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Kindness or Cruelty?

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Kindness and cruelty poems
Write about a time where you were either really kind, or really cruel to another person for any reason(and you knew it the whole time you were acting this way) No real rules, can be any amount of lines, any number of submissions, new or old!

Will pick a winner and runner up in one month! Good luck!

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
Australia 36awards
Joined 3rd Sep 2011
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gotta say, cool challenge, not sure if I accept yet...

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 7awards
Joined 6th Feb 2012
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I lost your trust,
I stole another’s heart.
I ignored your needs,
I took just what I desired.
I told him lies,
I gave him hopes.
I never intended to live them out,
I ran my chances tired.
I fought with you,
I ran to him.
I got bored of his voice,
I came back to you.
I knew you didn’t know,
I kept my secrets.
I kept them well,
I will get the hurt back one day it’s true.
But I can’t resist.

Dangerous Mind
United States 14awards
Joined 22nd Aug 2011
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there have been a couple of times
when they thought they could disrespect my mind
however they were unaware that they would find
their hurt feelings in my lines
brutality of the severest kind
causing me to be censored by their whines
i guess they didnt see the warning signs
that jason vorhees sometimes lurks in my rhymes
& word on the street is a couple cried at times
annihilated by the grind
of the words as my pen chimes
they wanted to be victims so i made them mine
then they start to cry like my pen committed crimes
they tried to step up but i knocked their asses behind
they didnt consider the consequence of disrespecting goodest or the Divine....lol

Fire of Insight
United States 17awards
Joined 14th Feb 2012
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I know I spat in your face
I know I ripped out your heart..
But dear there is reason
For my words being sharp

I might as well
Have said I hated you
But I know I was wrong
I couldn't live without you

I know I threaten my life
On a daily basis
But I only wish for peace
And a serene oasis

I didn't mean to turn away
I didn't mean to say fuck off..
It's just.. I hadn't slept in three days
And the coffee wasn't paying off

So here I say i'm sorry
For breaking you inside
I promise that with my tears
I will try harder to hide

Thought Provoker
United States 1awards
Joined 24th Apr 2011
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I'd Rather...

I'd rather see her tears falling hard
Then her Mona Lisa face painted on
I'd rather her stare me in the face
Then her count to three and run away

I'd rather stay curled in her arms
Then be shoved far away
I'd rather run with her
Then from her

I'd rather grip her hand
Then slamming my head into the bathroom wall
I'd rather have her hold my hair when I'm sick
Then hurling from the pain she left me

I'd rather shower her in bottles of orange juice and her favorite pop tarts
Then her throwing these harsh words into my face..
I'd rather give her the Moon
Then be left crying in the darkness under this tree

I'd rather her stay with me
I'll take all the pain she gives me
For in the end I know
My Krissy will always love me

I've given her all the chances
That shouldn't exist
But I'll always be as nice
As I possibly can...

She deserves someone
To live only for her..

Thought Provoker
New Zealand 6awards
Joined 23rd May 2010
Forum Posts: 311

All in secret

I found myself, cutting at wire
Beneath the strings I could re-tie
Asleep in arms
Of fallen bliss
Your trusting charm
I would dismiss
To awake enslaved
In a blur guilt
I lied my way
Back to where you stood
Never said a word
Or gave a hint
Yet you did the same
All in secret...

Lost Thinker
Joined 6th Mar 2012
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"The Mind Of A Feverish Wolf"

Something is ticking back into the wood.
Billowing out from behind a mask.
Ivory chocolate laced over my face.
The words scrolling like the atmosphere.

I see you, the way your head cocks to the side as it always does--Like a curious birthed bird.

Wouldn't doubt the fact you hear me.
How you couldn't look in the woodworks to see pinholes.
That filthy pig O' mine,
like the posion penetrating my very--Raw, raunchy word here.

Intergrating loose hips against the saddle.
I ride you all the way down the rabbit hole just to watch.
A slender smile creeping over my features behind my hair.
To know that you linger,
makes me want to hunt and prey some more.

But--Alas poor fallen pretty birdy,
the feathers ruffled in my oil and intentions;
you see me sitting there silently across the way.

That grin I seem to no longer hide from your confusion.
When I stomp my boot on your fragile, crack riddled, chest and snicker;
taking one last thing from your boiling body.


But, remember, darling, dear bird, I'm a liar;
how can you believe any word I'm saying?

Can you tell if I am telling such pure truths from my heart,
or lying out of the darkest parts of my blown brain?

You can't.
Let's keep it that way.

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom 32awards
Joined 10th Oct 2009
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You were always kind to me

You were always kind to me
Hellos and goodbyes
As everyone could clearly see
Shone in your eyes
Hugs and pleasantries
Never a hated word
As welcoming as a breeze
Cruelty was absurd

You were always kind to me
All smiles and sweetness
Politeness played key
Good in its completeness
Happy and bright
Indulging my 'madness'
Purer than white
Always showing gladness

For you were always kind to me
Like when you stole my heart
Then told me to kindly live free
After you had torn me apart.
Why did you ever have to be kind to me?
It made my days dark and empty for a while
All that kindness turned into something vile
With kindness you kill, as you can see.

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
Australia 36awards
Joined 3rd Sep 2011
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Psychological Mind Fuck

Let me be
Your psychological mind fuck
Let me inside
Your head to pull at the threads
Of sanity
Entwined with pretty words
And double-edged meanings

'Cause there is nothing
Like a really good mind game
Set out like a 3D chess board
With 192 play pieces
A tangled tug-o’-war
Where you think  
Maybe you can out-mind-fuck me

And I've never played
A game I couldn't win
With a smirk upon my face
While someone is whispering
"Bitch" under their breath
Like we're sixth graders
Sneezing insults to each other

‘Cause it all comes down to
Who’s a better liar
Shh… don’t say a word
Listen with your eyes
While you lie with the truth
Everything hidden behind
A genuinely fear-filled gaze

And it’s better when you’re drunk
Better when you cry
Better when they think
You’ll do every menial task
They can possibly conceive of
Just to please them
And fuck their egos tenderly

So tell me all your secrets
I won’t say a word
I’ll lay my soul bare
With a tremor in my voice
‘Cause secrets are only dangerous
They’re not meant to be told

Come on, let me be
Your psychological mind fuck
Let me inside
Your head to pull at the threads
Of sanity
Entwined with pretty words
And double-edged meanings

With a double-edged sword
To stab you in the back with
When you least expect it
With a courtesy smile for good measure
Just to let you know
I enjoyed ever second
It took to fuck you over  

There’s a reason
You shouldn’t trust an innocent face
Or think that you’ve got the upper hand
Over someone that’s only kissing your ass
For the thrill of it
There’s a reason
They say the quiet ones
Are the ones to look out for

So look into my eyes
And ask yourself
Can you do it?
I’ll even tempt you
With an innocent smile

Dangerous Mind
United States 20awards
Joined 22nd Aug 2010
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For (and because of) Danielle

I am not perfect,
if tonight speaks truth.
I saw them leave the bar,
four of those cocky bastards.
Pulling their leather jackets tight,
cursing loudly at the cold.
I followed them a block away
watching as they peeled off one by one
'til there was only him left...
The man who ruined my life,
the coward that never knew my face—
well he'll find it tonight
engrained in his memory,
and if I'm lucky
he'll find my knuckles
traced on his face.
I rushed up an alley to cut him off.

Adrenaline washing my elated mind
and heightening my frozen senses,
impervious to the cold
and all I could hear was
"I'm sorry, there's someone else, I'm sorry"
over and over.
As he reached my alley lair,
I stepped out front of him with a savage "Hello."
"Shit—" THUD
was all that escaped his head
as my right knuckles broke his nose.
He staggered back, adding blood
to the salty slush beneath, still on his feet
which (THUD) a left hook to the eye
and (THUD) a knee to the balls
took care of.
I wasn't in the business of keeping shots clean,
I was in the business of causing him pain.
A heel to the gut, that thick thud
and a rush of exhaled air
and I crouched down in front of him.
Pulled his head level with mine,
feral-growled "Now you can have her,"
and threw his head back into the slush.

I am not perfect,
as I found out when I
staggered off smiling.

Fire of Insight
Joined 1st Nov 2011
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Twisted Dreamer
United States 3awards
Joined 29th Apr 2012
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I thought it to be fair
For me to make you hurt.
After all you'd put ME through
I'd make you feel my worst.

I beat you till my knuckles bled
You were passed out cold.
I thought that you were dead.

You never spoke a word to me
I thought it only fair.
Words were not yet needed
In this hateful love affair.

You pummeled on me
Black and blue
Till your muscles ached.

Every day
You did this
'Til I couldn't wake.

I just lie there on linoleum
Waiting for some help
When suddenly I thought of it
As I let out one last yelp.

I'd take the matter
To no one
I''d handle it myself.

But that idea
Didn't work
Quite how I had felt..

Strange Creature
United States
Joined 14th May 2012
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A Pitiless me.

The World opens in rhyme and song,
I feel the warmth of not just any old sun.
I know this day, though it doesn't come often,
Your Kindness and love makes my heart start a thumping.

Everyday you bring all that is good,
I know i should return all that you have given,
but my heart may not feel all that is real.
Can you image a life without me,
for if your not careful my dreams may come true.

Of course love, i only want you,
My heart only feels for my one true...

My lies are so wrong, but your heart is so warn.
You couldn't survive if i ever did share...
For darkness can creep onto light like cloud.
Covering all from seeing the world.

Should i ruin this day to share with you the truth,
For sharing is caring, and you were always you.

i haven't been faithfully nor trusting and true,
You were too trusting and you were too you.
I went for another who was open and cheap.
I was weak and a pitiless me.

You were Kind and i was Cruel.

Dangerous Mind
India 16awards
Joined 1st Nov 2011
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What would you get if you break the word therapist  
into two halves?    
My therapist has a strange face-    
He siphons ectoplasm and radiates        
into strange curvatures on planes        
other than the one I am in always        
He probably bleaches his face and        
uses minerals of the Dead sea or        
may be clay-imported from Africa        
He wears linen-loves strobe light        
often scrubs his hands too hard          
Miller seems to be a great influence    
as he seems to live within Sexus    
in those yellow pages of his copy-        
dog-eared-fashionably primitive    
He frequently quotes Otto Rank        
reminisces about his brief stay          
in uptown Tokyo in the late 80's    
hates the English word Shrink    
Mont Blanc and robes are his thing        
Chihuahuas excite him and so does the        
aborigines-the ukulele and saliva        
Probably to curb latent dependency        
he changes my medication at least        
once every few weeks and it works        
He loves watching The Matrix          
Syencdoche, New York
and Anima Mundi        
are his top favourites of all times        
his favourite fictional character    
is called Lemmy Caution        
His fetish with strobe lights and        
Cashmere appeals to me at times        
My  defense mechanisms have seemingly          
held me in good stead all these years-        
he hardly seems to know me or else        
he would have written this poem in this          
which obviously belongs to him


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