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Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about a stranger who really struck you at a first glance.
- one week
- new or old
- however many posts your heart desires
- keep it on the shorter side. Not too short...but make sure they're not super long. I think you know what I mean.

I want you to write about a time when you made brief eye contact with a complete stranger or maybe you just saw them walking down the street, and for some reason they really stuck out to you. Maybe there was a "zap of chemistry", or one of you did a double take, or they were just wearing really cool clothes. Just write about it


Fire of Insight
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I'm half Mexican...you know, that could have been one of my cousins!
Unless it was in the US. They aren't legally allowed in the US.
Anyway, thanks for your entry!

Dangerous Mind
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"I Saw Her in Passing"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

I was running late for an appointment
Fighting a losing battle against time
And as I turned the corner
I was mesmorized by what I was destined to find

She had a glamorous figure
And her face was so elegant
So much Beauty radiated from her
She must have been Heaven sent

And with the meeting of our eyes
We anxiously exchanged smiles
And hers was so pure
I Prayed to God she was not a child

Because they grow up so fast
So much that eyes can't see the truth
Because booties, thighs and breasts are now developed
In the prime of feminine youth

And she didn't even have the biggest booty
But it looked just so round and soft
And with every jello inspired jiggle
The control of my eyes became more lost

What's her name, what's her age, where's she frome, where's she going
Is she a virgin, is she a freak, is she Holy, is she a mother
So many thoughts raced through my mind
Because, I, at that very moment, desired to be her lover

But time was against me
That's the battle no man can win
If I could, I would climb a mountain to reach her
But the truth is I will probably never see her again

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Lay it on Me..

From the
Bare essentials..

Show me your crudentials..
without hesitation..
He stripped..


Fully equiped..
Mind soothing sip
on a hypnotic
trail of events..

My mind is spent..

Body bent..

How do you want it..
Don't play shy now.
With that.
Prism posting prowl..
Positioned in
just why does that vowel sound..
So foul..  


Lay it on me..

You must of heard
that I like to crown
the soft sounds
of being bound ....


your glory.

Naked Satirist
Fire of Insight
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you cast your eyes upon my soul    
glance that hurls homing spears    
hidden in this ocean of consciousness    
for me… only me… solely me    
tho' never did I tried moving a little    
curious, how does it feel    
come into me... oh strange lore    
the thrust so cold    
so cold..    
even mercury solidifies    
I froze to stone    
no pain but sorrow    
my heart struggles    
for warmth    
rapidly revs up    
to maximum gear    
my blood boiling    
melt... I melted    
love? No... I don't know.    
you stole the world i knew    
gone are the colorful hues    
grayscale now my only view but    
for you... only you... solely you    
colors are vibrant still    
unfair tho' i never cared before    
a new meaning to colors, you gave    
now I do... oh how alluring    
As if they've    
lost their soul    
the others    
their presence bore    
the others    
are droplets    
blending to a    
puddle of gray liquid    
and you like a    
lamenting white lily    
filament in depressing blue    
afloat graceful    
capturing my every senses    
sorrow so subtle... i feel    
how much i yearn    
to unravel your curse    
towards you i move    
nonchalant, my posture    
Goodday Milady I'm...  
ahemm... I'm Dolores    
tickle in your throat    
music to my ears    
melody so mellow    
love? No... I don't know.

Fire of Insight
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Thanks for your entries, everyone!

Fire of Insight
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That Man:

There is something about that man
He was simple and easy, and that was enough to please me
He wasn`t an angry man
He always had a perfect smile on his face

There is something about that man
His touch always seemed to sooth me
His kinds words often moved me
He was strange at times
Stranger than me to say the least
Then one day I saw him walkin` down the street

I remembered something about that man
I remember that he never came back
He had lonesome in his step as he carried that pack
Maybe he was running away or maybe he desired to be free
All I remember, though; That man inspired me.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Man Across The Room:

The expression plastered on his face was sentimental and weary
You could tell that he had been through thick and thin
He enjoyed his hot dog as much as I enjoyed looking at him  
I particularly enjoyed the position in which his legs were in  

He was old and aging by the second
I didn't get to experience his smile, so I reckon
Ill never get to see him again  
Something about him mesmerized me
Maybe it's because of the way he sat there. Silent and perfectly at ease

Now back to those legs. He had old style blue jeans on
His boots were simple, nothing too impressive.  
One leg in front, the other against the railing of the chair  
I didn't know him. Our eyes only met a few times. Sorry, Sir. Pardon my stare.

His hair was as old and grey as he was
He just sat there, quiet and dull like. He never made a sound  
He sat motionless as he enjoyed his hot dog.

Mr A
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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perfect when silent

my eyes scour her every atom
marveling at her molecular magnificence
I watch her moving
(unnecessary movements)
like bored air
squeezing in the smallest gaps

she undresses herself with ease
and dresses me in awe

she wants to tell me nothings; a routine
of how she believes it should be

I tell her words are like mortal rain and
her skin is eternal poetry

she mounts me like a loving whore
and destroys me like a bomb
I now drip down these deafened walls
and she soaks me back up for again

she's relentless in her activities;
hours compliment her flawless pigments
I'd be a fool to stop this art, but
I'm running low on guts

I'll never love her, never could
perhaps because my mother
never showed me what love was

I'll never tame perfection, or
forget how perfection tastes

I go to her often when all thoughts have sunk

I'll never remember her words
but her bones have grown, in the ridges of my skull

Prince Kris
Lost Thinker
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Coulda Been
I swear you could see her eyes,

From a million miles away

Blue pools, with no areas of gray.

Two neptunes on a beautiful face,

And her voice was a tune of serenity and grace.

Each word she spoke was a song in itself,

Provoking feelings that I've never felt.

Her hair was as red as the flame in my heart,

Of desire for our relationship to come to a start.

But fear of rejection and youth had grabbed me,

Turned me around and in the back they stabbed me.

With her by my side, I'd have no one to fear again,

It's just too bad I'll never see her again.


Thought Provoker
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Shocked picture

I was not expecting you,
But I was really missing you,
I was sitting in that balcony thinking about you,
And I saw this lady, beautiful by the way waving good bye,
It was you Mom, it was you, made my day more pleasant
Now my life is so empty, without you, not more that kid sitting
Sitting in the balcony, no more beautiful woman waving good bye, she is not expected to be seeing again. but I dream of that once in a while, I do, and then my morning is smooth, and happy. Like it was real again.

Tyrant of Words
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I was wondering around the site
reading fantastic poems and commenting
ran across some of your brilliant work
my heart was touched by loving words
all the emotion that was written before me
attemped to leave a worth while comment
the next thing I knew my inbox lit up
my heart skipped a beat when I saw your picture
the words you left me warmed my heart and soul
I wrote back to you and the friendship bloomed
you spoke as if you already knew me
felt a connection between us right off
will never forget the kindness you have shown
your presence in my life has truly blessed me
thank you my friend for touching my life
you have left more than an impression

Fire of Insight
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.:Up 'gainst the Wall after the Rain:.

India, baby!
Beginning November 1961
What was your take? Which one right?
Like who? Like…east, west,
Asia minor…major
Understated. The earth quakes
Coupled with the celestial
Have you heard what they do?
What they did?
It’s all true!
Impressions of what he did
Who was there, what was said?

India, baby!
Left an Impression
One, two, three or more takes
All of ‘em counted when the ‘trane mounted
Felt. Imprinted for all time
No sacred cows
No smallish ineffectual trinkets, No.
None of that!
No noise…just

India baby!
The beautiful
Sounds…some saying
they seemed
to be sent
crossings of
& bounds

India, baby!
An impression
Know, YOU don’t know
If you aren’t impressed how could you?
Meaning, it wasn’t for you
Though the impression
still remains
Curry up, baby
Before it’s gone
It’s still chill; it’s
still hot



Swamp Eyes
Tyrant of Words
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I couldn't see your eyes through those dark shades
How it was driving me insane!
Your body was like a marble sculpture
I imagined you were carved out by the gods
With a voice smooth as silk and sweet as honey
You had me in your hands like putty
I ways a prey caught in the eyes of the snake
Willing to die just for a little satisfaction

Pretty Normal
Twisted Dreamer
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I hate you-

I can tell from cupids
bow that breaks hearts on your lips, that I hate you.

That fine freckled cheek
your sneer, pointed at me?
Don't point it at me, point it at your girls,
oh your girls,
such silly, silly girls.

I can see from the weak,
and obscenely obsolete,
you can prey by your sweet
white Jag,
for the one,
or the two
whatever number will do.

It’s the keenness that slipped behind your eye,
when you were looking for money,
bargained your soul for a quality of life-
oh honey.

Gold watch how demure? Or how poor?
That you've cliqued yourself to materialism,
but still that self-capitalism
isn't that different from realism,
or was it sadism?

Sickening. Please try harder or just look a little farther,
I’m not the next
nor the wiser,
as you do have nice eyes sir,
and perhaps your teeth
look inviting
how very, very frightening.
With that tie
you tied me up sir,
and you've left me
rather struck sir,
but with christened morals now a blur,

it's just such a shame that you were looking at her.

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