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Cheat on me. It makes our luv stronger

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Poetry Contest

This is a case confusing. Who could beat d rules of engagement and defend it wit reason
Am nt encouragin Cheatin. Dnt misundastnd me. Am jst tryin 2giv luvers wit misunderstandin d chance to think d bst way 2 apologiz 2 dia partner. Lol

Dangerous Mind
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Bleeding 4 You..

You can hear a pin drop...
Quiet is still.. Creep is the feel...
I can't get in the mood...
Like a DoG I'm panting... My body is ranting...
I waNNa feel you too...
A world away.. I'm locked in a cage...
Dreams of you sliding through...
This Feelin' Is Killin' ...
Emotions revealing..
I'm so in Love with you...

If only..
We could meet for Dinner ..
But the wife is a Sinner...
The things I put you through..
So as I dine alone and wait by the phone...
My Soul Is Bleeding for you...

Can you hear it love?

StephenPaul Summerscales
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A You without I        

I await
for our future times
a golden spiked gate
amid the summer vines
can I compensate
for past written lines
myself I hate
because I made you cry
don't ever hesitate
or wonder why
for you I wait
under the crying sky
I capitulate
and inside I die
my mind frustrates
through a rubies eye
my heart you golden plate
then my soul it flies
yours I could not  break
for I'd rather die
if I turn to flakes
and blow off in a sigh
its because I could not take
a you without I  

Tyrant of Words
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theres a tear
that always
before you fall
the twisted reasons
you lost it all

The Gardener
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Take it back, little bitch,
to a head space when I ain't freaking,
ain't seeking any other reason
to be on para-spell,
to be sitting here and drinking and wishing we could go back when
nothing phased us and you weren't dipping
on the other side,
now it's poison,
you and I.
It's shame the membrane outwitted the brain.

I don't want to talk about it,
don't wanna hold your hand and stand with you when a band plays in the rain --
make this fucking bullshit work
see, you added the sickness,
the slickness, the sly little lies that crawled deep inside me
now swallow the drug
and if you can't stand the sickness and thickness
and the way back when
of our blue relationship
then turn your stomach upside down
and take it elsewhere.

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