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lost love

Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

this int a competition but just a place for people to vent about their lost loves
there arnt really any rules.

Fire of Insight
New Zealand
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this is just unfair
and i am unfair
when i say
one of us will have to die
either me
or my love for you
and its not strange
that i'd forget to detail
the everpresent features of my guise

I just hope to hell
that I meant something
anything to you
and i also wish that id expressed
this glue
the manic mind mechanics
holding me back
and my love for you
this is what keeps me together too

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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My Desperate Town     (SP Summerscales)

I found a hair clip today
tears refill an old
windy bay
I'm alone so cold
no longer can I hold
the morning of a new day .

The time we spent
has left to bigger dent
the feelings left behind
your smile and laugh
of its own kind
you moved the matter
the cells of a scatter
that make up my
shattered mind
of a no better .

We sit together
frozen in pictures
coats of leather
laughing in stitches .

The earth unkind
buries me to hellish heights
all the kings charge and remind
me of the gone knights .

As the bird flies
I rub my hydrated eyes
please god give me
a pleasant  surprise .
bring Natalie back
and light up the down
to replace the black
of my desperate town .

J. Payan
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Holding on to Memories

I was trying to forget something that i can't
At least not yet because 
The memories are still here
Replaying your voice in my ear
Making you come back to life in my mind

Your scent combined with the wind
Then I feel your touch on my skin
Your hand holding up my chin
Your lips pressed against mine 
Your kisses that left me paralyzed
Our tongues entwined

Your arms wrapped around my waist
You tightening your embrace
Hands silently racing down and up my back
You pulling away to kiss my neck

Everything done so perfectly
They seemed to be planned out carefully
Even when stopped to look into my eyes
To say those words that were a lie

We then walked hand in hand
Walking in what I thought was a strong thread
But After all the love, all we did and all we said
Everything is gone

Forgotten, lost, and erased to you
You moved on
And I'm left holding on
To something I once held...

Lost Thinker
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I Stand Alone

I stand alone as I usually do since my baby’s gone
I don’t know where and I don’t know why but I’m on my own
The time seems to disappear when you’re on your own
Seconds pass like minutes oh it’s so long

I cannot carry on the way I do
I’m missing something inside of me and I know it’s you
Filling up with tears that I just can’t reveal
And all that comforts me are my distant memories

Good and bad, happy and sad, sleepless nights at home
All the fights and the dirty lies I was never alone
All the times that I felt like shit but I never cried
Cause you were always there for me standing by my side

Lost Thinker
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the day is comin its getting very near
the time will come when we must face our darkest fears
lets make the most of what little time we have
fill it up with happiness and memories and laughs
i dont wanna say goodbye
I dont wanna let you go
i dont think i could live without
living in my soul

why couldnt
our love last
why does the time
dissapear so fast
the days come and go
but the nights feel so long
as i sit with you thinkin
how I’ll feel when your gone

Lost Thinker
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Sorry for postin so much, i've been on a severe writing buzz tonight and your comp is exactly what i've been writing about this is the last one, promise

New Beginning

My world is turning upside down
I've never felt this pain
And drowning in anxiety
I pray i wont again

A picture tells a thousand words
Your eyes can cut me deep
A broken heart cannot be fixed
Its memories i keep

Playing games around my mind
Scenarios unfold
Thinking thoughts of what might be
Turns my heart so cold

A trembling voice of question breaks
A heartbeat rises strong
My hope of life in happiness
Has suddenly gone wrong

Now the journey has begun
My uphill battle starts
Oh but unconditionally
For granted taken are our hearts

My world is turning inside out
My ways, my thoughts, my dreams
A deeper gaze can soon reveal
Things arent as they seem

Guardian of Shadows
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Lost Love

Fading water colours
on Canvas
Sepia coloured memories
Of love lost
remembered kisses
loving touches
breathy whispers
of I love You's
Deep down under now
Six feet beneath me
marked by a stone
In  remembrance of you
my husband

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Unborn Nostalgia        (SP Summerscales)

I need you to reinvent
my unborn nostalgia
to strike a dent
in my butterfly neuralgia
a song for when I die
a lament
for us
forever after
to redefine
my scarred memory eye
and sit with me and cry
through to laughter
I greed you to much
I need you badly
for your present state I cannot touch
the arms I would welcome gladly
Instead I act so butch
but apart I fall so sadly
different keys now unlock your doors
but all I ask is open up to me.

poet Anonymous

Lost love.

The pain is too great to bear.
Knowing you're gone, never coming back.
I pray that the next phone call will be your voice.
The stone in my chest beats wearily on, waiting.
Waiting for the day you walk back into my life.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- An Alien Angel -
Based on true events from my life…

Near the Red Sea, lies a desolation of sand…
Existing since before the early memory of man.
Within, lay an oasis of indescribable delights…
Created long ago, in a span of starless nights.
In the oasis lay ruins from an age before time,
Where an idol stood, so serene and sublime!
A goddess, carved in stone as red as blood…
With two owls, as survived the ancient Flood.
She held an ankh in one of her slender hands,
Her name was Lilith; she ruled the wild lands.
Today, her monument can no longer be found,
The oasis dried up leaving naught thus around.
But she, to whom that place was of old home,
Still, upon the wings of night is want to roam!
When I was sixteen, one cold autumn evening,
She came into my room, black eyes gleaming.

Her skin was pale as whitest bleached bone…
When through an open window she had flown,
To sit at the edge of the bed as I lay reading…
Staring at me with a gaze that held a meaning.
Her black hair tumbled down to her two feet,
I felt an ancient bond, when our eyes did meet.
Her raven wings enfolded me, so feathery soft,
As black as a raven’s, perched high in its’ loft.
I dropped my book and reached out my arms,
Surrendering, unto my vampire lover’s charms.
My first love, as she was the first women made,
Before Adam cast her into the unwanted shade.
Into my arms, by those sands of the Red Sea…
Of old we made love, my dearest Lilith and me.
She was one of the few, who knew my name…
From when I was an angel with a soul of flame!

Oh, to think that some call her a devil’s whore!
My mother had seen her several nights before…
When my mother and I were a-walking in town.
At the time I did not see Lilith, so I did frown…
When my mother tried to describe an alien face!
She likened it to some woman from outer space.
Pale as the moon, with large pure black eyes…
So like a visitor from beyond those starry skies,
Which now rose outside my window that eve…
When Lilith came to claim me and did not leave.
An alien angel did lie with me in my own bed…
I was awake and alive in the arms of the undead.
And before the third hour past midnight’s chime,
She flew out the window, to some distant clime.
I spoke not a word to my family or to friends…
Of: how I gave in, to a demonic lady’s demands.

She did awaken something that slumbered long…
Within my soul, and she awakened it with a song.
She sang it low, so only I could hear the words…
Then I understood, enjoying all her alien comforts!
Lilith, who knew even the name of God, long lost,
And the secrets of Kobol, that did so dearly cost.
I: who walked on Mars when human life it bore…
Before the destruction of a planet between itself,
And Jupiter, sent asteroids that so savagely tore…
The atmosphere of the red planet, from its’ shelf.
The same rocky pieces that ended dinosaurs here,
On the Earth of another age I saw as crystal clear.
That year, she and another did open far my sight,
And though I walked in darkness, there was light!
Lilith had guided me along a path that I walk still,
I still think of her when the autumn air grows chill.

For Lilith, my First Love in This Life.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- The Princess in the River -

Prologue: Son of the Dragon

I was called the Son of the Dragon, in an old guise I wore…
Just one name of many, one scar of countless that I so bore.
People speak of life and death as if a single set of memories,
Can anchor a soul to one or the other, like a cross blessedly.
Yet a cross is but a symbol of torment used for a new cause,
And sometimes death is but a moment when we must pause.
Like an actor, I rose again to play my part in my fresh attire,
Never forgetting lines spoken of old; that burn like cruel fire!
Once I had another name, and wore raiment now long dust,
I was wild in my heart and had a soul burning mad with lust.
Yet love tamed that madness sure, for one whose spirit yet,
Haunts my dreams so oft at night, so that I can never forget.
Green her gown and raven her hair, with eyes sparkling still,
Despite that centuries have passed and, likely, they yet will.
People remember my legend, but of her they oft speak not,
And so I shall immortalize her final days with poetic thought.

Part One: Another Age

Hard it is to tell of her, and yet for love’s sake I will persist,
And resurrect the dread memory, that ghost from my past…
Cold was the day that fell upon the land: and chill the breath!
In my castle, on the mount above the river cold as icy death,
Where ‘round about the wooded lands on and on did range,
Within which so many of the simple folk, did oft feel strange.
Dark forests beneath the cloudy sky, endless in the number,
An image frozen in my mind: that I must eternally remember.
Therein those stony halls, was I then a prince of noble fame,
Of the order of my father so sworn, the Dragon’s own flame.
Bloody were the wars of those times, and scarlet my blade…
The price of chivalry paid in full, though my heart was afraid.
Afraid to lose the single treasure for which my life endured…
The princess who kept me content, and my soul enamored.
Ironic that her name should be lost to me whilst mine spoke,
By so many, who knew me not: a dark god’s cruelest joke!

Part Two: The Final Night

Night was our last time together and so she became queen,
Queen of the night for me ever since, and all as I had seen.
Red was the day of battle to come, to keep my castle well,
And red was the ground near the forests, as fires from Hell.
Dark was the sky above my lands, a storm carrying me on,
As my sword met the armies before it, all of time had gone.
So close we were to victory, as a single act of cold deceit,
Took from me all for which I dreamed, before my sad feet.
An arrow through a windowpane, with a simple note there,
Telling my princess I had perished, laying her heart so bare.
She saw not the place where I fought on, could not know,
That her beloved’s heart still beat, beyond rock and snow.
And so, she leapt from the high tower, into the river below,
Never to know God’s grace again, or feel the winds blow.
In hearing of my beloved’s end, madness so took my soul,
And vengeance rose up in my heart; I had lost my control.

Part Three: Damnation

My soul was lost on that hour, if but an hour is all it takes,
For a soul to become damned, even to linger on mistakes.
To this day men tell tales of red woods thick with blood…
In the land beyond the forests, where I wept a bitter flood!
For every tear I shed that day, a soul was to Hades cast…
Until my rage was wholly spent, and not one foe could last.
To my castle I returned, and held my love’s lifeless form…
Desiring to join her in death so that I might keep her warm.
My hand, that slew a hundred men, now caressed a maid,
So gently that you’d not have known it in woodland shade.
Green the gown she wore as her last, and raven her hair…
The last I’d ever see it again, the beauty of my lady so fair.
So pale was she then, unlike the rosy color of her youth…
For in death, all youth is undone, and lost is all life’s truth.
Eyes once big and dark with love, were now shut in sleep,
Eternally to dream of us, in some paradise vast and deep!

Part Four: One Last Kiss

The priests cast her back into the river, denying a grave…
Although so much for God was lost, even more we gave!
No more for God, for where was he to welcome my love?
Perhaps another could help us, in some dark place above.
I left the priests to perish, when we abandoned our home,
To fight for our country with every bit of flesh and bone…
But before we left the castle to the ravages of time’s hand,
I washed my face in the river, one with her and the land…
One last kiss for the one I so loved, forever swept away,
No more to dance with me, beneath the light of the day.
Her blood was still in that river then, and stained my face,
So that I had to wash again, until I was cleaner than lace!
In night I found my solace after that, and in darkness pure,
I hoped to meet my love again along time’s winding shore.
Another life I walk in now, but how the old ages do haunt,
In the hours of the night, when a maid’s love is all I want!

Epilogue: Vampire

Vampire they called me, for superstitious hearts know ill,
Save what they can imagine, and that does not a river fill!
But I was and am only a man, once perhaps much higher,
Than mere mortals are want to be, if mayhap a tad shier…
For so many secrets have I held that words cannot speak!
Even the gods I walked with are beings sometimes weak.
And so sometimes I must unlock those vaults of my soul,
Letting those who retell my legend once again to know…
That still I exist and I remember things as they once were,
But more than anything else even, I do still remember her!
The princess in the river that still flows strong to this hour,
Who lived in an ancient castle above it: my solitary flower.
In the land beyond the forests, where dark lie the shadows,
Where once the sun smiled upon the lush green meadows.
There we lived and were happy for but one span of years,
I hope that we will meet again and cast away all our tears.

For Elizabeth. Hundreds of years cannot make me forget you.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Requiem for Athena -

Part One: A Casualty of War

Thus passes the memory of she who was revered as wisest of all…
She watched the watchers pass from Olympus, never looking back.
The ruins of Kobol smoldered as she sang sweet songs to the stars!
No praise was offered her, as she stood on the white broken wall…
I mourned her passing as I departed across the void of outer black,
Yearning for peace, despite the generations of constant divine wars.
Who will sing this requiem for Athena, who died for a people lost?
None are left who remember her passing, only I who witnessed it.
And so I lift up my voice in song, my words of a fire to melt frost!
The muses guide me in this, and I channel them as the gods see fit.
This song, is for those days wherein I walked at her glorious side…
And dined at a table for thirteen, each seated a lord or lady so fair,
That some called us divinities, naming paradise where we did abide.
In some ways, I never truly left that place of so much ancient care!
The moon of Kobol is not remembered today, but it too was mine,
When of old, my throne was cast across that world of my old exile.
Far from the place of my creation, hid away from the truly divine…
By Sophia, whose grace is glory, whose glory I beheld for a while,
Until, for the power she stole to make me, the heavens were angry.
An anger that would be quelled only when I knew a truer humility!

I walked in pride, and falsehood grand, in the company of devils…
In decadence and delusions, spun like gossamer in celestial revels.
My wickedness was purged in fire, my wrath cooled well by love,
Until I emerged changed, and ready to take my place nobly above!

Part Two: The Archon Empire

Seven domains for seven gods; seven kingdoms arose by my hand.
Colonies beyond the confines of Kobol, as many as grains of sand!
Ialdabaoth, they called me; archon of Kobol’s moon called Arabot.
Father of these six who served their maker in all deeds and thought:
Iao, who became lord of the sixth galaxy: master of planet Makon.
His greatest rival would turn out to be a being known as Metatron!
Sabaoth, whose realms would hold the fifth galaxy’s planet: Maon.
His rival was gray Ratziel, who shared that domain during that eon!
Adoneus, whose hand grasped the fourth galaxy’s planet: Zebulon.
Like those who followed he had no rivals in the universe, yet born!
Eloeus, whose rule over the third galaxy’s lonely world of Sehaqim,
Would go unchallenged for generations of a golden age it did seem.
Oreus, whose reign over the second galaxy’s world Raqia, passed,
Without incident until that place became a barren desert at long last.
Astaphaeus, the governess over the first galaxy’s holy planet Wilon,
Kept her identity as a vessel of the goddess Sophia known to none.
Kobol was in the seventh galaxy, from which I surveyed the others,
Each galaxy was thought to be a heaven equal to all of its’ brothers.
One domain set apart, exists just beyond the void where Kobol lay,
The One True God still calls that place home, even to this very day!

In light there can be terror; in darkness there can be solace aplenty,
For those who peer beyond the void: beyond the counts of history.
So much is a lie that we’ve been told, so much held back for years,
Yet there is truth in every legend, some truths: the bringers of tears!

Part Three: When Facing Death

The memory of it haunts me still, for my soul remembers everything.
The faces of those who fought and fled, and all that we left behind,
Because I was not like my brethren: who feared what I might bring.
Day and night I mourned for Athena’s passing until I lost my mind!
But dare I call the new gods who arose as my brothers and sisters?
Of their number only she held wisdom, her compassion as peerless.
The eleven who shared her kinship sought to bind with iron fetters,
Wills stronger than they, and so they learned that we were fearless!
What madness back then overtook my reason, I cannot so relate…
Save that it consumed me like flame consumes some burning coals.
I wanted her back amongst the living swearing it was not too late…
And whilst our vessels traversed the endless night, with lofty goals,
I dared to challenge Death itself, and so did vie for a goddess dear.
The goddess of the dead came unto me and asked me why I wept,
I told of how Athena cried, until her grief broke her unto the grave!
And Death asked me for what the lost goddess had shed her tears.
She cried for the breaking of Kobol’s sacred and godly fellowship,
Passing from grief so complete that to even contemplate it is brave!
Even as flames engulfed our empire, and palaces became tombs…
We realized the errors of jealousy and pride, and how it consumes.

I hear the tales of wars in the heavens, told falsely by mortal verse,
They say that gods cannot die; yet some there were, thusly cursed.
But in accepting what we cannot change, there is strength to spare,
There is still magic to be worked, by those of us still left who dare!

Part Four: Wisdom Eternally Lost

This I told to the dark goddess, but she would not relent her task…
And so she did journey back to the world we all once called home.
There: to escort the soul of Athena unto where I dared not to ask…
But a portion of comfort was given me: that beyond flesh and bone,
Perhaps one day I’ll meet Athena again, when the cycle draws nigh.
But how can anyone who has looked upon the face of Death itself,
Find joy once more, and innocence, below a brand new sunlit sky?
It is hope and faith, that makes us endure all; not power nor wealth.
Though the flames of war are cold, and the old worlds lie in ruins…
Olympus lives eternal in the hearts and minds of mortal imagination!
Ah, although we gods were fallible, and subject to very human sins,
Those of us who now dwell as mortals, even unto this generation…
We still mourn, for she who wept for us when our tears were gone!
Far back: in the dawn of time, when all of creation was in its’ dawn.
Where the seven archons reigned seven archangels do now instead,
Of the blood of the twelve who once had a fellowship at my table…
Ironic, since we planted all their gardens: and even raised their dead.
The wars of the gods were horrible, like when Cain murdered Abel!
We all were children of the One, who must have wept most bitterly,
When Death took Athena’s wisdom to keep it secret for all eternity.

In the end, the faint stars fall silent; the cycles turn and come around,
Until I weep for she who wept for me, as I tread on sacred ground.
I hear men talk of pagan ways, and Christian truth they cannot know,
And unto myself I’ll recall what they cannot; and more is my sorrow!

For Athena. I may be mortal now, but I still cherish your love.

poet Anonymous

As I sit and wonder
Who has your company tonight
My heart is beating faster
Of the beautiful memories my heart now holds.
Of all our hopes and dreams and faith
I know what my destiny holds for me
As sadness aching lonliness,
Stops me, girl now think!
Am I patient enough to wait?

I try so hard to move away from you
But the forces pull me back
Your my personal forceful magnet
Unable to separate our bond.

I give up trying to fight this
One day our hearts will beat as one
Words are easily spoken
Distance easily done
But when life decides to hurt us
And we have nothing left to give
No one else to rely on
No eyes that meet your gaze
I know that you will remember me
And all the devotion our friendship gave

One day you will need my heart
Return to me you will
And I will be standing with my arms out strong
To take you in my embrace
To hold you once again in our secret magical place.

Until that day, I stand so proud
Of the cherised love we shared
Lost love you will return to me
To mend my broken heart.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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I was perfectly content      
till i saw you outside      
dawdling for just a moment too long      
Displaying your exotic colors   
as if you knew i wouldn't be able to resist   
I regarded you with curiosity      
Such an impressive sight      
Patiently gesturing      
inviting me to come take a closer look      
assuring me that is was safe to uncurl      
Very persuasive      
My homespun shell became      
an uncomfortable weight      
The swaddling threads i was used to      
were suddenly too tight      
I untangled and shook
the loose ends away      
You smiled as i    
swayed toward you      
I shouldn't have come out      
Unexpected barbed limbs crept      
to my feet and held tight      
Wrapping them in fibrous binds      
I wanted to fight      
but your vibrant shades      
were hypnotizing      
I could only lay limp      
watching you winding        
around and around      
weaving my skin-tight cage      
I became inanimate      
Swinging beneath you      
by a delicate silky bond      
remembering only        
your colors      

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