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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

Dangerous Mind
United States 7awards
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Sweet Spring

Inspiration blows in on the wind
Open windows welcoming in
The warmth of the gentle breeze
Brings sweet scents for me to breath

Flowers blossom, I see the first few
Daffodils, violets, and magnolias, too
Birdsong chirps across the blue sky
A call I yearn to answer in reply

Optimism, the mood of the season
Gives me yet another good reason
To prop up my feet and be so grateful
That I am finally one with mother nature

UWC = 63

Dangerous Mind
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Bouquet for a Hurting Friend


Do you remember last June –
days spent in green-dappled heat,
dancing in the golden light,
dipping our heads in the breeze
discovering the dainty
discretions we hold so close?
Darling, I will never tell.

*Lily (of the Valley)*

Let me touch your gentle white.
Lament the loss of past lives –
loving new growth between hurts,
living in the in-between
like proud, yet demure ladies
lusting for life, taking it.  
Love, your renewal is joy.

*Fiddlehead (Fern)*

Forget all that is behind.
Forgive buds yet to unfurl,
for letting go is hard work.
Face the new sun, new day,
forever the lacy green
favoring your curled embrace.
Friend, you are just beginning.

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
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Careful With That Scythe, Mr D.

Today's me birthday. F*cking hell!
I find I'm eighty-eight!
It won't be long before I'm dead
and shuffling out the gate,

but I don't mind, I have no fear,
I care not to exist,
and when Death comes to stand by me
in no way I'll resist.

So when I'm dead and six-foot deep,
in rotting coffin wood,
and burrowed in me rotting flesh
the worms are scoffin' good,

please give a cheer for me, my loves,
and let nobody weep.
I'm glad to go, down there below,
at last for rest and sleep.

Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
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Weak legs collapse from such an extravagant view
Empty lungs memorized by the sight taken in
I can't breathe
Mountain range to see

Scenic complications
Landscape in amazement
Suffocating at the sheer cliff edge my toes once dangled
Now curled up in ecstacy and gasping for air

Meditative scenery
Mixed with anxiety

Tyrant of Words
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Keep going, NaPoets! You've got this!

Tyrant of Words
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Foreign Agents

I feel numb right now,
And love it
The weightlessness
Of my arms make them float
They feel detached

Sadly, it is from resources
other than natural.

I so wanted to love him
naturally, but it seems
the hurt runs too deeply  
that I can not

Would only trust
have not been
obliterated maybe…

just maybe
This relationship
would have survived

What might Emily
have written~
Ho hum he’s dum

58 u/w

Fire of Insight
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Joined 3rd Mar 2017
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Awakened by Truth

Blinded, woeful, soul asleep
poignant denial, heavy and deep

stagnant in place since early youth
impotent to see the inalienable truth

consuming lethal mead, hopelessly
disregard for austere potency

consequent effects, grievous loss
burning bridges not meant to cross

uninspired, remaining still
dull and stale, becoming ill

drowning, decaying, almost dead
hanging on by just one thread

Praying for a revelation
awakened by truth, a manifestation

allergic reaction, medically advised
equipped with knowledge, behaviour revised

disillusionment now resolved
spiritual condition has evolved

freedom from an obsessive affliction
no longer residing in desperate addiction

Thought Provoker
Scotland 4awards
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3 of 30

Journal entry three on what is wilderness to me.

And all of this to find,
A common ground,
In a place of mind.
An understood boundary,
from which to step.
To turn, pivot or,
Spread a wing of thought in flight.
That murmur amongst the branches,
Has always been.
Has always called,
A part and apart of me.
To and from that,
“wolf in me”.
However, wherever,
No matter.
The change in tact.
Or depth to which I flee,
It is always a part of me.
And never,
Have we worked,
As one,

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 19awards
Joined 1st Aug 2021
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Rush hour

I'm in a pit of rising anxiety.
Every lane is rammed.
Nobody is cooperating
and rain beats down.
The engine thrums, driving my panic
(pun intended).
Clearly I know
that it's rush hour,
and it continues to worsen.
Add dehydration
and its sinking, metallic sensation to the mix.
Naturally, every light is red
and your reaction is going to
fuel the day-old headache.
It's easy to see why
I'm feeling complete panic
with all this mental noise.
I can already sense your angry words;
the thought of catastrophe,
and nothing is moving.
I want
just to be home.

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 10awards
Joined 6th Jan 2019
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Losing Control

It's six a.m and I'm still awake
The night seemed long
With the flurry of activities
The lids of my eyes feel heavy
Sleep will come in a while
Like it used to, lately
It comes in the morning
When I have a sleepless night

I go to bed at sunrise
When everyone is waking up
To a new morn and a new day
I have become a nocturnal owl
Night becomes day for me

Yesterday I slept the entire morning
Just enough sleep to keep me up
For the rest of the day
And the whole night

I used to have control
Over my body when I was younger
That I could set the time in my head as to when to wake up
Without an alarm clock
Now things have changed
I have to rely on an alarm
To wake me up

Tyrant of Words
United States 121awards
Joined 25th Jan 2011
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One of Two

que of revival eons old, in time I waited
appalled by what passed for life
visions X's two, in the secret dawn, risen

primordial nothingness begat the emptiness of being
companions startling in nature awoke me cruelly during Dreamtime
tender to the touch with an immortal fever I burned
sure just out of echoes reach the others resided

where did I originate?

I sent sonar through space, searching
travailing in agony with dreams
pushing out to connect

I came in contact with a barrier
I could go no further
raging against my confines that's when I saw them
darkly entwined twinning effects

today I seek to rectify and reunify
with what seems a cool calculation, they accuse
coddling my hurt I yearn

while I drift, my progeny was birthed to hunt

Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
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And if?

…and what if I met you at the corner,
right in front of the bookstore
on the warmest day of Spring,
what about then?
Would you even remember me?
…and if I told you that
I’ve loved you since then;
if I jumped in clumsily,
exposed, naked and shivering;
the water raising chills along my skin,
waiting while you stood,
calmly watching from the shore,
would your heart find me at last?  
would you love me, too?

Twisted Dreamer
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Middle Hand Man

I give them all, my
Middle of the hand

Those weaving together
The fringes of our morality
Scrawling down in stone
Our words before they sway
Those entrappers, tricksters
I do despise

Beware, you self-indulgent somber prisoners of exile
Beware, hunters of plastic thrills that patchwork their voids
Ministers pit you both in opposition, erasing grey areas
May they have spiritual immolation and be charred to ash

Watch out for the menaces
Militancy behind those smiles
Operators closely standing by
In clandestine for-profit mission
They only rise above, amidst
The fallings of their surroundings

Middle of the hand,
As I bid them adieu

Dangerous Mind
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And so we have reached
A time and a place
Where to be a good human
I must vote for the face
Who tells the bad guys
They must stop genocide
While signing deals to keep
Their gunships supplied
Because the other choice
Is a real shit of a man
A rapist, a thief
With no hint of a plan
Who would kill us all
If it filled up his coffers
Fucking hell do we really
Have no better offers?
I don’t think I want to be
A good human at all

Signed, your run of the mill
Dumb animal

(73 uw)

Dangerous Mind
United States 28awards
Joined 30th June 2016
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Miniver Cheesy II

When robot men and hooded grey cloaks
were the butt of endless jokes
and pepperoni was a meaty nosh
with a Coke or Pepsi

He'd scowled at the healthnuts with
their granola bars and evian water
guzzled from a huge bottle unearthed
from a giant backpack.

Running away, he never would
for Miniver was too stout as he stood
to grab a drink and return swiftly
to view some TV aerobics.

58 uw

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