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Live Wonderland

Fire of Insight
United States
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Poetry Contest

I want to be able to live, breathe, taste, and feel wonderland
You've got a week..

This is an imagery competition, about one of my most favorite places in the world.. Wonderland..

Play as one of the characters, make it a place in your mind, I don't care...

But I wan't to feel it...

No rules, 'cept I don't wanna read forever..

Enjoy! ('Specially you Tim Burton lovers)

Thought Provoker
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Hey me and Paizles have been doing this forever hahahaha:)

Fire of Insight
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I now realized I spelled wonderland wrong 2 times!!>..

Thought Provoker
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Uh your face messed up and well can me and Paizles post ours?....like the full thing?...or do we have to do it all separate?...or not at all?  

Fire of Insight
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Doesn't matter... but I don't know, only one would get credit... :/ and thats not fair

Thought Provoker
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Honey...they make one long poem....its like the Odessy

Thought Provoker
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Its a huge narrative poem....

poet Anonymous

The Rabbit Hole.

My favourites were always
the stolen moments
the certain looks
that hooked you so close
to the catch in me,
the gentle lips that quenched
an ocean of thirsts
gently satisfying
our will

There were a thousand 'eat me' labels
and we consumed every one
desperate to see how far
the rabbit hole would go
clawing at the earth
and each others


I wanted to be your Wonderland
heartfelt and laced
inside the walls of our world,
lying satisfied and lucid
in post orgasmic chill

I wanted that cruel tunnel 
to have pierced holes in the chaos,
to take us to the end of
somewhere only we knew;
I wanted you to be my dream
my axis - the centre of my will
the prime attention
of my sorrowed tale

In the aced fantasia
of those soul-drilled days
in which we
so beautifully

Thought Provoker
United States
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Shes in the Bottle

With one simple taste.

Thin streams of pink,
spiraling from,
the celing.
Every clink,
of the chains,
aginst our skin,
echoing in our brains.

One simple desire.

The jump was hypnotic,
spiraling down with,
our phycotic,
Swirls of desire,
laced with passion,
smeared with splashes of adventure.

Of a complex taste.

Slivers of strawberry air,
slide across our lips,
floating and gliding,
over our forest.
Mushrooms springing,
large as beds,
as small as the scence,
of the scence of us.

One simple direction.

Clawing away at the perseption,
of logic.
Smeared words dripping down,
our throats and bodies now.
Seeping into what isnt.
Dancing down the paths,
that wind and grind along,
the techno colour Wonderland.

Taste me again...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I was sitting in the grove
then she found me
She evaded me, then jumped in a hole
under a crooked tree

She was the most..
What is the word I seek?
Amazing, Beautiful?
It was like she was from a dream

I followed down the tunnel
seeing many objects
What is your name?

I followed Alice into a clearing
The sights all around where breath taking
It looked like an unbelievable fantasy
Where are we?

The trees glowed, the leaves were vivid
Blues, violets, oranges, and reds
The world around me was vibrant
Welcome to Wonderland

She then ran into my arms
Is this a dream?
My lips were then inches from hers hers
No then she kissed me

poet Anonymous


I finally found it

The land of the Lotus-eaters

Who live on a food that comes from a kind of flower

I went about among the Lotus-Eaters

Who were very kind and gave me lotus to eat

The lotus was so delicious, I could not stop eating

It took away my cares and woes

I was totally spaced out…looking at the shore

Listening to the waves, not caring about the heat

I walked naked around this paradise full of flowers and streams

Found myself a lover, who himself was full of lotus

We did discover how pleasurable it is

To lie on the warm beach and make love

Not to care if others are watching

The outside world did not affect us

We slept, we swam, and we conjugated

We were in a trance

One day a person arrived on our Island

Looking for the person who had been me

It was my brother who looked aghast

My hair, long and uncombed – was to my waist

I was naked, covered with sand and soil

I did not talk – I sang

His mind was in turmoil – how could he bring me home

Would I ever be the same or sane?

Worst of all, was my recall…it was dim – I was not sure if he was my brother

Meanwhile I consorted with both men and women

I was totally uninhibited – the distaste was on his face

He abruptly turned around and left

Leaving me to my fate…of living out my dying days

In a state of sensual ecstasy

Not a care in the world

It is best to pass this way.

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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[left]Alice and the Cockney Caterpillar

A tiny, minuscule girl, appearing to be in distress,
wearing a pristine white pinafore over a pretty blue dress,
wanders into the sight of  bright blue bug -
a caterpillar, sucking deeply on his favourite drug,
decides it is way beyond his current capacity
separating reality from his dream serendipity.
He's heard the whispers of a young dainty maid,
thinks his luck might be in, he might just get laid.

“ello me little darlin', so, what's your name?
Is it true what I've 'erd, that you're on the game?
Ya look to me like you're all 'ot and bovered,
Ya world spinnin' a bit? Ya speech slightly slurred?

Well, come over 'ere luv and rest your little plates,
I wanna introduce ya to a few of me mates.

Na, don't look so worried, their all good fo' the dough,
The lizard's gonna love ya, you look pure as snow.”

“You horrid little blue thing, you have me mistaken,
my confused state is caused by a cake I've partaken.
I am already acquainted with your slimy young friend,
it is partly his doing that I am now at this end.
He and that rabbit had me wedged in a house,
I was ten feet tall, or somewhere thereabouts.
And what on earth is that disgusting smell?
Is it that pipe you smoke, or are 'slightly unwell'?”

“Beggin yer pardon and that, OK, I'll puff and  pass,
but darlin', don't try to make out you ain't a young brass.

This is a seriously well-rightous smoke,
Oh, go on then, ya can 'av a quick toke
What's wiv the kinky Uncle Fester get up?
Gotta 'and it to ya, that's a classy blond syrup,
and that outfit your wearing makes ya look pretty mint.

Who are ya really? You ain't just any old bint”

“Well, Sir, you will think me just a touch crazy,
this morning I knew, now it is all slightly hazy.
I have already gone through several size changes today
and somehow my name has just gone astray.
I fail to explain it but I believe you will find
emerging as a butterfly, your cocoon left behind,
you will feel quite confused and a little bit cursed.
And, Sir, as a gentleman, your name should come first”

“Why?  Who ar ya girly, stood in all ya glory?
I wants the truf now, don't come jackanory!”

“I am not quite sure I care for your attitude
I am looking for help and you are being most rude”

“All-right, all right, take that frown of ya boat
Lets try an' sort it, go on, give us a quote
'Yer Old, Faver William', I fink would be sweet,

So off ya go then girl, an' giv' us a treat”

(Alas, dear reader, though she gave it her best
Alice became confused and failed in her quest)
“Yer havin' a bubble,darlin', that's all back to front,
wotcha tryin' to pull 'ere, wiv that little stunt?”

“I believe it is something to do with my size
Being so small is something I truly despise!”

“An what's so bad about bein' f'ree inches?
Well, apart from havin' to 'ide from the finches?”

“I would prefer it if I was to be slightly taller,
not that I'm saying it is wrong to be smaller”

(The caterpillar squints, through a haze of grey smog
Inhales some oxygen, waits for his mind to unclog)
“Well, watcha know, you really are just a nipper,
an 'eres me finking yer were some kinky stripper.

By way of sayin' sorry, I'll tell yer the secret
but yer keep yer mowff shut, ya know? We NEVER met!”

(In fear of being classed as a slobbering peado,
or, at the least, being a stoned out old wierdo,
the caterpillar sadly shuffled off the mushroom of magic,
glancing back at Alice, with a look that was quite tragic)
“A word to the wise, Princess, 'av a nosh of this,
but yer betta choose wisely and please don't ya diss!
One 'arf makes you mini, the over makes ya grow,
but don't ask me which, all right, coz I really don't know”

(Alice took a nibble and shrunk down to a dot,
her chin on her feet, she was really quite squat.
Only just swallowing the alternative side -
the immediate effects of which can't be denied!
Shooting rapidly upwards, her head in the treetops,
she gave the impression there was chance of some tear-drops.
A passing pigeon collided, just adding to her torment,
the bird took one look at her and screamed out loud “SERPENT!”)

“I'm becoming so tired off this” the flustered pigeon said
“I have tried looking everywhere but still have no bed.
It's all you damn serpents, you see, stealing my eggs
I thought I'd be safe up here but, no, a neck with no legs!”

“I am really no serpent, Mrs Pigeon, just a small girl,
I have only just shot up here, my head's still a whirl”

(Fearing she was entering another odd conversation,
Alice's eyes suddenly brightened, with the realisation

She held in her hands some remaining 'shroom bite
and with some trial and error regained the right hight.
What happened to her from then on is for another tale
but with her strong determination, I'm sure she'll prevail.
The caterpillar became paranoid and gave up the puff,
went into a rehab, became a councillor strangely enough.
The pigeon made her nest and two healthy squabs she raised,
keeping watch for giant serpents, she became quite half-crazed!)[/left]

Fire of Insight
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(i don't know if I understood this, but it sounded like fun.)

Leaving a Smile

Silly little child,
Such a funny tiny girl.
Who fell through a rabbits hole.

All tumbled down, and thrown around,
Stained in greens of grass.
Little blue dress,
Beacon of innocence-
Of such a silly little girl.
She makes me laugh.

At first I watch,
Silent as the mice I eat,
As she shrinks on down,
From magic liquid bottles.
If this little child,
Knew any curses-
I'd say she'd be screaming,
A lovely string of them.

The caterpillar doesn't help,
The lazy bog he is-
Great amusement smoking his pipe.
Sometimes we share a whiff.

She spots me at last.
"Are you indeed a real cat?"
No my dear, I am the Cheshire.
This world is real,
As the bumps on you're head-
Or the smell of smoke wafting by.
It's never something you shall forget.

"Wait dear cat, tell me the way?"
The way out or in-
Rely on the journeys day.
How shall it end?
Is for  you to say.

I left with a smile,
And imprinted it there.
Diapering to the woods.
Maybe that Hatter
Has some tea to share.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Extended a week... perhaps I'll have a fuller entry list XD

The White Rabbit
Twisted Dreamer
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I don't know if this can be counted but its the first time trying out for a competition here so...i guess here it goes.

After The Jabberwocky's Death

The Vorpal sword swings swift and true,
Its age old foe it sought,
Snicker-snack went the blade,
Gushing out blood so black.

Insidious ruin, or as its called,
A mere remnant of what it was,
What it would have been if it wasn't,
And would be if it was.

And what it wasn't, because it is,
Would be ruby red so clear,
Instead of gooey black and sticky ends,
Which all of Wonderland did fear.

The blood runs thick, it spread around,
Engulfing everything in sight,
What have you done, Alice my dear?
When so mighty a beast have you striked.

She left it dead, off with its head,
Or so the story goes,
It did not say anything about the corruption it brought,
When such great danger it did pose.

It ran through the rivers, destroyed all life,
What become of the land?
Earthquakes here, volcanoes there,
On which we could hardly stand.

Everyone's mad, bonkers, insane,
In this land of wonder,
The queen had caught the Jubjub bird,
Which gives one much to ponder.

The efforts used for this monstrous creature,
Were doubled for the Bandersnatch,
Why would she go to such ridiculous lengths,
For jaws that bite and claws that catch?

Strike terror in their hearts, she did,
With jaws and claws did twice the damage,
The queen so red, ruled the land,
With an iron fist did she release her rage.

Oh Alice, go redeem yourself,
Slay the red queen as well,
With a grip so tight on Wonderland,
The things she had done, I could never tell.

With Jabberwocky gone and dead,
What’s Mockturtle left to tell?
Hatter and hare had drowned the mouse,
When most of their sanity fell.

What have you done, Alice?
What’s wrong with your head?
Those dreams of madness,
Should stay in their beds!

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