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gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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RUNNERS-UP: neves and nightbirdblue

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Almost Heaven

Suddenly the world again appeared bright  
And the clouds rose slowly from the ground  
The colors of life were now in sight  
And the birds were singing all around  
I turned and saw a crystal reflection  
As the sun glimmers over the clear blue lake  
I finally knew I made my way to heaven  
Despite my life lived and all my mistakes  
The grass was plush beneath my feet  
And the cool breeze echoed harmony  
A perfect world I could not believe  
Was home for my new eternity  
Everything in front of me I've ever dreamed  
A beautiful world of peace and serenity  
And for that moment it really had seemed  
That I would love my new reality  
But something was wrong it wasn't right  
And slowly my vision became blurred  
Puzzled by this darksided night  
My heart stopped, my speech slurred  
My family they survived the crash  
How could they be here with me  
The memories in my heart I stashed  
Entered into this journey of a mystery  
The wind echoed deceivingly wild  
And the soft green grass turned hard and cold  
In the lake drowning my only child  
My parents decaying away so old  
The clouds burned a raging fire  
And the crystal blue lake turned blood red  
The smoke suffocating my life's desire  
Tortured now I was amongst the dead  
My memories cut through my life of lies  
Whip marks stretched around my back  
Screaming yelling and murderous cries  
This evil world was on the attack  
My blood boiled my head to explode  
At the vision of this nightmarish curse  
Satan laughed as my dreams eroded  
My pain intensly became twice as worse  
I tasted the guilt from all my tears  
My life now haunting the death of me  
From the hell I lived in so many years  
Into this sick twisted eternity
Written by Mstrmnd1923
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Alois Cyprien d Bayeux
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On the Nose: "One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

As I scratch away at the    
innards of a    
sickening shock yellow    
spiral-bound notebook on my    
tiny desk in the    
of a small bedroom,    
a gnat buzzes about the bulb of an incandescent    
An incessant search for a    
from which to attack the    
Written by Alois_inwriting02 (Alois Cyprien d Bayeux)
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Hi guys, I haven't forgotten the competition.  I will be selecting a winner today or as late as tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience.

Dangerous Mind
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So… this was hard… I ask myself why I put myself in such a tough spot.  I guess my answer would be, I hope the competition has brought new visitors to your poem or page even.  Sometimes our old writes get lost in the void because new poetry is being posted, and those really epic pieces we write may not get the fair chance to get read.

Now on selecting my winners.  I decided to do 1 winner and 2 runner-ups instead of 1 winner because it was hard enough to get down to 3.  Anyhow, this is all a matter of opinion.  I’m not a professional writer from any poetry magazine, so… yeah.  Thank you for participating.

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Congratulations gothicsurrealism for the win and neves for the runner-up! And thank you Lj for hosting this comp and choosing me as a runner-up! 🤗

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Congratulations to gothicsurrealism, neves, and nightbirdblue.

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