turn off the tv and head back outside
to listen to the birds

Rachel O.
Dangerous Mind
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Ah yes. I remember this one of yours fondly. It's a great start to this competition Mike. Thank you!

Naked Satirist
Fire of Insight
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fox mouth
french lipstick
read the parable--
to assasinate a cat
wear sweltering costume
even on dog days
plus, hang a flat penis
on the neck
formula for legit sound

curly headpiece
father of the house
holds a hammer for a metaphor--
authority in town!
completion for the stage
of a fair playdate

twisty wordplay
dressing of clown
entertains the crowd
round and round
the sheeps mehhhhhhh
and JUSTICE for all

poet Anonymous



I am a “liberal”
Ann Coulter looks down on me
For reasons I cannot fathom
As liberals value “liberty”
No I am not a socialist
Which some would call a communist
I believe in ethical capitalism
Which is a contradiction in terms
I believe in fair elections
Not ones that are stolen
I believe in the freedom of religion
Separation of Church and State
That hardly makes me a radical
Which “liberal” now means
In the Dis-United States

I do not know how a liberal democracy
Has somehow failed the people
However, the conservatives
Somehow meet us in the middle
Both in Canada and the USA
It is very hard to see
What the difference is
Between these two political parties

Looking back in history
Liberalism succeeded when the economy stood
Now worldwide joblessness
Undermines the good
Leaving a sliding middle class
Which leads to political instability

For only when there is a middle class
With the opportunity of jobs
Is there political stability
Which is being eroded
With increased economic misery
The end is not good
From going to extreme left
To the extreme right
History has shown the middle ground
As being the one most sound

So call me a Liberal
My roots are in the French Revolution
Do not take my rights away
Do not make this a police state
For then you will be sorely oppressed
Ideas will be considered dangerous
Please read your history
Polish up on philosophy
Before you repeat
What history calls a failure
If you do not heed
What has come before
You will find a revolution
Right at your door.

Thought Provoker
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Now there’s the evolution of a species beyond Darwinian mind
Nature couldn’t make them up

Democracy seems (if you have it) well and good
Until they get elected
Until they get infected
Until they get deflected by the party whips

Cronyism and the gravy train
In handcuffs drags the voters corpse
And picks the voters pocket

Rachel O.
Dangerous Mind
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Fred, Kitty, Harlequin

Thank you for entering. :)

Sinead M.
Twisted Dreamer
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This is an old one, and semi found poetry. I was inspired by words I saw on signs while riding the bus home from work.


The Bus Ride (or Why I Don't Like Politics)


Right lane must turn right
and the Communist party parties
as well they might
They are the salvation army
in their own eyes
But theory and practice
are not alike
The right wing flies in theory

Keep left with your vote
for the conventional road is new
or wears a new coat
They are liberal and proud like you
in their own eyes
But promise and product
are different notes
The left wing puffs with promise

All signs point to politics
All roads lead to nowhere
I disembark two stops early
and walk home on foot

Lost Thinker
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You talk of misfortunes,
     When you've only lost worldly possessions.

You talk of anger,
     When you spill your Earl Grey tea

You talk of despair,
     when you cant afford something pretty.


You talk of the lies,
     When you have yet to be deceived.

You talk of revenge,
     when you have not yet tasted its wrath.


'Yes my lord,
     I will redeem your lost crown,'
  And give you my blood.


'Yes my lord,
     I will pour your tea again,'
  And bite back my Demon


'Yes my lord,
     I can obliterate my kin for your pretty thing.'
  And mourn for there lives.


'Yes my lord,
     I can find the verity'
  And accept the torment that guards it.


'Yes my lord,

     I can protect your life.'

  And take the chagrin of your foes.


I can bleed out my life,

     To recover your crown.'

  Wile taking your misfortune.

        ...And spend it on souls...


I can horde my power

      To preserve your life
  Wile taking your anger
        ...And using it to feed...


I can sacrifice my own
     To make you happy.
  Wile taking your despair,
        ...And absorbing the fallen...

I can take the cruelty
     To bring your innocence.
  Wile taking the lies,
        ...And use it to manipulate...


I can withhold the beating
     To vanquish your fear.
  Wile taking revenge

        ...And use it to bring devastation.


I shall have built upon my misfortune

     I shall have built upon my anger,
  I shall have built upon my despair,

        I shall have built upon the lies,
      I shall have built upon my revenge...

You see, master

     I am not noble,

  I am not a friend,
        I am not a relief,

     I do not speak in truth,

           I do not aid...  


You see, master

                          I am you.

(note: its kid of confusing,
but if you have problems understanding what the hell i'm rambling about pm me.)

Rachel O.
Dangerous Mind
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Great job everyone. One day left!

Rachel O.
Dangerous Mind
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Mike, your entry is exactly what I was looking for. Great job!

Fred, Harlequin, good use of metephors

The rest of you, thank you for your entries. Good job everyone!

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