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Dangerous Mind
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The Unweakening III

I danced alive all possible scenarios
as if they required fluidity to rise
and unsupple reasoning to thrive
even as the odds were squarely stacked

I let reason slip away for a short time
the length of one sweet fleeting dream
and bid the thing materialize as a child would
as never before had I such soaring faith

Somewhere amidst all illusion
a freedom found itself alive and well
precipitating all threats which undermined
following each promise unbelieved

     63 uw

Dangerous Mind
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Tyrant of Words
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Place of smoke rising like invisible evocations
Music of the Aeon – Playing in chimes following/chimes of dimes
Apexes threaded in garments: Armor & armaments
Cleansing the newest and the-blue/st of the laments/lamented in sorrows/petals of rose

Place-of electrical storms reaching forth in tentacles
Horizons of-humid dusks: Graves of foamy waves to-be reborn like-storms

Arms become horizons absorb/ed in absorption

Place/space -
Interface of cosmic embrace in an: Afar



Tyrant of Words
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An Air of Mystery

Like a card game
Slowly revealing the cards
With strategy and poise
One can pique interest with mystery and intrigue
As others will take notice
Gaining respect and curiosity

Being a little reserved
Becomes an art form
Between a slow revelation and concealment
Keeping an air of mystery about ourselves

Discretion is an important aspect of our lives
Being a little enigmatic is bound to be appealing
May be even fascinating
Being selective with how much and what to share

This restraint protects the core
Of our most inner notions
Strengthening mind and soul
Even as the universe leans in for a closer look

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104 Total

Tyrant of Words
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Fight, Flight, or Sing

Unlocked, finally
a watershed of melodious memories
An eclectic library
of musical remedies
that healed my
wounded heart
over and over
from the start.

Songs from 50 years ago,
still magically enthrall
and whisper that all
will turn out alright.
Waves of joy
permeate my soul,
when I hear Phoebe Snow
sing “Poetry Man” or Robert Flack
kills so softly my
I smile recalling
my ten year old self
belting out
“ I can't blame you for what
you're doin' to me girl
Even though my heart aches”
when Tower of Power
Leaves no doubt that it’s
“So Very Hard To Go.”

Songs heard and internalized early
rerouting neural pathways
carefully guiding , sometimes,
anxious, fearful, lonely
to just the right song
to play on
my hippocampal jukebox

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Dangerous Mind
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You sit yourself proudly
To pound at the pedals
Knowing balance
Requires  immediacy
Or fall down you will
Because whilst I grip
The back of the seat
Like a man who’s possessed
Running stead’ly behind you
While you wear pads
On your knees
Pads on your elbows
Padding fully
Encasing your head
The physics dictate clearly
I have to let go
At some point

(51 uw)

Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
United States 4awards
Joined 17th Aug 2017
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Bullet Points

Combing through every detail
Until perfection achieved
Which is never

I hate it

Smear the board
Crumple it up
Regroup the figures
Start all over


When I finally reach the end
The assembly line
Lists within lists
Completed body of work


The sheer volume
Achieved at last
Deemed good enough to suffice
For other's appreciation

Back at it again

It's never enough
The details need more details
Each line a new dot
Each dot a new idea

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Vitriolic Values

Caught in a perpetual fight
The inheritance of conflict and the ongoing war
Violence's in reprised roles cast of former strides
Living and dying for the causes of a broken record

Circling revived mountains, reinvented
Sparking the same revolution over and over again
Scapegoat nations, self centered generations
Faulting forward the debts we inherit

Mocking mantras of politicians on repeat
Torn between the red and blue parrot

We suffer, casualty of an unseen battle
Not the flesh and blood, but the symptom of ourselves
Bearing the weight of our own frailties
Manifesting the modern era of our re-trended hells

Take to arms and hands
When we’re equipped to the teeth
Neglecting prayers for demands
Wear your hatred on your sleeve

Vitriolic values of self righteous indignation
Patriotic sentiments regurgitated and fed down
Rights gradually forfeit of a captive nation
Dreams die with pride when the cross falls second to the crown…

Fire of Insight
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By chance, he is there
His mind, soul, and sprit calibrated in those long dark shadows of his
One glance, it’s lavender scent to the nose
Strawberry blonde to the eyes
Lips that quiver and pulse
The space between impossible to close
Does she notice the stillness in the air?
The cologne he too chose to wear?
The shadows have met, they are lovers now
Skin starved, he can reach his hand to hers
They must climb into each other and explore the parts of themselves that haven’t been touched
They are known, but dormant and forgotten
In places ruined, is a curled body waiting for you. It’s a beautiful soul one must rescue.
She’s waited for him, he’s waited for her
Now, love must chase.

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
Palestine 41awards
Joined 2nd Feb 2017
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So I said to the government, said I
“you’ve got the power but it’s not legit
you broke the social contract, that’s why

Folk aren’t obligated ever to fit
in with illegally lobbied laws —
you’ve got the power but it’s not legit”

A government worthy of trust would pause,
consider the conflicts of interest …
revolving doors and lobbied laws

A simple truth for what is always best?
separate politics from crony-cash:
consider the conflicts of interest

Trust is low — that’s no surprise — the mish-mash
of money and power at the top, stinks
so separate politics from crony-cash

At some point we can’t obey your twisted inks”
I said to the government, said I
“money and power at the top, stinks —
you broke the social contract, that’s why.”

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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bird flying free in the sky
makes me realize that
I am the same, I am the same...free, like a bird

butterfly wandering here and there in the gardens
assures me that
I am the same, fickle like her
hovering in the greed of honey

dense tree standing on the road
tells me that
I am just like that, shade giver, non-arrogant

I am that picture
which does not reside in everyone's heart
I don't look like everyone will like me
But I'm the kind who lets ships get hit by storms
But I am the kind who can penetrate someone's heart with words

I am that word
who sleeps on paper
who are always eager to be touched
which is the decoration of books
which has the ability to convert crying into song

I am that gathering
In which various faces hang with countless questions
to which I do not consider it appropriate to answer
who lazez on the strings of the sitar at midnight
Who fills her body with glory with peacock feathers

I am the one who
I hold the flowing waves in my arms
who lives in a place without address
that raises whirlpools of gestures
and I carry the shining stars on my back...

Tyrant of Words
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Missed It By This Much

What is a deadline,
but an imaginary construct
devised by aristocracy.
to keep the peasants busy.
Personally I enjoy them.
I thrill at the pressure
of cutting them fine.
So much so
that I do it all the time.
Just for fun I’ll miss one.
Maybe intentionally stumble  
and let it pass
Or procrastinate on purpose,
and hang back awhile
Just to show I’m humble…
like the rank and file.
But I do it with style
and Cheshire Cat smile

So, I did some etymology
On it’s sobering origin
Now, I think I’ll stay
as far away from that line.
Get that project
In on time.
Stop capriciously
testing fate
by taking too much pleasure
In turning stuff  in late.

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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom 1awards
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Love can be a very funny thing
Sometimes… you don’t even realise it’s there
It’s just lingering… around the corner
You can sense it.. smell it.. taste it…
It’s never quite in your eye line
The sensation’s all around you
And yet you can’t quite put your finger on it
You deny it to yourself
Deny its existence at times
Because you don’t want to disturb… that beauuutiful thing
Just lingering.. lingering in the back of your thoughts
Lingering in your bed.. lingering in your mind
Where is it.. how can it be so
You want it so desperately
Fear it’s something you’ll never know
You may feel it time and time again in life
If you’re ever so blessed
But sometimes… just sometimes
You might be so lucky.. as to find it
Place your fingers on it
It’s just out of reach
That perfect thing…
Where does it come from
Where does it reside
In your minds-eye
Just around the side
The side of your conscience
The sides of your being
Slip and slides throughout time… and space
What is love as a concept
What does it mean
Where does it come from

How come it’s unseen…
Where does it belong
Is it human, is it not
Is it real
Has it been forgot
Is it something only in old fairytales
romantic novels.. theatre plays…
Was it only people like Shakespeare who really knew what love meant
You run your finger around your lips
A kiss
So tender
So sweet
Forever lingering

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Dangerous Mind
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Joined 8th Mar 2016
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20 of 30

dropzone overshot

when she turned 70
mom announced she wanted to skydive for her 80th
to get the full impact of that declaration
you need to know my mother
bravest she'd ever been was defying her parents
marrying my father
(come to think of it...that's no small feat...)

2 strokes & a pandemic later
she's no longer as steady on her feet
she tires more easily
only 3 birthdays yet to go until that slated date
...it isn't looking likely

I wish I had the courage to go
...in her place
make the jump in her honor
but I'm scared to death of heights
I panic even boarding a plane
guess that makes me a coward

but the ladies in our family
are taking her on a road trip this fall
back to our old stomping grounds
where I was born
where daddy died
& where he's buried

celebrating my parents' legacy
teaching us to disconnect from stress
& plug in to life
just inhaling the moment
like the campfire smoke before us now
winding leisurely through the trees
I imbued the love of nature in my girl
just as they instilled it in me

mom says she misses camping
{what she really means is she misses daddy}
but it's too hard for her now to navigate
relies on a walker to get around these days
& still coming to terms with that change in independence
so we'll set up camp in a cozy motel
get smoked trout & fancy cheese
make root beer floats in our rooms
like we did when we were little
indulging in a special treat
all gathered around the family table

3 generations together
recreating a moment for my mother
creating one for my daughter
...of the good old days
before we go spread some love
...on daddy's grave

maybe not as exciting as the feeling of flying
but we'll create some new memories
have some laughs & shed a few tears
remembering the love of yester-year
before we run out of time

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 4awards
Joined 17th Dec 2015
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What if I told you that the society
you seek
Already exists
Perfectly at peace
And what if I told you the way to arrive
Is just to alter your state of mind

What if I told you that
there’s no long term pain
Only the delusions that
Your thoughts create
And what if you believed
You could be free
From living unauthentically

Would the world become lighter
Would consciousness become higher  

Could we leave all our troubles behind

A new world to thrive in
A community to confide in
Perfect wisdom to guide in

What if I told you it’s not far away

There’s a collective shift
And the light you bring
Will reshape our reality

{73 unique words}

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