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Mother Love.........Mother Hate

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write about your love or hate relationship with  your mother
I've read some very good poems about the love/ hate relationship of parents and kids. It seen therapeutic,it was for me.
It made me think about a competition that focus in on dear old Mom.
Put her on a pedestal or send her to hell, your choice.
-only two
- one poem per poet
- be real


Fire of Insight
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Mommy dearest,
I love you so-
Mother hold me close.
Always watch me
As I grow-
Forever eyes have seen.
Never leave me-
Never go.
Oh, how you've spoiled me so.
But mommy dearest,
You hold me here,
And this my ears do hear.
A bump, thump-
Proud and strong.
That heart it loves,
So unconditonaly,
No matter what is wrong with me.
So mommy, mother-
Let me hold you...
And show your ears,
The heart you've raised.
I hope its just as strong,
As proud-
To be raised by you.

Fire of Insight
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And into the world stared these gleaming blue

Which she saw past its dimension and only

This beauty she portrayed everyone had

but disguised sadness she made it

The greatest flaw that had filled her

Perfection only the beginning, just the

With Black stringy long hair hit right beneath her

Glass mirror she had feared she now turned to

The pale white skin was now deep within her

An enemy she had seen, with this girl had no

Tears streamed down and began to hit the

Matched the blood that seeped now combining to

Cutting she thought was her only

From the horrid memory of her Elusive

The outer canvas had just been a

Deep happiness was all but a

(This is an old poem.. Is it still acceptable?)

Strange Creature
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I think I'm her favorite
I'm pretty sure


when she would slap me
she would


Mad Girl
Thought Provoker
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Bad Daughter and Mommy Dearest

Mommy Dearest has a heart full of gold.
Mommy Dearest's words are never cold.
Never mean, always kind.
A loving parent all of the time.
Mommy Dearest loves her daughter.
Mommy Dearest has always played the parts
of mother and father.
She rules over her child life.
And is one of the leading reasons,
her daughter carried a knife.
Mommy Dearest is speaking again.
Better stop speaking, better listen.
Stop talking.
Stop singing.
Stop acting silly.
Stop being a kid.
Don't talk about the cat.
You're acting immature.
Act your age.
And you want me to trust you with money?
Cruel words cut a broken daughter's heart.
"I'm sorry Mom, I'll try to be better"
Her daughter cries.
Her daughter pleads.
Her daugther is begging.
"Someone, anyone-- Please, please save me!"
Mommy Dearest is back again.
Mommy Dearest is not playing friend.
She gives the cold shoulder, the room fills with ice.
She is not giving her daughter a chance,
and not thinking about it once-- Let alone twice.
Mommy Dearest loves her daughter, can't that be seen.
Mommy Dearest yells at her daugther, but she isn't being mean.
"It's okay, she's just being a jerk-- Everything will be alright."
Says the price to the heroine over the phone,
the evil queen is watching but she never felt so alone.
"Stop talking about me, it's no one's business"
Her mother snarls like a beast.
Her daugther sinks back, sensing her own defeat.
"Why don't you just leave?"
She yells at her mother.
But Mommy Dearest smiles, because she has the power.
"Why don't you?" she says to her daughter.
"Fine I will, but I won't come back!" she yells.
"You jerk!"
"Shut up!"
Vision goes red and she drops the phone,
and gets up annoyed by everything about Mommy Dearest now.
Mommy Dearest's heart isn't made of gold.
Her daughter sees through her, her heart is quite cold.
Grab hair, chunk full.
And hear it rip.
Bad daughter, hitting her mother once again.
Bad daughter, this fight she will win.
Bad daughter, makes her cry in fear.
Bad daughter, loves how good hurting her feels.
Picks up the phone again.
"What happen?!"
"Nothing. I'm fine."
"What did you do?"
"Nothing. . . I hit her."
Mommy Dearest
Mommy Dearest
Just got put back in her place.
Mommy Dearest,
Mommy Dearest,
her daughter's hatred will not erase.
Do not egg her on.
She is not going to have mercy.
She is trying to stop herself from harming herself.
Now you're pushing her to the limit again.
She's withdrawling herself from self-harm.
But one of the reasons she started.
Was because she didn't want to be a monster.
The daughter that hits her own mother.
Bad daughter and Mommy Dearest glare at each other,
returning to their seperate sides of the ring.
Bad daughter and Mommy Dearest love each other
no matter what, even after everything.

Fire of Insight
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Shinsoku beautiful piece on love
Kristany Danel very acceptable and heart felt
kenjashi simple yet very powerful
Paige Rider that was real and open... Thank you all for your offerings

Twisted Dreamer
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My mother
Thats just a name.
Just something to call her.
What she does is why I question.

She puts on an outward apperance
That she has perfected
To fool all the world
From MY perspective...

Sometimes, very rarely,
She is true and is sweet.
She can fight for whats right,
And not JUST what she wants...

Ha, I say.
This is just me
Wasting away.

From the agruments
To the battles
That we have everyday.
I am drained...

This person, if that,
Or a "woman" instead,
I think is not primed to claim either to her head.

She thinks she's above everything.
Not just new, but old too.
She doesnt see ANYTHING.
But her own fucking view.

She yells and screams
At the top of her lungs.
Then threatens me with her tounges.

The reason I say tounges, plural
Is because she has so many faces
In different places.

This monster that I can only call "mom"
Is weaving a song.
That few can see through,
I only hope that you can.

She's been called by my partner,
An evil assasin.

We came up with a story,
So scarily surreal,
I just cant push past it.
Thats the way I feel.

The story, you wonder,
Just what it is.

Well, I'll tell you.

This evil assasin comes along the road one day.
Tricks everyone as to not expose her real self, until I am writing this today.
She decides to kill off every child thats born,
Since she cant have her own, she'll take a new-born.
That new-born was me, her "son" as they say.
Those adoption papers that were signed on that very fatefull day..
She raised me, I dont disagree,
But really. What WILL save me?

I'm wondering,
Could this be true?
Maybe not in one way, the killing,
But in two.

I just have to last till the day that I leave.
I just wish it would hurry up,
Yes and Please!

Her taking away the surgery I need,
Or threatening of it, to get her way,
Is just...
What shall I say?
Downright cruel,
To take that away from me.
That could save my life, and let me live.

Without that, I WILL die, for If I dont from other ways,
I'll do it myself.

This is my mother,
The one that is Hate.
I can only hope.
That my fate...

Will continue on for a while.
I cant wait to get out of the house.
It is vile...

So look past the picture and the things that she paints.
And take a deep moment to see the hate...

Dangerous Mind
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Mother Dearest
It is said, that when the student is ready
the teacher does appear...

And so you did in the winter of my 6th year
when the judge smacked the gavel at half past 2
so began my journey ..into learning
how to survive

With your sick demented tricks
you were so quick to make my skin
Brazing my skin with leather belts
wooden boards and all types of shit

trying to make me believe that I deserved
to be whipped because YOU drank too much
and couldnt handle it  
You were just a thief ...or a bandit
escaping off with my youth red handed
As my heart filled with smoke
cause you burned down the framework
of my soul...
you molested me when I was 8 years old!

You were a sick twisted bitch...evidently
Parading around like a pillar of society
You were a Schoolteacher and everyone
looked up to you,but behind closed doors
noone knew the freaky shit you'd do

You were a wolf in sheeps clothing
a demon in the flesh
You were a spiritual defiler
You were my greatest test

You called yourself my mother
but I knew you as a monster
you might as well a been hiding
under my bed or in my closet

and do you remember that day in the summer
when we suffered in the sweltering heat
and you got drunk that day
and burned my skin like I was ground beef
heinous were your crimes
and great were your atroscities
as you tried to  make people believe
that you loved me..and I was the reason
You had to breathe...

You were my "Mommy Dearest"
you were the greatest challenge I ever had
You are the reason that my life
has taken strange and brand new paths
and now you've past away
and Im not sorry that youre gone
I know you thought you'd break me lady
But look ....
see you were wrong!
I rose above your beatings and bleedings
and pain
I rose above the mental anquish
that almost drove me insane
I rose above your hateful words
that once bound me
I graduated from your school of hard knocks
With a Motherfuckin PHD!
Now I know you're
somewhere in hell
Wondering where it is that you went wrong
But its obvious to me..you thought I was weak
When In truth I was strong.

You didnt expect me to dig in deep
but then again ...maybe you did
Its just a damn shame you had to go insane
and do all that shit to me as a kid
But its okay ...cause Im a grown ass woman now
I overcame and I'll never be the same
As I grace the world with my poise and style

You taught me some tough life lessons
But Im so glad I learned
Now I hope you are in hell
getting your OWN flesh burned

Fire of Insight
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I'm feeling you both here, for real
hope to get more entries

Lost Thinker
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When I read your post, I first read:  put her on a pedestal and send her to hell...instead of put her on a pedestal or send her to hell...and it worked for me.

Fire of Insight
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lynan39 said:When I read your post, I first read:  put her on a pedestal and send her to hell...instead of put her on a pedestal or send her to hell...and it worked for me.
Good, then do what you do, rock it.

Thought Provoker
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Feeling For Her

Day one
Since I was a young one
She was the only female by my side son
Mommy weighed me down with affection
So much son that it weighed a ton son
So wise
Enlightened these eyes
Saw to it that I kept my eyes on the prize
Thought it was criticism now I realize
She was looking out for me keeping me alive
Top class
Love her in a hot flash
I respect her opinions and not cash
Even though tempers flared like a hot rash
She was worthy of my world because she's not trash
So strong
In my life so long
I thank the good Lord that she wasn't so gone
When she made me mad I put a show on
Then I tell myself hold on

I've been feeling for her like my flowers feel sunrays
I've been feeling for her even when we'd fight somedays
I've been feeling for her with the love that never strays
I've been feeling for her for a while I hope she stay

poet Anonymous


I remember waking.

Fifth year snapshots.

Leather shoes with straps, and leotards.

Stephanotis garlands in velcro hair.

And I asked her, "Will you finally be happy when he kills me?"

Analyzed 31 strides the answer has come
in looks and silence
in barbs and fever
in passive obstruction
and rind.

poet Anonymous

Here is mine..

My mother, not worthy of the title
A drug abusing whore, vicious and spiteful
You became what you swore you'd never be

A child abuser, a drug user.
Childish, overgrown heathen whore
The taste of thick meat you do adore
You're nothing but filth, disgrace of my past

I'd rather be a Dahmer meat special
Than endure your phony smiles
Years upon years before
Here we now stand

Your "son", all grown up, sicker than you'll ever be
for a gain from a corpse for what you could not give
Compassion, and a warming embrace
Mother, you are filth. Not worthy of the title

You're nothing but the carrier, for the bastard son of necropolis.
Now I stand, over your grave,
Time to gain the compassion you never gave
I dig you up, and drag your carcass
Into my vehicle, we travel to the former home

Now here we lay, together.
With my old bed time stories book you never read to me.
Mutter.. you're not worthy of the title.
Now I tuck you in, your new resting place

The bed beside mine, your decaying flesh comforts my night terrors.
Mother.. mutter.. mother, you're not worthy of the title.

Pretty Normal
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Mother's Unconscious Dancing

So elegant- please dance
you'll talk in time.
Who needs to hear that pretty mind?
Your pretty face lays enough
Don't beg?
Who'd care to hear a word
you've said.
In time one will trace that pretty brow
and all to him you shall endow.

Do make me proud my darling
do make that cheek flush,
do dance for him darling
your dancing he will love.

Those ever-pretty toes that lick the marble stage,
Come no where even close to the damage you could say.

He will not love your tongue,
till you bid him goodnight.
Ferry little knowledge, neither
will he love your might.

Calm those pretty fists to the christian sanctity,
Oh please my sweet darling
to forget
like me.

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