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Image Contest

Trevin Michael
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

write about the image


what you see, what you feel, your interpretation.. whatever you want.

only 1 entry per poet

any style

30 submissions or cut off date

Cant wait to see

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Take Me

Oh crouching angel...
dark and mysterious--
waiting to strike!

Take me! Have me!
...for your demise.
I am waiting!
I am wanting!
...for my tortures to begin.

Wrap me in your arms...
constrict me,
steal my breath.

Scrape me!
Bite me!
Break me!

Seduce me...
carry me tenderly
and lovingly
in your arms,
fly, glide, climb higher into the sky...
and violently thrust me
out of your embrace
when you know
there are lurking fatalities below.

Oh crouching angel!
Save me from pleasure,
for I crave now despair.

Dangerous Mind
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† † † † prey

in the screaming disquiet
i wait here unable to fight
the need for flight
moloch beckons
the collective frenzy
of a thousand djembes
calls out my name
entranced i thrash
tiny wings flutter
a shadow hides the moon
in its lightless womb
at last i am free

The Illusionist ofSorrow
Thought Provoker
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You look at me with disgust,
You gaze upon my wings,
You see my eyes have nothing,
You see nothing else in me,

How can you be the one,
To judge me as I am?
Can't make up your mind,
Am I angelic or am I damned?

I have had my share of trails,
I've been pushed up against the wall,
I have taken a walk with the devil,
Even angels have to fall,

I have been marked with hate,
And embraced the truest loves,
I have swam deep within the oceans,
And flown high with the doves,

Yet, you sit there and still judge,
Trying to write about who I am,
I have everything a woman does,
Doesn't that make me human?

So rise your gawking mouths,
And calm your judging eyes,
I am human nonetheless,
Those are what my words imply...

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Fallen Angel

Fallen angel of evilís hand
Dead man walking throughout the land
Black wings of darkness take flight
Eyes of Satan removal of sight

Spiritual corruption destroyer of joy
Earthly riches becomes a decoy
Foul odor in the air, the kiss of death
Broken spirits and stolen breath

Touch of poison a deadly sin
Transformed into stone, emptiness within
Internal bondage is where it roams
The world itís playgroundÖ.. Hell, its home

Fallen angel of evilís hand

Swamp Eyes
Tyrant of Words
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My angel with dirty wings
Pain she only brings
Death and destruction is closing in
Forget the lies give in to sin
She'll take it for what its worth
Painful like breach birth
Beauty never outlined evil so well
She'd drag us all down to hell
This wasn't something we concieved
She was something of a new breed

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
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It felt like an eternity since someone had sat
in that darkly shadowed room
where dust motes still dance unseen in the morning light
trickling through broken windows

Silence beats in the heart of shadows
a mirror to the blood that still stained the floors
forgotten by modern eyes
though superstition still pulled at their minds

A thoroughfare turned fairground of macabre delights
for the creatures that came out of the rain
and into this mortal realm through doors unprotected
on that unholiest of nights

Weather-worn tape and hastily boarded up windows
the only monument left of a scene
no detective of the age, or any other
could plausibly explain with their scientific minds

Modern day
This place is still a thoroughfare for vermin
and children playing chicken with the haunted station
itís demons hidden behind the padlocked door
that the brave only dare to brush with trembling fingertips

A splinter drips with blood into the shadows
igniting the memories of rain and carnage
and as storm clouds clamour overhead
a new reign of terror creeps out from the shadows

and into the world

Dangerous Mind
United States
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You must walk away
for my true love never known
Now I sit alone

I waited too long
to tell of what my heart speaks
forever my own

Taken your own life
fear of a life in sadness
for my voice was mute

and you never knew
Went on as you were no one
No special place held

Here your soul resides
left behind to comfort me
to soothe my mourning

Undeserving though
I feel I have taken blame
I wish you had known

If only the time
could have turned itself around
in my arms you'd be

Never again to
deny what your love could mean
if only you knew

If only you knew
Those four words echo always
stained my existence

Impossible to
love again another heart
mine has been branded

In sadness whispers
your nightly voice comes to me
easing my burden

When darkness comes to
you, one day and forever
we stand together

Bonded in deaths love
far from the limits of life
for eternity

Dangerous Mind
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Bedight in Veils

gaze not upon my shadow, which wont last,
nor upon this halo fading from my crown,
but on a mere mortal, now soaking into the earth,
on one creature of flesh and blood bound to existence.

cast down to live as one of the apes
I cannot fly again, I cannot die again
cracks of the earth stitch themselves to my skin
stealing my grace and leaving me withered.

skeletons of my former glory reveal
as my feathers drop one by one
soon they'll be nothing but an insight to my past
and nimbus will disappear leaving me my pride.

with furious eyes to judge my condition
I raise no angst against my creator
such denial consumes angels of grace
where some would rule hell instead of earth.


Guardian of Shadows
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Angelís wings
On painted walls
Gaze of pain
Like ripped satin skies

Cracked fingers
On grimy ground
Coiled body
ready to spring

The clarion call
the bell do toll
flaps of wings
Seraphim  flies.

Lost Thinker
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  broken heart
I have fallen from sky,
Fallen to the ground,
I am the angel of sadness,
Angel of lost hopes,
Angel of lost dreams,
I am the fallen angel,
Broken wings and a broken heart,
That's what left now we are apart.
I was your angel that fell from the sky,
You broken my wings, now I can't fly.
I rushed towards you in a crazy flight,
To stay forever at your side. ....

poet Anonymous

Never Again

Looking at you
through broken eyes
the evil you see
is her only disguise

Her skin was once
so soft and smooth
now like her heart,
its cracked and bruised

Her angelic spirit
that shined so bright
has been lost to the darkness
and taken over by the night

Alone and cold
down on bended knee
waiting for the moment
that she can flee

A flaming halo
and painted wings
allow her to escape the hurt
that only love brings

Blending herself
into evils wall
where the hardest stand
and the weakest fall

Never again
will her heart feel such pain
vowing now
to bring on evils reign

Trevin Michael
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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thank you all for your submissions, theyre all great!  I can tell this is going to be a difficult one to judge Keep em coming!

Death Plane for Teddy
Tyrant of Words
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[font=Courier New][size=2]

     < flesh-eating bacteria >

       necrotizing fasciitis
       soft tissue gangrene
       enters the body
       through a minor scrape
       and begins to grow
       and release toxins
       that limit blood
       that starve tissue

       the tissue dies
       and the bacteria
       enter the blood
       and spread throughout
       the body
       their centers
       become black
       the skin dies
       the skin breaks open

       oozing blood
          - - -

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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what a shame
an example on the blindness of the human eye
all of you see agony you think shes feeling pain
nobody has realized
on the smile her eyes project

like a rose o yes a rose color which is unknown
she a special gorgeous flower
with a crown with matching thorns
as you see no other could compare

o how she is enchanting
o how i love to know her name
i want her in my garden
i would admire her every day

a fact about this flower
is she blooms all year long
it wont be long you will see her beauty will still lay a pound my grave


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