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The Hidden Fire

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write about the hidden fire you have(it could be anything your passionate about)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Hidden Fire

My soul burns.
It scortches my insides...
It is in my constant attention.

I take care of it, keeping it there,
So as to let me fly.

Tell me I'm a freak?!
Tell me I'm a sin.
Tell me I'm unnatural,
Thats where I'll begin...

That little flame, in my soul,
Rages up once we start.
We soar together,
Never apart.

You make fun of me, and who and what I am,
Well, you better be ready for it, man.

I am who I am,
I do what I do,
I say what I say,
Not what you tell me to.

My hidden fire,
My flame came alive,
My inferno is steady,
And its still growing right inside...


Fire of Insight
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(I want to point out, this isn't the best of my work... But I thought I needed to post it..sooo.. yeah)

I am the fire...
I am your scorn..
Between friend or foe
I am torn..

I like to live..
But I'd love to die..
So stop asking me questions
For I hate to see you cry..

Life is bearable..
Simple enough..
But death is desirable
Though a little rough..

So I am passionate
About living and the way I wan't to die
I won't go out with regrets
And it will come by surprise..

Thought Provoker
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I loved her
I really did,
But she betrayed me.
And because she betrayed me,
She has to pay!

I went to her house that dark, dark night
The one night that even the demons from the hell wouldn’t come to earth
It’s the one night that neither the almighty god
Nor the almighty devil can or will touch me
For my fury burns all around me

I went to her house while she was playing with her new boy toy
I slipped into the back yard
And in through the back window with ease
She nor her boy saw or heard me coming for them

Within seconds they are unconscious
I drag their limp bodies down the stairs
Thump, thump, thump
Their heads bounce off the stairs
I tie their hands to the poles in the ceiling
I tie them so that they face each other

I get my knife, set it on the table
I throw ice water onto their bodies
As soon as she sees me her face morphs into inhuman hatred
I look her in the eyes and tell her "watch"
"You should enjoy this"
I grab the knife and throw it at her boy

He screams a scream that the Banshee's would be scared of
I rip the knife down
Nearly ripping his arm off in the process
Blood gushes out and covers my hand and the floor
She looks disgusted, I’m happy, but still hungry for revenge
I cut his bonds
He is still screaming
He looks at me and freezes, and says "w-what are you?"
I say your worst nightmare
I jump on top of him and punch him 1, 2, 3, 10 times in rapid succession
I disembowel his other arm
Rip his legs free from his body
Then I rip out his heart and put it in Her mouth
I cut her down and push her to her knees
I cut off her head, and watch her dead body spasm
I lay down in the red pool of death that I created
I fall into endless dreams of sweet bloody bliss

This is my hidden fire
My hidden fire that thirsts for revenge

Thought Provoker
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Poet's Passion

The fire within me is a raging inferno
Never to be put out its light is eternal
Raging, flaming, life has struck the match
I have a burning itch I can't help but to scratch
The flames will sparkle in the reflection of your eyes
Reached my boiling point watch my temperature rise
I'll guarantee you its really quite a sight
I'm equivalent to 212 degrees farenheit
My soul is burning my heart's a blaze
Spreading like wildfire the ultimate craze
The aura around me is surrounded by cinders
A warpath created by the wrath of my embers
My mind's a volcano slowly it's erupting
Steaming mad extinguish me or something
That's right you can't I really love to write
An explosion of words I'm ready to ignite

Fire of Insight
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Oh how I love them!
Their bodies are made-
So different each way.
Ever expressing we make,
And every heart that breaks-
For every movement they make,
A mind exists behind.
There's a ticking in there,
Even the emptiest of hearts or minds.
Oh how I love people!
I could watch them move all day,
Every move they make.
With action, reaction, and cause, effect.
A true wonder of the mind.
Of life and the souls she bears.

Twisted Dreamer
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She writes the unknown.

Locked away in a convent,
her curling smoke irises
whispered blasphemies.

A phoenix lay restless between
her tongue and teeth, burning
burning burning - her alive.

A fire in her blood-soaring
through labyrinth veins
seeking an escape.

Guardian of Shadows
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Hidden desire

To live love and lost
Seems to be my lot
In this life and lives before

A lore in a life
That’s just a core
To wait for time
When curtains fall

Just one desire I have
That I pray some day
Before my eyes they close
And my soul wanders
Towards the gate to Maya

This wish is to hold
A lover dear
To the end be loved
And be ever desired
No goodbyes
And sad farewells

No waving at leaving planes
Or smiling teary eyed
At a departing face
Too much to ask
Or am I cursed
Of loving and not loved well
In return.

Dangerous Mind
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burning inside consumed by the flames
ashes fall to the floor missing the tray & thats a shame
mary was her name & i thought can i bust
she said it takes 30 days to get over her lust
in the old school we used to keep her endo
& making Love in the car is so steamy i cant see out the window
she took my Love to cloud 69 each & every time
decended from the african kingdom of kush thats her bloodline
her Love was so addictive my condition was chronic
29 & a dime in college she studied hydropunics
when i 1st met she had 3 nickels & a quarter in her pocket while pulling weeds out the garden
i asked for a mere ounce of her Love & she said i beg your parden
i said girl im sorry but i suffer from a lack of thc
she said whats that & i said the horizontal connection between you & me
she turned green with envy & in her eyes i saw much desire
then she asked me what i do & i said i burn trees boo...i make forest fires....;)

D. Jordan
Fire of Insight
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Swamp Eyes
Tyrant of Words
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Lover's Flame

The sight of his handsome face sent a chill and butterflies through my insides
Oh, how I craved to taste those thick sad lips
To feel his warmth running its course through me
His eyes, I tell you..
Could bring anyone to tears with the story the told
I felt he was the only one I could really connect to..
Knowing the story behind those eyes is what sold me
So much pain inside, and he was still alive
His fire consumed me
My heart,
And his heart..
Both became one
This was a feeling that neede no words
It was physics
He was my gravitational pull
And I couldn't leave him
Not now
Not never
He would be the death of me

Dangerous Mind
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Graphite Kiss

The sensation  
Trailing graphite on the page
Words in basic
Woven through emotion
A capture of feeling
No tapping on keys
(Until we both want for exhibition)
A more intimate
and personal
The sound of the tip grinding
As it drags across the page
Gracefully dancing and sighing in time with its artist
The sweet friction of contact
And the grace that is left behind
Each subtle little effort
Making letters
Forming words
The mouth as it follows closely
Their construction on the tip of its tongue
A taste test
Adding salt or sugar where necessary
A tactile emotional response
Savouring the flavour
As time allows
When not fingering the keyboard
In strokes of maddened passion
Lips do follow closely
Like a deep-tongue frolicking kiss
Paper smooth and fair as a lover's thighs
The folds crease where pages meet
A prize toward which the words are striving
Until the length of the next line
Comes close enough to touch
And I am not known for short and shallow poems

Swamp Eyes
Tyrant of Words
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Deep fire within
Light my heart like the sun
My burning passion for you

To tell you, love IS true
You don't have to be sad anymore
I'm here and I wont leave
Not like the others
I promise to stand by you in everything you do

My passion is a flame ignited by your words
Words of pain pulling me closer
Words of lost love reeling me in
I wont lose you
I can't handle that

This flame burns brighter when you're happy
You are my sun
To keep me warm
To give me light

I hope, that one day
You'll feel the same

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