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6 lines for Palestinians

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

your own) six lines which frame your thoughts about unfolding events

perhaps the words
will shelter and feed you
like they have through the years
perhaps the world
should've already freed you
saved a trillion tears

doesn't have to ryhme

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words cannot express
what I feel about this mess
I really am ignorant, I confess
therefore I only feel sad, none the less
I pray for those in need and distress
whomever is wrong in this, I detest

Tyrant of Words
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Mouse Trap

One day, this guy I knew left
sticky pads out to catch mice,
their small bodies destroyed
from the urgency of escape.

I often watch the news.


Guardian of Shadows
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Fantastic entries, fair play and thanks mucher

Sam Nash
Dangerous Mind
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We Have Failed

We Have Failed  
What kind of world are we living in  
when people are dying to no avail?  
When man’s moral compass is gone.  
Mothers cry over their young and wail.  
Where sympathy is a word to be told.  
Humanity has crumbled and failed,  
to behold it’s most sacred goals.  
“Love” and “Peace” were its most holy grails.  
What happened to “Turn the other cheek?”  
“Do unto others” has now prevailed.  
“Love thy neighbor” is no more.    
The number of dead is off the scale.  
What am I going to tell my young,  
that the time of peace has already sailed?  
That love is no longer to be sung.  
It is just in movies and fairytales.  
I don’t want to live in a world  
where lives are commodities for sale.  
We can not keep pointing the blame
at one another for our truths to prevail.  
There must come a time and a place    
when we wake up and remove the veil,  
of distrust and start all over again.  
If we don’t, then we would all have failed.
Written by Samnash (Sam Nash)
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Sam Nash
Dangerous Mind
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Sorry too many lines… I don’t think words or few lines can describe what is happening in the world anymore… we need an encyclopedia

Fire of Insight
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Fire of Insight
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6 lines

But we poets, bad and good, we poets,
we must wield the light, the heart, the cry
and the rifle, in this unjust and bloody war.

The people's soul, full of fears and wounds,
breaks the compact darkness of the earth,
they fight and suffering turns into strength.
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poet Anonymous

Arty Bollocks

mean fuck all
to the bomb or the rocket
or the bullet with your name on it.

mean fuck all.


Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
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My Views 13

Some people feel that the countries with nuclear weapons will not use them in wars.  
Do you think they have been developing these dangerous things with no evil intentions?  
Mankind is stupid enough to build and stockpile weapons of mass destruction,  
So of course, the leaders are damn stupid enough to use them to kill off one another.  
The warmongers cannot avoid a nuclear war; it is only a matter of time before it happens.  
Furthermore, countries such as Israel, Russia, and the US are provoking world war.  
No sensible person should be happy with the existence of nuclear weapons on the earth,  
But we are fortunate that the US is not the only country with such military might.  
The corrupt leaders of the United States of America have demonstrated the evil in their minds.  
If the grossly wicked American bullies were the only ones with nuclear weapons,  
They would certainly not liberate mankind from injustice, exploitation and oppression.  
On the contrary, they would conquer the whole world and enslave mankind with tyranny.  
Sadly, Israel is closely following in the footsteps of the United States of America.  
For many decades, the Israelis have been oppressing and murdering innocent Palestinians.  
The government of Israel has built a system that we can rightly describe as apartheid.  
Injustice, racial prejudice, discrimination, and subjugation are violations of human rights.  
Do the Palestinians not have the right to defend themselves against the oppressors?  
Should they sit and fold their arms and let the bloody-minded Israelis trample them indefinitely?  
The countries that truly support human rights should end diplomatic relations with Israel.  
Immediately denounce the genocidal actions of Israel and ban the Israeli ambassadors.  
The oppressive Israeli government cannot justify declaring war against innocent civilians.  
Israel has apparently shed too much innocent blood for a nation that claims to be godly.  
The Jews have brainwashed billions of people with their confusing religious beliefs.  
Many countries have embraced Christianity, a religion that was started by the Jews.  
Stating the facts about the things you observe is not taking sides with any nation or race.  
We Africans know what the Palestinians are fighting for because we have experienced it.  
Our forefathers suffered under the yoke of slavery and oppression for four hundred years.  
The idiotic Israelis and their American ally regard people who fight for their rights as terrorists,  
But the powerful states that spit into the face of human rights are the real terrorists.  
The wicked ones will never change, so the only solution is total destruction of evildoers.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
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I didn't enter the contest to win. I just want to highlight these points. The surprising thing is that this contest is not getting much support. I expected to see more entries in the contest. Some pointless contests get far more support than this one does.

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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The Chicken or Egg

Gangsters took over and ran poor Palestine    
and with other gangster's cash settled old scores,    
and that brought rich folk's troops in, in quick time,  
but folk in Judea like me and you, are too poor to make war...  
Meanwhile other gangsters eye the Gaza strip and, like!    
And marvel at its worth if locals, would just, take a hike...
Written by Rew
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Guardian of Shadows
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Torching The Barn, Burning The Rats..

Is it live, or is it Memorex? Facades, everywhere...  
Centuries of war pig elites, sucked dry,  
we, the people, funding their greed.  
We are on to them--God wins, they lose... patience..  
'Tis their death throes, sometimes innocents die too.  
All is not what it seems; wake up--it had to be this way.
Written by MadameLavender
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