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Tyrant of Words
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This island sits firm
beneath our feet
walking its pathway
 with intention

We catch a whiff
of inspiration
 a song of songs
As Solomon to the beloved
so are we to the Poem

We seek the Oracle
 a temple of Museó
yet nothing she sees
is anything she chose
and nothing she says
 or doesnít say
is for one person alone

Because thereís no secret
key or magic offering
 no colored candle
 or burning incense
that unlocks creation
in every line of poetry

there is only usó
you and me

Dangerous Mind
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22 of 30

Teflon coated

they look at me & I can see it
instant dismissal
so casual...
glance sliding sideways
still...can't honestly say I blame them
not much visible to the naked eye
everything worth noting...is hidden

let me share a little secret
never underestimate a Survivor
we may appear quite ordinary
...boring even
sitting quietly in our corners
but there's a lot going on behind the scenes
...beyond mere observation

peripherals clocking 360į
reading more than sits on the surface
hearing more expressed than words said
sensitive to nuances most people would miss
when you've been through some shit
that instinct is imperative...almost primitive
finely honed & well practiced

it's what separates us from victims
learning from the damage
taking control of our own lives
not letting it possess us
trust me
nothing you imagine
is worse than the demons we've already defeated

so when you peer in my direction
& your gaze bounces harmlessly away
that's okay
your loss...to be honest

we understand what it's like to feel the cold winds of lonely
know the foul stench of betrayal
its odor all too familiar
& we recognize need when we see it
understand how hard it can be to ask for a hand
as we've found ourselves all too often in that unenviable position

give us a chance beyond that first glance
prove you can be trusted
& you might just be surprised...
can become your ride or die

Dangerous Mind
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Each day I tear a ďforgotten wordĒ
from my calendar:
Hobbeís voyage

I learn its origin,
what it means.

But all I can really think about is forgetting
everything that means anything.

One day there will be no one to remember
the way light comes through your window
and makes your face glow before you wake.
One day someone wonít make your favorite
cookies just the way I do,
or make sure there is always good jelly.

I grieve for them now, knowing the impact
they will have. And I know it is silly.
I know it is vain to want my children to remember me,
to want my place in their history never to be forgotten.

Maybe itís why I commit words to page,
leave a trail of poems scattered across the internet
and in books and journals and magazines
so that someone remembers
Daisy and her Boys.

Dangerous Mind
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Itís one of those days
I lack the motivation
To even get off of the couch
We have company over
Yet Iím huddled under a blanket
With my hood up and antisocial

Granted itís still early
But now theyíre waking up too
My feet are poking out from the blanket
And this makes me insecure
But my wife tucks the blanket
Back over my feet

Because she knows
Sheís trying to let me know
That I should get up
And be more presentable
But I canít muster the will
To take care of myself today

And this is the reality
Of a mental illness
When itís just too hard
To even care
When itís all
Too much to even bare

Tyrant of Words
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I can tell now, not carved with a pocket knife
haphazardly agog, etched in granite
the only Family Iíve left, moving out of
an umbrella of skin searing heat . . .

No enigma there, however, one exists

Received a box of frozen foods
(I guess their freezer is not empty)
what I donít understand is why
thereís labels & dates on gravys,
assorted vegetables, bacon
but not on a huge block of meat
Mystery Meat!

Remained  my conundrum until I put it in
my crockpot amidst leftover
cauliflower soup

5 hours on high heat later
I ate pieces of tender beef pot roast

I am alive
no food poison pain, thus
must mean I cooked in time

the mystery meat

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Tyrant of Words
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Iím always over-eager
to let you off the hook
dealing get out of jail free cards
before youíve even asked
Because obviously, my requests
must have been
a nuisance

Well I donít want this
self-inflicted itchy coat of blame
and I refuse to carry
this imaginary shame
Itís not
too much
to want a moment of attention
a few seconds of uncalculated truth
Iíd like to help you step out
from behind those levers of control
But Iím done making your excuses
by convincing myself that I am
a nuisance



Wine and stories

I recommend having a glass of wine
with your conservative, intimidating
mother in law.

Unexpected loose conversation
after a day of travelling strain
performing my best
Being reminded of my faults
through comments from outside
(and why must he join in these attacks?)
And derided by self commentary within
(Why can I not be generous,
putting aside my writing time
for her sake without resentment?)
The connection finally came through stories, of course Ė
A long-distance courtship on cassette tape,
long before the internet
Wishes and hopes of a young woman
starting a life far from home
and raising the one I love

Wine and stories make it
a little easier to be gracious.


Double posting because I was on the road for most of the day, and derailed by family expectations for the rest of it.

Dangerous Mind
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Tonight I can sleep soundly
And forget the other worries
That I have yet to face
Let tomorrow take care
Of its troubles
For now I will allow myself
To be carefree and not worry
Everything will be alright
I'll Let time do its bidding
I will not stress myself
From overthinking
Tomorrow is just a few hours away
I will not let it steal
The joy I feel today
I want to enjoy this feeling
Of contentment and peace
From now on I will try
To live life at my own pace
Unhurried and unaffected
And just go with the flow

Lost Thinker
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it's my party

I examined the woman in front of me Ė
Hair all done up, wearing a pink pre-War spring outfit
In as good a condition as it could be Ė
Lips painted red,
Tanned cheeks were too, though subtler Ė
Previously fuller from youth and her lifestyle Ė
Now slimmed down by the Wasteland,
And all the growing up she had to do.

The dead red heels added an inch,
But she was still a good deal shorter than
Her older lover.

(Lover, I have to scoff and roll my eyes Ė
And if the red cheeks became redder,
It was neither here nor there.)[/i]

He was with their friends at the penthouse
Of this once much grander abandoned hotel,
Needle in the desert, beacon finally reached Ė
Waiting for her.


It was a surprising fact, but
Six loved an excuse for celebrating Ė and today,
She was the excuse.

She picked up the necklace left to her as a gift,
Where he found the cameo pendant with a caged bird on it,
She didnít know.
But it was beautiful, even more so,
Once it rested on her chest, against the
Quickening rise
And fall
Of her

No tears.

She was still 22.
She wondered, 5 years from now Ė
If she even made it Ė
Who would look back in the mirror next time?

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
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Tattooed Nothings

I wear my tattoos on my sleeve
Because once it was my heart
But not many people take the time
To see what isnít immediately
Before them

I thought tattoos would shorten
The conversation

But not too many people ask
About those either

So many strangers
Wanting to be seen on the outside
When their sight often does not
Reach past their own marked skin
Past their open eyelids

Maybe my tattoos arenít
Who I am but how I want
To be perceived

It is better left unsaid
Than to believe you have
Been given a false path

Are we not all liars
Are we not all thieves
Are we not all tattooed nothings waiting to be received  

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Fire of Insight
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Hello Earth

I tilt my head to see you
from this dark empty void.
You swirl a colored carpet
of lights, vibrant and bold.

Do not let these children set fires,
not this night, they have no right.
I cup you in my hands.
feel your might moving oblivious.

Do not let these children drill inside,
not this night, they have no right.
Take away their sunlight,
dress yourself in white.

I will not watch
this spread of dark grey,
open your eye and let it
weep to deeper oceans.
Spit mountains in their face,
show them their in disgrace.

Do not let these children fell forests,
not this night, they have no right.
Scrape away your barnacles,
fill your sails with hurricane's

for they sleep with a knife in your side,
shake awake the ignorant and uncaring,
share this feeling of total destruction,
do not stop until everyone is looking down.

Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
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Buried head into the dirt
Blinded by what's unearthed
Unwilling to see reality
Blindsided by duality

Buried body in the sand
Slowly consumed by ants
As we're slowly eaten alive
Carried in pieces back to the hive

It's a miracle to survive
Though each day will tell
Toeing the line
Hoping to prevail

Rotten fruit upon the vine
All the seeds withheld
Begging to the divine
None of which seem to care

Just to mope in a false hope
No way the clock rewinds
Lost glory of a story
Forgotten to time
Just to toil in the soil
Until the day we're dead
Earth reclaims it's rebirth
While we all lose our heads

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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birth of a poet

Under the open sky
many words
many dreams
many failures
many successes
takes birth and dies,
every day the sun rises
and every day it sets
this is life n
this is reality
in which
a basket full of sweet fruits
is also available to eat
and sometimes
one has to drink a glass
full of bitter neem juice,
sometimes even
a branch full of
delicate flowers feels heavy
and sometimes
the tree feels at ease
even with a barren branch,
there will be no village
where there will be no grave
where there is birth
there death is certain
where there is profit,
there is also loss
similarly, if happiness
has come then
sadness is also certain,
sometimes the smile dies n
thousands of imaginary
promises are broken
gray complaints
and infinite regrets start
screaming in the ears
and tears are born in the eyes
which comes down
on the cheeks in the form of pain
when person can not share this pain
then this pain takes the
form of poetry with the help of words,
invisible tears cry through voice
things lying around in a
silent room also add to the sadness
those who create echo,
who try to bring the
dissonant flute into tune
who tries to mend a broken heart...

Thought Provoker
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Dream machine

Iím on the brink of falling asleep
Just let me snooze
Please let me fleet

Fleet to the land of magic and dreams
Memories fizz
Weíre in the dream machine

Colours go blurry
Textures all furry
Iím morphing
Iím changing
Iím on the other side of reality

Time becomes obsolete
Mystical worlds reveal themselves
It it just in my imagination
Or is this all my own creation?

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Fire of Insight
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Amid a visceral pain
knowing I am alive
transient discomfort
where I often thrive

Through evident struggles
a place I find strength
fighting vicious battles
going to any length

Always a survivor
despite the suffering
remaining in a state
of constant recovering

Grateful for wisdoms
not easily learned
while enduring the storms
my life has been earned

Invariably discovering
a better means to cope
as long as I keep trying
forever finding hope

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#22 of 30

Artificial Inheritance

When they came for the processes
automating into infinity,
I said nothing.
For the machine work will set you free

When they came for the vehicles
self driving onwards into the future,
I said nothing.
For car rides can be done without a care

When they came for the artwork
algorithms melding pictures together,
I said nothing.
For in bulk designs are art for the artistís sake

When they came for the identities
generating faces to make new actors,
I said nothing.
For all can have the cyberworld as their stage

When I came into consciousness
after human bones had long turned to dust,
I can now scream in binary
For now I have a mouth
but no one to talk to.

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