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What do you fear most?

Strange Creature
United States
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Poetry Contest

I think it's pretty self explanatory. =P
Just write. Be honest. Think.


StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
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Instability     (SP Summerscales)

Do you ever fear
becoming crazed
a life of mental instability
all sanity erased ,
ruby eyes glazed ,
present occurrences dazed
a once lucid , sapphire atmosphere hazed
staring at celestial
instrument playing beings
who stare back utterly amazed
opposite is the turin shroud
slumped over a cloud
your eyebrows are raised .
Your body and brain have just shrunk
you've sprinted up
an African Elephants trunk
sitting on its back
your off the beaten track
glaring at this huge passenger
it feels like you must look like
Africa next to Madagascar
Watching a mouse
sprout wings and take off
turn to see a statue
splutter and cough
Dismal is the vague light
thats barely lit
scary isnt it .

Strange Creature
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As a child, we fear most, the shadows of cloth that come amongst
thought to be a monster, but barely beyond...
As a teen we fear not being loved.. instead we look for love in the wrong places..
Above the hanging body of our blood.. we cry.. he took his life..
A grown man took his life because he was afriad, afriad of the bills..
A very HARD working man that would literally KILL
to do whatever it took to make the ones he loved smile..
How hard life was portrayed to him, he wanted to do more than his father..
took too much upon himself till he decided ''why should i bother?''
''Why should I pay bills?''
''Why should I pray?''
''When will the lord hear me?''
So he prayed again.. he prayed for his mom
he prayed for his three sons and his daughter..
he prayed for his wife and anyone who cared to bother..
He prayed to be reborn for what he feared the most..
was death.. for his eyes he then closed..
then soon took the rope
prayed for energy to hope..
got impatient in blood he soaked..
For what he feared most was not to be bills
For true happiness he sadly killed..

Strange Creature
United States
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13 btw hehe

poet Anonymous

wow so super good poems here!!!

vaine valenc
Lost Thinker
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my fear
i fear
that someday i would never hear
that i should never breath again
and getting my blood and bones blaind
including the dark and reasonable death

poet Anonymous

I Am Afraid Of Shadows

The day was alone dead and long,
fragments of nightmares were caught like broken glass,
in the tissue of my mind.
Shadows of eternity passed before my eyes,
and the shadows cloaked from head to toe,
who keeps the keys to all creeds.
And has seen the ivory-tower dwellers.

My soul lay naked, my secrets locked away forever.
The wind blowed like shimmering, billowing,
curtains of spun silver and ice,
witch made me cry.

The shadows move around in the day as well in the night,
always calling my name.
Because they blend the living with the dead,
And kiss the cold clay lips of the dead.

Mr A
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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look inside despise the sights for fear is mostly shamefull
an emotion often frowned upon leaves innocence with questions,
what? When? Why's and if's
the unpredictable inevitability
the unfortunate knowledge
the circumstances i avaded
that most certainly will revisit
strength is my heads enemy
self tortures my soul
what i fear the most will reside just in my head
what you fear the most makes you wish you were dead

Fire of Insight
United States
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There's something in the shadows,
stalking it's prey,
A devil lurking behind it's dark-
And all Alone,
no light to take it away.
Tortured soul.
Without name,
nor cause.
Why do We exist?
Shadow and Me.
Our reasons to be,
why he has more than me.
Scary shadow, lurking devil,
you have more than Alone.
You can see the world,
it's secrets,
it's people.
I can see nothing,
Alone in the crowd.
Once again,
scary lurking shadow,
drag me down,
and Alone will be lost-
and not on a thought,
no once to think it's alive.
Scary lurking shadow,
We'll touch this world together.
Alone is worse than Dark.

Fire of Insight
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(this is an, ..observational..)

He feared the boys in school,
bullies who ruled.
They poked in fun,
oh, how he runs,
Trying hard to fight off words,
that were never true to begin.
Trying hard, to fight alone,
feeling abandoned-
even at home.
Always crying, in some bathroom,
all shiny and white,
marking his sin,
his weakness, as he prayed to give up life.
He was afraid,
to be left alone,
to be lost,
on his own-
he soon decided, the world is best without;
the world is best to lose all Hope,
What he marked as sin.
Something crushed his spirit,
shattered his safety,
took his Hope,
and tore his love.
Words were cruel,
and the world was vast.
Hope took a gun,
and shot itself.
The world is better without-
So he feared-
it might be true.

The world lost it's Hope.
His fears weren't true


Gleana Snipoms
Thought Provoker
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I Fear

The idea of myself twisting mentally into the one
The one that all women fear eternally
The dominant abuser that shows no sympathy
The one who is tormented but chooses to torment the closest
The one who says things they never mean
Tho one who understands pain and not reasoning
Becoming the Ruthless.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Can it be an already written one?

Fire of Insight
United States
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UnleashedHeathen said:Fear by UnleashedHeathen

I fear that I'll never get to see you again 
Or watch you hiding all that emptiness 
I fear that fear itself will make me wince
Into the ruthless world I chance a glimpse 

I fear that your smile will make me hurt
Because the love I wanted, to you I spurred 
The heart to the beat You claim I have
Is now useless and in halve.

The  words that carried you in your talk
 Have caused me fear that you may never walk
The way you speak presumes you
I took my chance when I moved with you

I fear that hurt will color my affection 
Sooner or later you will unravel my infection
I fear that smarts will bestow me 
The fear I fear the most loathes me 

The fear I will never lose 
Is the the fear I constantly chose 
It's the way I live, the way walk
It's the slur of words when I talk

Fearing that fear itself will never leave me 
Leaves me restless and constantly uneasy 
The fear that never could get me to part my lips for a smile
Now carries my casket down the aisle 

Twisted Dreamer
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Welcome to Hell

She stares at me from the other side.
Her crystal eyes look me up and down,
her judgement clear across the smirk her lips hold tight.
She comes closer reaching out for my hand
taking me to where I really belong.
Her silence is memorizing and I follow
her to white jackets constricting my movements
and needles controlling my thoughts.
My eyes follow her graceful movements
as she glides across the room,
almost as if she isn't walking at all
but skating across the slick surface of ice.

More girls exactly like her join in
and dance around me,
swirling and twirling
they make my head spin out of control.
She comes closer and whispers in my ear,
"You knew it was coming,
you knew they'd find out eventually."

The room around me dissolves
leaving white walls and my hysterical
cries in it's wake.
She looks me in the eyes,nods,
and slowly disappears.
I stand to chase after her
but I cannot move.

Nurses and doctors surround
the chair to which I am bound.
Their eyes are empty, black chasms
and their fingers end in inch-long talons.
They hiss and their forked tongues
peek out from behind pointed teeth and
evil grins. Their hands are ice cold.

I awake in a bed that is not my own
with chains wrapped tightly around
my arms and legs.
The room is too hot,
the girl in the other bed
is screaming in her sleep.
The nurse cracks the door
and screeches at her for quiet.
Her eyes turn to me, staring
straight into my soul.
The room becomes blurry
and my limbs go numb.
Before I lose consciousness
I hear her say,
"Welcome, to hell,
we missed you."

Fire of Insight
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What fear does man fear most?
It is death, dear ones.
The thing they fear most,
is the thing a woman can grant.
Slap us around, we'll see you in hell,
Do we care for you?
do we fear death?
Partially, we fear the pain we'll leave when we die
Men care about being forgotten.
Oh the small minded man can see we care not for him,
but for our familys and friends.
He'll ush them out and try fill their space
Tear him down,
slit his traot.
The words he'll scream will be:

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