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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

Nathaniel Peter
Twisted Dreamer
United States 6awards
Joined 20th Mar 2023
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Most Wanted

Caught in cycles
I spin
Progress short sighted
The blindness of my sin
Putting it all into straightforward terms
Priorities reformed
As to salvage what is left or watch the world burn
Another day, another night, another storm

Waiting on the horizon to dawn
Lights are but shadows of what’s to come
Going backwards in my will to move on

Most wanted
I am the criminal and the captive
Ransom of the will to be set free
Prisoner warden
Locked up inside my heart, a cell isolated, I suffer the reality of me

Fluctuating between faithfulness and cautions abandoned
Convictions on life support
What fear paralyses me and leaves me stranded

Caught between hell and a crucifix as my conscience makes its plea
Innocence sought to be reborn from the bedrock of humility
Bargain sentencing of the forgiven and yet guilty

Identity in theory waiting to be proven in the walk
As vitals cascade to critical, are we alive or just dead and trying to talk

Oh the irony of every word
In contradiction or contrition
Life and death, the weapon or defibrillator tongue
Cheap and yet powerful, consumed by the fire in every song we sing and left unsung

Interrogation of hearts accusation
Confessions of the tell tale attack
The voice of hope versus condemnation
Reflections of all things ugly won’t cut me any slack

Deserving of the hell of which I am resigned
When the millstone of lost innocence is the brokenness of my mind

Final appeals to heaven to partake the providence of grace
Evidence in memory resolved by love and blood shed to erase…

Tyrant of Words
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Solar Systems

Distance as study in quantum entanglement
Physics redefined
A non-locality
physicality/placement adjacent
Inescapable scapes – Inescapably taking shape
The art of the way that the heart


A start

Maze of gaze of stars
What is missed

Crisp glimpse – Glimpsed crisp
The vacancies

The latencies – Lying latently
with truth:


of far

Solar systems: Way of bouquet – Blossoming in blossoms

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
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Outlined in chalk

Why did you leave me
Why did you die
Why did you go
Without saying goodbye?

Why did I have
To find you like that
Blue lips, limp body
With no way to counteract
The memories
The feelings
Of wanting you back

I looked
I acted
I did everything I could
But your soul was gone
The minute you were found

Not a minute sooner
Than it should’ve been
Not a second later
Than it should
But you’re gone forevermore
Without a single final hug

And that hurts to know I’ve lost you
It hurts to know you’re not there

When I want you
When I need you
And you’re nowhere to be found
I feel lost
Like a broken
Little girl
On the ground

Where is my mum
When I need to talk
Where is my life guide
She’s outlined in chalk

Unique word count: 85

Dangerous Mind
India 3awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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Dense trees have grown everywhere
The flowers of adultery and diplomacy have blossomed on it

Thorns have grown over feelings, sweet words and kindness.
The season of false praise and bitter words has flourished

Life is passing in the shadow of  ghostly light
The faces have turned black by the rays of the sun

I feel pain in that darkness
I can't tell if the moon is shining or the fireflies are flying

Pink dream bottles are in trend these days
The darkness of reality is alarming

There are heaps of riches hidden in the abyss
Honor is being sold by wearing a mask

The world is getting drenched in artificial rain
Swelling has started even while breathing

I have stopped communicating
Volcanoes have started flowing from the eyes...

Tyrant of Words
Canada 10awards
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I see:
  a stack of boxes of unwanted responsibility
  a calm, new-moss green wall
  artwork from a child now grown
  a disarray of important papers
  a thirsty spider plant
I hear:
  a ringing whine that is mine alone
  the faint sound of Metallica
  a bathroom fan
  the scratch of my pen on paper
I feel:
  a cozy armchair hugging my body
  a hamstring that’s begging for stretching
  the tickle of anxiety deep in my core
I smell:
  burnt crumbs in the toaster
  the early morning sweat of my own warm body
I taste:
  a little too much soy milk in my coffee

I am grounded
within this murky pit
where nothing comes without emotion attached
and the thoughts never cease
their tumbling.

Tyrant of Words
United States 116awards
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I once felt as an impostor
through the being
of daily living

There were facets
of myself I had never met
 as though cloned
 by artificial intelligence
except it didn’t exist

A dubious double
with a fractured spirit
 leaving my vessel wrecked
 as the protagonist  
of a mediocre B movie

But a will can become
an earthquake
 splitting the foundation
 of expansion
with a creative friction
 of molten words
 determined to emerge

When bones break
they reunite stronger
Wounds become permanent
scars of survival
Poetry is the sacred bond
fusing broken connections
between language and love

Dangerous Mind
United States 16awards
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3 of 30

I'm not listening...

put others first
they said
{I do...}

stop overthinking
they said
{I can't...}

don't curse so much
they said
{fuck that...}

lose some weight
they said
{I did...}

don't be so sensitive
they said
{I wish...}

act with compassion
they said

keep quiet
they said
{as if...}

you daydream too much
they said
{so what...}

use your head...but not like that
they said
{then how...}

dress more conventionally
they said

watch your attitude
they said
{bite me...}

be grateful & accept your place
they said
{which is...}

calm down
they said
{go away...}

your need is actually greed
they said

being proud is attention seeking
they said
{it's honest...}

be realistic
they said
{it hurts...}

keep it to yourself
they said
{you first...}

why did it always seem
I had more value
when there was less

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
Palestine 40awards
Joined 2nd Feb 2017
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“There is no such thing as” he said
and I replied “it depends on the heart”
he baulked, “without a head, you’re dead”

“Without a heart too, listen Fred
head and heart are never apart
and that’s what gives us humans cred

the Western psyche’s long been fed
reductionism as an art
to split life up until it’s spread

on a petri-dish, trying to shed
light on the separated dark —
it doesn’t work that way, we’ve been lead

down the garden-path by smooth talks on TED
that sound convincing, yet always chart
the theme of control. Take five … and instead

open your mind to where truth has fled…
unfoldment’s the key::: make a new start …”
“there’s no such thing as …” said Fred
he frowned, “… without a head you’re dead”.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 26awards
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Lackluster in Limerick

The Shannon's on its tide mark
as the ocean pushes back
the suicide watch are on the bridge
asking loners if they want to talk.

A heavy dreadlocked jogger
snaps half a selfie of his shoes
he's running in some nice pink Nikies
and thrash metal leg tattoos'

There's a battle breaking on the wind
dropped down from castle turrets
or maybe it's the fighting drunks
with words of slur's and feckits.

This tower block is starving
craves people it can eat,
families to fill the holes
in gaps of missing teeth.

The river drags my eyes again
its cold depths flood this dump,
another day of silence pushed
and I know why they jump.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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No tumbling nor word scrambles
in the Desert as I have
discovered I do not need
a Whirlpool Box filled with its
magick to dry out my assorted
fabric skins.

Whether in winter or summer
the air is very thin
and when within
I try to strongarm every
Handle –
Damn near anything
the pin prick spark
reminds me of the

I’ve been carrying metal in pockets
that once held tissues
to thwart – stem off the
charges that seemingly
trying to fulfill a contract
that I KNOW of
but wonder

I have pondered
Even meditated
Upon / about
the relationship between
STATIC & (vs?)  irresistibility

Either or it’s dryer
with and or without

92 unique words

Thought Provoker
Australia 3awards
Joined 17th Dec 2015
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When I die
Donate my body to poetry

My bone as pen
My blood as ink
My skin as sheet
My organs as inspiration

Write of my smoked stained lungs
And the cirrhosis in my liver
Imagine why I left them in this state

Look closely at my cold, unmoving heart
And conceptualise what caused it to break

Fabricate how my twisted brain sprouted
Psilocybin in it’s decay
And what beautiful thoughts
Were not quenched in it’s lifetime
For them to now blossom within the grave

(63 unique words)

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 10awards
Joined 6th Jan 2019
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Sleepless Nights

Getting enough sleep
Has become a luxury for me
I have more sleepless nights
Lately than before
My mind is always restless
When it should be resting at night
Diverse thoughts flood my mind
When I lay in bed at night
Sometimes I wonder
If things were different
Had I taken another path
To pursue in life
Did I make the right choices?
I guess I did
Yet I still feel that I failed in some way
Thoughts like these pop up
When I have these sleepless nights
And I just wish that I could shut my mind
Like my mouth so I can sleep peacefully

Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 10th Apr 2020
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Four Characters in a Sundown Town

Mutt and Jeff were
always standing silent there
in the sundown town
of my youth,
part of the wallpaper background
of nothing to do
and nowhere to go.

Mutt, castrated by Doc Johnson
for the crime of peeking in windows,
Jeff as tall and fragile as bone
about to fracture,
never speaking,
just standing there
town characters
carved from petrified wood.

One summer they disappeared
for weeks
and when they came back
they had a woman

broad as a linebacker
wearing an old leather football helmet
from back in the day
and leather boots unlaced
with goliath calves thrusting forth,
perfect euclidian cones
sprouting hair.

She, too, never spoke
but they stood by the side of the tracks
each evening when the 4:20
came rolling in, wheezing,
the smoke all black,
chuffing out clouds
of black cumulus

right where the old sign
used to stand that said--
according to grandpa--

Neodesha, Kansas
which (prophecied Little Bear
before they stole his tribal land
and booted the Osage down
to Indian Territory)
was destined someday
to be a "great city."

What I remember of it
was this sad sack little town
of 2,500 or so
white people
who voted republican
hated communists and queers
and anything or anyone
uppity or different

which may have had something
to do with Mutt and Jeff
and the woman-without-a-name
never saying much of anything
to anyone

and why uppity-different me
to get out
of that bustling
metropolis of

standing there on the side
of the highway
at the edge of town
thumb in the air
headed out for anywhere
but there

watching Mutt and Jeff
and the woman
watching me,
the four of us
struck dumb as a Geek Chorus
by a Medusian sundown town

as I got my ass
out of Dodge in 1963
just before the sun
went down.

Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
Forum Posts: 25


Blues Interlude

One more step.
One more step.
Another –

One foot
In front of the other,
The sun beating down
My now tan

Olive. The pre-war magazines said
That I was olive –
And brown eyes would pop with
Blue eyeshadow –
Yesterday, I saw blue eyes pop
Out from a brown-haired man’s

Shook mine to shake away
The image,
Dripping down from
Forehead to suit
Was unworn
For a while, until the bloody eye-popping-


Blue sleeves –
Set in the middle
Of an explosion of
And grays and oranges –

Up to the sky,
Sun setting and then –
Blue Moon.

One step.
One foot –
In front of the other.

Keep the hold on my gun tight,
Close my eyes, hum –
Sway to the song on the radio –

For a minute,
I surrender.

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 30awards
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Across Thin Ice

wake up
this heart attack
is on steroids
melancholy skips across thin ice
as paranoia's cocoon tightens
like a plastic bag over your face

mouth agape
desperately sucking for air
no sound of screaming
it's hard faking life
grasping all those hopes
while watching fingers lose grip
great falls always hurt

drowning inside questions
rolling among barbed wire
answers are never easy
burnt wings won't fly
lost angels collect ashes
leaving us charred souls behind

so nothing grows here
except  choking weeds
in dirt blacker than coal
keeping dreams unseen

Unique word count 90

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