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The one You Love

Ladazia Jackson
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Challenge: Writing a Limmerick about the person you love the most(:
Have fun and be creative(: See you soon

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
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Pearl Painted Moons    (Written in 2010)      

Stop lights in the air  
they float amid
the violet flare
stop lines
and don't walk signs
and me with my freaked out hair
Cross walks
and bug's that talk
big moons
thtough skies they stalk
a cricket croons
a wife she swoons
no more too soons
in our wine corks .

Pearl paint does adorn
her princess feet
peach flavoured corn
like her so sweet
flora and fawn
on the pontiac street
I am your Paul
under the white sheet
as you step I fall
right at your feet
there is no more
alone or deceit  
when I rap your door
with my little three
to laugh , to roar
for all to see .

poet Anonymous

She's All Mine!

I love her hair so red, no blonde, or brown
The way her perky tits droop way down
Says shes a virgin just like her mum
And one day, shes gonna give me some
Just pray its before they put me in the ground!

Thought Provoker
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My Love For You

At times my love for you can be so
on days that you tend to be frigid.
Sometimes I feel youre a broken
that has simply come to reek a
little havoc.
There are days I want to drop you like
a bad habit,
but my heart and soul they
just wont have it.
Youre the love of my life,
the one I adore,
Loving you my dear,
will never be a chore.

poet Anonymous


If you love your partner - stay with them when they are SICK

Love is not only for the GOOD times..TRUE love lasts and lasts

If you love your partner - help them stay healthy

Love that leaves when pounds go on, just does not do the trick

If you love your partner - listen to them when they are down

Love cannot be a FOREVER HIGH - eventually it can come down

If you love your partner - it is NORMAL to argue

Love and arguing means you trust each other to disagree

If you love your partner - feed them in whichever way you both like

Love runs on food, not an empty stomach

If you love your partner - be available to them

Love cannot be number 1 if work is more important to you

If you love your partner, don't be cheap

Love means caring and caring means sharing

If you love your partner - nobody can separate you

Love means no cheating and if you do

Do not be surprised when your lover cheats on you

Lost Thinker
Joined 21st Feb 2012
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I love your sweet temptations and sensual desires
I love your body on mine, fueling our heart's fire
I love holding you honey, and your tender touch
I love your soft lips caressing mine so very much.

I love feeling your heart, beating across the miles
I love admiring the Beauty in your precious smile
I love being with you throughout all four seasons
I love you deeply honey for so many reasons.

I love the inspiration of your prettiness when I write
I love cuddling with you on a cold winter's night
I love how beautiful you are my honey, to adore
I love each day when I fall in love with you more.

I love knowing honey, you're truly forever mine
I love your warm soul, with our heart's entwined
I love how two heart's lead us to our true destiny
I love you truly honey, forever and endlessly

Twisted Dreamer
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High School Sweetheart

The one i loved
I rejected him
For over a year
He followed

The next year
I fell for him
So let him in
And became happy

Months turned to years
And full of smiles
Till one day a guy
Broke our world forever

He tried to seduce me
And hurt my lover
Breaking all our bonds
Still we loved each other

But the pain was too much
My love lost in despair
For his family forsaked me
Twas too much to bare

So on my birthday we broke
And his "Friend" by his side
Who manipulated us both
To think our love had died

And months flew by
My love dissapeared
Till a girl broke his heart
Befor his heart was repaired

I flew to his side
Befor he tried to take his life
I too was still broken
Together, we'll survive

He closed up inside
And I was barely in
Only I understood
The pain he was in

My body and soul
Cutting and worn
From helping him with
His love for another

So now we are healing
I moved away
We text now and then
But it's not the same

I loved him
And he loved me too
My love
Of my life

We'll forever be crushed
Maybe one day
When all settles right
But for now I'm writing

A real story of my life.

Dangerous Mind
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im not sure but doesnt a limerick have like just 5 lines....i could be wrong because i dont really do specialty poems....lol....but what are the rules of writing a limerick....

Scarlet Rose
Thought Provoker
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The one I love;
His eyes are like the sea shore, His kisses are sweet, His voice eases me to sleep
When not with him, A part of me is missing, He holds my mind body and soul
Im his arms I am safe,
He would die for me as I would die for him
He is my one true love

Twisted Dreamer
United States 1awards
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If that's the case then it's fine. I still enjoyed writing that poem :)

Magic poemz
Fire of Insight
Kenya 8awards
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Poetry   I'm  in  love   with  u  so  much
U  are  sexy   beautiful  and   delicious   like  lunch
Believe   me   honey   u    are  mines
I   feel   for  u    with   deep  passion  my   sexy   like.

U  are  the   only  one   who  takes  my  pain  and  sorrow
U  satisfy   my   needs   and  gives  me   hope   of  tomorrow
You   care   for  me   a  love   I  cant   borrow
Call   me    your  favourate   because  its   u I  follow.

My  own  peers   have   built  on  hate
I  lack   a  friend  I  can  call   the   best
This   animals  and   voltures  betray  me  with  hate
Thank   u  poetry   u   appreciate  my  whole  self.

I    tried   to  look   for   love  in  this   world
Friendship  and  romance   was  beyond  my  word
Right  now  all  these   damn  creatures  got  bad
Threw   away   my  love   now  im   furios  and  mad.

U  are  my  better  half   lets  rock  this  planet
Im    now  happy   again   im   fully  gladdened
I  love  u   quote   that    baby  nothing  will  worsen
Together  forever  from   Monday  to  Friday.

Magic poemz
Fire of Insight
Kenya 8awards
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I want that lovely image and your happy character
Take off your anger for me why suffer
Today I want to feel u lil mama.

Lets talk about anything big and further
I love when u speak I adore it lover
Lie under my arms no sweat no worked ups.

When I kiss your lips I don't feel a gangsta
I go to a nice place with no monsters
Did u give me a love portion my love hunter.

Your boy right here is not a hustler
I''m a go getter my actions are handsome
At the end of the day my face is filled with laughter.

Lets be more than love partners
Lets push this love bonding further
I''m so proud to call u my lover.

poet Anonymous

Considering most of the users here identify themselves as "writers", a whole lot of you don't like to read very much.

The challenge is to write a Limerick. Only one entry here so far has managed to correctly adhere to the rules of the contest.

Tyrant of Words
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A limerick is a kind of a witty, humorous, or nonsense poem,especially one in five-line anapestic or amphibrachic meter with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), which is sometimes obscene with humorous intent. The form can be found in England as of the early years of the 18th century.It was popularized by Edward Lear in the 19th century, although he did not use the term. (Wiki)

Tara Rickman
Lost Thinker
United States
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Sister: Best Friend

After a flower she was named.
And after 14 years she became,
became my best friend with beauty like the rose she is named after.
Even though many thorns have pricked me over the years and caused her laughter.
But she never allows anyone, but herself, to cause me pain.

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