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Fire of Insight
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In the middle of the garden
There you find my favor fruit
Dried and burned or soaked and boiled
All you need is her flavored juice

Men lust for her stimulation,others crave her inspiration
Some spend their leisure with her by the beach
In ignorance albeit,some neglect her importance
Assassinate her character every time they preach

Before the eternal enmity history has it clear
As seen in the way the artist paint  
The knowledge of good and evil and how it came to be
Man's unholy communion with the serpent

Spark the light,take a drag
Or rather,should I say a toke
Inhale dEeply but do it right
Cos this burning lady aint no joke

My favor fruit with many names
How I miss my Mari-J
In this prison I call home
When will I ever see you again?

Tyrant of Words
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Ok, Its a piece from a poem I wrote, and them some.

Take a bite, wont you please?
Taste th sweetness with such ease
The juices roll down my chin
How can this be a sin?
My hands are sticky with the mess
This is wrong, I wont confess
Vivid color fills my eyes
The angels cry in the heaven skies
Take me away from my lovely Garden
But the taste of this forbiden fruit will linger on my tongue
For eternity to come

Tyrant of Words
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A forbidden fruit
Red as blood
Take one bite, savor the sin

Tyrant of Words
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Ok, I just want to say thank you. And good job to the other people who submitted.  :)  Im so HAPPY.

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