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Reinvent love

Thought Provoker
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Poetry Contest

Shake all the myths and stereotypes of what love is and write of how "you" believe love would be if you created the concept!
I got this strange idea in my head when I was listening to a song called "MAD as Rabbits" It contains the line "we'll just reinvent love".

I want people to be creative with this one, up to two entries per person, judged on the individual poem. It ends in two weeks. Make me proud!

Love to you all

-skinnyjean xx

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
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On Your Wall

blonde and bountiful
but dark and dusky
fond of and accountable
lovable but lusty
not cheap but affordable
to keep and unsellable
and lightable
and perfectional
and confectional
and flexible
a connectable
but sexual  
a sensual conversational
an observational
self preservational
loving but insatiable
my apple valley girl
in my world
a must to have
to you I'll crawl
you turn on the smiles  
from a few thousand miles
I am the paper
on your wall .

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 42awards
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This Deaf Dancer        

Where do I go from here
how do I rid your fear
I answer
but nothing's clear
this deaf dancer
through the floor
can hear .

I feel every minute
all the seconds
that tick in it
just remember
I'm real
and from no one I steal
if it rolls I'm the wheel
and if nobody get's it
well I do
your magnetic
delectably , hectic
a comprehendable , sceptic
understandable , unhandable
loving , apathetic

I drive myself mad here
going round
mental hemispheres
I know I'm not perfect
kind of glass or a perspex
breakable , flexible
clarity you just can't see
together we are sailing free
untethered , jocularity
heavy feathers are not
you and me
simply because
they just can't be
we endeavour in hilarity .

I pedalled a wipe out
in the street
a dogfight , invite  
dinner nightmare
I wore white
the wrong thing to wear
what a night to frighten
the unscared
Horsefly bites
and wine we did share
outdoor delights
of drunken impaired
driving on the right
and you cut my hair
so I thought if I might
recall times
that we shared .

So in all the long
don't get me wrong
I hold your flame and I sing your song
as I sit here
you've nothing at all to fear
don't ever
not remember
this deaf dancer  
through the floor
can hear .


Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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- Love, Reinvented -

If I were given the fair mantle of goddess of love,
By all the divines who reign from heavens above…
I would make of love a finer thing, more glorious,
So that it would make lovers sing out, uproarious!
Imagine if lovers could merge their very spirits too.
And know ecstasies that much greater, more true,
Than any humankind has imagined in poetic verse.
Imagine love undying, never fading for the worse…
But growing more magical, with each kiss shared,
Lending the heart strength so it cannot be scared!
And that is but the beginning of my blessings kind,
I would make love truly free for every soul to find.

No soul to be lonely, but every heart fully paired…
Knowing love eternal, with not a pleasure spared!
The angels would rejoice at my creation so lovely,
And all humanity would be granted angelic beauty.
Death would be undone, so love could so endure,
Without age to take from us, those we love sure…
No longer, would passion be solely to create life.
I would make of it an art, and with it end all strife!
No need for jealousy if love is the birthright of all,
And no need for guilt when lust leads none to fall.
I would make lust a virtue, with love as its’ guide,
With not a wickedness to taint it or within it abide.

We would all be as gods then, each in a paradise,
With no boundaries or barriers, nor society’s lies!
If two hearts be in love, even if the same gender…
I would bless their union, and make it the grander.
We need not the limits that are imposed so cruel…
By those who invent “morals” they use like a fool!
Let love be our law, and let life take its’ courses…
Leaving us to live life fully, marveling at its’ forces.
If I could reinvent love I would do all this so well,
That love would redeem even the damned in Hell.
This is the blessing I would bestow upon creation,
If I were a powerful goddess, of love and elation!

Thought Provoker
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-Great Romance-

if i had created love
it would be the law and religion of the land
Love would be the force of right and wrong
it would be the Great Romance

The Great Romance would be more of a dance of life
chivelry would never again be dormant
the Great Romance would make all the women and girls swoon
they themselves would be one with the Great Romance

we as men and women would love all
weather they were man or woman or child
for all in our glorious world are the same
you are created the same way
so you must love for it is in your blood
the Great Romance is in your blood

the couples would always be in love
there would be no lies, or cheating
no distrust and no dishonor
love is all there would be

after the love has taken ahold of you
you start to love them in a deeper way
a way that we will all eventually find out about
you will love them for their personality
or their smile, their sense of humor
maybe even for their strength and courage

if you are to mate you must be chosen
the male can chose the female
or the female can chose the female
when you are chosen then you have the choice
either to accept
or decline

when you are wed before the almighty creator
you are bound for life
if one of you were to die
the other is to be widowed for life

this is the wonderful world our creator has made
this is the Great Romance

Dangerous Mind
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    What if...

If I were to reinvent love-
only if-that is remotely
feasible at all-apart from
the realm of gross human
consciousness-the world
of thoughts-random-arresting
like on a petri dish-tangible

If I could really recreate
love-in the hyperreal sense

I would kill the 'I' from love.

Tyrant of Words
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Love reinvented

Love never asking why
Why do I love you
Why do you love me
Let me count the ways
I love you because
You love me first
Those words are deleted

Love never asking what
What shall I get
From loving you
And what will you get
From loving me
Those words so selfish
Should be obliterated

Love never asking when
I will love you when
You have a mansion
You will love me when
I get my divorce
These words so egoistic
Should never be born

Love never asking why
Why do you do that?
If you love me you won’t
Why should I love you?
Why should I care?
These are even worse
They nip love in the bud

How would I reinvent Love
Love without wanting reciprocation
Love without selfish motives
Love without coveting gains
Love to give to offer to sacrifice
Pure Love for fellow humans
See beauty in the ugliest face
See splendor in God’s Creation
Go to Love
Instead of Go to War
Love and Peace
World Brotherhood

Thought Provoker
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Absolutely amazing guys. Whitewand I love the angle you've used. And Pravus I love you're concept of a "Great Romance" absolutely beautiful!! Diddi and Kou_Indigo you's have hit the nail on the head, I'm glad people have taken this concept seriously I would love to see some new entries.

Love to you all

-skinnyjean xx

poet Anonymous

Love is caring
Caring costs money
Give me money to show you care
Parents sometimes spend all the money they have
On a child they cherish
So if my love cherishes me
He hands over his money willingly

Twisted Dreamer
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Evol has 20/20 vision,
And is nothing at all like a rose.
For the right price, you can buy it.
But don't expect to find it in the air,
Or among puppies.
Evol conquers nothing,
And isn't much of a splendored thing.
When you evol someone,
Keep them close.
For evol doesn't hurt.
Or bite.
It always plays fair.
So long as you remember:
Evol means always having to say you're sorry.

Twisted Dreamer
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I reinvent love each time I look into your eyes
I discover new things and sensations every day.
I reinvent love when I look to a flower
Feeling her fragility and her smell
Being amazed by how she can give unconditional love.
I reinvent love each time I look the clouds
And see their constant move
Like the seconds passing by, full of love.
I reinvent love each time I close my eyes
And see other worlds in my dreams
I can be everyone and everything I want.
I reinvent love to each breath as life is love
Love is air, is hope, is magic, is the unexplainable
I am the reinvented love.

The Gardener
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Warning: Swearing and Sexual content ;)

Fucked up Routine.

Monday we'd fuck
on the kitchen table,
by the door,
on the playroom floor.
Tuesday I'd love you with poison.
I'd put salt in your tea.
You'd mix black eyeliner in my lipsticks
and put orange juice in my flask as I'm allergic.
Wednesday we can be shits causing havoc.
I'd dare you to punch your boss,
tell him he's a prick.
You'd dare me to give myself
lock-jaw sucking your cock.
Thursday we'd do the washing,
I could clean the house,
you could cut the grass and
perhaps we'd play scrabble
at the end of the night.
Friday you'd pack your bags
and tell me
"I'm leaving you, kid."
I'd be a crying mess under the flickering porch light.
Saturday I'd spend alone
or with my girlfriends and
too many bottles of wine,
though I don't like the stuff.
Late Sunday you'd come home,
ready for Monday morning.

Thought Provoker
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Hey Guys. Sorry my judgement was late, Was very happy with all your efforts. Have a great valentines day :D

Tyrant of Words
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Yay!! Kitty/somelikeithot and Pravus you won!!!*claps* awesome!! Yay me.       

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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I am happy you won, Grace! You poetry, as always, was lovely and inspiring.

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