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Poetry Contest

Rules below
Write about a land or world like it is from a story, movie, or game. It must be your own and from your head. Write about the creatures and towns and well any sort of randomness in your world. Other than that, no rules.

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Here's this one I wrote for a friend.  But I'll be back for a more official entry

A Call To Arms

Rise up mortal gods and take up the pen

For it is mightier than the sword and it's edge has no end

It's power only limited to the depths of your mind

And if you search them long enough you will find  

Those forgotten souls who crave resolution

Whose lives were forsaken in the wake of pollution

They search for their honor, love, power, or fame

And all they have done has been in your names

So are not they deserving their final rewards?

To find love, to be crowned, or master the swords?

Give them their lovers, their riches, their thrones

Help those who haunt bring rest to their bones

For if you do not and pass on, it is to be feared  

That your worlds will be known as The Lands That Disappeared

poet Anonymous


I volunteered to go down

Into the mines and further

We were going to map the underground

Publish the results and plan

The colonization by man

The subterranean depths

Were awesome to see

Caverns like those never seen before

Caverns built like Cathedrals

By a hominid race

With whom one day the expedition

Came face to face

With the natives of this nation

They looked like us but were palest white

This comes with living with no light

Their bones were lumpy and slightly deformed

Some skulls looked almost like they had horns

Male, female, child all spoke a language

Unknown to the earth, communication was attained

Using a computer decoder and we knew we had found

One of the ten lost Tribes, except this was the eleventh

Apparently constant persecution had driven them

Underground, where they practiced their religion

That predated Christ, barely resembled Judaism

Called themselves "older than dirt"

Said they had been around and witnessed it all

Come, their leader said...we will show you around

An escort of soldiers and large men

Led us into a library which they said

Had the documents of the the Great Libraries

Like, Alexandria, now thought to be gone

It seemed that they knew all about man

And we knew little about them

We mentioned Satan

They said it was a myth

So who do you worship?

They pointed to a hollow cavern

They said their God had no name

No shape, no form, HE WAS THE ONE

Who would come and take them HOME

No idol worship, remarkably human

We expected demons, they said they were common

They called us demons when they thought

We did not understand

They called the world above - HELL

They said they had found the PROMISED LAND

And it was not in Israel, or Mecca, or Vatican City

It was down here, in the underground

Which they civilized to look pretty

They gave us room and board

The Jesuit father said they must be converted

In order to save their souls

The Army Major said "they all must go"

The sociologists and anthropologists

Protested fiercely...they wanted to study them

The earthly party could come to no agreement

The Atlanteans as they called themselves

Came as a delegation

Asked us kindly to leave

Or they would be forced to kill us all

Unless we all became one with them

Never to return, never to remember

We were astonished that such gentle

Knowledgeable people would resort to this

But they said we were INFIDELS

And did not deserve to live

Unless we laid down our artillery

Changed our allegiance

Converted to their religion

Never have contact with those above

Astonished, we did not know what to do

So they made a sacrifice

The Jesuit Priest offered to go

To save our human lives

This was still unsatisfactory

For the army men

So the next to be killed humanely

Was one of them

The scientists were to be spared

As they posed no real harm

And the three woman in the expedition

Were not to be harmed at all

Thus was the end of the expedition

The earth had a mystery on its hands

I am now writing this

To document my conversion

To document what happened

To those who disappeared

If you are reading this

Another expedition

Must have found my manuscript

And lived...............

Guardian of Shadows
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My Village

The village within a forest
Ever tranquilly serene
Fenced by thick gigantic trees
Standing tall reaching for the skies
Looking up as if in plea
To be away and earthbound free

Within the village
There is a seer
A medicine man
A shaman
And a chieftain
To whom all defer to
Their words are law
All yes no nay

The people live in avid fear
Of flying metals
And flickering boxes
Of water in steel tubes
Of flashing fire in glass confines
Of tall people without their skin
Their eyes blue-peeled from the skies

The village within that valley
Thrived on in harmony
With nature at its best
Hands clawing the land
For food
Drawing water with bamboo
To quench their thirst

Until a strange man came
With a crossed book on his hand
Thundering words of fire and brimstone
Brown eyes flashing fire
With words ugliness he paints
Everything the people stands for
Showering guilt on their wondering minds

Sleepy village
A church spire
Two padres
Six altar boys
Congregation of fifty five
Babies born to be baptised
The shaman has left
For places unknown.

poet Anonymous

I prefer my fantasy world
Coloured in pale pink and blue
Seas that you cannot drown in
Skies of multiple hue
We congregate
On little islands
Sleep and dream
Love and lounge
Half fish, half human
In and out of natural fountains
Falls, and waterspouts
Our skin of luminescent colours
Sometimes transparent
Or of chameleon palettes
Our eyes, like cats, orange wide
Our hair, all colours, long and wild
We eat the fruits of seaweeds
Pick the flowers of the islands
Drink from the dazzling dew
Talk in voices that mesmerize
Speak of poetry and love
Send our thoughts on wings of light
Touch, cuddle and provide delight
For we are a democracy
Of fugitives from sanity
Tired of being unequal at birth
We flee here to be accepted
In whatever we wish
To be manifested
So we can be shape-shifters
Magicians, liars, familiars
We have finally found
Freedom to be
Not judged by others
For things we never asked
So I invite all those
Who do not fit it
This fantasy land is unlimited
There is only one law here
Love each other
So we all heal.

Fire of Insight
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Dragons rise above our heads,
In their stead the sea.
Crashing down in salty waves,
Upon the sandy grains.

Mountain tops spear the clouds,
A mighty throne indeed.
A castles worth of memories,
That all take place in me.

Gates to guard, and safely keep-
The innocence we all seek.
To hide from us, the past I loved,
When I was a magical keep.

Wizards march out nobly,
To defend the green grass land.
Swaying softly to and fro,
Begging with it's touch- never, never go.

A shining land of crystal towers,
Sparkle in the sun.
Where boys and girls climb for hours,
Up the shinning powers.

This land has yet to be complete,
A growing nation for my needs.

Dungeons for the dark,
Fields for the laughter,
Magic for the mystery.
And my soul tumbling in after.

The Illusionist ofSorrow
Thought Provoker
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Potatoe Potatoe

I walk amoung the field of paper flowers,
Past houses made of colored glass,
I reminisce about the future,
And worry to much about the past,
When a fish flies by my head,
I stop to admire the veiw,
And by the lake the birds swim,
In schools of red and pink and blue,
When I awake at the crack of night,
There are many things to be done,
When daylight breaks, it becomes to dark,
For there is no fire on the sun,
I sit to stare at my watch,
As it slowly counts back from L,
I hold my wife so miserably,
Causing her to want to expel,
And when the sun reaches the sky,
We stand up against the bed,
We snuggle close to the edge,
And fluff the rocks where we lay our heads.

Magic poemz
Fire of Insight
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                   PLANET   MAGIC
This  is  the  horrible  place  in  the  world
It  only   exists  of  men…damn  life  is   so  hard
Levi   is  their   wise   king  but  so  crazy  and  wild
He  is  in  hold  of   current  cities   about  nine
Any how   things   there   lack   a  lot  in   TERABYTES
Lets   go   to  planet  magic  for  a  little    ride…

It  consists  of  lovely   married   couples
They got  the  same features, so  no  fights  at  all
But  its   so   hard  its   better   a  beast   in  the  jungle
Love  making  is  tasteless,sex  has  no  passion
No  one  cares  everyone lives   with  no  support
All   wit   the  same  features  its stinks  its  fatal
Damn…  I  hope  women  were   there  to offer  sweet   sermons!!

poet Anonymous

Nobody Wants to Die Alone

They decided to swap keys and let each other in
to try and melt some glaciers and shift some plates.
They dreamt of earthquakes; murmurs will suffice.

They painted silicon rainbows on each others horizons,
planted plastic flowers in each others gardens
then they smiled as they inhaled them every morning.
They'd rake up tears from could of been fields
and rain on each others worlds.
When wet, it almost looks real
so let it pour.

The rainbows need a new lick every few years,
the flowers never die and the rain's in abundance
causing rivers to invade flourishing, pristine oceans
and on these oceans they will sail because
nobody wants to die alone.

Dangerous Mind
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A Bat Night

In the night
five stars and three bats
Soon there will be too many
to count...
bats that is

The bats take the unwanted
from the sky
for their meals
But they also expand
their appetite

Clouds obstruct
my grand view of heaven
The breeze is nice
Wanted affection
on my skin
as I reckon this to be
my last hurrah

There was a time
In my ancient memory
of crickets serenade
the sleeping grasshoppers
who danced
themselves to exhaustion

The grass is cool
and the minor annoyance
of the train
almost chasing
away the creeping thoughts
of my reality

The effect of God's tv
has slightly numbed
the imperfections of the day
Replacing solace and peace
with an eerie acceptance

In the night
I am only me under this
universe of stars
hidden by the frenzied calm
of ravenous bats

Fire of Insight
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In this dark little world
On a familar plain
Bodies lie in ditches
Crisp from the flame

Gummiebears are evil
And rainbows can't help but bleed
And tears fall like bullets
Piercing every seed

Nothing new grows,
everything remains
A ghoulish decore
Bedecked with brains

Zombie's inhabit it
Trudging silent and slow..
I could get used to this place
And it's beastly glow..

My wonderland,
Just the way I like
I can hide away in the morning
And come out at night..

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