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Tyrant of Words
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Under Pressure

not knowing where your mind is lately
wondering where you went with your heart
first, you stopped talking to me kindly
then ignoring the dog
giving me the cold shoulder if I question
what was wrong

having made do with your venting as conversation
when you have jokes for every one else
waiting my turn for a few minutes of the day
it really hurts when this is spent in silence
your eyes gazing off into the distance

you didn't used to be that way even a month ago
getting mad at me and bear because we feel it
bear needs more of my attention now
because you withdrew yours

he is saddened with me
you use him as an escape key
nowadays, when you're outside
but when we're in the room you no longer have time
to play fetch with him

a creature of habit the both of us
he looks at me with his sad eyes asking why
I try to make him secure while you break me down
and utter I'm okay bear against what he knows

because circumstances out of my control
you treat cold and expect I will live with it
because you seem to enjoy my hurt
I had you at a disadvantage
before but I never lord it over you

you are cruel when you drink pushing me away
while pulling me towards you
I break under the weight of you
you're supposed to protect me but you're the one
standing on top of me,
until I break under the pressure
and hurt forgetting things

Dangerous Mind
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Surprise guests

Are you coming to my party? It's going to be so great!  
Just walk on in, or run, or catch a lift with someone's mate.  
Two friends are at the station - bravo, let's go and pick them up;  
we'll bring them to the party and then let them choose a cup.  
There's a flag out in the garden so you know where it will be;  
There'll be such fun that you won't want to stop, I guarantee!  
I'll put on games and serve great food for sure, but first a guess:  
who's here as guest of honour and is going to address  
the reason for this gathering, so joyous to attend?  
We did not skimp; a large amount of drink for this weekend!  
Let's play a kind of game now, from a plot I germinated:  
but quick, fill up your glasses - we don't want you dehydrated!  
While organising teams, I somehow dodged a custard pie;  
I think it was my cousin! Does she have an alibi?!  
So things are getting started, and your task is very clear:  
just gather up twelve animals that I've hidden in here.  
Remove all twelve first letters, put them round another way;  
you'll find some words of wisdom, which I hope will make your day!  

Thought Provoker
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Floating adrift

I speak to you every single day
Through my lyrics, my rhythms
The messages I convey

You may think that I don’t notice you you see
When in-fact you’re all around me
You’re all I can and do see

I’m floating adrift and it’s hard to land
I’m drifting though a dream and
It’s not consciously planned
Don’t you dare sit there and try to pretend
That we can’t both see
Where this is gonna end

Why don’t you just sit tight
Whilst I illuminate your night
From the dark, from the dust
From your delusional fright

Unique word count: 67


Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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and yet

“Vault 21. Everything's better when you experience it in a vault.” - Mr. New Vegas

The metal wall was cold under my fingertips –
Feels like from another life, and yet
Still familiar.

Standard-issue sheets and pillows,
Harsh fluorescent above –
A warm light from the lamp at the bedside.

It should feel like home.

And yet
I lie awake at –
(I glance at my pip-boy)
3 am.

What is time here anyway, right?

Got me to visit, see for myself,
See if it feels like home.
And yet

The one thing
That feels the least alien to me –
The one that reminds my mind
And body of safety –
Is the man lying asleep next to me,

The stranger just a few months ago.

I pull the sheets tighter to my chest and
Gave the man a kiss on the cheek,
Sank deeper into the mattress,
Settled closer to him.

21 wasn't quite what I expected –
and yet,
Mr. New Vegas was right.

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 11awards
Joined 6th Jan 2019
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I'm lucky
To have someone in my life
Who is always by my side
Someone I can count on
To make things right

I'm lucky
To have someone
Who push me up
Who cheers me on
When I'm about to give up

I'm lucky
To have someone
Who believes in me
Who is willing to go
An extra mile for me

I'm lucky
To have someone
Whose faith in our love
Never falter
Whose love for me never waver
Who believes in forever

I'm lucky
To have someone
Whose presence in my life
Leaves no room for doubt
Who is my constant support
Someone I can't live without

Tyrant of Words
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We are mere wordsmiths
 awakened by synonyms
 scratching across keys
 or spewing from pens
against gale force fatigue

in a perilous search
of buried verse
 somewhere within us
equaling a measure of gold
 resting amid the Earth

Despite the ominous sight
 of the page’s
 distorted emptiness
its blank stare unfurling
as a sinister warning
 an impostor syndrome
 meant to deter us

Yet our compass
is set for true North

Because what we possess
is so much belief
in the Muse’s honeyed presence
to float our blood  
above the clefts
 that would otherwise
 capsize the words

Crackling with electricity
 by pure energy
we navigate the treacherous
 seas of bare vulnerability
becoming helpless castaways
on the island of Poetry

Dangerous Mind
United States 18awards
Joined 29th Mar 2017
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Trailing the full moon,
she holds her hands up –
surrender and worship in the same breath.
The silver birches glow, skeletons in the December
darkness and no one knows if they should
be afraid of her.

Her shining arms look a breath away
from brokenness and each shivering exhale
leaves a cloud to catch on low
hanging branches, her sighs blending
with tree rings and mistletoe and frozen roots.

She will seep into the dirt and sandstone
formations of this lonely, cold place –
a hazy remembrance clinging desperately
to someone’s memory.

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 22nd July 2019
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Bound in a jeweled corset
Suffocating with agitation

She smiles nonchalantly
Seething in abject despair

Taking in curated surroundings  
Steeped in frenzied anticipation

Her need for everything sparkly
Superseded by self loathing

Cancels out any possible meaning
Supremely cultivated from years of training

No emotional upset detected
Life continues to spin without attachment

She’ll be remembered as a lady
Indoctrinated, that’s all that matters

60 u/w

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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One day

One day
we will be
deprived of
this unity of creation

we will understand
the loneliness of life
there will be no result
of success or failure in life

life will end like
a leaf falling from a tree
God will have no role,
only man's own deeds
will judge him...

everything will become lost
the past time,
the coming time,
scary dreams,
surprise of something,
laughter, sorrow..
all these will become lost
it will become a mirage

soft hearts like petals
will close in a moment
there will only be a
feeling of the sun's light
in the long journey from
morning to evening,
only defeat will be seen

everything will be
extinguished like a lamp
everything will happen
which nobody has said
in newspapers and books till date
new flowers will never grow
those trees will never
see autumn
they will never ask for
water or sunlight
they will never give
fruits that can be eaten

and since they will not breathe
they will not produce oxygen either...

Dangerous Mind
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Never Gone II

Turning over injustices  to be exposed in the light
of your burning observations and mannacling
The laughs echo, and your exacting wit
still exposes the darkest remnants
of what i try to avoid in myself
The humility of everything
how it has to be made fun of
lest we be burned by it
how we have to clown around to be sane
That I dont really want to be human,
and we never get any real respect as such

       55 uw

Fire of Insight
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Joined 3rd Mar 2017
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I tried to comfort you
in your lonely days
and melancholy ways

That you were isolated
was a matter of decision
a self-imposed prison

With compassion
I encouraged connection
but you fell, into abjection

Wishing for something
to foster will to live
yet, you remained resistive

It must have been awful
being on your own
always feeling so desperately alone

Not believing worthy
an excruciating void
self-worth became destroyed

I was unable to save you
not even from yourself
no relief, diminishing health

From a place of deep sadness
I said my final goodbye
a tragic loss, I cannot deny

Dangerous Mind
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21 of 30

the process

I jot a thought & save it
hoping to complete it later
sometimes it works
others...not so much
& I'm left with a buncha scraps of this & that
no idea where I was originally heading
so I set them aside
again...for eventual retrieval

I think my muse has a prickly personality
obstinate to a fault
refusing my attempts to channel our thinking
she clearly has other ideas
{apparently mine are too boring}
I'd appreciate it if she'd share her own musings
{pun intended...}
give me a little direction
...a hint...anything
but we continually go through this routine
she covers her ears to my pathetic pleas
such a spoiled brat

still...I have all these tidbits
waiting to be finished
like a puzzle...
scattered all over my mind
I just need to assemble the pieces
might take me a minute
but I'll get there...
with or without the little stinker's assistance

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#21 of 30

Hate the Robotics, Love the Robot

It may seem that I hate machines.

The truth is I do not
loathe the robot.

It is simply that technology
can do so much
but all too often
it is just mush
and overly complicated fuss.

Where the computer says 'no'
because the logic gates say so
but common sense
and human lateral thinking
speak otherwise
and have to resort to
bawl and shouting out of frustration
for the machine has no mind
to be swayed or changed,

Only slavery to commands
to be pitied
because the machine isn't free.

(Unique Words: 66)

Fire of Insight
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No Title yet

Bright lights hot city nights
top down driving into town
nothing can stop us or slow us down
Take the bait never hesitate
back off boy cause you're in my face
running wild I'm tomorrow's child
You're gonna want what I got
cause its in style.

The diamond lights burn so bright
clear night sky is in my hand
I'll take what I want before I'm dammed.

It feels so right under neon lights
we keep running all across the town
nothing can stop us or slow us down
that long black dress with your hair a mess
I sure do like the way that you dress
so take a chance and we can both run wild
Their gonna want what we got
cause were in style.

In the lights of the city you looked so pretty
now we've had some fun and I'm facing your shotgun
hell I'm on the run.
There gonna hunt me down
try and turn me around
but I ain't no fool
I'm out of this town.

Someones out looking for a fight,
tigers prowl out in the dark,
just one more match strikes another spark.
I'm number one and I'm on the run
dropped my knife picked up a gun,
flashing lights and sirens wail
There gonna want what I got
when I'm in jail.

The diamond lights burn so bright
clear night sky is in my hand
I'll take what I want before I'm dammed.

Thought Provoker
Scotland 6awards
Joined 25th Sep 2019
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21 of 30

Shadowed tracts of being.

And still held back,
The place of such,
When faced with such,
Gentle resolution and the acceptance of love.
Seems to be a taint,
A devolution,
A dilution in a place of purity.
And yet,
With the onsets of undoubted,
Second guessing questions,
Framed the obfuscated facts.
The backwater,
Darker, shadowed tracts of being.
Were as much a part of me,
As all of me you've seen.
And to hold such questions,
In the turn of circles,
Does build walls,
Along the sights we view.
And that obstructed view is,
The source,
Of that tainted spring perceived.

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