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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write about a dream you remember
Anyway write about the dream, your thoughts, the people in it, and so forth in poetic form. I really like a rhyme.
Poems will be judged on presentation and your observations.

Here is one I have written for an example:

A dream from the other night

I had a dream
That we were writing
and as always
I was amazed by your poetry

I looked at your work
and found something odd
I thought is was from a song
you said it was not

I pulled out the album
and realized we were both in a church
I matched up the lyrics
and it matched, even though it hurt

I was sad to say
that you wrote something from a song
and I believe you didn't know
and nothing was wrong

I awoke confused as ever
I have only met you one time
that was over a year ago
then how did you look so defined?

It was weird
my dreams grabbed
bits and pieces
that I didn't know I had

So as you reading this
do you agree with me?
I have dreams
about the weirdest things.

Since it is about someone who will probably read it(I won't tell who), I will explain it.

I had a dream that me and said person was writing, and I was intrigued by their work. I found it familiar though, so I checked on a BlessTheFall Album(one that doesn't exist in real life) and found that they had the same thing as the lyrics more or less. We were at church. When I awoke I found it odd that in this dream they had seem so life like, like they were there, now I have only me this person once a long time ago and I found it odd my subconsciousness  pulled all of those bits and pieces out of what I thought was deleted memory.

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Last night I dreamt of you
There you were
It had been nearly a year since the fatal accident that took you from me
Rain was in your hair despite the blistering sunshine
Your eyes were glazed over, as I last remembered them
I looked at you, and you looke through me
Flames ignited and the storm began
the sky turned purple and I was in the desert
Every piece of paper, letter, poem and song whirled around me
I saw your name everywhere
And you were no where
I reached out to touch your hand
But awoke to my living hell again

Death Plane for Teddy
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                     < dog woke me up >
                   but all i could think of
                   was the gasoline
                   and that picture
                   that kid
                   and the napalm
                   and i said i would but
                   first my car needs gas
                   and i went out to the car
                   and got in
                   and started it
                   and drove to the gas station
                   and there they were
                   pouring it over her
                   and there i was
                   i had the matches in my hand
                   was reaching down when
                   the dog woke me up
                         - - -

Fire of Insight
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Max amount...? I have two I can post (:

Fire of Insight
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The Sweetest Kiss I Have Yet To Have

In a dream,
Yes, another of you
I did something
I'd never do

It was the heat of the moment
A delightful suprise
The subtle way
Your blue eyes held mine

A picture perfect day
The sunshine on your hair
What I thought I'd give
Just to be there

Your arms wrapped around me
And you kissed the top of my head
Into the water,
Our clothes we shed

We swam around a bit
Then you came closer to me
I didn't dare to move
Too afraid to breathe

The moment I realized
I wish this is what I had
You planted the sweetest kiss
I have yet to have

Dangerous Mind
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Two seems great for a max

Fire of Insight
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Fire of Insight
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The Other

What is this?
I have a gun..
All of these people,
Why do they run?

Everything goes fuzzy..
My hand starts to blur
Gunshots and screams
Are all that I heard

My vision comes back
And the shots have rung
I look down at my hands
And I'm covered in blood

Theres a little girl
She hides from the light
And I find myself running
Towards her with a knife

Her tears fell
And she screams, "Sissy why?!"
I can see all the fear
She holds within her eyes..

For this, unfortunately
My vision stays clear
I can see the whites of her eyes
As the blade draws near

My hand drives it..
Why, I don't know
In goes the knife
And her blood starts to flow..

In the end.. Heres the kicker
She whispers, "I love you still."
Then it hits me like a brick,
My family I've killed

Their bodies scatteres
Throughout the floor
Mom in the kitchen..
Dad by the door

Then theres this pain,
In the center of my heart
And my eyes flutter open
For the day to start

This one nightmare,
I don't understand..
Why my family died
At the aim of my hand

poet Anonymous


(written a while back, not a new poem.)

Just the other night I had a dream.
I stood like a solemn statue at the
top of a black skyscraper I swear
was reaching for the moon.
All around me I could hear the
haunting voice of the wind, taunting
me, whispering in my ear,
"Jump, do it soon."
The wind combed its fingers through
my hair and pulled at my clothes. Its
hands brushed against my body
touching every inch of my skin.
I looked down below and saw the
tiny lights of cars at the bottom.
They looked bright and clear for the sky
was blackened and the air was thin.
Fear crept up my frame and choked
every cell. My heart was pounding
harder and faster. I was about to do
what I knew had to be done.
I turned my back to my grave below.
There was no where to hide
No where to escape
No where to run.
I leaned back and started my descent.
Air rushed past my body,
drowning my ears with its moans.
I was falling down and away.
My stomach felt like it was in my
throat trying to escape this ride
it did not want to take,
not wanting to stay.
It wasn't long before I slowed
down and started to drift
back and forth
like a feather falling from the sky.
As soon as my back brushed against the pavement
I was in a state of repose like never before.
I knew that I would never again feel pain
Never again would I cry.
My heart was content
All went black.
Then I was awake.

Mr A
Dangerous Mind
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The Openings

Just another face on Anna's pillow;
I turn the other way,
close my eyes
and freely open.

I'm walking with the wilderbeast
easily avoiding the lions,
they're just not wise enough
but their teeth and eyes get me running
every time they leap closer
their gigantic paws thud and echo,
each thud manifests not as a thud, then
(I hone my ears on the thud)
I'm stunned, as I hear something vocal:

help         help        help     help   helphell

then its paws are upon me
claws sink through my skin,
muscle and tendons,
tightening my body, then

Anna moans and rolls over;
her arm touches my back accidentally,
she must of dreamt of another body.
I shut the pale light of night out
and welcome what waits.

there's someone watching me,
her hair black and fluid, drowning
the atmosphere 'til all I see is her
features are blurring and sharpening
almost, but not quite, two different women
I'm astounded by her captivating eyes
she draws me in like an orbitless moon
I have no control and find myself
intoxicated by fear, curiosity and love?

The dog whines gently beside me,
troubles of his own in the openings no doubt.
I tighten my douvet around me,
adopt the fetal position, and drift.

there's a mountain ahead, and under me
thick with snow and stealing my feet,
but I'm not cold, or warm
I'm not feeling anything
though the stormy winds tell me
I won't last long
My feet become lost, taken by snow,
then the snow grows upwards and over
my panting, panicked chest, then
I launch from the snow's steel grip
and towards the snow-filled clouds
I look down, the mountain is but a scratch
on a very small, frozen world

I awake to the annoyance of the morning Sun
that strips me of my episodes.
I remember every electrifying moment,
but one more vibrant than the others;
one refuses to walk away.

Anna wakes, fiddles my skin.
More than just the Sun has risen this morning.
I climb inside her, distorted from the night.
As I reach the end she screams and I shudder
as I see her face blurring, then sharpening.

Tyrant of Words
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I dreamt again of being free
Out of this confining walls
I dreamt of flying like a bird
Towards the sky I soared
I dreamt that I swam
Up and down the highway
Where clouds were fluffy
and ever so white
Upon the blueness
Of the sky,
Like coloured satin
There were words up so high
It said ‘Go back Now
It’s not time yet…’
I go crashing down to earth
To this miserable confines
And look at chemo tubes
Entering  my husk.

Tyrant of Words
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I saw her again last night
There she was
She was wearing the red raincoat I last saw her in
Her hair blew wildly in a twister of yellow
Tears were ruining her face
Eyeliner smudged on her cheekbones
She reached out with a horrific, clawed hand and summoned my heart
I barely felt it as it left my body
I remember collapsing
I begged her to forgive
I wanted to live
I could feel pain as she gripped it tighter
Just before it was about to burst
I woke up and realised I was cursed
Anne would not let me live in peace again

poet Anonymous


I dreamed I was

A white soft feather

Carried on the wind

Up and down I went

Sideways and sailing

On a buoyant current

From the south

That was prevailing

The Mistral was warm

When I needed to cool

The wind let me down

To float, on the water

Then picked me up

And brought me skyward

The wind was kind

And did not mind

An extra trip

We went north

There the wind changed again

No Mistral, but Alpen gusts

The wind blew around

In little puffs

In the cemetery

Where some ancestors

Were buried

I told the wind

I needed a rest

So it set me down

On a stone

The name and date

Long erased

But the right place

Oh Grandmother, Oh Grandfather

I never met you

The kindly wind has brought me here

So that I may greet you

I know you are in heaven

You were known for your goodness

Maybe we will meet again

Until then I will just be left

A tiny white feather

Deserves a rest

Fire of Insight
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This is an old poem of mine, my apologies if this isn't allowed, but this was based on a dream I had a while ago, so I thought I'd join it in lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I?

Oh no, do I really enjoy this?

As I plunge this knife into you,
As I feel the easy rip of your skin,
As I hear your blood gush through my creation,
And I hear each pulse the deeper I go in.

And I hear your screams so precise also,
As I see the colours become so intense and free;
The maroon of your body’s life;
The paleness of your face before me.

Seeing too the strain of your eyes,
And the veins in your forehead swell,
As I feel your blood rush over my hands,
And your hand grabs me as you plead so well.

Oh yes, I do really enjoy this.

Tyrant of Words
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Dream Of Life

as a deep sleep fell over me
my dreams revealed my life
I was walking down the path of life
my heart was broken and filled with sorrow
wasn't paying attention where I was going
don't know how far I walked into the night
the grass and trees were all brown and fading
the path was long, narrow and dark
suddenly I was a child again
memories of a painful childhood brought tears
felt the insecurity of my heart and soul
a part of why I am who I am now
the past that still haunts me today
I could feel the tears run down my cheek
couldn't awaken to dry them
saw the many loves in my life
who have come and gone thru my heart
some of whom which have never healed
others aren't even a memory any more
thoughts scattered thru my weary mind
my pillow was soaked by the falling rain
as I raised my head to look up
I was standing at the bottom of a hill
there was a lonely tree and a wide path
when I reached the tree it was amazing
stood there looking down in the valley
grass like a green carpet laid before me
trees had beautiful purple blooms on them
animals walking and running everywhere
suddenly I saw you walking towards me
almost turned away with fear
as you got closer you stopped
you lifted your eyes so I could see them
tenderness, understanding, passion
they shimmered with outpouring love
you held out your hand to me
slowly I walked towards you reaching
when our hands touched my body shivered
your sweet cologne filled the fresh air
you gently wiped the rain from my cheek
as I awakened from my paradise with you
thoughts scattered thru my happy mind

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