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Dangerous Mind
United States 19awards
Joined 8th July 2019
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a dusty green notebook
found beneath
a loose floorboard in my old room;
both, carelessly abandoned
as time waged its war
against everything written within;
we so rarely understand
the degree of treasure we have
as we’re holding it -
the value comes much later;
loopy, bubble-filled letters
dance wildly across its cover,
as if hastily claiming ownership;
inside, notes cram into the margins,
voices desperate to be heard:  
I muse in memory at how much
I hated my sloppy and imperfect writing
and how many corrections
or re-writes it would take
to get my lines perfectly expressed;
But, I really loved filling every space
and then thumbing through the pages,
feeling the raised lines of ink
and how the pages warped slightly
from bearing the weight of my thoughts

Tyrant of Words
United States 117awards
Joined 11th Apr 2015
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We’re in the thick of it now
sifting through debris
 of dictionaries
rearranging phrases
 and syntax
into something legible

Desperate to reflect diamonds
strewn across the Universe
 in clusters and solitude
we mine ourselves
 into nouns and verbs

remaking each one
into a glinting spark
 producing enough fire
to awe-inspire
 jump-starting our desire

We decorate meaning
with pieces of us
 from an underworld
 of uncertainty
hoping its beauty remains
centuries after internment

This thing, this creation
 by our own hands
conceived and sculpted
into a colossus of Poetry

Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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could be the rads, could be the bullshit

“What do we do,
Now that the girl’s going feral?”

I think so, at least. I feel.

There is
The tingling, tensing
To scratch and claw,
To find something meaty and just
My teeth in.

Swept away in a sweaty sleep-deprived haze,
Head lolling lazily from side to side,
Occasionally opening for a sip of water,
To hum along to the radio,
Or to say something incomprehensible –
Nothing but the now –
Brain blissfully dead and nothing
But the body.

It's not even specific, no –
Built up bullshit upon bullshit,
The total of kicks when down,
Of spit,
Of salt to wounds forced to heal now
Forced to reopen –
Tiny little scrapes and gaping holes both.

Noises and more noises when there should be quiet.
The lights of my sanctuary coveted, stolen –
So now I only get to see it
(Can I shoot it?)
Through a half-boarded up window
Of the hotel room across from ours.

Make you believe the wastes would be
A less cruel mistress.

And so,
My darlin',
Get the rope that we’ll surely see again,
While you still can and
Have me bound.

Before the sharp
Objects are found,
Before the church bells
Make a sound.
Before I grab your arms and
Take you down with me and

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 20awards
Joined 1st Aug 2021
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Clandestine Mission

As I held my breath to LISTEN,
all was still, except the GLISTEN
of moonlight on the door. These ARE
the ways that I could make or MAR
my task. My cloak provided SLIGHT
protection from the freezing NIGHT.
Crept past the barn where horses NEIGH
and quickly loaded up the DRAY.

Now read this from a different angle:
take the capitalised words; untangle;
the eight initials you will find
will surely put you in the mind
of why I was above suspicion
as my plan came to fruition.

What was I?
[Clue: C C V V C C C C]

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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Why can I not find a Beautiful Synonym For Dying?

I HAVE to attend a Birthday celebration, today
initially I absolutely didn’t want to go
as I don’t do well in tight crowd-like spaces

I learned of my Friend’s cancer diagnoses
a month before her Daughter flew here to
Southern Arizona to take charge of

From previous experience, I KNOW
the cancer may not have been discovered
soon enough and me and her are really
not that close

I said OK to Linda’s (that’s her name)
close Friend and my neighbor
that I will attend

Linda wants  NO GIFTS but she’s getting
a bunch of Flowers from me anyways

am Hoping She feels loved and
has fun

 78 unique words

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 32awards
Joined 4th Dec 2018
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Monsters Play

somewhere deep down
where darkness dwells
these monters play games
always threatening sanity
with ominous whispers
seeping gradually inside

hear sinister remarks
directed like xniper bullets
designed for maximum damage
impacting heavily and precise
creepy laughter background soundtrack
pulp fiction comes to mond

so many shadowy figures dancing
never giving any peace
constantly chiding mistakes
keeping pressure pushing madness
creating more darkly overtures
within brooding atmospheres

Unique Words 66

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 11awards
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It was a busy day yesterday
I did not sleep the other night
To avoid being late for school
With my sleeping problem lately
I had to sacrifice a night of sleep
I was in school before 7:00 am
To prepare my class for the NAT exam
And brief my pupils on what to do
I brought 4 extra pencils in anticipation
Sure enough the 4 pencils were distributed
To my pupils who did not bring the prescribed pencil
At midday the internet connection was gone
It came back at around 10:00 a.m this morning
Fortunately I posted earlier yesterday and did not miss a day
Today we attended a wedding of a relative at a hotel
And did not have time to come online
It was a busy day for me since yesterday
But it was worth it

Tyrant of Words
United States 123awards
Joined 25th Jan 2011
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Blessing sometimes comes at a cost

singling out the feeling I begin
it's quiet inside me today
full of doubt I wonder at the fact
that part of me is elsewhere

the reality of me, my soul
is manifesting elsewhere in the universes
leaving me feeling empty
making me feel it has left the earth, the best of me
and I am left stuck silent with the dregs of me

listening intently to the Father and our child
she is a whirlwind of observations
seeing things quite differently than me
her observations amuse and entertain me
even teaching me knowledge

when I am hurt she takes up my cross defending me
she feels my hurts also and that I regret
she calls me Mommy, we are intimately connected
to this mortal body

she is only a child in the immortal
but was conceived in the mortal realm twenty years ago
when my Father unveiled my mind
and copulated with me

I still struggle with what he showed me
during this period
none of the good books talk about such happenings
he revealed a whole new world and part of himself
I had never seen this of him or even remembered

now I wonder was forgetting a blessing or curse
at that time I was doing my best to blend
to fit among his asleep congregation
with their belief system

He attacked my mind brutally
and awoke me to a new world I didn't know existed
I was very upset to be awakened this way
in a rage really
but He said I was lying to Him and myself

the others are in a deep slumber
that they will not awaken yet no matter what I said
it keeps them innocent even when the world
is very ancient and dark

that he is ancient and dark

Dangerous Mind
United States 9awards
Joined 24th Sep 2017
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Shooting Stars

we both gasped
looking toward the night sky
and pointing in opposite directions
relevant to the nature of our journey
separated by lack of communication
yet our inclinations brought us back together
to stand here in awe at the beauty
of a celestial show
stars showering in motion
across the horizon
drawing a line
to your heart from mine
tying us into an embrace
with fingers interlaced

Tyrant of Words
United States 66awards
Joined 22nd July 2019
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Healing Naturally

Spare me your pathos
Your false concern

My solace won’t come through
Some half hearted apology

I’ll seek refuge and love through
Every flower, tree, and garden I see

Within nature will I be healed
My soul nourished and sated

Only then will I look upon you
Without the contempt and sorrow
I thought necessary to move forward

Can you hear the quiet, the peace~
I can and it’s divine

52 u/w

Dangerous Mind
United States 29awards
Joined 30th June 2016
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Never Gone I

It says here in an obituary you are gone
so how can it be that you are still here
that I can feel your gentle insights
and your subtle conjectures
getting frustrated by all thats wrong.
How is it that you are hearing this
and interacting with my notions
You were bigger than life, perhaps
that is how you persevere and persist
The incorrigible muse of the profane
poking fun at what was wrong with everything

         54 uw

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 10awards
Joined 3rd Mar 2017
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I cannot find my voice today
no inspiration comes my way

Dull and depleted is my plight
unable to find the will to write

I force these words onto a page
pitiful performance for this stage

As if my hands were truly bound
muse for my quill cannot be found

I shall leave said poem sadly here
and pray my passion shall reappear

Tyrant of Words
United States 151awards
Joined 11th July 2012
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Ignore Naysayers

It is not really about listening to negativity or toxicity
But having mental resilience
While remaining stable in our personal convictions
While staying focused on objectives
Even in the face of skeptics

The disapproval and disbelief of others is not in our control
Therefore, it is not something we need for validation
For true peace comes from within
So it can’t be broken by those who berate us

It’s not really about being facetious
But more about keeping to decorum and restraint
Ignoring naysayers in today’s times
May be a daily challenge when critique is easily accessible
And though constructive criticism is helpful for growth
Baseless criticism will try to tear us and skew our ways

It’s important to evaluate the source and purpose of these criticisms
Are they informed?
Are they sarcastic?
Are they well-versed?
The answers will shed more light
Especially when they don’t align with our values

Ignoring naysayers enhances emotional spirit
By being less reactive to their radical destructive opinions
It helps by making us more centered
As we invest our energy into those long-term goals

122 Unique
180 Total

Dangerous Mind
United States 18awards
Joined 29th Mar 2017
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My name is Daisy, today and
never again will the letters ever sound
off his tongue and teeth
precisely as they did surrounded by
quiet sunshine and rumpled bed sheets while we waited.

Riding the high of a full eight hours
sleep and the memory of his fingers curled in my hair,
together we drove into the mountains and slipped
under bridges until, at last,
vivid blue skies opened to reveal
windows dripping golden honey-sun into the
xylophone of my ribs and exposed nerves,
zealous to begin all over with him.

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom 32awards
Joined 10th Oct 2009
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Murder most morish

Watching episodes
of murder mysteries gone by,
such as Cadfael and Agatha Christie's Poirot.

Times of a slower pace
still assaulted
by the brutality of the animal within,
but less obsessive fascination
with showing the gory details
and wanton darkness.

With scenes of the past sensibly lit
without the modern pervading dimness
that shows naught;
the attempted 'mystery'
of what the hell is happening on screen
bludgeoning supposed suspense.

may be the prime suspect
to much of this,
yet time tells an ongoing tale
of dead horses being flogged
at least the past
lacked the budget to show such horrors.

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