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Dark Creatures

Fire of Insight
Joined 29th June 2012
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about a creature
two weeks
3 post per poet
No word limit, but if your going to make it long give it something interesting so i actually read the whole thing.
You can make up a creature, or write about ones you have heard/seen/read about.
Make it descriptive, and the darker the better.

poet Anonymous

Bosses Day

Monday thru Friday he sits on his lofty perch
high on the hill
Staring down on them all day, like so many
maggots in swill
Yelling obscenities at them hour after hour
until he’s had his fill

Then on Fridays, before the lights have faded,
he does his little dance, that is so dated,  
while singing his little tune, they find so degrading:

“I've wasted my week on you
so I'm taking a break, long over due
Enjoy your pathetic 2 day reprise
but remember I have spies
Go on, say what you will, rejoice if you dare
Have a few thrills, I don't really care
For Monday's the day you'll come to regret
when I eat your families and all your pets!”

Thought Provoker
United States 7awards
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-The Lycan Within-

I love the night,
The air in my hair.
They kiss of moisture on my skin,
I love sleeping outside.
Then it’s the time,
I feel my skin burning.
Burning away my human essence,
I brace the wolf within.
The wolf of the wild,
The wolf of honor and truth.
Into the night I run,
Running to find the pack.
A lone lycan will not survive,
You need a pack.
The pack calls me for the kill.
I find the ugly human only barely alive,
I bite her jugular.
Her red rubies flow down my throat,
As I eat her beautiful flesh.
So this is what being wild is like,
It like all my senses are open to the world.
Its so refreshing,
Its like being ALIVE!

Thought Provoker
United States 7awards
Joined 5th Oct 2011
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-Soul Music-

music to my ears
the beating as deep as a bass guitar

music i can truely get into
music that pounds in my head, heart and soul

the beating of my heart syncronizes
syncronizes with the beating of my music

her heart pounds in my ears
i can smell the adrenaline

i never thought a concert would make her smell so delectable
music and aroma for my soul

the beating of her heart is my magical music
it is heavenly although i am agnostic

Thought Provoker
United States 7awards
Joined 5th Oct 2011
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-The Jersey Devil and The Witch-

The devil lives in Jersey!
You don’t know the power of the Jersey Devil!
With the head of a moose,
The back legs of a goat.
The wings of a bat,
And the tail of a serpent.
The Jersey Devil is a monstrous creation indeed,
A monstrous creation made by a witch.
A witch from the Asphodel Fields,
A witch to bring hell to earth.
She will spread her disease across the land,
Near and far.
No one can stop the disease,
Not a living thing.
Hell will come to this land by the hand,
Of The Witch and her pet The Jersey Devil.

poet Anonymous


Grow your head they told Alice;
invite the beast into your bed.
Life is for living, not shivering in the shadows,
down the rabbit hole became my mantra instead.

In youth i wandered past the end of the sidewalk,
searching out true north but finding no moss.
Wild-eyed and wandering on a winding dirt path,
frightened and barefoot, my compass lost.

My constant companions, the thorny vines,
ripping clothes and skin to the marrow.
Till finally, weak and faint,
i stumbled, stripped bare into a meadow.

The sleeping beast awoke, smiling,
offering drink and refuge till i grew stable.
Its kindness overflowing; a never empty bowl;
honoring me at the head of its table.

Growing bolder, the beast shared its victims,
as together we rolled in the fresh blood
till it covered our bodies from head to toe;
belonging washed over me like a flood.

i knew not from the moment of our embrace,
that sweet innocence had forever flown.
For even as the moons shadow crept over my face,
the beasts howl was my beacon home.

Fire of Insight
Joined 29th June 2012
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Thank you tornado, and  lucian. Great reads.

Thought Provoker
Joined 10th May 2012
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darkness falls
devores the light
the day is over
here is night

foot steps can
be heared everywhere
you cowar in fear
for your life

this is the creature
of the night
that might just eat
you whole

do you still
want to run around
at night
all alone?

Fire of Insight
Joined 29th June 2012
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Thank you Duckling, for your post.

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom 2awards
Joined 25th July 2012
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creeping up behind you
eating you alive
run in fear of me
stalking you
watching you go home
waiting slowly
for your gaurd
to go down
for when i can
and eat you
i am the creature
of the night
run for your lifr

Fire of Insight
Joined 29th June 2012
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Thank you joker, for your post.

Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 22nd July 2012
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his twisted body laying on the ground,
my thoughts race with what i have found,
his pale skin,
with a body made for sin,
wings torn,
and wind warn,
black feathers cover the cobble stone street,
His beautiful body badly beat.
his eyes blink open,
his leg is twisted, must be broken,
he stands up, healing so fast,
i drift into the past,
church, angels, god's slaves,
angels,they walk the earth and hide in caves,
they're here one minute and gone the next,
they can't be seen, says the ancient texts..

Fire of Insight
Joined 29th June 2012
Forum Posts: 325

ooo, interesting. thanx.

Jessica Dawn
Thought Provoker
United States 1awards
Joined 4th Dec 2011
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The Demon Within (The Creature)

It hides within the darkest shadows of the night
Creeping ever so slowly out of sight
Watching as the rest of the world travels along
Singing to an entirely different song

Seldom has it ever been seen
For a glimpse of this creature, your observances must be keen
Rarely, it gifts you with its presence
Traditionally, the method of choice is absolute voidance

What little that can be seen is pale, white, and sparkling skin
A contrast to the darkness it is shrouded in
Dark iridescent sapphire eyes glow amid the blackest shadow
Thick blackened charcoal fur, smooth and softer than your most favored pillow

The beauty of this beast is but a façade
Its true form will never truly fade
The demon within will, indeed, always prevail
For long, it cannot hide behind this dark crimson veil

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
Tyrant of Words
United States 69awards
Joined 15th Sep 2011
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- Ancient Aliens -
An adventure into fear!

Part One – The Explorer’s Fate

Within the darkness black as is obsidian,
Cast off, by the ones who came down…
Forgotten by man, and forever forsaken.
Therein, came but a single solitary sound:
A scream, shrill and piercing as a shriek!
For an errant explorer had met his god…
Only to discover, all too late, how weak,
How frail is man before the Divine’s rod.
No mortal hands moved that old stone…
Which was worked to form an evil place.
But things not of all human flesh or bone,
For they were born in far distant space…
Brought to work for masters more awful.
Gods to some, but ones far from lawful!
Titans some called them, but such names,
Are fleeting, where burn immortal flames.

Part Two – Dweller in Darkness

Worship is sometimes born from horror,
From fear of that which is truly unknown.
So it was for that ancient, dead explorer,
Whose piety: into pure terror had grown!
The sealed door he had opened, curious.
One marked with symbols that did glow,
With energy that crackled so uproarious!
From unseen forces that thusly bestow…
Either, blessing or curse unto humankind.
And what of that which brought his end?
It waits there still, without tether to bind,
Its’ form, which in darkness must fend…
For it is the last of its’ kind, cast so low.
Its’ inhuman cries, true madness to sow!
The female of its’ species, it was mighty,
A goddess far different, from Aphrodite!

Part Three – The Bold Priestess

The ones who fashioned its’ cursed hide,
They watch in secret, waiting for an hour.
Eyes intent, where such beings do abide!
For they are aliens ancient in their power.
A priestess of an ancient faith long past…
Had come to the place, beyond the dark.
Her guide was the explorer who at last…
Fell to the thing to which none may hark.
She saw the creature and knew real fear,
But was wise enough to flee its’ grounds.
Unto the hidden place she so drew near,
Where the power of alien gods abounds.
She would put a stop to their cruel plans,
And banish them beyond all mortal lands.
But she was not prepared to so witness…
That which would leave her mad, witless!

Part Four – Domain of the Titans

She beheld them: titans on their thrones…
Seemingly dead in a stasis unfathomable!
Their minds were wiser than old crones…
Whilst their forms were far more terrible!
Melded to their machines, so grotesque,
That it was hard to tell, their true shapes.
The priestess called to them, to thus ask,
If they would leave this world to escape:
The deluge that was coming, to punish…
For gods warred and continents did fall!
Atlantis itself, would very soon, perish…
And so it was time to heed an older call.
One of the beings was moved to action,
By the plights of that condemned nation.
The engines of their craft, began to hum,
But one final activity needed to be done.

Part Five – The Watchers Depart

She felt its’ hand on her face grasping…
As tendrils of thought, entered her mind.
Answers to questions none were asking,
To her subconscious, thereupon to bind!
A fluid poured into her mouth unbidden,
Which at the time seemed only as water.
But there was more to it secretly hidden,
From even she, that so sacred daughter!
And long after the titans departed Earth,
She lingered in their halls, in the black…
For therein she changed, and gave birth:
Only to perish, torn from front to back.
Her child, the hand that slew her cruelly,
Waited for the next explorer’s fatal folly.
He and the female creature did breed…
When humans came, the aliens did feed.

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