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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

A word...but words have different meanings.
So just take the word. Write me something about it.

Title, rhyme, and no porn.
no collabs. Reposts allowed.
As many as you want.

You have one week.

Tyrant of Words
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A touch like poison
Betrayal in her eyes
Her smile covers up
Those deciteful lies

If she has a hunger
A desire and need
Her touch of poison
Will start to bleed

She is no friend
Her words are fake
She will lead you on in
Your back she will stake

Don't be fooled
Her heart is black
She takes what she wants
Gives nothing back

So sickly sweet
Cloaks you in nice
When the truth is out
It turns you to ice

You have to be knowing
I am knowing
Be wary all seeing
Feel what is showing

Play the game
Just like she will
Then turn it around
Go in for the kill


Dangerous Mind
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Twisted love
cradled in cold steel
transfixing lust
embraces this sadness

Etched on skin
in red and black
under her spell
sold to her

Drips like dew
and poison pins
entwine intimacy
with violent agony

And calls to her words
to return at once
stitch this mouth
enchant this soul

Tongues trace your cheek
a taste to ridicule and less
folded in your thorns
gazing into endless dream.

Dgim K. Bo
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Poison in the Cueva de Villa Luz (inspired by the Snottites)

The primal power mother issues
outward from her womb, rears existence
near to parity; opposed to death.
Labyrinthine veins, wake in nascence,
flowing forth to nourish.

Venous vitriol vitae in veneration.
Micro-bio turn-arounds.
Hominids heeding hypoxic hesitation.
Gas mask breath,
meet such life’s unknowing sound.

A-thrive to your extremophile waste,
spiders tip-toe their weave ‘tween the goo.
Praying in their own little mecca
for small-fry midge flies that graze, to do
natures just intentions.

(originally written verse 3 then 2 then 1... I think it fits better like this)

Dangerous Mind
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Thanks for the entries.

poet Anonymous


I am Poison Woman

As I slithered to your bed

A gift from your enemy

Who wants the King dead

You cloistered me when I arrived

All wrapped up as a present

Gave me a beautiful room and delicious food

With a handsome guard outside

I ate the meal, seduced the guard

The guard is dead

I was trained to be a human snake

I slithered along the long dark halls

Until I found the King's bed

As a child of a beautiful slave

I blossomed early and behaved

With such dignity at an early age

That I was chosen for this patriotic duty

To help my country

They first fed me small amounts of a poison

Deadly to most men

A physician was appointed to watch me

Every single day

As they gradually increased the dose

My body adapted and I thrived and grew

More lovely and sensual with every day

No one was allowed to touch me

Not even my natural mother

Poison sitting in my skin

Could be transmitted to another

I was taught the erotic arts

On enemies of the King

Some were Elite Men whom the King disliked

Or suspected of wanting to overthrow him

Others were slaves, captured from strange lands

They once had been the enemies of the king

These men made love to me, only to die

The king often chose to watch

Shouted some instructions

A courtesan stood by his side

Giving me advice

Further skills were taught to me

How to fight like a man

Finally how to slither

To be the snake woman that I am

I was called for an audience with the King

And his army advisors - at a far distance

My mission was to infiltrate the Kingdom of Sidom

To have conjugal relations with the King

And thus to bring the enemy down

The King and the army saluted me

As I was escorted out

They wished me good luck

Said they hoped everything would work out

It was the darkest time of night

As I reached the enemy King's quarters

I made sure I was very quiet

As I slithered into his bed

I waited a while to see what may be a threat

The King was sleeping alone

There was no guard at the end of his bed

I touched the King's male member very lightly

He was half asleep, a hand came out and touched me

I lay there trying not to breathe

His hands glided over my glorious breasts

His hands glided down to my mound of Venus

I parted my legs for his access

Soon he was on top of me, fucking me

With such strength and vigor

I clasped his penis in my vagina so strongly

I did not let him go

This excited him more, until he could last no longer

He rolled off me and fell asleep immediately

Probably thought I was the nightly concubine

I slithered out the way I came in

Found the spy who came with me

We made our way back to the army

Which had engaged the enemy

Had already taken prisoners

My King himself congratulated me

Sent me home, said he had another mission for me

I saw that he desired me, for the two of us were the same

We love to kill in different ways

Blood lust runs through our veins.

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[b]Woman, wine and a little bit more[/b]

Yes darling love me more
Touch me a little bit there
While I stroke you here
Ah yes your lovely shaft   
The beautiful rod of love
Give it to me hard

Do you feel me now
Am I tight and slippery
Do I make you feel loved
Am I good with this rhythm
Do you feel the sweet coming
In your shiver of anticipation

You feel drowsy my love
Do you feel tired now
Would you like to lay down
And rest your pretty head
While you fondle my breasts
As you go into slumber

What is that my darling
You feel strange and dizzy
Oh yes you should
I gave you that aphrodisiac
Laced with nightshade
with a dash of wild ginger

I added a bit of pinkgills
A concoction of greengills
A bit of honey
You are so sweet and lovely
Your love to share is plenty
From Jill,Jane, Dina and Mary

When I found out you were
Going out with Lisa and Sheila too
I could not stand it anymore
I have to have you to myself
The last to feel your love and more
I just put poison in the wine
You shall sleep forever more.
My eternal lover.

poet Anonymous


Poison, on the lips of the jilted.
Poison, in political connivance.
Poison, in the churches contrivance.

Should the skull and crossed bones
be the symbol of such evil?

Poison, on the leaves now so wilted
Poison, in the water we filter
Poison, from the wallboard we built with

Skull and crossed bones? or the face of

Hire illegals, outsource the work, open
our ports to the products of slave labor.
Poison our foods with chemical colorants
nitrites and nitrates and mercury too.
It's all poison, it'll make you turn blue.

Indeed, it's all about greed, greed for power
greed for profit, greed for status, greed
for the next rung on the corporate ladder,
greed for the corner office and the oval office
greed... is poison.

Dangerous Mind
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Thanks for the entries, keep them coming

Lost Thinker
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They live in the breadths between flickering eyes
To draw a tear would prove calamitous
Biding their few cherished hours in reticence
Afore Man sheds torrents over razor edges
In a landslide bereavement of mercy
Engulfing them in barbaric stupor and bliss
Only that from which ignorance brews
Frothing in bubbles of newborn strife
Blood quenching thirsty virgin soil
Savage shrouds of malignant thorns
Desecrating the very core of their nature
Gracious lakes alive with sensations
To viscous pits of tar on ashen shores
In the brow which the miasma lays

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for your entry.

Tyrant of Words
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His name dips like venom off my tongue
And chills life a freezing breeze
His eyes carve a whole in my heart
And pull out my reason of being

His lips are smooth and sweet
Like a nice red apple

I know better than this

I feel alive every bit, as his poison courses through me
Romeo was my suicide
If I couldn't have, I wouldn't be
I was nothing, nor was he

Dangerous Mind
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Thanks Danii

Twisted Dreamer
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Product of The Poison

A product of the poison
Couldn't see
A way to get out
There's no future bright for me
No compassionate thoughts
I'm not the change I'd like to see
Several ghost from the past
Aren't allowing me to sleep
I feel like I'm stuck
Between a boulder and a building
Cause' I know I'm not living using the wisdom I've been given
I know what is right despite the path I choose to take
I can't find a way out
Despite the change I want to make
And I really do try
I look towards the better days
But I'm one in the same
Illegal crimes get me paid
A need to be free
I thrive on thoughts of changing scene
Place away all the drugs to say I've finally taken heed
I feel like a waste
A life of hate
Tears falling down my face
Was it fate?
I could hear my fears calling out my name
Full of rage
I can't stay in a place so rough
Hold your breath
Look at what the struggle makes of us
Still face the rush
Not a thing changing soon
In June
An optimist
Hoping thing don't balloon

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you

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