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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write what an alien species (non-terrestrial) would say or think after visiting planet Earth.
No limit on words.

Poetic license on style. †

Collaborations accepted (both poets will get credit if selected as the winner).

Two entries per poet.

Good luck to everyone.

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"They are too young." said the first one.

"There's way too much murder." said the second.

"We must never show ourselves to them." said the third.

"They are not one with their planet." said the fourth.

"They still have faith and religion." said the fifth.

"They will try to kill us." said the sixth.

"They treat their food with apathy." said the seventh.

"They abuse their planet." said the eighth.

"Most of them are liars living a liar life." said the nineth.

The tenth one looks at the other nine, and says: "It's decided then. We quarentine Earth from the rest of the universe. We leave this world and it's inhabitants to their own devices until they are ready....until they grow up."

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Ah! I originally submitted two poems to this contest before I noticed it calls for "Prose" so instead I am choosing this short story of mine: "Memoirs of a Galactic Emperor" which is perfect!

Here is a link to Part I:


Which is my first entry. Part II will be my second entry.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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Here is Part II of "Memoirs of a Galactic Emperor"
and thus my second entry for this contest...



poet Anonymous


I was chosen to be
One of the few to visit
That planet far away
The "blue planet" as they say

For some insane reason
My superiors decided
We would land in Area 51
In the middle of a desert

Well if these were humans
They were nuttier than my superiors
They were taking photos
When they had no idea - if we came in peace

I asked: "Take me to your leader"
They said "DUBYA", and told us how to get there
Well there was so much commotion
When we circled the White House
It was then we knew -
This was the nut house

We had a top secret meeting
With the President and his aides
The President said nothing
The dark beauty did all the speaking

They gave us information
That was totally false
For we had done our research
And this planet was near death
The seas and lakes were dying
The pollution was everywhere
Deadly mutations were arising
The President did not care

So we visited the Russians
We thought they were a clever nation
Met with Vladimir Putin
What a reputation!

Their idea of keeping peace
Was to capture and nullify
All opinions except their own
It did not matter if they were: Communists
White Russians or Closet Capitalists
They just wanted people quiet
To know their place

Finally we went across Africa
Which was a horror story all its own
The rest of the world pretended
That it did not exist
Holocausts flourished - all on their own
Never reported - to the rest of the planet

By this time the crew was sick
From something they contacted
On this dirty planet
We retreated to our spaceship
Where our doctors healed us

We headed home to give our report
Our Supreme Leader asked:
"Is the world worth saving?
If so, we will stop that meteorite,
From blasting it to bits."
The crew looked at each other
Our Superior said: "Alas, we have no good news,
With what we have projected,
People on that planet
May just be better off dead."

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If they only shut off their lengths
widths and heights,
they would know we have been tickling them
for some time.

our words always wasted on the mystics,
what with the rituals
and banishing thinking they invoked us-
shit, what's wrong with a simple
"hello, can I offer you a drink?"

through space and time
to re-materialize (if only as energy unseen)
of course I'm thirsty

have tried to respond to their radio waves
and they take drugs and dance to it

if only they weren't so alienated
from themselves
and each other
then they would know
there's no outside

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Their star they dubbed sun
and that single moon
sure did a number

day and night
all they see

glitching the whole program
the mainframe must re-route

sent them spores
and faceted minerals
to iron out the kinks
yet most seem stuck on square

reasons gone viral
down there

sent them sounds
between breaths
to connect
but the cult of chatter
constricts the clear channel
while the few
that tune in
they call crazy

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A Visitorís Tale

The land is green and it is lush
Against our blue and purple fields
Yet I like this colour
Soothes the eye and make me warm
I really like the green softness
A man stood there and whacked a ball
It went into a hole
He looked happy
He showed his teeth

The roaring wetness they call waterfall
The music of nature, so beautiful
I miss our water of blushy pink
Yet this will do if nothing else
A woman came by and stood underneath
Letting the water flow over her
Another threw a plastic bag
Of eaten food into the water
They are happy, they laughed together

The sandy beach so clean and white
Not with gold and silver lights
Like in our dear planet
A boy ran past with his little pet
A monster they call a dog
The man stood by with a cigarette
And a bottle of drinks
He threw them on the sand
And walked away without ado

I passed across a thoroughfare
Not like ours where its airborne
The vehicles make such rackets
And belched smokes on the air
They smell so strange
They smell so foul
I am beginning to gasp and wheeze
I think I will go home now
To our Planet Cleanair

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King Fahd International Airport
Damman, Saudi Arabia. 2:15.
The Landing went smoothly
Airport Security waved us in

what a weak sight we were!
our legs trembled under the force
of this new gravity; it was easy
to see how they thought it was God

no one helped us with our luggage.

we called our contact
he was very excited to hear us
but by the time his oil-black car
arrived, we were dying

we saw the land slide
past black windows, farm after
farm until we slept

the city lights flitted
butter-flies in our dreams
and they were beautiful

we prepared to let go

we'd fled from
a diseased planet
only to die

our bodies would be worth

our space-craft
even more.

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Report Analysis: TerianScape 29

Report: TerianScape/Sector RHES .00887 Star Coordinates G1.8436297 L5.3466202
Attending: Lagnar Bhephnarbanus, Coordinating Officer, Analysis and Implementation

Date of Report: 3.4519.5002

Following orbital confluence with J1 trajectory, optimized recon was developed as per Code Sequence B7-R4613.  No contact rules were broken and all anomalies were mitigated by cloaking and regulations were adhered to.  Certified: GYT-L73.482

Observations were made for the required 28 periods of lunar revolution, and media interception gathered the following data, see File MBg-67.13-ls2-gx7.

Sociological data was rendered by analysis and the following 10 points were noted as species specific to the higher functioning sentient beings:

1. Large aquatic beings (Life form YZ-714) that had simplified their living status were endangered by lower life forms (Life form KB-20x) that had taken to stirring up incredible effluvium and layers of increasingly toxic waste.

2. The peaceful existence of YZ-714 within the community of all other life forms was mirrored throughout the planet, an evolutionary trend of surviving on what was needed had eliminated war among all species, except food and territorial disputes over food, for all species, except KB-20x.

3. Generally, 5 forms of life exist on this TerianScape: animals, planets, bacteria, viruses, non-corporeal beings using mesospace as interactive zone for gathering emotional energy, similar to those found on TetraScape/Sector RHES .06239 Star Coordinates G7.1730431 K3.102869, see attached File TSf- 83.85-uy6-bh3.

4. Larger life forms of various species were found to have lived in the past but have since become extinct as the planet underwent several layers of internal transformation, asteroid collision, tectonic undulation, and species interference on grand scales that changed weather and water dispersal patterns.

5. Subspecies analysis: Life form KB-20x wages constant war against itself, its neighboring species, and its fellow inhabitants and seems to be unruly and non-egalitarian.  Still, no other species has moved to take it out.  Permission is requested to treat this species as hostile since it has refused to work cooperatively, especially since warring against the higher life forms no retaliations and measures to reform and make it more civil have been attempted.

6. Implementation of Guardian Protocol LXC 8.92 are hereby requested.

7. Once the remodulation process has been inaugurated, if the second stage process is not met with the recommended post adjustment analysis following a 3 cycle Relay marked at Rez. 98. 4003, further recommendations would be a full genetic eradication of subspecies Life form KB-20x.

8.  Note: There have been, however, a small number of this subspecies which is nevertheless capable of sentient thought, hypertaxic self-conscious analysis of the reflective derivative, and some modicum of compassion.  A further study of a number of this variety of thought patterns may be of some scientific value should we interact with other carbon based life forms that we might use to infuse these basic components and so zoological sample gathering is requested per the attached File NI-619.hgr.62901.

9. Within the field, several micro-civilizations have arisen which have begun to intuit the beginnings of homological meta-icon infusion, and the process, although not rare, does constitute an inroad development of the GJB 28.7 phenomenon.  Processing requests are being made by several iconologists aboard Window Gate Star Blazer GL-302.  On their behalf, I am including their findings as attached in File RW-3351. jor. 31084g.

10. Completing this report, the mission here was to evaluate this Terraform, TerianScape/Sector RHES .00887 Star Coordinates G1.8436297 L5.3466202.  Our analysis leaves us with no utilitarian need for reduction of this planet, a reasonable sense that the life forms here may viably make it once the unaccommodating life form KB-20x is either re-engineered or disposed of, and a gathering of interesting study materials that may shed light on the morphology of species integration in lower life forms.

We await your further instructions,
Lagnar Bhephnarbanus, Coordinating Officer, Analysis and Implementation


poet Anonymous

All great work poets.  I am rereading for the umpteenth time.  A winner soon, Promise!

poet Anonymous

Fellow Poets...All entries were great and appreciated.  The final decision was based upon my interpretation of how an alien would report a visit to earth.  I liked the cryptic nature of Amalasuntha~ gravity, God, butterflies, and million dollar spacecraft!  Thank you Jessica and lightbaron for entering two poems apiece.  Grace and Somelikeithot were solid as usual.....


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Wow...yes!! Congratulations Winners all...awesome!!

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