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Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Read the title above and the dialogue below.
"I can't do this anymore. I can't stay here. This is insane. Can I ever be free? Why did I enter in this...this union? What have I done? Will no one help me? Can't anybody hear me now? My screams echo and re-echo within these walls, or is it merely in my mind...no matter... no one hears me..."

Tell your own version of the story in story poem.

Rule 1: Not more than 200 words
Rule 2: Adhere to the competition title and requirement.

Dangerous Mind
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Guilty he was found when they trialed him
Now there is much correspondence from the asylum
Innocence incarcerated, but hey, what's new
Another voice is hidden from society's view
Screams go unheard....offenses go unseen
Freedom only exists in the mind so keep it clean
Because there is only truly One Judge and He Rules all the kings
Unite With Him because He Can Carry us through anything....

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you Goodest for taking part in this competition.

Thought Provoker
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Cobwebs of Time

The silken strands of life-thread flow outwards with time's passing,
connecting, reconnecting, knotting and unbreakable tangles.
Each word uttered, every crystallized thought, slowly amassing
existence, sparking lives of unplanned directions and angles.
The Web of Life, not forged within the crucible fire of true realities,
permanently evolving with the chaotic outpourings from a billion souls,
their spinneret strands holding every outcome, innumerable eventualities.
Every tendril obeying binary logic, for every one there's always two goals

The majority of strands float away into the long-forgotten, past cul-de-sacs
untroubled by any interconnections, they exists, but only as a singularity.
The warps, the stronger tensile weaves of pure emotions and base tracts,
become emboldened, expanding with the multiple crossed wefts of interactivity.
Fictions instantly wind into solid fact, truthful legends twisted into myth.
The destructive, half-combed tows of lies, the unformed, incongruity,
attract increasing interest from unsullied tapestries, despoiling their pith
ravaging sacred, ancient belief and transcendental trust to perpetuity    

Occasionally an infinitesimally small ply of two yarns combine as one.
Separate futures strengthened by unconditional love, conjoining with respect.
Flowing forwards, including incandescent flames gifted from the sun.
Many believe they achieve, more that they lose, but only the true will connect

poet Anonymous

Cobwebs comp entry
By Mikimoondancer

Staunchly perplexed
Introspective at best
I presented my all
You invisioned the rest
Silent screams or
waking dreams
I know what it means
Then that passes
It seems
Apathetic revisions of
All that went wrong
Recalling the day's
Though they're long gone
In denial it would seem
We meant what we felt
How long will it take
Cold hearts to melt
In all the lies
Woven deceit
The spider hides
Ravenously awaiting
Luring new flies
New souls to deplete

Dangerous Mind
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Insanity pulls my heart strings.
I'm strung out..
Left without
hung out to dry...

My eyes ..

Blood shot ..
Between the rotting
of demise..

Counter wise
i'm disguised as
a golden child.

Vile it seems
a dream
as I scream
myself to sleep...

I'm in too deep..

Tyrant of Words
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Devilish, Miki and Waggy, thank you all for participating. Awesome.

Thought Provoker
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What if the face you face
Upon some inner battle place
Stands like Janus stood
And ever looks both ways

Beyond mood exchange of days and nights
Each face screams back
Yet no one hears
For anguish is a private place

One day you wish
Minervaís Owl to take to wing
The next to fight
And seek to keep degrees of hope  

Yet each stands back, unready
And there by fractured fortitude the trick is played  
Each depth of wish unsteady so
That straw plucked from Leviathans hand
Reneges to let you go

And devils there to have your dervish dance
Their pin-ball bouncing hungers burning bright
All possessed and stitched up tight
Yet there amongst all sins and worse besides
Your voice cries out

Your thoughts escape
Your walls your own
Do bounce the echoes back
To bounce and fall on wounded ground
For you were different from the rest

Your burnished shining trusting hope
Was swallowed up
And yet it lives, they canít kill that
Place faith in time, with freedom plans
Where bravery rewards its cause
Those cobwebs torn and hanging now
At the dark end of their streets

Harlequin Writes (July 2012)

Tyrant of Words
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Harlequin, thank you for your participation.

Tyrant of Words
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"...Cocooned fast
In intricate webs
Patterned prism
flashes, words murmured
eons away
Hear me hear me
I am within..."

Inviting DUP friends and family to join in the competition.

Billy Waise
Twisted Dreamer
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Well, I thought I could keep doing this
that this simply would not eat my entrails
But coldly heard screaming in my ear
"I can't do this anymore"

It seems just silly
and though you say and repeat
or even swear by the saints on the ground
I can not stay here.

I can not go, don't ask me please, no more
although there is no other place to be.

This is insane,
your hands no longer bear the heat of the desires
Can I ever be free?
your kisses chains remain attached to my skin

Why did I enter in this?
this confusion to be what you wants me to be
What have I done?
what is it that you claim so constantly?

because the ashes of of your fears are still burning
and you are afraid to leave and be turned off

My screams cast and re-echo within these walls,
I can smell the dampness stored here for years
I hear my steps resurfacing punishing the old wood floor
is it merely in my mind?
playing with me again ... no matter how
it doesn't matter now, nothing, never
...no one Hears, no one, not me ... "

poet Anonymous

Blanket Reasoning.

We sat in a fifteen foot room
like we always did

the television was blaring bad news
the uplighters highlighted
the dust on the windowsill
adorned with the garage forecourt flowers
that you'd bought in an attempt
to keep the dream alive

I held your hand awkwardly
our fingers clamped
like the very roots of our souls
craving the companionship
that was born from the earth of us

and still
after all this time
we clung to our familiarity
like a favourite blanket
softened by the thick edges of time
that whispered
'things would be alright'
to our innocent and unwavering ears

and in the blunt minutes of the calm
I prayed for the bomb to

Tyrant of Words
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Miss Sub, honoured that you are here, and Billy Thank you.

Viwe Lugongolo
Thought Provoker
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sob web

how have I made it here?
QUESTIONS are open-ended
high walls keep the sun out of my eyes
tears render me a floater in this dry well
my clothes are blood-drenched
my smile reeks of pus
in my hands are my own organs
but on my body, there are no stabwounds
my feet are bloodied bare
I'm standing on a pile of bones
There's a secret pathway behind me
that leads to a trail of footprints
How have I made it here

Tyrant of Words
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Viwe Lugongolo, thank you for your participation.

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