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Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

How would you describe your hell?
What is your one personal hell? Is it a dream, state of mind, or is it all in your head? Is it a demon that haunts it? Or a real life person? Whats your personal hell and how if any way, would you escape it?

Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 11th June 2012
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The demons call my name,
trying to take the power I was given.
but i only have one bullet left.
Dont forget my silence,
and mistake it for kindness.
I have one foot in the grave,
Silently, patiently waiting,
To step out into the grass
for my next victims tresspass.
It all ends here,
I regret the day I became weak,
allowing the demons to consume what I had left.
I lay there emotionless and awake.
Feeling as though I sleep with my eyes open.
tired and strengthless.
The thin road at which
I've been forced to walk,opens doors.
I must choose, light or shadow.
Now on this bed I lay,
wanting life to delay.
I have no more bullets left.
The demons called my name,
Crying for my return.

Tyrant of Words
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I am hell
I bestow chaos on this little world
I am the sheperd and the wolf
Not good, nor evil
Life is a cruel and sinister game
No one makes it out alive
To meaning
No mess
The demons are my friends
Together we rule
The firery Kingdom I call home
One day you'll join me
And you'll know what is true
This is a gift
From me to you

Hakim abdi
Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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hell is a place to maintane ur sanity but it always
kicks off with insanity satan acts up like the rock screaming out
smell what the demon is cooking hell is a place where lost souls can have a free movie and it will always be in 4D with the smell of burnt skin and screaming pregnant ladies giving birth to fucked up demon baby well satans minions rape craze ladie i know the place I've seen the demons face my favourite dish is angel wings served up guts & glory you know that beast i always keep talking about thats deep with in me he's the one that showed me hell is a place where lost souls could never cry cause the heat dries up their face and the demons on duty have a tendence to have mismacthed fornication with the babies of the craze lady satan jus kick's back an looks on in amazement at the domain he built through the back door of my souls basement and there is no way
to escape it.

Hakim abdi
Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
Joined 18th June 2012
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likes thumbs up

Naked Satirist
Fire of Insight
Singapore 6awards
Joined 5th May 2012
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misinterpreted by many  
the thralls believe
suffering is eternal here  
when what lies above    
is anguish forever  
for crazies in white veils  
sings praises in high pitch groan  
to a narcissistic tyrant everyday  
a mad house, evidently
reign in hell, joy for the sane  
burn your spirit with lovers and friends  
this is home for us free spirits  
for our concert is forever    
here, eistein discovered rave-ity  
lou reed jams heroin  
the doors sings the beginning  
satan and beelzebub  
performing wizardry  
renounce evil, let's party

Tyrant of Words
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Poem Image

Oh crystal ball
why didn't you shine for me
why didn't you let me see

the tale unfolds in the dark
there was a boom and then a spark
i don't know what i heard after
but I'm pretty sure, it was laughter

stumbling thru the black
knowing I'm under some sort of attack
confusion for I truly don't know where i might be
and I'm feeling all types of everything

trying to think where i last was
but it remains a fuzz
this might be a dream
but the vibe, it's to extreme

i try to feel around
i listen for any sound
then, something

a light comes on
everything is so bright its like dawn
there's a table and a TV
oh fuck, where could i be

then a man walks in carrying a tray
I'm silent and he's staring at me in a strange way
he comes closer to my face
he grabs it, and asks what i did to get to this place

tears boil up in my eyes
honestly i have no reply
he shambles back towards the tray
he turns around, again staring in a strange way

my mind is unable to grasp whats is happening
I'm having a hard time adapting
the man sits Indian style on the floor
he raises his hand, and out pops a door

i tremble and I'm pulled magically to my feet
he tells me to go thru then have a seat
i try to resist but i cant
he says he's sorry, but he must enchant

the door leads to a purple chair
I'm alone no one else is there
a chirping sound comes from behind
then voice whispers in my ear, what did you do to mankind

my eyes start to water and my throat gets dry
the voice asks if i was prepared to die
that's when it all made sense
then the voice yells, are you ready for the dream sequence

the purple chair grabs me tight
the voice whispers it will be all right
my stomach turns
the chair starts to spin, and everything begins to burn

the laughter i heard earlier pounds thru my head
i hear children chanting i have feelings of dread
the laughter fades to a dull screech
the chair stops spinning, then a mighty voice begins a speech

the one who orates
speaks his mind and speaks of hate
he screams my name
he giggles, and says I'm to blame

all hells are personal and this is yours
the voice yells and it roars
fate is a funny thing
it gets you unexpectedly

Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 11th June 2012
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I like that. Its pretty.

Twisted Dreamer
Philippines 4awards
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Devils from within...
They were stuck in a frightening situation,
Feared by their thoughts and shadows of themselves...
Stirred mind walking in great passion...
Demons of hell, shouting thy name,
"Hail the master of evil!"
They scream until they get insane...
They were like vampires, craving for the blood of the master evil...
They suck, they crave and they sip for they thirst...
They tried to unleash their burdens...
They tried to unshackle themselves but they failed to conquer the thoughts of hell...
As they wipe the pain of hatred and deceive the people of the master were killed
by the devils from within....

poet Anonymous


All on board for hell

For I've taken note

There's nothing that you've done that's not been seen

Your loves

Your lusts

Your cruelty

Your lies

Even some of your dreams

They all have their price

Of guilt and sin

Shames and crimes

For the Devil to mine

Sinners all - listen to me well

You are dead and this boat is bound for hell

Here you are in my boat so grand

Crossing with me to the island of the damned

There's no turning back

Life's passed through your hands

You've had your day

Now you will have to pay

It's time to face the music, pay the tax.

April 15th is coming on fast.....

Tyrant of Words
United States 5awards
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somelikeithot: April 15th, is there something special about that date? :)

Tyrant of Words
United States 12awards
Joined 31st May 2012
Forum Posts: 282

April 15 Its the day taxes are due in the united states...

Twisted Dreamer
United States 1awards
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i awake in the darkness of my room
i feel as if i just got hit by a bus
i lay there and think for a while
finally i make my slef get up
i don't remember comming home
i don't remember how i got here
my car is in the drive way so i must have drove
i walk to the bath room in an undead way
i look in the mirror and no longer know that person
i haven't shaved in weeks
my hair is a complete mess
neddle marks up and down my arms
and my eyes are dark and dead
i've always thought that hell was a place i would end up
i accepted that when i died i would go to hell if such a place exsisted
but now i know that i was already there
each day is the same a cluster fuck of drugs enter my body
and i add a little alcohol to the mix
evection notices all over my house
i'm in hell
i go back to my bed and reach for a needle
as my medicine enters my blood stream it makes me forget
now i'm at ease and i can sleep once again

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 42awards
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The Hall Of The Damned        

The scream of sheer death
it deflates your lungs
and rips out your breath  
it tears apart
the ventricles of your heart
like the demonic sounds
of a fallen angels harp
the evil flame forming faces
howl and burn mental ash traces
that lick your brain with hot pain
which lights up the dark
to show the insane
in their stark underworld  
of plughole down drain .

A soul stealing trident
Satan spiked and hell sent
tri pronged and wrapped  
in a serpent
stands arrow capped  
in an evil dominant
inside are trapped spirits of unrepent
and infinite , expirement
they ache for your
desperate , detriment
and life retirement

So how can you be here
if your not dead yet
a demon leans near and says
this is what you might get
only fear if you gamble
and lose the bet
your soul so dear
shall be speared in an eternal net

The hall of the damned
full of gone murderers that hanged  
now they're hell framed
their pictured in pain
forever tortured  
dead and inane
they cry out contorted,  
faintly my name
as I leave Satans
emporium of reign
I know after this
that I'll play the right game
and never shall I diss
the lords name ever again ,
nor dare never shall I speak it
in vain .

poet Anonymous

She parties with the devil
and flirts with blasphemy-
yet she remains
a god-fearing Christian

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