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I Quit!

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Write your dream resignation letter to your boss.
You've done it! You're finally free! You're leaving the place you hate!
Now - anonymously - tell your boss what you really think about your job.

Get creative, and above all don't hold back.

My only rule is that company names or names of people are not allowed. These should be anonymous thoughts.

Have fun!

poet Anonymous

If this competition was around six months ago, I'd have probably written a 2,000 word testimonial to the sheer ineptitude of my previous employer. However, now the pure hatred and ire I have for my former boss has calmed somewhat. Still, I'll try to enter something at least!

Tyrant of Words
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For 12 years I have been one of your best employees
I have taken TOO MUCH shit from you!
I've been here longer than all your new employees
I have worked my ass off trying to please, and I have yet to get a raise or promotion
I'm still on MINIMAL WAGE!
After 12 fucking years!
So today I say farewell to you sir

Twisted Dreamer
Joined 7th Nov 2009
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cutting ties

anxiety wracks this mind I inhabit  
I never know where anything goes  
everything he demands = everything I can never do  
all that is demanded of me > what I can accomplish  
in the beginning he claimed I was perfect  
that first meeting was so long ago  
now i can't even clean up my own mistakes,  
I think the boiling point was months ago  
I woke up a cold sweat  
violent thoughts  
as always  
in my head  
I can never do the things I want to do to end it  
extra line that fills in space before the twist  
I se/ver my tie  
striped velvet, flashing by  
Passively Agressive  
drop it in the water cooler  
no pink slip for me..

poet Anonymous


I regret to inform you

I submit my resignation

My work will never be praised

My contribution is discounted

You hesitate to fire me

My record is without blemish

If I do a thousand things

For the benefit of the company

It will be insufficient

If I make one mistake

It becomes my legacy

Despite my credentials

I am forever in the margins

Never invited to private parties

The token outsider

To show to the Ministry of Diversity

That your firm hires “people like me”

Lunch is always alone

Never invited with the crowd

How many times do I stifle myself

For “those people are rather loud”

The tipping point came

Right after my work appraisal

Personnel writes that I am very competent

Yet denies my request for a raise

Next day, I have a new supervisor

Young, well bred, never worked a day

Went to all the right schools and universities

Got his MBA, while I have worked for ten years

My experience, my degrees, my presence here

All count for nothing, and this is the way

The road ahead looks for me

A dead-end job with no prospect

Of either advancement or more money.

Dangerous Mind
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Remember the year 1992..
You said it was you.
That made that 100g's..
Bitch please!

It was me that got down on my knees.
Fed their disease
and swallowed nasty things!

I stepped into those 7inch stilettos
Did what only bo dont know
and got worked like the average
every day husslin hoe!

And just so you know
you owe me big time.
after today you will need to find
another bad bitch..

Train her just right
to work through the night
and pretend that your dick
fits her just right!

This is my formal fuck you..
If you need it in english
then how about this?


lol.. that felt really good... thank you miss sub!

Fire of Insight
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the pay's too low
you're a douschebag
you treat us like filthy rags
the conditions are bad
there's cameras in the bathroom
I'm suing your sorry ass
I've bought you coffee
I've payed for your gas
go die in a ditch
and don't call me a snitch
for telling on you
when what I said was true
you make me hate life
and you stack paper upon paper
on my desk
before you go home
to get some rest
I've stayed till midnight
nearly losing my sight
staring at that computer screen
with better things to do
always on my mind
so now I'm leaving
to fulfill my dreams
you won't stop me
nor will the work team
in the end they'll leave
and put you out of business

Thought Provoker
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Exodus From A Dead End Job

Take your spatula and flip your own damn burgers
All them hours on my feet felt like bloody murder
Take your brooms and your mops clean your own damn floors
Open and close your own damn stores
I don't work for you anymore
You can cook your own damn fries
Bake your own damn apple pies
Run to the back and get your own damn supplies
No more bags left under my eyes
No more feeling like I'm trapped in a cage
Fuck you, the staff, and your minimum wage
I wasn't your employee I was more like a slave
Tried to overwork me to an early grave
Fetch your own damn softdrinks serve your own customers
I wasn't staying long I'm a certified hustler
Grow up to be like you? Have you lost your mind?
Take your tight ass, grease stained, sweat drenched uniform

P.S. I'll be back to collect my final paycheck
Better yet I don't want it. Why break my neck?
Take it and buy someone else to disrespect

Dangerous Mind
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My only hope
is that when they put you in the ground
like they're burying roadkill
somebody has the common courtesy
to spit on your ass first
because when you’re getting reamed by the Devil later on
you’ll be grateful for the lubricant

See? I’m not bitter
I wish you the best situation
you can possibly have
given the way you run the warehouse
like you’re already in bed with the spiky red guy
and a little lube
goes a long way

And oh by the way
I took a box of duct tape
and your niece’s cherry
and I’d have gone after your daughter’s
if you could ever get a woman to let you inside of her
long enough to make one
which I assume wouldn’t take long
given your short fuse with us

Call them my severance package
and be glad I didn’t sever your package too
the Devil would be so disappointed

poet Anonymous

Excellent entries so far! Keep 'em coming :)

Thought Provoker
Puerto Rico 5awards
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im working on it.

Viwe Lugongolo
Thought Provoker
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I don't care how it happens,I would just want it to be a surprise

Viwe Lugongolo
Thought Provoker
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Viwe Lugongolo
Thought Provoker
South Africa 1awards
Joined 24th Nov 2010
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I quit

I'm done with the long hours
The coffee is bitter,strong and sour
You like playing the god of war
I have some suggestions about what you can do with this job of yours

Every morning you keep barking orders
Expecting everyone to jump
Outside the office you're a chump
You'll get buried alive like a hoarder

This is something I've held back on saying
In case you wouldn't be intent on paying

This bridge I've been dying to burn
My fist on your chin will be my one month's notice  

Thought Provoker
Puerto Rico 5awards
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[left]Submerged on the depression of shortness of money,
I said, see you later my Son, Forgot my title on my wall, destination Nj.
No vacancy at all, poor less atmosphere, my brain anesthetized,
More than reasoning it, was crazy, to make my son life better,
Against evil and hatters, Me an MD, in a manufacturing store,
In the middle of fluctuating economy, dragging my country.[/left]

Every day crying alone,
hiding myself treated like a slut,
on my own.

Peruvian my Boss,
High school diploma in his packet, felt like god,
He was my Boss oh, my god,
Humiliated, discriminated in front
Of my co-worker, they knew
He was such a provoker, it was always now,
Not later.

Everyday went to work without missing a day,
At the end he never cares, anyway,
Made me do things, threating me
With my jobs, I think he was jelouse becasus
I was a Doc.

Kept folding clothes,
While the exit door was getting close,
So here how I quit my job;

[left]Dear Boss, after all this years I never thought,
Some body insignificant like you would get my Hulk come out,
Not face-to face I want, you don’t deserve it, insecurity, In your head,
Full of doubt. Never planned to take your position, if that was your perception,
I know you don’t understand nothing, called aphaxia, or hallucination.
Im writing this because I don’t want a counteroffer,
Every day there’s was not joy but yes I suffered.[/left]

[left]Im walking out today, with notice,
The door will hit my back on my way out, I hope it,
Keep in mind that you are not better than me, or me
Better than you never I believed, indeed.

I am leaving you, with your superiorities ideas,
Who do you think you are, or better still, who were you,
Take all this into and analyzes it, like the ray that goes into
Your fovea. Never like the way you talked to me or my co-worker,
You miserable, and hopeless sucker.  I’m leaving this place, because I know
That I can find a place, where there’s people like, not like you, and will treat
Me with respect.

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