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Fire of Insight
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Joined 14th Nov 2011
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Poetry Contest

write a poem in which you are confessing.
Good or bad, untold truths, love or hate, anything say what you need to say but in a poem.
No collabs
As long as you want
As many entries as you want

Fire of Insight
United States 7awards
Joined 29th Aug 2009
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In my dire state of mind,
Which can't go left or right,
But would rather give up this day-
For a lifetime with you.
It's not love-
No, I don't believe it is.
Something that long transcends,
Feelings which we grew.
But I don't want to separate-
My dearest closest friend. 
As we grew, then we loved-
Yet still I really knew...
You my pal, my number one,
I want an eternity with you.
The purest friendship I can think,
Forget going left or right.
I'll walk on forward,
To meet you,
And shall we grow apart-
Even as I hold on tight.
Grow up and spread our wings,
Dearest friend, I'll always think of you.
For you hold a special place,
Deep inside my heart.
That not even a lover,
Can ever hope to penetrate. 

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 7awards
Joined 6th Feb 2012
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Our Loves Aftermath

My love for you is disorientated,
That feeling of significance for us has subsided.
We both grieve unvoiced with boredom,
Leaving the resolution undecided.

Iím frustrated and you are angry,
And yet it is never communicated.
I never expected this so soon after its start,
You are unaware that our minds have separated.

Will we continue to live this way?
Can I really handle that?
Or if it finishes, will it be with friendship?
I lately dream only of the aftermath.

Fire of Insight
United States 4awards
Joined 21st Feb 2012
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Dreaming comes so easy,
When itís all youíve ever known.
And I know it shouldnít still hurt me,
When I realize Iím all alone.

Broken fairytales scattered on burned pages,
Across a dark bedroomís floor.
Even lost in the dark I canít forget this,
But I can no longer reach the door.

I have so much I didnít say,
To a man who was stronger.
You took so much away,
And itís not mine any longer.

I was just a little girl that you broke down,
Nice, naÔve, and beautiful, you took advantage.
Iím dirty and damaged now,
What was your intended message?

Iím damaged now all because of you,
Nobody wants me and Iíve kept them all away.
Iím damaged now, but that you already knew,
Yet when we've come face to face, I can't find words to say.

I tremble and I cry,
And it's all because of you.
I just wish you'd disappear or die,
I don't know what I should do.

I'll keep running away,
Because it's all I've ever known.
An arm's length is where everyone will stay,
My emotions will not be shown...

Poison Penmanship
Thought Provoker
United States
Joined 14th Apr 2012
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What if love is nothing more than a dream,

Life is only half of what you hear none that you see,

So how far fetch would that really be?

Utopia comes in my bottle twice a day for a fee,

Runs up your spine and tickles your soft spot,

If only people knew what it really does to me..

My love is the addiction.

It will take me away from this place one day

until the end, ill just await my next prescription....

Dangerous Mind
United States 15awards
Joined 24th July 2011
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Let's kill MoMmy...

Oh mommy..
you show me
   so much love..
i couldnt ask for anything more..
its like you were sent
from hell

You say the most
beautiful things

"If only I'd a died
when born..
How daddy couldnt
love a whore"..
Or taught me
how I best perform.."

I live to hear
those sadistic
Things ive had to eat
for years..

that you indulged me..

No santa claus..
While daddys paws
had me crawlin
up the walls..

i'm folding..

No future for me
beyond the sheets..
for" ..

So let me introduce myself..

I'm no longer the kid
that you can hit
sell to strangers
or worth a shit..

I'm a bad bitch..

5'2 body rockin
mind of mental
show stoppin..
and true to the game..
A lil insane
damaged in vane

So for your sake..
dont make
my first crime..
Killin you... BITCH!

Fire of Insight
Joined 1st Nov 2011
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C.O.N.F.E.S.S.I.O.N. (Wee-Beyís Blues)


I did it, I did, I did it, I did
I did it, I did do it, I did
I did itÖsure I did  
Iím sure I didÖI did it
I did do it


Sooner or later
we all do


Dangerous Mind
United States 14awards
Joined 22nd Aug 2011
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"Confessions of a Cunnilinguist"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

On the bed you lay
With your legs segregated I must say
Your southern lips seem to whisper "It's ok...
Cum on because I know you want to play"

Well that is indeed a fact
Quickly to your toes is how my tongue reacts
Slowly ascending up your leg's pleasure track
And the moist gentle tickles induce an arch in your back

Now my tongue is at your flower, front and center
My fingers seperate your lips, and my tongue does enter
Upon insertion, your voice, it can only whimper
Mmmmmmmm, this is such a delicious dinner

And that arch in your back, it just gets higher and higher
Now there are so many moans and ahhhhs, your passion is on fire
I try to extinguish it with my tongue, but it seems to only inspire
The flow of pleasure through your frame to the magnitude of entire

By this time, of your mind and body, you lose control
Your legs are locked around my head in an unbreakable hold
And you have already lost count of how many orgasms my tongue stole
I am just a head doctor....i deliver pleasure to the Soul....

Dangerous Mind
United States 14awards
Joined 22nd Aug 2011
Forum Posts: 3007

"Forgive Me Please"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Forgive me Father for my sins
Today I fell to lust again
I try so hard, I must confess
But why did You Have To Give them such sexiness
When I see breasts, my mouth just waters
Nature rises within as temptation falters
And nice asses take temptation as far as it can
And I can see it in their eyes, they know they weaken this man
And I Try and I Try so very hard at times
But Your Greatest Creation invades both my heart and mind
Tempting me to taste the sweet nectar of the fruit
That can only be picked from their birthday suits
Their natural aroma and don't get me started on the toes
With soft eyes, thick thighs, and sweet lips, that's why my strength slows
To the point where I am helpless in my efforts not to touch
The longer I think about it, the more I need a crutch
And You dont make mistakes, in them, You Poured All Your Grace
That is the reason there is such Beauty in the face
Of the female being, that's why I must drop to my knees
And beg for Your Mercy....Forgive me Father please....

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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True Confession

The confession of a tired mind
Tortured out words
is that true confession
or a bid for surcease
from countless questions?

The confession of a scared child
To confess nay is to hurt
To confess yea is to be hurt
What truth derived
Can it be used for or against?

The confession of me
Is how do I say words
That swirls around my head
All there yet nothing
Form any meaning?

Thought Provoker
Wales 2awards
Joined 24th Jan 2012
Forum Posts: 196

Silly little melodies,
the source of our souls,
words that have strong meaning,
we must break the mould,

to find a way,
to talk things through,
my love song,
won't get through to you.

this "what if?" thought system,
it's bringing me down,
I don't want to be here,
without you around,

I must find a way,
to talk things through,
my love song,
won't get through to you,

so I'll sing a little differently,
bring in the big guns,
thousand ways to say,
what I need to say....

and I must find a way,
to get through to you,
no more silly love songs,
just gonna tell you I love you...

poet Anonymous


I must confess I cannot bare to part

With outdated, unused, useless things

When their time has come and gone

I still think they might come in handy

Some day....

I must confess sales lure me in

I will never find that again!

So home it comes with me

To live out its life in a bin

Some day...

I promise

I will sort it

Some day....

I will throw it out

So I promised

All who share this house

This hoarding has lead to arguments

About what is really necessary

A hoarder cannot see

The difference between

What I really need

And what I think has possibilities

Somewhere down the road

Maybe in 2013!

Fire of Insight
United States 4awards
Joined 21st Feb 2012
Forum Posts: 983

Dear Father;

Oh dear father,
Did you know I smoke?
All of it,
I do.

Dear father,
I've rendered consequences,
I know that.
But I'm addicted to
the pain
and hurt
and flavor.
I can't remember though
because the whiskey
and vodka
has drowned it away.

Dear father,
I'm in so much pain,
and you don't know it.
I wish I could look in a mirror
without crying.

Why must I feel this way?
Make it all go away.
One more dying day.

Dear father,
I'm sorry but I'm dying now
cause I can't even stand up
So I'm dying on the floor,
with my bottle in my hand
and my razor shoved in my

Dear father,

a voice from the void
Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 14th Feb 2011
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you think i am strong
i fool you too well
you think i still love you
i give you nothing but hate
you want to see me thrive
i want nothing but death
you want to succeed
i hold you down
you tell me your secrets
i tell you my lies
you think you know me
i dont even know my self

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 7awards
Joined 6th Feb 2012
Forum Posts: 193

That Someone Else

What can I say?
ĎI know itís wrong?í
I just canít help it.
I never intended for you to find out.

Turning out this way;
I donít know,
It just hit me so strong.
Iím not sure I want to help it.
But this confusion is something I could live without.

Itís not okay,
I know.
I want to belong.
But with you I donít fit.
Not anymore, itís something I have to think about.

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