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A Non-Person

Thought Provoker
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Poetry Contest

They said it, so what are you gonna say?
Someone somewhere has treated you like a non-person. Like your thoughts and opinions don't matter. So tell me about it!
1) 2 posts per person
2) please don't comment on the poems on this thread
3) collabs are ok, but count it as one out of your 2 posts for each of you
4) please title your poem

Twisted Dreamer
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walking down the street
i see her
her beauty matched only by the grace of her step
as i let my thoughts run free for only a second
my friend taps me and days look at her
like i hadn't already
who couldn't
who wouldn't
guys looked at her with lust girls with envy
but one look i seen drew my attention
a look of kindness
a look that i won't forget
walking down the street i came to a stop
a girl at a table looked at her odd
with a little sadness
and kindness i'm her eyes
i recognized this look she knew something the rest of us didn't
the beauty walking the walk
probably able to talk the talk
had been hurt
by someone
and i hated this person instantly
so i went to say hi
and she ignored me completely
as i turned and asked why?
she lowered her glasses and said
your a guy
and walked away
her hair swishing
with the sashay of her hips
so beautiful
she made me feel bad
because one guy hurt her
and now were all shit...
to her in her world
but if only she had given me a chance
just maybe
i could have changed her mind
but she treated me like any other guy
we were all nobodies to her now

Thought Provoker
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yay for a poem! anyone else?

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- My Soul On Fire -

Part I – The Kindled Flame

The rage roars inside my very soul because of one,
One voice raised in anger, one that showed scorn…
Mocking me, hating me, with such cruel intentions!
Now I feel the ancient torments, as if newly begun,
Which I thought I banished with the coming morn…
And my heart knows all of Hell’s crafty inventions.
But I dare not let my fires show, lest I burn away,
And so I do wait, and so I bear my cross’s weight…
Voicing my torments in secret, to the angels above.
They know my name, they see my face, and smile!
I look at the stars of the night, as I mourn the day.
My spirit longs for a world without so much hate…
And to embrace all the maddest abandons of love.
I have waited so long for happiness, such a while!
Once she said she loved me, one serpent I knew,
Now I seek an angel, that love might spring anew.
When love is mine, may it remain perfect and true!
This I ask of the gods, and of the many angels too.

Part II – The Inferno Unleashed

I dare not weep, lest those who hate me see tears,
And I will not give them the satisfaction they crave.
I am liberated from the shackles of all conventions!
Yet I am bound unto passion, to escape old fears…
Though once a goddess, I was reduced to a slave.
I cannot serve any god whose love none mentions!
So I rebelled, I rebel and my heart is ever burning,
I love, I lust, I rave, and I sing aloud to every star!
My wantonness is beyond my ability to so repent,
And I feel not the shame of the penitent, for truly…
There is not sin in my longing, in my mad yearning,
For I shall be revered once again, so near and far!
Let the narrow-minded despise me and so resent,
I am the whore they fear, the harlot of red destiny.
Once I knelt before Heaven, but now I stand tall…
A woman, once a man: I, a storm not just a squall.
Alone have I wept: holding wishes to my bosom…
May I be spared the pains I knew, that I do shun!

Part III – The Perilous Passion

My white gown was stained scarlet in my blood…
And the pearls I once wore have turned so black!
I sing, and not one can hear that queen within me.
She, who wept in silence; she who felt the flood…
Who was stripped of her crown, by evil’s attack!
Once I was so blind; but one did help me, to see.
Where is my sight now when I feel so utterly lost?
If I cannot weep, who will cry for the lost queen!
Shed one tear for my heart, and one for my soul,
And one more tear for me, which I too do let fall.
I paid so dearly for my freedom, such awful cost!
Passion can be perilous when you dare to dream.
But none can grant me the peace that some stole,
Only love can release me, for I hear its’ siren call.
Once I would have run from all fate might bring…
But I am a queen; my time is coming nigh, to sing.
The old pains are past, and I can laugh at the rain,
Because I am a queen, and I need not feel shame.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- The Sharpness of My Pain -

Such anger do those who betray me fill me with, anew,
As of old, when I did rebel against the tyranny celestial!
I cannot relay the sharpness of it, nor its’ fire hot, true…
For words cannot describe Hell in ways physically real.
The love they cherish shall fade, their arrogance ended,
For they sought to hurt me for their sense of self worth!
My heart, shall yet be healed, my old scars all mended.
As those who made me suffer shall rue their very birth!
So many were the hands against me, so few in comfort.
I marvel that I did not to their own hatred, ever resort!
All I coveted is love, and yet the gods would deny this,
Whilst blessing those accursed, and allowing them bliss.
I had my time in the wilderness, tempted to embrace…
The darkness of this world, with its’ bright smiling face.
Yet I never hurt another; I let them fall by their device!
For evil turns upon itself the warmth of its’ heart as ice.

I long for such love, and yet am treated with such hate,
By those who dare to call themselves human by nature!
People who destroy others and cannot any art create…
Because their narrowest minds have yet to truly mature.
The smugness with which those who have what I desire,
Look down upon me, makes me filled with such wrath!
Love is wasted on them, because they are full with ire…
Their every deed is blight, and wicked their every craft.
A brother I once watched grow up to become a man…
He laughed whilst I wept, proving his loyalty all a sham.
I shall call him brother no more, for he is selfish, vain…
So ignorant of what is right, unwilling to hear of my pain.
A mother I once loved told me I deserved not any pity,
But where is she now, in some Heaven distantly pretty?
Relatives I grew up with, now grow from me far apart,
All because I told them I am a woman within my heart.

Why must such as they, know the tender arms of love,
As I suffer, from the slings and arrows, of their cruelty!
I must despise them eternal, before all the skies above,
For they have made themselves manifest as truly guilty.
False were they in their flattery, and cocky in manner…
But I shall yet be loved and they shall be truly damned.
The love I will know shall tatter their victorious banner,
As they fall to time, whilst I shall before Heaven stand!
The best revenge is living well, and so I am resolved…
To find the love I hunger for; I need not to be absolved.
Being myself is not a sin, and if I am a maiden and man,
Then who are they to judge me, and my soul condemn!
My mother passed on long ago, my brother is distant…
And my relatives will not speak to me in tones pleasant.
But I need not their blessing to find the love that I seek,
And I shall survive past hurts, because I am not weak!

Fire of Insight
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The Pain of Knowing

She is a selfish
Pleading soul.

So engrossed
in her own afflictions
she refuses to
consider anyone else's.

Telling others
I had no reason
To be grieving
To be depressed.
Accusing me,
Disparaging my thoughts
My feelings
My opinions.

Like a bright red seal
of disapproval
my problems were not worthy.
So slowly I sunk
into the invisible
believing her words
believing myself
to be worthless
the definition
of nothing.

And when she used
her pale white skin
as the canvas
for a cruel blade
I pleaded with her
please stop.

"You don't understand."
And so I was pushed then
from the secret circle
of self mutilation
that she
and my former companion,
who now belonged to her,

I was nothing
but a mere accessory
used only when
there was no one else
to listen to her endless
rants of her own

And so it continues,
and so my heart breaks
as I watch her not only
destroy herself,
but destroy me too.

Pretty Normal
Twisted Dreamer
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When she’d gone-

I collapsed in that look,
as she left behind,
all I could collect of what's dignified.

I'm certain for one, that in that breath,
she cremated in me anything that was left;
of compassionate terms,
and eyes that begged,
lips so surreal,
with morals mislead,
her dubious mind,
and complacent vowels,
led me to conceive
of more than I do now.

She broke off that speech in a sadistic mess,
as the breaks in my skin appear to suggest.
Those hands that congealed from pink to disgust,
showed a likeness in me that I dare not discuss:

You, girl.
Remember you discarded your faith,
in contorting her words, beginning to misplace
that conjunctive of mind, that put you above,
the pains-taker, the bride, to all your scared of.

Now, they'd splinter the skin,
but never replace,
my own significant
repute of face.

The parts of me she segmented by thirds,
that got lost in the panes, and my veins, and her words.

Fire of Insight
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What Doesn't Kill You
a collaboration by kriticool & Critical Mass

What doesn’t kill you..
You will probably most likely try again
And then…try it again, and..again try, and
Sins, they just grin. The deadliest of sins
They suck draw and…they just pull you in
Serenading; right into your consciousness
Singing to you promising everything will be fine
One time…surely that’s enough, but is it?
These things in essence
They’re an attempt to replace something
Some items lost along your way
Things that you wanted to forever stay and
Having them flourish along life’s path
You’re bursting through with ambivalence
But then comes sin’s wrath

And that’s just the half…Do the math

You know what to do…knowing how it’s played
Familiar with the bed and knowing exactly how it’s made
Those comfortable sheets where them sins; an offer to get laid
Maybe the problem is your fears…NOT being afraid
Perhaps when you’re falling off; nodding off to sleep
Those deadening sins; yes..they do creep
Doing their own thing “keeping it real”
But you should’ve known, those sins; yes they DO steal
Encircling you with “Their Bestest of Friends
Should’ve known right then…it’s all about the sins
That Deadliest One on the mic; your cool singing buddy
The roasting of you; you come out looking nutty
Playing you for keeps; not to be trusted
Leaving you corrupted; stretched out & busted
Never the hero.. the math says zero

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
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Unheard, Unspoken

I dreamed I was screaming
But no one was listening
Everything I had to say
Remained unheard
And even in these morning hours
With sunlight on my face
The memory lingers
Glistening on my cheeks

Beaten down
By my desires
My eyes slide past a reflection
In the vanity that can’t be me
There’s a Devil in the details
Demons hidden in the pale blue
Of my averted gaze
Bright with reverse-revelation

I dreamed I was screaming
In a room of laughing faces
Amid the strawberry delights
Of celebration
And I can’t speak, I can’t voice
These things that ghost me
And shackle me to myself
Collective feminine eyes
Looking straight through me
As if I wasn’t there at all

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
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Happy Endings

Wood splinters and bloody knuckles  
Obscenities that echo through this booming silence
Furrowed brows staring at a dusty floor
Welcome to the world of non-existence

I’m a ghost for your gaze to look straight through
My palms itching to slap the indifference off your face
As I pick at the scabs of my scarred and re-wounded heart
Wondering if your vacant eyes will light up at the carving of your name

Blood-letting, apocalypse warning, my neuroses turn you on
You always seem to miss the prophecies etched in my skin
As your fingers own my hair, pulling me down for dark favours
In violent kisses like fuck equals forgiveness

In the sadism of your hands I forget this is love
Bruises marking the lines of your amorous affections
My mangled heart clutching at meaningless apologies
Desperate for a “beauty and the beast” ending

The Gardener
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Lather your mouth
with soap and water,

God, if I hadn't seen the way
without a word or hand from you -

well, you could be my only end
but fate wouldn't pretend
to leave it that way.

Not after everything you didn't do.
Your china vase

on the mantelpiece.
Perfection wasn't in the manual.

You could have warned me,
expectations are everything.
I took the blame

for the day you fell apart
and mopping sick, dressing, bathing, cooking was on me.

For all I know we're only human
but I'm not your carer

and I'm not your china vase.

Fire of Insight
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.:Dimly Lit Pearl:.


blurry eyed she’s
scary eyed;
where is her guide[/size][/i]

perhaps anointed; an appointed baboon

like something else that
howls at the moon

::Cum Soon

that's the heartache she ultimately hears
each low-life screams it...dismissing her tears
she's walked the plank; walked it too many times
stood, then disrobed for too many dimes
seeing sick; she’s caught in the tide
sub-evil whoredom but never the bride

who’s fed, who’s hungry
who’s eating the world

who feeds, who starves
abuses a pearl..

when taking the time we actually find
miseducation, the evil in mind
where’s her path, her getaway from those who have lied
her wonderment’s shallow as she dries up inside

that's the thought; crashing her dreams
transient devils who tear at her seams
a head-shot collision with perfection gone dead
leaving her famished like stale rotting bread.

who’s fed, who’s hungry; who’s eating the world
who feeds, who starves…who
abuses this girl?

photo: budi hartono

poet Anonymous



you are such a bitch

you have such airs

you think your sh__ don’t stink

words that describe you are:


you think the world revolves around you

you think you DESERVE - EVERTHING - you GOT

the TRUTH is you are OVER-RATED

you were lucky to be BORN into a RICH family

connected to EVERYBODY who is IMPORTANT in this town


narcissistic/ materialistic /self-centered/ snob extravagant

massive ego/overrated/overestimated sense of self-importance.
   Prima douche
   prima drama
   primal bitch
   diva bitch
   princess snob

As the ROLLING STONES sang - YOU’RE SO VAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought Provoker
United States
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Nobody's Hurt

You used to use your hands to caress my face
But now you use them to put me in my place
It isn't my fault you had a hard day at work
You act like a jerk then decide to go beserk
A slap in the face for every hour on your shift
I treat you like a god while you treat me like shit
Slaving over a hot stove so you have a hot meal
Waiting for you and you're beating me for real
Your hand around my neck slamming me up against the fridge
Difficult to breathe while you uppercut my ribs
I'm coughing up blood trying to beg you to stop
But you tell me I got to learn next thing you know "POP!"
The sound that echoed when your fist touched my eye
You degrade me to nothing while I wish I would die
Crying seems to be a part of my daily ritual
The visional seems almost habitual
Your love for me is supposed to be unconditional
Not abuse me until the condition is critical
I'm covered in hues of black and blues
There's a gruesome story behind every bruise
Stories I wouldn't even dare to get into
But yet this chapter in my life still continues
And then you say you won't hit me again
But I don't believe you. Up until when?
When I don't return or answer your calls?
When you consume alcohol then go through withdrawl?
When I don't mention your name during sex?
When I call my cousin and you're convinced it's my ex?
Why do I allow you to hurt me this way?
My brain says go my heart says stay
I feel like residue on the bottom of your shoe
You don't even care to notice how in love I am with you

Tyrant of Words
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~~~~the chair~~~~
The despair of knowing your just a chair
no matter what always there
there for them to sit
there for them to take a shit
always there in the same spot
there you sit, there you rot
you are inanimate object
just something else for them to neglect
your just a chair, you cant feel
even when your fabric starts to peel
they tape up the rip
and continue to shit
on the chair,
that's always there


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