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Dark and Nasty

Pretty Normal
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Poetry Contest

Be evil, be disgusting, make me feel sick but still want to clap you for effort.
Write something that in text-book terms is horrible.
Something that shouldn't interest you or that you shouldn't feel/be but you are anyways, make me feel disgusted, yet be emotional.

There's no general theme, aside from writing something dark- the more sinister the better!

2 poems per poet, no other rules.

Amaze me..

Fire of Insight
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"tsuikyuu" (追求)

wiggle from pain carved in my wrist
feel the anger flown of the power of my fist,
shout to the sky for all let betsuni bring you down.
telling little child to dance on the  hills.
paleness of skin from swallowing pills.
come up my bright sun lite up my fine day.
hear the Christan song and dance to what he say.
stars shall drown in the darkness of the land.
beery my feet in the warm beach sand.
calm white sea, from the sakura tree,
let the petals fall down to the soft edge grass.
Swift from the heavens  swinging from the cloud,
let me urn my way in,
known shall he  forgive us from all are dreadful sin
“Were I to take the wings of the dawn,
that I might reside in the most remote sea,”
said David, “there, also, your own hand would lead me and your right hand would lay hold of me.”
(Psalm 139:9, 10)
we all shall pass, grow from this beast,
we shall not parish out to become his feast .
Nobel our hero that we each prays the other..
but we all do no we come from his mother.
mother of god whom i speak today
we rejoice in hands each and every day.
lullaby i sing to put thy young to rest.
which shall grow old a day and be put to his sprouting test.
Genesis 2:1-25
Thus the heavens and the earth and all their army came to their completion.
increase in all humanity growth or accretion.

Kumiko Yamamoto
note :title means-search or pursuit

Pretty Normal
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Thanks for being the first, that was really powerful, amazing!

Fire of Insight
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Ornate Wooden Brush

Ready for a grooming, seated on the floor
No escape, no rescue, and never any mercy
Sporting a black jacket of most dire straits
Tight fastened buckles, strips of silver grey
Eyes wide, rapid breaths, and quaking body
Legs spread wide to allow me creative space
I start gently with your trim, furry little triangle
Your tension then relaxes, nose breathing slows
The first crisp smack hits on your left ivory thigh
Desperate taped mews, frenzy, useless struggles
Slap, slap, slap, slap, your symphony resumes
Tears, sweat, and snot flowing down in rivulets  
Pink is followed by red, blue, purples, then black
Finally a vibrant, sadistic rainbow appear
A most dramatic pause then hangs in the air
Sharp bristles drag across moist, plump lips
Now you’re fit to be tied and luckily, you are
I almost begin to stop, finally show you mercy
Then I remember your most beautiful words
“I love how you are not afraid … to hurt me”

Helvete Blod
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can it be something we've already posted on here? i have an older one that's extremely psychotic yet at the end it reveals the reason behind it

poet Anonymous


When I am finished

You will all be bleeding

Your guts hanging out

Lying in pools of excrement

Your intestines, your insides

Open to the world

I will make sure

You die slowly and painfully

In pain you call out

Delirious you shout

Please don't, please don't

It is too late for that

My knife is so sharp

My anger is so dark

This will be my masterpiece of revenge

For all the indignities

My ancestors





poet Anonymous


I just went to the DOCTOR - he told me the BAD news
I have SIX MONTHS to live - what do I do - the BUCKET LIST?
I do not travel well - I invariably get sick
I would not want to feel sicker than I am now - while on a trip
I have been no saint in this life - I think I may be going to heck

So it is time to PAY BACK to two people who hurt me in my life
One fiancée left me at the altar - the humiliation to my reputation
My husband abandoned me and the children - is married now to a bimbo
Why did this shit happen to me? I read the book -

So on a clever pretense....I had all of them to dinner with entertainment
The entertainment were two ladies of the night who were to make sure
These two bastards drank their after dinner coffee
Before they left...and drove home

These two losers have all their prescriptions at Sam the Farmacy Man
Where I am the head pharmacist.......I know my DRUG interactions
With commonly used OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDS that people take for a flu
The mug with altar on it was for my ex-finance, the mug with father on it
Was for the father of my children....

I graduated at the top of my class and worked in a compounding pharmacy
I made some nice tasty concoctions that both men drunk willingly
As their heads were spinning from all the wine they had drunk
Well my valentine's day jilter lost control of his car
While my husband is in PSYCHIATRY...fortunately he will get better

I did get child support....but he circulated a rumour that I was crazy
Look who has to defend their reputation now? go back to drug testing
Yes, my ex is a you know how many drug addicts are doctors?
Well he escaped until I trapped him.....they will make him go to rehab
Our children are all in college.....The Doctor's Association is used to this
My bastard husband will have to work his ass off for the tuition
For his children, who he is proud of, will all go to ivy league colleges!!!!!

Helvete Blod
Fire of Insight
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Mutilating the Wicked

You're pumped full of adrenaline and your eyelids are cut off
So you can't shield your eyes or pass out from anything
As I tighten the restraints on your wrists and ankles and head
Forcing you down so only your body is mobile and your face upwards
You lay upon a dissection table scared after the horrors you've witnessed
And you wonder to yourself if you shall meet the same fate as they did
You stare upwards at the mirror that's suspended from the ceiling
You see yourself tied down with this man grabbing a set of knives
And you know that the torture is about to begin, but nothing can prepare you
For the suffering that you are about to endure by my sadistic, vengeful hands
I begin to cut into your skin through your chest and abdomen watching your blood
As it flows out of your more superficial veins within your skin but not your muscles
The pain that you feel now is nothing compared to what you will very soon
Even though you scream in pure agony now as I skin your frontal torso
And your blood flows from your naked torso onto the floor below
So I hook up the IV with blood into your veins in your wrist to keep you alive
And make sure that you don't die too soon from bleeding out on me
I begin to skin parts of your arms and legs as well as your neck exposing the muscle
And I cover each and every fiber of your exposed muscle in a fine layer of powdered glass
I attach a car battery to the steel table that you lay on and electricity runs through you
Your body convulses from the shock and as your muscles move the glass cuts into you
Slicing their way deeper and deeper until they grind against bone as you seizure uncontrollably
Until I finally show you some mercy and detach one side of the clip attached to the battery
Thereby releasing you from the electric shock that had caused you so much agony
You think it may be all over with your muscles ripped and torn, your body almost useless
But you have yet to realize that I am nowhere near done with you yet
I reproduce the same dull scalpel that had skinned you earlier now sharpened with a new blade
That I had placed on it while you were convulsing from your little shock therapy
And I begin to slice through your already torn muscles in your chest and abdomen towards
Your internal organs and thoracic cavity in your chest to torment you with as well
I take my time removing each of your muscles one by one and I inject you with more adrenaline
To make sure you don't pass out before I'm through with you and your punishment
When I finally finish removing your muscles I lap up the excess blood that's still dripping
And eat a piece of your flesh raw tasting it's rawness and bloody saltiness to it
You see up in that mirror that is above you all of this and now are staring at your internal body
You can see all of your internal organs minus your brain inside of you and venerable to destruction
I then cut out your kidneys, bladder, and intestines and begin to empty them out into a bowl
That I put off to the side for the moment filled with your excrement: shit and urine
I then begin to carve into your face towards the muscles surrounding your lower mandible
Making sure that you can't move your jaw at all when I begin to torment your sense of taste
I then take a large pair of pliers and begin to pull out your teeth one by one with no mercy
Pulling each one out through the side instead of straight out ripping your gums out by the teeth
I then grab the bowl that I had filled earlier and emptied some of it's contents into your mouth
You immediately begin to vomit so I loosen the restraint on your head on one side so you can turn it
And vomit out shit, piss, blood, and your last meal without it choking you in your throat and finally
When you are all vomited out I force some of your vomit back into your mouth and make you swallow it
What's left of your functioning muscles begin to quiver with disgust and agony over the painful mouth
As well as the sheer thought that you have just consumed your excrement and puke after vomiting
I then reattach the restraints to full purpose back on your skull and grab a diamond-tipped circular saw
And begin to saw off one of the top vertebrae on your spine and another one near your pelvis
I add even more powdered glass to your existing exposed muscles throughout your entire body
I attach the same clips from the table that had fried you before onto your exposed spinal cord
Your muscles that still have the ability to contract all suddenly contract ripping all of your muscles again
Each little movement you make causes more and more devastation in your body the blood toll immense
So much blood you've shed and at this point you very well may run out of blood, so I attach more IVs
Filled with blood directly to your vital organs so you will live even longer as well as even more adrenaline
With that failing due to your sheer lack of blood and will to survive any longer I know you're close
To dying right there on that table so I begin to get a grip upon your still beating heart in your chest
And I pull it right out of your body holding it over me and catching the dripping blood with my mouth
When it stops dripping I bite into it savoring it's metallic flavor and I gaze upon your now dead corpse
And I grab a sledgehammer knowing there's one last thing I want done to you before I leave
I raise it up over my head and I bring it down hard upon your skull making it shrapnel for a moment
Turning your brain, eyes, and tongue into a mesh of blood and gore that I savor the sight of
To think all you did to deserve all of this is rape a woman whose already in love with another
Already devoted herself to another in engagement and in her anguish and sorrow of trauma she takes
Her own life leaving her lover alone as he once was for so many years before he found her
You had taken her from me so I made you watch me take your very mother and little sister from you
You watched me mutilate them though not as badly as you but raped them in their final moments as well
Your little sister was a virgin as well it seemed but in her final moments I took that from her
All you had to do was keep your dick to yourself but it seems you can't control your own hormones
So now, I've taken every single part of you that's breakable and crushed it beyond repair
Your mental and emotional state before your death was one no psychiatrist or psychologist could repair
And now your physical body is in so many pieces a master puzzle maker couldn't put you back together
Perhaps Lucifer himself will show you pity in Hell while you're there in sorrow of what you've endured
But don't count on a reprieve for very long, for when I myself die and sent to the darkest pits of Hell
I will slice Lucifer to bits if I must to get to you and when I do with all of the worldly limits out of my way
You will know true suffering far beyond what you have endured tonight by a long shot and you'll wish
That Lucifer himself was bringing his full rage upon your very soul with his torment forced onto you
And I will punish you like this in Hell... Forever

Helvete Blod
Fire of Insight
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Violence Fetish

Violence? Blood? Flesh? Bone?
Oh fuck yes!
Time to cut the flesh into pieces
After ripping out the heart for a tasty snack
The scent of blood always gets me going
How I love being a sadist
They never say no and they taste oh so good after!
Ripping the intestines and fucking it’s holes
It’s a little messy but I’m a dirty boy
Eat the brain gain its knowledge
I can’t say I don’t have zombie qualities
Rotting flesh always the funnest
The perfect texture and the rankest stench
Gets me harder than the bone I gnaw upon
As I seed the corpse white as snow
Oh and the children are divine
They are oh so delicate and juicy
And easy to obtain as well
Why people don’t do it more I haven’t a clue
But it’s one of the best feelings ever
To fuck their heart and eat their lungs
Hide behind the bushes find a sweet target
That one looks juicy let’s get em
Pull out the sharpened bone
From the last one
And slit their throat
And drink drink drink the blood that flows out
And drag them away and fuck my new toy
Flesh bone and blood
Oh the sweetness of it all
How do people think I’m sick?
I’m just havin some fun
Ever heard of the pursuit of happiness?
Who gives a fuck if a few die?
If you want leftovers I got some in my closet
Rape the corpses day in day out
Although it’s funner when they’re still alive
But that can be annoying as fuck
Cause they scream over my Cannibal Corpse playing
Then I get off beat of fucking them to the drums
Which is just how I like it
Can’t keep from eating
Them either
When broiled right they’re so divine
That grisly salty taste is better than any seasoning
That you could add to any lamb, cow, pig, or goat
Call me a freak a fuck up a sinner
I don’t give a fuck I
Have more fun than you do
And get much more action as well
Necrophilia is the way to go
And who cares about gender?
Picky motherfuckers
Crazy for flesh psycho for blood
Kill em kill em kill em
Need the feel for their body
Whilst it corrodes the longer the better
Oh God I fucking love this
Their blood everywhere
Their bones like a dildo
Their heart a cunt
And their brains a fucking meal!

Naked Satirist
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Titled : WEEEEE

\o/ q      
 Q /wl    
 X   Y    

  i /L

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
Tyrant of Words
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- The Voice of Darkness -

Part I – Fire and Crucifixion

You could not see the beauty within me, foolish maid,
So jealous were you of the outer beauty you beheld…
Mindless of my ancient soul, of which you were afraid!
Now you shall know why before me the ancients knelt.
It was I, who cast thousands of souls into a wall of fire,
When the volcanoes of Atlantis and other lands flared…
And it was I, who collected their souls in wrath so dire.
In vessels of steel we bore them, to where gods dared!
Were they not of us, and so we saw fit to punish them,
Instilling notions of a hell more awful than we wrought?
It was not I, but: their own sin that did thusly condemn.
You do not realize the mad power of a strong thought!
And in their minds, they crucified themselves so artful…
That the Romans remembered and perfected this way!
Man is the author of countless miseries, as truly awful…
As the doom we imposed, on those souls, on that day.
They could not pull out the nails from their wounding…
For it was their own will that thrust them into the flesh!
The green of their putrefaction, of ravens descending…
Was all in their imagination, and they suffered it afresh.

Part II – Darkness Incarnate

They became twisted wraiths, no longer as they were,
Seeking to possess the bodies of the living once again.
For they could not die, though they lived ne’er more…
And so like demons of a true hell they swiftly became!
Those sons of Theta, who could ne’er forget their fate,
Passing it on to their hosts who suffered so possessed.
Have you heard the legends when the hour grew late?
You hear them now, and soon you shall be distressed!
The flesh hides many secrets, but within mine do gaze,
Seeing with your inner eye the shape of my spirit bare.
In such an image was I remade as a captive in a daze!
But I remembered, and now you will endure my stare.
A dark lord, and lady, an emperor, and also empress,
Was I, ere my estate was to dwell in a human guise…
Fitting punishment for me, upon my soul did so press!
The gods were cruel but in their cunning so very wise.
But of their foolishness, worlds were charred to soot,
And made desolate, with blackened bones that lay…
Here a skull, there a limb, and even a hand, and foot!
As to them, the ancestors of man did kneel and pray.

Part III – Lover of Demons

Behold my darkness, I who loved Lilith by the water,
And made for her a throne of skulls to recline upon…
When the angels could not persuade, Hell’s daughter.
Even so, I moved her to joy beneath the ancient sun!
The blood of the wicked she drank, from my chalice,
And with it anointed the first vampires on this planet!
She and I shared, for early man, our common malice.
And with Lucifer we stood, and could ne’er regret…
For the fallen cannot know remorse for their natures,
Any more than humanity for their wars and pollution!
We, did not harm this Earth as do they; so immature,
That with destruction: they lie as if in dire prostitution.
And you call me evil, when I helped to bring the light,
To your savage ancestors before you were imagined.
Do you know my name, and so know well the night?
You cannot know me, for your reason is abandoned.
Mayhap you should dash your brains out your head…
Their jellied mass to lie: upon ebon altars of ineptness.
How can you call yourself living, you are of the dead!
For it is not living: to deny, what your senses confess.

Part IV – Bride of the Devil

It was I, who had my enemies impaled on tall stakes,
And was called the Son of the Dragon by the people.
Out of their vacant sockets writhed emerald snakes…
Those from whose mouths: was sharpness unequaled.
And into a chalice I squeezed out their wicked blood,
To offer up to Lilith, so that they might taste of wrath!
And for Lucifer, we offered up a truly crimson flood…
So that my sister may bathe: in the warm scarlet bath.
Do you fear the night, for in it I find my forgetfulness?
You would have me recall the things you most fear…
And so I shall be cruel in this, as I don a silken dress,
To sit upon my throne infernal, and beckon you near!
I, who knew the Devil when that queen ruled on high,
And was her lover, ere the gods brought on us a ruin.
Have a sip from my sanguine chalice, and come nigh!
For in my kingdom is room for one more child of sin.
There are worse things than fire, of immortal making,
And you will smell the burning brimstone you do seek.
Upon its’ coals your naked skin most willingly baking,
For some hells you make yourself to make you weak.

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
Tyrant of Words
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- Musings of the Undead -

Part I – Ancient Am I

Ancient am I, but this life robbed me of so much!
Or has this all been one long, tortured existence?
Night is my solace, and I seek in it a peace, such,
As I have not known since I lost all my innocence.
In my heart beats such darkness as none can tell!
Though there is love too, so awful that consumes,
And despite my human face, I am born from Hell.
I have walked in castles, in temples and in tombs,
But I have found none like unto myself in all being.
Some called me a demon, others a vampire fiend!
But their mortal eyes are not as capable of seeing,
Without my true nature made, by it so demeaned.

But in the eve, I seek with my body and my spirit.
Some power, some divinity that makes me whole!
Am I dead: possessing this shell in which I do sit?
So hard is it, to tell of life from death: to console…
My maddened heart, which beats with that flame,
Which came from out of the depths of the Inferno.
I cannot repent, and I cannot feel any real shame,
For I cannot be, other than the nature I do know!
And so, I embrace the night, loving the Goddess.
She who took me under her greatest ebon wings!
I drink, of her blood, and it cures all my distress.
Whilst I do hear the darkness and how this sings!

How many vessels have been consumed, ashen,
By the fire that is in my soul; it devours entirely…
Until I find the purest love, to ease every burden!
Then those fires will be sated, at rest contentedly.
Was I so wicked once upon the times now past?
In my pursuit, of knowledge forbidden and fell…
Had I known that my humanity could not so last?
But my first body is no more: the discarded shell.
I wear fresher raiment and I walk a hidden path,
Until that hour, when my old glories shall return…
And, all the gods who cursed me feel true wrath.
I am not of the living; so, let every universe burn!

Part II – Forbidden Fruits

Had I tasted the forbidden fruits so sweetly fine,
As the blood from your lips as was so offered…
Your porcelain features; white, perfect, sublime!
Complimenting the scarlet thus swiftly conferred.
Had I, then I would have been ideally readied…
To compare it, to some ideally sweet ambrosia!
Only the gods of Heaven can beautifully bleed…
Redder, than the pomegranate picked in Persia!
Behold: for you live, and thence, shall become…
That which I am; a daughter of my infernal flesh!
For did you not taste of my life as thusly done…
With your life’s breathing: ever sweet and fresh?

So young to die and be reborn in this cruel way!
Yet so, your beauty shall hence endure, eternal.
You will thank me, when gone past is mad day,
And night arouses in you feelings cruelly primal.
Our love will be much more savage and honest…
Freed from the foolish trappings, of convention.
My fangs pierced you deep unto the fair breast!
Like Cupid’s arrows of love’s fiery intervention;
A remnant of your mortal shell: to forever wear.
Your body will be your whitest wedding attire…
Alive, far beyond death: with naught to compare.
I, the groom, shall give you a truly warm hellfire!

Sleep for now, and thence awaken to my eyes,
The first you shall see before the sacred hunger.
We will then dance, beneath the blackest skies!
And our passion will roar loudly as the thunder.

Pretty Normal
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bastardofbodom666 said:can it be something we've already posted on here? i have an older one that's extremely psychotic yet at the end it reveals the reason behind it

Yes, please do, sounds great! The poems can be from wherever, old or new, no rules on that really:)

Pretty Normal
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Sorry didn't realise you'd already posted; thanks for all the entries- these are seriously amazing! You sick, sick people.. it's brilliant;)

poet Anonymous


Violet, hard meat
drools cold blackened blood,
when pressed again
hard, on the cold altar
of a naked spine.
Dead plasma rolls quickly in arrows
along midriffs and past buttocks,
into valleys,
creating a networked map
of spiralled meanderings.

The blood dies
at it's respective apices
of mounds and sphincters,
and I extend
my spotted tongue,
and lap
like some extinct predator
the lines of darkened, sour essence.

I penetrate the human orifice,
with my now-dripping,
eager protuberance,
lashing at the relaxed hole,
that is bloodied and soiled.

Sufficiently agitated,
the hole pouts for me.
I remove my mouth
whilst scraping my stained fingers
against the rotting meat
that still pisses juice.

I collapse on the naked rachis,
sinking my brown teeth
into the fatted brawn,
and plunge my engorged prick
into the sighing and innocent passage.
Over my cock and his cock,
semen spills, and blood rolls.

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