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There is beauty in you;
A beauty that is loving, truth-seeing, and reaching;
I say “I love you” because you are beautiful
And I want to behold your beauty.

There are eyes that can see
Beauty in the roots.
Flip it, turn it – as in a game of chess,
It does not have to be
Exactly as it was, is, or appears;
That is not reality.
It is much deeper under the surface
Than what we have so far believed.

I want these eyes,
I want them for my own.
I reach out; I am overcome.
The eyes that see this beauty
Deep in the ground; in the simplest things.
I am overcome by your beauty; ever new.
I say “I love you” because you are beautiful;
I say “I love you” because I love beauty;
I love you and want to behold you.    

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pretty_normal said:I've changed the competition, thanks for the better idea KanKick DifferenT! If you weren't keen on the competition then there was no need to look into it any further really Whitewand6 :)

YAY! lol

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Closed Eyes

Behind eyelids,
thoughts tangle themselves together
and try to escape through open eyes.
So while dreams haunt the brain
eyes stay closed
so nightmares can't leak out
and become reality.

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Yay Thank you! MWAAA :)

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