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Tyrant of Words
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She ~
bench pressed me
into obsession,
lifting me  
too high.
Evidently ~
i was too HEAVY;
the weight of our lust
crushed us,
smothered us, both. . .
when she let go
of the apparatus  
that held our vested years
only a nonsensical equation:
1 x 1 = zero
became our divided remainder
& common denominator
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Dangerous Mind
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toniscales said:May it be a prose poem?
Good question.  I get that poetry and prose differ in expression and format.  I'm not saying no to prose but I am going to mention the visual appeal of a poem vs a prose.  As far as expression goes it doesn't matter if you're literal/straightforward or if you're more metaphorical/symbolical.  I'm sorry, I hope that makes sense.

Lost Thinker
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The Siren

Recently, I encountered a woman,
Alluring as can be.

Modeling her features,
She appears to be a celebrity,
As polished skin is not just granted to anyone.
Her coal highlights formed to a helix,
Carve out prominent features,
Including her round, aloe eyes.
The unexpected candy glaze dripped from her lips,
Intoxication of wine clouding all judgment,
With milky teeth curving into a smirk.
God, was she charming,
Poise surrounding her figure,
Confidence sweating in her presence.
Adored by all who glanced,
Doors magically slammed open,
Coffees were offered free.

But, I can distinguish what was off,
Her voice sickly slapped with syrup,
Features were counterfeit.
Scorned peeps weren't camouflaged,
Unable to conceal her inky mane,
Eyes stained with Algae.
Continually receiving compliments,
I notice the disdain enveloping her face,
Disgust towards all below her.

Everyone is deceived by the siren.

But I'll let countless people continue,
Flirting or adding a round of drinks.
The intimate looks resume,
For all to be engulfed.
Her distaste for others and nauseating looks,
They carry on.

For who am I to be the one to unveil the siren?

Written by Aquatic-Vehicle (Lexiloo)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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the beautiful fight

 magnificent hues    
of pink purple    
orange and red  
to dramatically    
leaving the the blue of day  
into the past.  
the colors of prime-time    
reflect the surface    
of liquid distorted glass  
witch is outlined    
by blondish sand.  
upright red cedars    
water sweeping willows  
and snake grass    
seem to understand    
and respect  
well thought out plan.  
as ancient light    
skillfully fades  
the transfer is absolutely
leaving only  
the sounds  
of wind  
and rolling waves  
pounding the water carved  
the most    
time in nature    
has come."
a quickly    
trained movement  
of the thumb."  
wrist elegance  
ending in a  
submerged wet thunk."
now my focus  
and passion  
are buried deep  
from distraction.    
A steady    
southern wind  
provides a    
thankful drift,,,,  
instantly recognized  
with years of practice  
my reactions  
are professional  
and swift.  
a deep hook set    
from a whipping    
high speed lift!  
the unwinding buzz  
from perfectly    
positioned drag."  
a relief of  
breaking tention  
while unraveling    
much needed slack!  
pumping taut  
are felt    
the competitive    
of top ranking  
are shown!  
power of will
hard as stone!  
odds are fairly  
on this appreciated  
apposite forces  
viciously tugg  
and thrash  
conjoined by  
tensile line!  
this is the beautiful fight!  
the one I've spent hours on water to find!  
the one anglers dream about!  
the one legends are made of but never found!  
the one I've searched for my whole life  
this is the beautiful fight!!!  
I dedicate this joint  
to my dad and all  
the walleye anglers  
in Michigan    
keep your knots tight  
and your rod tip up!  
Written by jigg82
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Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
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Thank you so much for that Lj. I went ahead and submitted a poem and not a prose poem. Thank you again for clarifying for me. :)

Dangerous Mind
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My life is full of seismic earthquakes        
Illusory as they may be        
Erupting volcanos rake through my days        
They settle with no debris        
Oceans writhe and foam within        
Deceptively crashing seas        
I am no stranger to wintery winds        
I grow the roots of an oak tree        
Ice may layer my heart through the years        
But desperately I will not freeze        
For fire churns deeply suppressed within        
Exploding in bombs that you will never see        
Logic and reason persist like a hammer        
Chiseling depictions of what it is to be free        
There would be no taste as sweet to my tongue        
Than the freedom of love… if I could only believe        
This is not to be misinterpreted        
As the despair of the first falling snow        
But intended to shed blinding light upon        
The truths of struggle and hope        
For buried beneath the mud and the grime        
As time passes so quickly yet achingly slow        
A seed will crack painfully open        
When circumstances intend it to grow        
When I am warmed by the arms of the sun        
When fingers of love intertwine my soul        
When I can weather the storms of existence        
This is when: I will know      
Then the earth will smell sodden with moisture        
Then the music of birds will sing low        
Then the mountains will boldly express themselves        
Then the river will guide me on its gentle flow… home

Written by nightbirdblue
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Dangerous Mind
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Joined 11th Aug 2016
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Chosen One

You've got me spellbound and speechless
To ascertain this from a poet is greatness
I confess this with every tongue under the Sun
Your dialect and intellect express you're the one

Chosen over a vast blue sea of exotic beauty
Attracting and alluring me with such brevity
Consequently causing me to be short of breath
You're a love drug whose hug is tighter than meth's

Until death, I want my every step to be next to you
When the Supreme is calling for my light bill due
When the band doesn't continue to beat feet in my chest
The only way that I'd leave you is when you lay me to rest

After giving the best parts of me for you to see true love
And when I leave, don't grieve as you feel tears from crying doves
From up above so that my love continues to shower you
Praising you and conveying to you that you're a dream come true
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Dangerous Mind
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So many great writes in here. Picking one as a winner would be impossible.  They all are.

Tyrant of Words
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No Sleep

      “If the only way I have to keep a woman is by my checkbook
Then when she walks away in gold digger disgust all I can do is look,
      “No sleepless night coming my way or my soul is shook
The only thing I will miss is her sucking dick and the meals she cook,

      “I call it profitable addition, because of common sense subtraction
Because bitches with attitudes and bullshit always give me a negative reaction,
      “Having them scream ‘fuck you CS’ and calling me a gay-ass bitch
A ho’s opinion, because I will never be a recipient of a penetrating dick,

      “Born with a penis and wrinkled nuts-that shit was by design
Leaving mama permanently stretched, bleeding and crazy cryin,  
      “Until I slow slid from the birth canal
And when she finally seen me all she could do is smile,

      “Hate it, unconditionally love it or lick it
Any ass lifted up high enough a motherfucka can kick it,
      “My attitude is already fucked-up and unstable
Savage like a winter storm disrupting your cable,

      “The only thing that keep me up at night is pussy and sickness
Because a soapy rag for my nuts and toilet flushing is my witness,
      “Of snotty tissue or it decorated with that famous shit stain
Religiously, pulling that handle without any goddamn shame,

      “Many who don’t like me say I should follow what I just released
To all sensitive ass motherfuckas and the weak-they can continue to weep,
      “I call it low hanging fruit for a sorry bitch’s mindset
Understand, there does not have to be any rain for a motherfucka to get wet,

      “Fuck with me or mine shit will not be fine
Now I’m committing a crime-check out further details on the news at nine,
      “Raw truth in any form means no lie can never defeat
Having haters telling me to go to hell so bring the heat,

        “A toe tag and death certificate are already tucked away in the safe
Forward both to my new address of 666, you know place,
      “So, when my soul awakens after I marinate in my burial ditch
I’ll be waiting to work your ass like a street walking bitch”.
Written by CasketSharpe
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Thought Provoker
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Memories in mourning shrouds, severed ties  
touching lives, feather light leaving no mark  
Forever is forever sworn, sacred oaths  
born in deepest night always die in day’s light  
Do no harm, leave no trace of my passing  
Paths cross, merge in a heartbeat, separate  
Impossible to remember every bright moment  
your forgotten moments with me are final proof  
I don’t remember until I walk over the graves of us
Written by inechoingsilence
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Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
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Sunlit Night

Sunlit passion in the moonlit heart chamber,
your embers thaw my hot-blooded glacier.
You are my sun of the night sky.
I, your moon-glow – you, my sun-shine.

Twas’ a full moon
and all through the night-sky not a star was winking –
cast out by the resistless sorrows
of my gloomy eye-moonlight.

You felt that I, the moon, had arisen,
and the tear-tides swelled
in the darkness behind your eyelids –
winking adrift.

A pair of blurred suns then arose
from the slumber of the cold-blue horizon,
casting out my dimmed-moon with your radiant dawning.
Oh, that sun-fire gleam within your eyes when you see me!

I, the gloom, then recede into night but you catch me,
“fire can love tears” you said.
I reposed just as the faint moon in day – indistinct of what we are –  
you’re my flame, I your tears, together we boil into quarrel.      

Now she walks on by, the love in her eyes eclipsed.
I stand in weeping-lacerations, there is no hope left –
because fire and tears come not together.
Can one mend the disparity of our deities?

Whom is the embodiment of our love-force?
Whom is the personification of our love-force?
Tears boil
in quarrel.

In the twilight of our relationship,
your setting sun gave me one last sliver of a wink
before your eye sunk beneath the horizon.
Your cold-blue tears dyed into the warmth of your dying light.

I am not for you;
my moon eclipses your sun
and casts your world
into darkness.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Strange Creature
Joined 21st May 2024
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When I Saw You...

Your face..
took the place of the moon.
Be gentle and don't place me in darkness
when I approach.
Sprinkle the stars
on the path that lights my way to you.

Lead me to you !

Your eyes...
became the Desert
Where I now wander,
and where the night breeze
keeps me company until I find
your footstepsthat lead me
to where you wait.

Wait for me!

Your lips...
were the place
where our love began
Do not keep them from me
They are the wellspring  of your
sweet elixir from which I will be sustained,
and the place where the sweet sound of your poems
are kept until they are whispered softly in my ear.

Never keep them from me!

Your chest...
hid the the doorway to your heart
where every emotion of love and gentle
touch emerges for me only.
And where my hand rests over the beat.
Open your door for me and then quickly lock it
behind me so that no one else can ever enter

Throw away the key!

Your Arms..
held me and are comforting to me
They are strong and  warm my body
They wrap around me like a vine
pulling me closer to the firmness of your being
They feel familiar around me.

Pull me closer!

Your hands...
felt warm like the sun
They touch me lightly,  like the soft feather of a dove
making me tremble deep inside with each caress
At times, they grasp me  like a torrent storm
gripping  me as tight as handcuffs around my wrists
leaving  me breathless and crying out for more.

Never let me go!

Your flame..
ignites my sweet dreams at night
which woke the passion inside of me that faded,
Your flame gave light to my soul
It's the fire that keeps my heart throbbing for your touch and
a heat inside that can never be extinguished by any other.

Satisfy the yearning inside of me!    

Twisted Dreamer
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We'll call her Lilith


Because she broke
her rosary beads early
and thought jesus
made too many rules
for a cunt to follow,
she didn't take to sidewalks
but knew the streets
each name sat
on her slim

Took to upper class
and was mean
as hell about it,
she was everything
their wives, girlfriends
and partners

her rubber legs
stained with grime
from requests
they demanded,
they ask for more
because she was there
and money
was ready to burn
inside leather
trousers like

I think it filled
up more for them
than the figures
lining in her wallet
but those figures
are nothing to
turn a nose up at,
sending herself
off to play at night
was all part of it
and odd marriage
requests was nothing
out of the blue

Do those
six p.m alarms
still ring off
at times

do you feel
rosary beads
still snapping
your teeth

Written by neves
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Tim Eros
Thought Provoker
United States
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A Dream and a Nightmare

She was doing her show
She's so hot, ya know
I couldn't take my eyes off her
It was hard to believe
She was going home with me
when her sexy , little show was over
As she walks off the stage
I can sense her inner rage
saying nothing as she walks past me
Then I remember
she was my ex lover
that I will miss for an eternity.
Tim Eros
Written by eroseternal (Tim Eros)
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Guardian of Shadows
Palestine 67awards
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Space within - touhtiw emiT


and time
ain't no Robin Hood
wouldn't give it space on my wrist
because it cares for nothing


She offered me space
and I refused
then she forced it upon me
so I filled it with anger
and drowned her


look at it, fool
do you think ol' Mr Higgs
gives a fiddler's fuck
where the little hand points
Written by lepperochan (Craic-Dealer)
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