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Forgiven - Unforgiven

Twisted Dreamer
Australia 1awards
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Poetry Contest

Think of someone who has really hurt you, be it physically or emotionally.  Write a poem for them either forgiving them or not.
Imagine you are writing it specifically for that person.

Some things you may want to include but are not required:

How they hurt you? Do you understand now why they hurt you? How they made you feel? The impact it had or still has on your life?

Dangerous Mind
India 16awards
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Clinical breakdown of a personal tragedy

You did not take my call
or the day before
and even the previous day

It's not unusal,
not in the least;
don't misinterpret
my silence as my
complete lack of surprise

This silence is
of the rare kind-
one you would find
over a tranquil lake
during slow moving twilight
in autumn
I bleed with a pained smile
and wait
The whole world reciprocates
in ignorant bliss
Silently they move about,
trapped in their own life capsules-




so they say

Oblivious I lie obliterated,
cancerous void spreading-
faster then I could summarize
my tragedy

This is deja vu
you are a repeatation
Just another number-
in my long list
of ambiguities
I can not live without

And I assume my role
of an escape
a parenthesis
for you
in the larger picture

A changeover between
various recurring acts
of your life-
clear cut and
well-defined role
it is, one of its kind

Utterly deafening silence
pulls the life
out of folds of skin
as tears sink back in

Reverse osmosis is underway-
survival mode
My life is a stage and
I am the thespian
You are a star and
I am the star struck-
who stabs his heart
when you beam

Uncontrollable spikes
of bliss
it's all optical illusion
of the stage
Misdirection techniques
used to camoflage

You are a lie-permanent
beyond the event
I am the truth and transient-
awaiting my fall

A mighty army lies by your side-

Faceless and nameless

they are soldiers of misfotune
I am powerless and spellbound
by thousand black suns-
which blind me in
their collective glory-a flash

Fade to black

the drapery slides across-gushing
while I stand ahead,
alone on stage in the dark-
shackled and broken winged,
the cherub with wounds

and it remains that way
as the show continues
I am the backstage now
the darkside of the doom
Just an artifact,
which could be used from time to time
When bows would pierce
the soft pulp and
eyes would flutter
In reaction, transcending
above the mortal exit wounds
And like this
under your name
the show would go on
as the electromagnetic signals
would race thru the phone
I am just a character,
I am just a name
You have the licence
and I have the silence  
Rare perfection achieved
in short notice

You have won the subscription
of a lifetime of
modest heartbeats and
frozen tears

Use them, diffuse them-
statues just stare in prayer
and if you wish
you can't locate my impression.
Rot spreads fast in soft tissue,
that'd be the undoing
But my billion trapped heart beats
would accompany you
as you trundle and glide
in the giant masquerade

Don't react
when the mask crumbles,
it's but a nightmare
You had set my heart
on fire & they warned you
to not play
Pyromania blended with indifference
& quasi-amorous devotion
for an anthropomorphic form of
sustainable yang
since long ago

his bluish necrosis became
a lifelong wet dream
And the penumbra of yab & yum
in me showed you an oasis

And look at the empire of rust
you have built-
ravaged & flourishing,
permenent fixtures in this setting
The architect of preamature disaster
posing as diademed Diana

And I oscillate for the prognosis  
between you and
impermeable fate.

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 42awards
Joined 18th Dec 2009
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Outside The Light    (SP Summerscales)

You tore out the air
which supplied my heart
then you left me there
to slowly fall apart ,
saturday lies
even week nights
you'd look in my eyes
outside the light

Remembering , wandering
the back streets of our years
my everything , squandering
a reduction to tears .

You turned to cast
like a hollow thing
I burned to ash
in a molten ring
the kids did ask
for you to bring
yourself back home
to hope we'd cling .

Off the wall
so desperately
I did so fall ,
descent , gravity
down I went painfully
to cracked cement , a cavity
you walked , hell bent  
away from me
how could you dent
our family
these babies were sent  
from the heavens to me
how could you have spent
what comes for free .

Fire of Insight
Japan 10awards
Joined 19th July 2011
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what crowds my heart with lonely souls....
i find nothing.
but a deep shell of lost eyes that has never been taned to
its original self.
who am i?? might you ask...???
i am someone from your darkist past...
like a melody that flows the brain
creating a sound..a feel...
you thought wasnt real...
some who beliving i have meet you at the
cherry blossom tree...
who am i you ask...??
i must be from your darkist past.
but life has forgotten who i am,
i have been abandon for i am left alone.
so i soon uncover the truth
that has never been told before.
i say...forgive me.
who am i ???you ask.
i must be from your darkist past

-Kumiko Yamamoto

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
Joined 29th Dec 2011
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Well did you get my note today?
Its got all the things I had to say,
My selfish plea's,
And desperate cries,
To cover up all my lies.

I still ain't heard a word from you,
Losing control, don't know what to do,
Your not fucking,
around anymore,
I see you moving, towards the door.

There's too many lies,
And too many problems,
Making too many tears,
And My heart is breaking right in two,
Tell me why I bother opening my eyes...

Yes I got your note today,
And read the words you had to say,
Your childish choice,
Of lying, thats how,
Your words wash over me now.

You wont get nothing for free,
Not till you learn what you did to me,
Till you understand,
How you cut inside,
All this pain that I feel inside.

There's too much pain,
And too much anger,
And I'm feeling just like you,
My heart still breaks in two,
Those eyes are closing on you...

Take the time and a step back,
Get yourself back on track,
It's not broken,
Beyond repair,
Just show me, how much you care.

Take my hand,
Take my whole life too,
Just no more lies,
Or I'll say goodbye to you.

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 42awards
Joined 18th Dec 2009
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Don't Ask For My Forgiveness . (SP Summerscales)

Gone and yes
none to less
and trodden
under dressed
I am a mess
not even second best
too often .

Days go by
the months
the years
the lows
the highs
my eyes
my ears
things pass time
but don't come near
happy times
I'm dying here .

I know that it's Christmas
but don't ask for my forgiveness .

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
Joined 29th Dec 2011
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The past has past.

Do you think that I cant feel ?
Do you think that I am devoid of hope ?
Do you think that my feelings don't matter?
Is that how you cope ?
With the guilt that you should feel,
and the pain that you should have inside,
for the times you left me beaten,
and bruises I cant hide.

Did you leave me this small note ?
Saying how you lost control,
do you think that its enough now,
To save your worthless soul ?
I wont say  it's ok,
and I'll never trust you again,
I'll never let you near me now,
or feel the love that I sustain.

You left me all alone,
lying on the kitchen floor,
my blood was all around me,
but that's not all; cause there was more,
but the broken bones have healed,
and I moved along with my life,
and now I'm happy and secure,
with my new kind and caring wife.

Don't ask me for my love,
it belongs to someone better now,
don't beg me for forgives,
you vindictive evil cow,
your shattered twisted soul,
I hope that it burn's in hell,
I just cant see your guilt,
because you hide it so well.

Helvete Blod
Fire of Insight
United States 5awards
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You've Made The Gravest Mistake:

You better run motherfucker run
You’ve crossed the boundaries you know
Will put you in the fucking grave
As long as I have blood inside these veins of mine
I’m gonna rip out your intestines and shove them down your throat
You have pissed off the one man
Who will kill you in the most sadistic rage since Ed Gein was alive

Get ready motherfucker!
To have your throat slit to pieces
Your goddamn heart ripped out
And your lungs burned to a crisp
You cheated on her and now
Your sorry ass is going to be cheated out of life
I can guaran-damn-tee it you cunt

Awaken the Demon inside
And prepare to be tortured
More than a victim of Josef Rudolf Mengele
Your body will be destroyed so damn much
Your soul itself will fall out of it in pieces


I wrote this awhile back with my best friend got cheated on by her fiancee. This obviously directed at the ex-fiancee. More of an angry piece than forgive or not though.

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 42awards
Joined 18th Dec 2009
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Angel Listen   (SP Summerscales)

Angel listen
can you see
something is missing
from inside of me
hear my voice
hear me cry
forgive my choice
before I die .

I skin and bone
you of eternity
will your wings of stone
fly with me
to the far
to unknown
where different stars
begin to glow
another time
where we don't die
and hope is carved
throughout thick skies
embedded years
emotions tears
can your stone moulded
ears hear this
angel listen
angel please
replace the missing
jigsaw piece .

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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I forgive the unforgiven

I remember it well
The promises we made
The love we had
The hopes we shared
This remembrance
Should be scrapped
From the library of my mind
From the walls of time
Just so it would not
Eat into my soul like rot
Like corrosive rust

I remember
The kisses deep
The seeking hands
The giving, melting together
Fused into one
In a gentle lullaby of love
Trembling and shivering
In love’s symphony
Reaching up to the sky
And falling like cosmic dusts
Consummation with the crashing waves

I remember
The screeching silence
When I saw you on our bed
With someone else, impaled
On you, wrapped in your arms
The question why
Was answered with a thousand
Stabs into my heart
“Because  I love her”
Turning away I knew
It was all over

This Christmas the anniversary
Of my heart’s tragedy
I reached out to forgive
I want to forgive
The murderer of my hopes
The thief of my love
The hurdle of destiny
Love was the culprit
Love was the guilty one
For without love, you
Would never have gone

Love is unforgiven
Love is unforgiving
Love always wins
To forgive I can
To forget,  never
For I will forever
When love betrayed me
And set me free
From a lie

Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
Tyrant of Words
United States 69awards
Joined 15th Sep 2011
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- New Wings to Fly -

A Song about Understanding

I was there to make you smile, but you’d rather just frown…
You’d rather wear dark rags than a beautiful gown!
I was there to sing you songs, and we laughed in the dark…
You’d rather sing to yourself in some lonely park!
Did I shine too brightly for your own eyes to look into mine?
Didn’t I give you a whole eternity of my time?
Now I wait in the shadows for some new love to come by…
And I find myself needing new wings to fly.

My heart is always breaking, but you just keep going on…
It’s like you can’t see that there’s something wrong.
It’s not enough to make the nightmares end with the light;
It’s not enough to dry the falling tears tonight!
What good are promises when you’ll just break them again?
Why not just admit that we are all born to sin!
Dance with me in the fire, and I’ll give you new wings to fly,
Why not take my hand, until it makes us both sigh!

We could kiss in the dark until the sweat pours on down…
Would you be my princess, and wear the crown?
We could watch the sun set until the night enfolds us whole,
Make of life a game, and play this brand new role!
Too seriously you take life, and you’ll lose all your desire…
So why not take my hand, and we’ll dance in the fire!
You’re just waiting in the shadows; you’re the same as I,
Soon you’ll find yourself needing new wings to fly.

Your heart is always breaking, in the light of a new sun…
It’s like you can’t see that you’ve only just begun.
It’s not enough to think the nightmares will stay away;
It’s not enough to just sit around and pray!
What good are prayers when your heart is not sincere?
Why not just admit that we all give in to fear!
But dance with me in the fire, and we’ll touch the sky…
We can give each other brand new wings to fly!

Fire of Insight
United States 4awards
Joined 1st Jan 2012
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Cursed from the Start

I  never asked, I never will,
But never forget, I'm angry still.
You took off, never a chance,
To let my angry, violent words dance.

Why was it too much to ask,
Why was it such a heavy task,
To simply tell me why
Before you let your silence utter good-bye?

Months of nothing left me cold,
And to the frigid wind, was your love sold.
Then you came to make a request,
Who do you take me for, as I drowned in your mess?

'Forgiveness for past transgressions'?
Oh, I forgot, military doesn't teach you humble lessons.
No 'forgive me, I'm sorry I lied'?
Why did you even bother to try?

So fine, here is my forgiveness, may it last,
Never come back; from me, you I cast.
You will find someone else to haunt your step,
One you will never be able to forget.

She will be your every thought, your every breath,
And should she part from you, it will mean your death.
Its to you, my curse,
That her absence will be the heaviest pain to nurse.

Your thoughts will never be your own,
Instead her heart will be your home.
You'll never be able to leave her as you did me.
Because without her you would never be free.

You'll be tethered to her,
You sweet, lying cure.
So go now and find a heart,
But remember, you've been cursed from the start.

poet Anonymous

No Soul Man

You stamped me with your been there, done that
I was addicted to the challenge, now I see that
The fights were what I fed off, wow feel that
“..Ugly, pathetic”, you prick, I’m not fat

Tattoo on my head - you can’t break me
Punch my face, ring my throat, I forsake me
Crawl through the gutter, my choice, fake me
“Who the fuck would fancy you?”, everyone you’ll see

Found myself again, though it took years
Laugh at who I fell to, rid of all fears
Your days are a sorry path; fucking, sleep, beers
Prop that bar up forever you soulless prick, my mum was so right about you

Lost Thinker
South Africa 2awards
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A spider web

Endless as a empty well
You put me there in hell

Darkness has never been so complete
Demons and angels for my soul compete

Praying and cursing in one breath
You ,how could you?,
leave me so bereft?

Splinters of hope
As I look at that rope
A whisper of escape
could this be my fate?

A phone rings ......
Automaton, I react to its plea
Wondering what calamity it brings

A voice.....
A voice so Dear
My hart shudders
That voice so clear
Hello was all I could utter

“Forgive me love for being late”
My god he's not at the bottom of the lake!!!
"My plane ticket got stolen,with my luggage"
All my  demons fled at this stage
“Heard the plane went down in a lake,
guess it was my luck hey?”
“So do you forgive me honey?”
Frenzied heart once grey
Gulping for air and feeling dizzy

I laugh and he asks ”why? honey”
I reply because I thought....
I lost you lovey


Dangerous Mind
Joined 29th Aug 2009
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Yes, I forgive your petty
eyes when every time they
meet mine, they undress me,
leave me cold, as If I were
exposed, again.

(Im not sure about the punctuation; should I erase the commas? anyone?)

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