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suicide †poems

Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

write a poem about suicide
only 1 poem per person
2 weeks u can have rewrites

Dangerous Mind
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p r i s o n b r e a k

Shivering alone †
sitting under †
the leafless tree †
by the deserted brick lane †
haunted by primitive ghosts †
the wind howling with †
their requiems †

in my desperate hour †
of need †
the last drops †
of blood †
gurgling in farewell bid †

I count-breathe-blink

my dried tears smell of †
pathos and derangement †
so manic and profound that †
the washed out moon hides behind †
the veil of thick clouds-in atonement †

I breathe-blink-count

The scurry of nocturnal lives †
seems like a distant rumble †

a fresh drop of sweat †

t †
r †
†i †
† c †
† †k †
† † †l †
† † † e †
† † † †s †

d †
o †
w †
n †

my forehead †
which seemingly feels

d i s t a n t

and another †

† l
† †o
† † w
† † † s †

scorched by †
inner fear †a n d †
outer fever †
of volatile trepidation †

as the perplexed neurons †
collide amongst †
(one) (another) †

I blink-breathe-count

A rebellious outrage seems † † † † † † † † †
to be underway †
with meticulous imperfection †


Picanic('i' don't 'see') †

The frozen blood †
on the stainless blade †
has left a smudge- †
an aberration †
in the silvery refection †

The owl hoots on †
the perched branch †
an anguished acrimony †
in the glint of its eyes †
as it watches the spectacle †
u n f o l d in cold comfort †

The life-force dances inside †
the prison-a dance of death †
or maybe the dance of joy- †
the sheer metaphysical melodrama †

I count-blink

The soul on the brink of acquittal †
from the soiled asylum †

The throbbing inside the skull †
now a regular blasting †
of sanity and the comatose reality- †

i-n-t-e-r-m-i-t-t-e-n-t †

Rigor mortis seems †
still another eon away (but why?)

I blink

F i n a l l y †
the battle ends †
so does a life of †
dignified misery †

meaningless drudgery
senseless camaraderie
soulless scenery
binary. nunnery. slavery.

(Some have named it †
salvation †
the puritans, suicide
shorthand. shortcut. cut-short.) †

The suppressed grin provides †
the contrasting antithesis †
(or maybe the setting †
for an unceremonious departure?) †

The commotion ends abruptly †
as the motionless body †
sits in an enviable trance †

The Buddha of suburbia
beneath the wizened tree
the chakras ceased †
the prana free

The chaos of life giving way †
to divine and logical calm †

Mystical beauty germinating †
from the monolithic servility †
in its last momentous glory

I see myself-

solid †

Serene death departs †
drenched in pristine white †
as the cheerless city †
breathes thru

the slow night.

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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When Hands Unlock    

Will you please recall
our tall , cheer
my happiness enclosed
within a single
crystal cut tear.
Remember my
platinum eye
that strived to enlive
through jewels
that pooled
through curls of pearls
that swirled to a twirl  
into an ocean
lotion sky
so fairytale and far
so orbital so high.
Will you all
will you remember me
when I go
when I fall
will you plant a tree.
When I meet a sky of emerald
will I salute
an astute
ancient army general.
When I can no longer laugh into your eyes
when I can no longer put my arm around you
and capture summers  golden sunshine skies.
When I am gone
when I ascend away
always remember me , in my heyday
the stones at your window
aftershave upon a pillow
remember me when you sit and breath
all that glows.
Extend your vision
across rape seed hills of colourful collision
watch the sun disappear
into a valley of fantasy as night comes clear
dont fear
my sun down
just light a waxed torch and sit beneath my tree
and watch as I flicker around .
When I have gone out far
when I leave
recall the string in the buttons
you sewn on my sleeves
hold on to my dream to be
you must not forget all of me .
My words strewn over pages
my scruffy autograph
my smile within a photograph
all my images .
When hands unlock
and upon the door i knock
dont forget me
please plant a tree
then our forests and fields
will forever rock

Thought Provoker
United States
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"What Does God Have Planned for Me?"

Time goes by too slow for me
As the clock ticks
I flow aimlessly
In my own mind...
In my own world...
  I wonder what does God have planned for me?

Am I to live
With this sickness inside me?
Forever will it be
That this sadness will plague me?
  No peace fills my mind
  Don't think I'll ever find
  True happiness...
What does God have planned for me?
  To just sit and wait?
  All I do is contemplate
  In my deep depression
  I feel I need to go to confession
  To tell my father
  That I can't wait any longer...

Am I to continue to hate
Myself because I am afraid?
All the options I had
I made too late
And every night I pray
I wake up in the morning still sad
Because nothing still hasn't changed...
  What does God have planned for me?
      I just sit and wait
      All I do is contemplate
      In my regression
      I feel there's no other option
      But to tell my father
      That I won't wait any longer...

As the clock ticks
I flow aimlessly
In my own mind...
In my own world...
Time goes by too slow for me
As I continue to wonder
What does God have planned for me?

By Tara M. AKA LyricalLady

Guardian of Shadows
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Suicide Note

I really should not
But I will
Fly from this building tonight
It will be such a thrill
Down below I see the lights
Little things, miniatures
Rushing cars and streetlights
People rushing by with their dreams
Ambitions and achievements
Triumphs and accomplishments

I have none of those
I am a non-entity
I do not exist
I am nothing
I am no one
And this little shred of humanity
Should be destroyed

I stand poised on this ledge
Looking down before I fly
I think about what led
me to this little flight
A journey of discovery
A lifetime of knowing
That I want to end tonight
Innocence lost
A dream shattered
Unwanted knowledge gained

My mother wished I was scrapped from her womb
She told me that one day
And in an instance wished she did not
My father wished I was a boy
And ignored me when I was not
My siblings hated me
For being just me
My lovers used me
And discarded me when it was over
I am used merchandise

Tonight I reached the zenith
Of my hurt
When you I love said goodbye
In this letter in my hand
The wind they sing a lullaby
The cold air like gentle arms
Engulf me lovingly, freezing me
I need to go
I am flying now
See you in my dreams

Dangerous Mind
United States
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A spark
tingles through
my body
as I touch
the outlet
I slow down
The trembling starts
the shaking comes next
My hair stands up
and then the burn
mists itís way in
I try to let go
but the physical
stops me
My mind says HELL NO
but my body doesnít reply
And then my memory
says goodbye
Then HELP!!!!
My words are scrambled
My thoughts are next
And then my eyes pop out of my head
I fall to the floor
my legs give way
and I passed away

Kayla Moreau
Thought Provoker
United States
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Let Me Go

I think about how much I hate my life as I,  
sit in the tub pulling out my razor,
grab my parents gun, checking to see if itís loaded,
open up my window and peer at the street, 50 feet below,
step on the chair, slipping the noose around my neck.
I think about you
and I canít breathe
Iím so pissed.
I loved you and you lied.
Let me do this.
Let me go I cry
as the razor bites my wrist,
red pooling into the tub.
Let me go I whisper  
as I put the gun to my head,
pulling the trigger.
Let me go I scream
as I spread my arms out
and jump.
Let me go I mumble
as I kick the chair out from under me,
the rope cutting my breath off,  
snapping my neck.
Donít cry over me.
Let me go.

Fire of Insight
United States
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"Red Moon"

Here I stand lake side in the dark of night
Floating reflection of me back dropped by moonlight
The color has slowly faded from these eyes
Blood dripping over my eyelids falling down the sides
Blurred vision and the world is still so innocent
Caught up in its own beauty, terrible witness
To the dyeing boy alone with bleeding wrists
Sad eyes blink one last time, leaving one image
Tears falling to her soft pink lips
Whispering I love you, I love you so donít do this
What a beautiful vision, time for me to stop wishing
All strength has bleed from this tireless body
Falling over becoming one with my reflection
Sinking deep, I have lost all connection
Not to be saved is truly a blessing
As the lake calms, returns the moons reflection
Colored in red, the grave of a suicidal affection

poet Anonymous

Sucks .

I used to believe  
there was no such thing  
as a bad day.  
And today,  
I sit at the park  
on the bonnet  
of my car  
under the  
perfect tree.  
Rope .

Written by AliP

poet Anonymous


I leave behind my eyes
 eyes that only saw fairy tales

I leave behind my hair
hair that hungered
 for a lovers hands to run through it

I leave behind my skin
skin that yearned to be caressed

I leave behind my smile
of which was so bright
 when I thought of better days

I leave behind my hands
hands that reached out
 and were never taken

But I cant leave behind my heart
because the damage is far
 more than can be repaired

And I cant leave my strength
because I have lost it all

I cant do this anymore


Fire of Insight
United States
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Death Note
by ~UnleashedHeathen

I don't want to kill myself with a gun
Because to me that would seem petty
Nor do I want to slit my wrists like an 'emo' - emotional fake, I say-
I don't want to give you the satisfaction that you so secretly want

I can see it in your face. I can smell your fear
Of " Will it be me first, or her; doing what should have been done long ago"
Let's face it. Everyone gets lost in there own version of reality.

I'm not going to pretend that I was depressed
Because I know that the outcome I presumed would be irrational
It would be insane to think that you would be happy because you got what you desired.

I didn't kill myself. I didn't die unexpectedly.
I just disappeared††where I can see you and everything you do.
Because you set me free, I can see the happiness you so greedily hid.

Fire of Insight
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I find myself tensed
hopeless and frightened

I dont want to do it
but I cannot stop

Behind me my empty life of stress
How can I go on
Living as a shadow of myself

I dont want to do it
But I cannot stop

I think of all those I love
I know this will hurt
But its time to fuck the world

Shivering till this long night's gone
Enter a blissful peace
in the opening dawn

I dont want to do it
I love being around my peeps
and many other things I'd miss
But I cant stick around for any of this

why me?

Completely ill
I rush for the pills
Jittery,teary but determined

I cant stop....

Not now
I've come this far
no turning back
Pop the pills
Fuck how it feels
Childhood memories
flash through my eyes
Gate of paradise
Good night cruel life
As for my dear wife
Think not less of me

Rachel O.
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Slow Suicide

The suffocating grasp of your claws has  
made my spirit too numb to feel the  
persecuting heartache the  
torturing turmoil and  
conflicting sorrow of  
all my failures  
The ferocious slashing of your teeth has  
made my skin too thick to feel the  
blistering anguish the  
flaming grief and  
blazing torment of  
all my disappointments  
The poisonous howl of your rage has  
made my ears too deaf to hear the  
degrading screeching the  
sickening shrieking and  
agonizing squalling of  
all your disapproval's

Existing with you is a slow suicide  

I have nothing to continue for, for    
I have no one to continue with  
I have not anything, for  
I have nothing  
I have not anyone, for  
I have no one  
I am not anything, for    
I am nothing

Fire of Insight
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Little drop of crimson,
Fall from the wound.
Forget your brothers and sisters,
They will follow.
Run down my hands, like warm drops of sunlight,
Drip to the floor,
And when you hit the ground, a pool will follow.
and that, my friends,
Was the end of me.

Lost Thinker
United States
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A Madman's Broken Heart

I am what I am.. Should I apologize for it?

'Cause I'm still the same guy that YOU fell in love with.

You said you wouldn't hurt me, right from the start.

But that was the first thing you did. Now look at my heart!

Bleeding and beating to the rhythm of your name!

This pain I'm enduring is driving me insane!

More than usual! I almost want to cry!

Maybe laugh!..No wait!.. I think I want to die!

Hold on! Listen! I hear something in my head!

Never mind it's gone.. Maybe I'm already dead.

'Cause nothing seems to function Right.

And I'm still here, but you're out of sight.

Honestly! I don't know what to do!

Someone please tell me! I beg of you!

All I do is stare at my heart lying on the floor.

Broken into pieces, in a puddle of gore.

Can't you see that I'm on my knees?!

Someone!! Anyone!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

Oh wait. You can't see. These are just written words.

Is what I do a gift? A Blessing or a Curse?

Maritza!!! Can you hear me? Did i scare you my dear?

Is it me that you hate? Or my poems that you fear?

Well I guess it doesn't matter. It's already too late.

Thank you my love, for sealing my fate.

I'm going to be honest. I'm not going to lie.

I'm not good with break ups, or at saying goodbyes.

So here is my poem that I'm writing for you.

Now before I pull this trigger, I just want to say... I LOVE YOU...

AND GOODBYE..........



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