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Gothic Romance

Helvete Blod
Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

A peice about a gothic romance. Can be anyway you want it to go.
Up to 2 enteries. Can be re-posts.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- Gothic Alchemy -

Part I – Transmutation

He had been a nobleman, in an era now long ago,
And he dwelt in the manor of his ancestral lineage.
Love he sought, but not a maid could he persuade,
For they feared: his family’s reputation for sorcery.
On a black night, when the winds did loudly blow,
The nobleman made a pact with Hell in all his rage.
To end his loneliness, unafraid he embraced shade,
The philosopher’s stone so yielded, to his mastery.
And of him they saw never more, yet he died not…
Transmuted by arcane power into a different form.
He had found whatever it was he had thus sought,
Whilst outside, the wind grew into a mighty storm!
A noble lady haunted the place in the hours after…
Waiting, for a sign that her lonely vigil was to end.
Whilst an owl flew high in the tallest tower’s rafter,
As lightning struck a distant tree, and did so rend!
The noble lady tended the hearth, a smile playing…
Upon her lips, which had finished to gods praying.

Part II – Celebration

She came to the door of the manor out of the rain,
A woman: seeking but a place to pass the evening.
Never knowing what lay within, yet also uncaring…
Hopeful: that she might prevail upon old hospitality.
The woman knocked loudly, then knocked again…
And a noble lady answered in a gown shimmering,
With eyes that left the visitor in awe and so staring.
The two maids locked gazes in a mutual serenity…
Which neither could fathom; the visitor then spoke,
Asking to come in for a time to warm by the flame.
The hearth was blazing, its’ fires just newly awoke,
Whilst the two women sat by it, hearts the same…
Connecting on levels neither could truly understand.
The noble lady knew some power was so working,
Binding them together, like the rain unto all the land.
The visitor felt it too, easing all of her lonely hurting!
Two lonely souls, two ladies who walked the night,
Then kissed, and discovered therein, sweet delight.

Part III – Liberation

“Oh tell me visitor whomever you may be, of more!”
Asked the noble lady: yearning, to know her name.
But the visitor asked her also, to speak of things…
And they whispered together, beyond dark twilight.
The noble lady told her secret, and of ancient lore,
For the love she was feeling, robbed her of shame:
“I was a nobleman, but with power that hotly stings,
My flesh was remade in the early time of this night.”
Thus her confession caused the visitor’s wide smile!
For the visitor was really a man seeking to escape,
From life as a squire: for a knight so cruel and vile…
And in the woman before him, he saw a better fate.
The power of the Philosopher’s Stone worked well,
And Heaven broke the pact with Hell through love.
The noble lady’s heart was glad, and did thus swell,
With passion for the squire, as winds roared above.
Two lost and lonely souls were now thus complete,
Their alchemy in the shadows: forbidden and sweet.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- One Last Embrace -
Being a Tragedy in Five Parts

Part the First – Water of Thirst...

A knight there was, of Arthurian times; he did ride forth out of Camelot,
In search of a meaning to his life’s long years: spent in bloody conflicts.
He felt a hunger in his heart, stronger than any he knew when he fought,
His hunger was to put his sword aside, and live a life of peace and bliss.
He found none in the monastery, where rigid order brought nothing fair,
He found none amongst the peasantry, whose lives were short and hard.
He found none by the seaside where sailors left for their perils elsewhere,
And he found none in the fields and mountains where soldiers yet warred.
In all the lands of Christendom, there was for this knight no peace to find,
And of bliss but fleeting moments too soon gone, as better off left behind.
At the last, he came to a land most desolate, where parched was the earth,
Where mournfully cried the wolf at night, and owls called without any mirth.

Part the Second – Fire of Hunger...

Across the wasteland, the knight rode forth, coming rough to a place far,
Beyond the bounds of those he knew, where so foreign was soil and star!
Upon the edge of thirst and death, his steed long lost in a blighted field,
His armor cast aside, so he could breathe, he carried not even his shield.
Only his sword and his honor remained, to name him knight in any way,
And that, too, would be at an end if longer stretched the heat of that day.
When the afternoon sky painted a canvas of rose and gold on the horizon,
The knight did give up his will, and let darkness take him hard thereupon.
A timeless expanse of naught passed, and in this oblivion the knight lay,
Uncertain of the time or place of his repose, in utter darkness he did stay.
Feeling water upon his lips, his eyes by instinct let themselves see again,
A vast cavern beneath the earth: containing crypts, of many valiant men.

Part the Third – Earth of Desire...

She was not tall, the one who gave him the drink that saved his life thus,
Her skin was like unto bronze, and her hair was darker than any midnight.
She was clothed in black to match her hair, with a scarlet girdle to truss,
About her, the gauzy fabrics of her gown, which seemed to absorb light.
Her voice was lilting, with an accent very different from those of Briton,
Yet somehow delightful to the knight’s ear, as the woman spoke to him.
' Rise, fallen knight of a kingdom unknown to my people, rise ye again,
And taste the fruits of your desire, knowing not regret, and less of sin! '
It was then the knight knew terror within his heart; his breath was gone,
Whilst upon his neck were the marks of the undead, bloody thereupon.
The meaning of the cave in which he awoke was all too clear to his will,
He never came living to the crypts; he had not survived his harsh ordeal.

Part the Fourth – Air of Doom...

He was much changed from the knight he once was, as the years passed,
And his love for the Dark Lady grew to an obsession that eternal did last.
The pair dwelling down amongst the dead, knowing more of love’s heat,
Than the air that scorched the land above, where the sun’s rays did beat.
The blood of jackals and serpents sustained the vampire lovers for ages,
In their underground domain, unseen and unknown even by wisest sages.
' If our kind live forever, Dark Lady, will the final judgment, thus condemn,
Or find us deserving of paradise, when upon this world comes an end? '
This question did the knight so venture, one eve when bats circled on air,
Blown as if from out some netherworld, come hither to screech and stare.
' If there be a power so cruel in existence that frowns on love immortal,
Then I am proud to count myself it’s foe, and would gladly go to a hell. '

Part the Fifth – Spirit of Passion...

It was not long until from Camelot a party came seeking after the knight,
Believing him long lost on some quest, within the wasteland’s arid blight.
At last arriving near the cave over which loomed mountains old and dark,
It’s entrance adorned with pillars decorated by carved entwining dragons.
They heard his voice within, calling forth for them to so leave and depart,
Thinking him a wraith, they decided to investigate, and left their wagons.
' If they come and find us vampires, as we are, they will slay us terribly,
So let us walk into the sunlight, embracing one final time in our dignity. '
Thus spoke the knight to his lady, and they came forth from the darkness,
In full view of the party from Camelot, bursting aflame in the sun’s light.
Leaving those assembled to wonder, at knowing ever after much distress,
Recalling the final embrace of the two vampires laughing in final delight.

Thought Provoker
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Kisses ever so lightly,
Light and as soft as falling snow.
Kisses as sweet as the cool air of night,
Her lips were so perfect, i never wanted to stop.
Snow, oh Snow,
So pale and yet so beautiful.
It hurt not to be near you,
And yet it had hurt to be by your side.
All I wanted is for us to be like we were,
Snow, I love you,
AndI miss you.

Thought Provoker
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-Pure of Heart-

Thump, Thump, Thump,
Her feet slaps the pavement as she runs.
She runs completely unaware,
The smell of her perspiration is intoxicating.
I flint after her,
As fast as light, quieter than silence.
She never knew I was coming after her,
Until it was too late.
I hit her from behind,
Hard enough to knock her off her feet.
But not hard enough to make her unconscious,
I love the terrified look in their eyes when I show myself.
And she doesn’t disappoint when I show her my fangs,
Her eyes get wide, her pupils dilate, her heart rate increases.
The amount of rubies flowing through her veins increases tenfold,
I bite into her neck with little force, she gasps, then moans.
I guess she takes a little pleasure in this,
They all do.
Her heart slows down as her beautiful essence is absorbed,
Absorbed by me.
It has only been a couple minutes when I finish feeding,
She still lives.
I can’t stand to take the life of a woman with a heart so pure,
So pure as hers.
She is one of the rare women that I will return to,
One of the woman that is Pure of Heart.

Thought Provoker
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let me know what you think

Dangerous Mind
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Tattoos cover our souls
we both see the hate
that can be with love
We hear the whispers
of lust
When we kiss it can be gentle
or it could be a rough mess
my snake bites getting caught
on hers
We look like a couple
straight out of
a Tim Burton movie
We are outcasts
to the real world

poet Anonymous

Goodbye my darling
As you hold me in your arms
Blood flowing from the wound
You have inflicted
Upon me
I am drifting away
From you
The gun still in your
Bloody hand
I can be with you no longer
This battle has gone on long enough
This love has died out
You have betrayed me
You have killed me
Goodbye my darling

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
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The Lovers Quest        (SP Summerscales)

Together they sail
into the depths of expirement
through a fairytale
of deadly detriment
nursing their wounds
they wish for a peaceful ointment
feeling like fools
drifting from dreams of merriment
draining down pools
of plugholes that satan sent

they think love rules
blood in the vestibules
of a stance defiant
hoping hell cools
and that they are
heaven sent .

For all I can say
these two had a quest
from which the poets rewritten
the ultimate test.

For a poetic licence
allowed them to stray
their worded fate
allowed a vampiric
upon which all the immortals
came to lay and wait
They ended up as
death on twisted beaches
to emancipate .

As the verse
would have it
there was no hearse
or no carriage
but a watery sea
on the crest of loves
eternity .

As for who they are
or their meaning
as yet and this far
I don't know
I'm just dreaming .

For their love was not
only for
one another
it also tore out
to the sands
and bloodied shores
of their gone brothers .

Who fought
the vampiric
that satan sought
and hand picked
from an underworld
of blood sucking
lunar mad manic .

Left in pieces
two lovers dissolved
like decaying faesces
into a poetic conclusion
and unexplained thesis .

The sombre toned drone of death
spiked through loves throne
and the chests
of two who gathered a final
lowered moan
in orchestral
and bated breath
but still they were followed
even in death .

With no love for a goal
they float to a cellestial
far away home
but still the low tone
it does follow them
Lucifer spikes his trident
and hollers his demon men
the goal
is their soul
and lets hope
heaven helps them .

Guardian of Shadows
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Scrambled beams of moonlight
tortured lights on faces
with unbridled lustful delight
thirst hunger for pleasures
utmost unreachable desires
impossibility in wants
darkness reigned
Engorged tool,
a straight hard pole
rubbed and stroked to glistening
all ready
to ram the door
of pleasure, moist and slippery
thoroughly sucked
thoroughly licked
mewls, moans, breathy screams
grabbed, groped, prodded
screamed invitations
Bucking to meet
the thunder of lusts
as hands tighten on the channels
where breathy screamy lusty
urging emanate...
pulsing, plunging
in and out
pleasure pole
plunged and plunged
in joyous abandon
Scream at last, the werewolf
in an agony of exquisite ecstasy
seeding the willing furrows
still and silent now
all desires and wants reached...

Laying supine on the cold floor
silk scarves on her ankles
bracelets her wrists...
silky love chain around her neck,
ecstasy in her eyes
blood on her lips
she breathed no more

Ashley Power
Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Together Forever
by *Makeesha

Love blossoms,
Like a freshly watered rose.
Lust burns,
Like a newly stoked ember.
Pain cuts through,
Like a blade against flesh.
You said I was never as beautiful as you.
You said that beauty was on the inside.
So I ask you,
If I cut myself 10,000 times,
Showing my insides,
Will I be as beautiful as you?
Love is not fair.
Lust is not special.
To love is to feel pain,
All the time.
It never ceases its attacks,
Or softens the blow.
Love rapes the mind of all decency.
The truth is blind to the lies
Of a shattered heart.
Let the fragments of my pain
Cut into your soft flesh,
And let your blood flow.
Show your love to me.
Let me take your life,
Like you took mine.
Let the rope slip tighter magpie.
Around your little neck,
As you push the blades deeper
Into my throbbing veins.
We'd made a pact to one another.
Together forever we said.
This world or the next
Alive or Dead.
So come my sweet magpie.
Let the rope slip tighter,
Around your little neck,
As you push the blades deeper
Into my throbbing veins.
And let my blood flow.
I'll show you my love.
I give you my life
Like you gave me yours...

Together Forever...

Dangerous Mind
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This is my first comp because it sounds fun
O! Such desire
By kourtnissixxx

O! Such temptrest ways of memories
Rotting chains upon my love
For once thou brought me to my knees
But now im caged- A wingless dove
Whisper affection through these trees
Ah! shadowed ghost- Fill me with tormented lies
Hold me captive and never free
What art thou demanding?(Forgetting thou hast died)

O! such lust radiates from thoust grave
Pristine white skin peeks under thy dress
Alas my soul i will not save
My love, my lady i must confess
That i seek passion unto dreamydead
A vault once mine- Now severed lock
This death, this tomb shall serve as bed
To leave thoust gods in uttershock

O! such sound of silenced moans
A fate intertwined of melancholy
As the earth beneath us groans
Addiction beyond that of molly
Thy soul, thy body thy pressience is real
True pleasures marvolous damnation
Inside of you is all i feel
Art thou not rideing the same sensation?
This dance, this song, this unholynight
This act of devil aches in my bones
Thrust upon me- rejecting light
Strife fills me with thy woes

O! such a sightitis to see
Thy carcuss is sanctuary
Flesh and osseous writhing under me
Creating my early obituary
Which is enduring so be deep!
Erasing me without a trace
My soul forever it will reap
The test of time we both will face
In ghastly eternity we shall sleep
Encased inside thoust dwelling-place

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
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Gothic Romance

Clammy fingers gently unlace my bodice
And I can feel in the trembling of her hand
The things she fears to say
For we must not say what we feel
Not even to ourselves
Lest we be caught in sin
And I cannot dwell too much
On what God would think
When He is not here
To feel her touch upon my skin

And I fear not God’s disgrace
When she makes my heart beat
Like the wings of a song bird
And my mind dizzy with imaginings
My breath losing itself briefly
When her lips graze
The nape of my neck
Her hands caressing my hips
Sliding lower to touch
Intimate places
I pray no man will ever go

So I must content myself
To these midnight rendezvous
As I ready myself for a deeper purpose
Within the Holy confines of the Church
When the choices laid before me
Are so few
Marry, or live the life of a nun
And never will I ever marry
Never will I give myself to a man
When only my lady lover sets my body alight

I tremble beneath her delicate hands
As smooth as my own
While tonight is ours alone
And tomorrow brings a new day
Where we must pretend to be
Something other than ourselves
And I want to whisper in her ear
“Run away with me, my love”
Though I know she will decline
And return to her husband before nights end
Until we can meet in moonlight one more time

poet Anonymous

Chained Man

I am the chained man at your dinner table
Depriving myself of a vital subsistence
Unable to taste the sweet nectar of grace
For my taste buds have been burned away

I am the chained man at your bedside
Tired eyes cast adrift in a motionless state
Unable to sleep in soundless waves
For my eyelids have been cut away

I am the chained man at your doorstep
Asking to be granted entrance but ignored
Unable to master the resolute protections
For my fingers have been severed at the tips

I am the chained man in your basement cellar
Hearing the occasional footsteps against floorboards
Reminds me that I am yet alive but that death is near
For my lungs suffocate with neglect in the stale air

I am the chained man on the tailgate of your pickup truck
Bounding in gasping breaths hastening to keep the pace
Unable to catch your speed I falter and loose my balance
For my legs and knees have crumbled in your wake

I am the chained man in your dreams of fantasy
Fading from sight my visage is ghostly and transparent
Unable to remain against torrential floods of memory
For my thoughts grow weak and diminish their spark

I am the chained man imprisoned in a sphere of glass
Looking beyond the veil at visions of blissful eloquence
The skin of my wrists has been reduced to mortar and bone
For my escape from this self-imposed bastille of isolation is impossible

I am the chained man barricaded by walls of reflective metal
Forced to examine my decay in the mire of echoing solitude
I lick my wounds in silence with dry cracked lips
For my tongue has melted away and I can no longer speak

I am the chained man suffering through inhibition and inaction
Yet understanding that my destiny is to remain confined
To be a victim of my own doing and to reside in secrecy
For my afflicted body and tortured mind will never know love

Strange Creature
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She's sobbing, she's broken,
Sitting crumpled on the floor.
Her lips are taped shut,
But her eyes plead for more.
Silently begging someone to figure out,
She's dying to be saved.
Secretly wishing somebody could find her,
And grant her the rescue she has craved.

Then warm hands wrap around her,
Wiping her tears,
By a boy who can spare her,
From her pain and her fears.
Gently he removes the gag from her lips,
And releases the chains that bound her.
As he wipes the blood from wrist,
Her emotions once again stir.
Her crimson raindrops caught on his fingers,
She is healed by his touch;
Until only ghosts of scars linger.

She leans in to kiss him,
Breathes in his minty scent.
No longer fighting her demons,
At long last she's content.
He's everything she needed,
And everything she asked.
He is the remedy,the glue,
For her undeniable cracks.

Safe in his arms,
For once she is warm.
Shes shed the darkness that was pulling her down,
No longer must she feel so torn,
When none is around.
She watches his breath untill the world fades away...
She wishes so badly,
That she can always stay.

Alas she cannot,
For reality awaits.
The morning light reminds her,
That his death sealed her fate.    
That her blood has stained the floor,
Cleaned by no one.
She still cannot feel,
It all comes in numb,
Distorted and surreal,
The truth that awaits her;
Is her demons have won.

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