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Lost But Not Forgotten

Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Everybody experiences loss at times wether it's a person, a pet or their home, etc. Write about a great loss you have experienced.

Poems only new or old and one entry per person. The more heartwrenching the better. Judging will be by me  +1 other member. Good luck in advance.

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
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If I Could I Would Fly to You

The rain is falling  
On the cabins roof
A staccato rhythm
of a scattered melody
Playing the song
That my heart composes
When I think of you

The upbeat ting
Of precipitation on tin
Like our body’s colliding
When we meet again
The sound
Of water sinking into soil
Absorbing, like me into your arms
The somber tone of
Heavy drops falling on a
On a Luna Moth’s wing

If I could I would fly to you
Written by Isgyppie_ (L.C. McQuillen)
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Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for your excellent contribution, Isgyppie! Best of luck to you.

Fire of Insight
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My life stopped when my  Mother died  
but not so much when Pa past on,  
I tried to grieve I tried and tried  
my life stopped when my Mother died,  
I self harmed, burned thighs, arms, cried, cried  
how could you do this to me... gone?  
My life stopped when my Mother died  
but not so much when Pa past on...
Written by Rew
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poet Anonymous

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Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for your entry, _feral! Good luck to you.

Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Tyrant of Words
United States 12awards
Joined 29th Aug 2012
Forum Posts: 208

Thank you for your entry, Rew.! Good luck to you.

Dangerous Mind
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16 of 30

they don't warn you about finals
the final time you see their face filled with laughter
kiss & hug them with a smiling I'll see you later
nothing is mentioned about the pain
looking back at that last casual departure

or how your heart will be gripped in a fist of remorse
so tight you can't get any oxygen
the fire in your throat
burning the inner lining to cinders
from all the emotion you're holding in
because release may come in a flood so ferocious
you'll be utterly swept away
with every stuttering thump of your heart...you know this

the anger burning in your gut at the injustice
denied the opportunity to truly say goodbye
...meaningfully...more so than any time previously
what was the last thing said...
...was it enough
shouldn't there be some sort of commemoration
for such a portentous occasion

how many times you'll get excited to share an experience...
...rushing off to tell them...only to falter & halt
with your words still locked in your mouth
and the only way they'll hear them now
is through the mists of immortal aether
as you whisper them through saline streaks
breathing grief in every broken syllable

nobody tells you how the memories will blur
like rain obscuring the view outside a window
how their voice will fade...but never their words
or how the tears will sting & blind you
until the image of that last moment is frozen
encased in an icy hell of untouchable beauty
and you can't go back
...can't make it more momentous
marking it with a feeling more befitting its legendary status

they're simply...gone
an empty space in your existence
leaving a sequence of finalities...
beyond your recall or comprehension
how does time move so stealthily
stealing tomorrows...laters...everything
just that one...when you thought you'd get another

nothing prepares you for visits in your dreams
when they sit with you & chat just as they always did
their face before you...exactly as you remember
pure joy & love surrounding your being
until you wake...& are reminded of the night
you got the call saying he'd died
ripping the scab off the barely healed wound
knowing only...
...like a phantom limb...
...you'll experience the loss over & over again...
...for as long as you live
Written by WillowsWhimsies
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Karam L. Parveen-Ashton
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In Remembrance of Andrea

- In Remembrance of Andrea -

  I remember you, I know you, I feel you deepest in my breast.
I love you for all your darkness and your light, your fallen soul,
   And your strong spirit, which ever caresses me in my sorrows.
Before you I was so lonely, empty, longing for the sweet breath,
   Which is the only thing that can, of my troubled heart console.
I want you to take me home, to the palace of all our tomorrows!
Lead me back to where it all began, to where we met in long bygone times.

   I remember walking with you through the old desert, knowing.
Laughing, loving, singing, living and watching the sun as it set...
   I know you, I have always known you, and I shall do so again.
We were at the shores of ancient waters, the wind softly blowing,
   I let you see the old me, and I was as a child without any regret.
You were the waters that soothed me and washed away my pain!
Lead me back to where it all began, to where I first heard you voice sublime.

   I remember your touch, and all the yesterdays in which I felt it.
I find myself in you, and in me you find yourself completed fully,
   We have met in dreams, in flesh, and in every hour of longing.
I retrace in my bosom every place in which we walked or did sit,
   And since your passing, I find them devoid of fairest company.
Only the wind remains, but now I find its' touch merely stinging!
Lead me back to where it all began, to where your name carried purest magic.

   I remember your face, my hands longing to trace its' fair form.
As once they did, when I held you so close, so warm and perfect,
   And though the world may hate us, in each other we had bliss...
But the paradise we dreamed of  was swallowed by a cruel storm.
   A beautiful memory, which in the waters of the sea may reflect,
Where that sea is our special place, where once we shared a kiss!
Lead me back to where it all began, to before I tasted tears grown ever tragic.

   I would return to the waters of our true home, of all our dreams.
Not all the wastelands in which we wandered, but our destination,
   Our palace of tomorrow, which was old when man was young...
And, I would bid the deserts bloom, forth bringing gentle streams.
   I would raise a garden in your memory, abundant with elation...
Then, from the rocky heights our song by many lips forever sung!
Sing to me in my heart, sing to me in my soul, and let my scars begin to mend.

   I am imperfect, shattered, twisted, changed, broken and remade.
For all that, you loved me and saw in me perfection and not other,
   And I saw in you no flaws that were not of this world's making...
Nothing that did not increase your flawlessness; the cooling shade.
   I sheltered in that cool air, saved from darkness that did smother,
Generations, as time passed and saw the universe sent all quaking!
Sing to me on the wind, sing to me in the waters, and let your song never end.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
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Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Tyrant of Words
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Kara, thank you for your entry. Good luck!

Tyrant of Words
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Body and Soul

      "Like the song say my baby want to tease me  
Then put that thang on me-driving me crazy,
      "Draining a motherfucka until I become vampire lazy
Then thirty minutes later-again that passion fruit start to wake me,
      "Half sleep she ask questions and all I can say is huh
While her grinding process is working the release of my cum,
      "Double lip combination from her golden tip and slow head
Ressurect sexual stimulation as I slightly jerk on the bed,
      "Continued deep throat causes her to choke  
Followed by a drooling two-handed sucking stroke,  
      "Baby know what she's doing-girl your're a nasty mess
Cream drips on my leg certifying her pussy's wet,
      "When veins roadmap across my dick she knows I'm ready
Now she's pussy hovering and squatting slow and steady,
      "Instantly bouncing back up so she can adjust
Then pushing down all the way to the nuts,
      "Hands on her knees as she butterfly back and forth
She's my personal jockey, so ride it like a horse,
       "Bending forward her nipples now touch my chest
As her gripping pussy intensify the sex,
      "Her hands pin my hands down
While ass smacking my thighs is the only pounding sound,
      "She moans 'baby I can't stop' now keeping me deep in her hole
Instantaneous flash flood as her passion fruit explode,
      "Sounds of her pleasure turn into a silent scream  
Cumming deep inside causes her to once again cream,
      "Arms now around my neck as her body orgasm quake
With chest to chest contact I feel her increased heart rate,
      "Her intimate connection wasn't just what I was feeling
But her body and soul is what she was giving,
      "Whispering in my ear she said 'I'll always love you' softly she cried  
That was the last words, before my baby died".  
Written by CasketSharpe
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Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for your wonderful entry, Rew!

Fire of Insight
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Hardest Goodbye

Time continues to stands still
As my heart still has not got the time to heal
I was not prepared for the abrupt goodbyes
Or your spirit kissing me in the wind
As you tell me that you will see me on the other side

When I lost you, I lost apart of myself that I can never get back
I lie awake at night on my soaked pillow
Wishing that I can have one more minute, second, hour or day with you
But, I knew that once God collected you my angel
That you were his for the taken

We are truly living on borrowed times
You can truly be here today and gone tomorrow
So, please cherish those that are placed in your life
Never take their love and presence for granted
Written by LibraSoul96
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 27awards
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Saying goodbye

A sunlit sheen tries to wake pallor-mortis,  
with a kiss, I quietly pass warmth onto you  
and hold my hair as it falls  
damp on the grey of your cheek.  
The difficult calls are being made,  
he can only chew the words  
so I swallow them for him,  
hard as the red plastic phone.  
I sound like a mourner  
in this fake monotone drone.  
Curtains close and roast to ash  
hands held out to be took and shook,  
sympathetic smiles, wrinkles of the past.  
Your music reminds me of Saturday nights.  
Ham and piccalilli on buttered crusty bread,  
saggy settees and late night TV,  
those were the times we held each other  
and I needed your comfort the most.  
Foot falls wet on a mountain path,  
dust drops soft to cobwebbed grass,  
I look for a sign  
to find this spot again and I laugh  
before I cry, as I do every time.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom 5awards
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You're gone
Another candle burnt out
There's not many left
My world goes dimmer

There's a hole in my heart
And there's nothing left to fill it
Except memories and sleepless nights
Sadness follows like a cloud,
I miss your sunshine

I'm lost
Like a compass without a needle
I'll never forget your face
Will I find myself again?

Tears smear the ink
With which I write these words
I can't explain
How much this hurts
I try to forget
But it makes me feel worse
If your life was a gift
This sorrow is the curse

You're gone
And I've got to work through the pain
With time, hopefully light
Will come back to my world again

Written by Adzy
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