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Dangerous Mind
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authentic me

would you think more of me...or less...
if I confessed...
I am incapable of loving...

standing at the edge of love's cliff...
staring down into the deep unknown
my heart falls...hard
whether I will it or no
even knowing...
...I step off alone

what does this speak of me
that I'm willing to live...
without trying to deny it

at any rate...it's a moot point
I'm a terrible liar
see...it's my eyes...
give me away everytime
causing me to cast them elsewhere
...but into his direct gaze

there's no guarantee he's ready for me
for my billowy marshmallow heart
& my painfully honest goddamn eyes

this is why I either walk away
...or I tell them
...without expectations
I feel they have a right to know

I won't let my love get in the way
it's all about perspective
...just because I caught feelings
doesn't change a thing
as long as they don't mind
& I avert my eyes
they still reap the benefits

don't get it twisted...
I'm not love blind
my truthful eyes see...
...even when others don't

not that I'd trade them for anything
I prefer their genuine transparency
...to the lies so effortlessly peddled by others
reflecting only what they believe is expected
concealing more unsavory ulterior motives
not nearly as innocent & pure as mine

& I don't understand...
how I can be so sheer...
...while they remain solid
a mirror...
...flashing my feelings back at me
showing only what I hope to see
...without any actual sincerity

no...I'll keep my authenticity
thank you
right where it can easily be seen
like a badge of honor
but....do you think less of me
for my naked honesty

Dangerous Mind
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And Now Goodnight

Come snuggle in, my precious boys,
it’s time we all said our goodnight.
It’s time to put away your toys,
come snuggle in, my precious boys.
I hope you know of all the joys
you both are my desired delight.
Come snuggle in, my precious boys,
it’s time we all said our goodnight.

So wrap your blankets snug and tight,
and softly on your pillow lie.
Your dreams will come and bring delight,
so wrap your blankets snug and tight.
Then when the morning brings the light
our eyes will see a true blue sky.
So wrap your blankets snug and tight
and softly on your pillow lie.

Tyrant of Words
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Life goes on
beyond burnt bridges
or the ebb and flow
of bygone facades

The Past stands tall
yet grows small
 against distance
when our minds allow
 by letting go

The present flows
into the future
like separate fluids
 seamlessly miscible
 within one another

One would believe
it was a mountain stream
 gurgling through a forest
 burbling secrets to us
as it wound past  

We may feel swept behind
 like silent sin
with a need to repent
 its unworthy deed

But even spring flowers
 clover and dandelion
entice the bee’s presence
 to become drunk
 on their essence

Our marbled pages of words
 like a photograph
hold wishes and dreams
 genuflecting our need

before the golden calf
 of Poetry

Tyrant of Words
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Bored Women

arbitrary need defiled
in quiet's depths, I contemplate
dreams may come and go naturally
to stifle a feeling isn't in me
suppressing the feeling of anger...causes hurt
because society says it is dangerous we put it away

not able to vent I suppress a lot
releasing it to the universe when I can
holding things back when I can't
the rage simmers but I fight to control it
even when as a sensitive soul
people go out of their way to provoke it

my anger is not directed at them
but some people eat sorrow
other women will notice if a ladie's husband
is more than friendly
instead of giving the signal no way, she's my friend

they will give flirty body language to torment
feeding into the man's bad behavior
there seems to be very few
you can count on as sisters

I have learned this since childhood
most women will betray your trust
their egos and lack of affection in their home
makes them bored

your pain they view as sport

Tyrant of Words
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Math & Endings

The improbability of letting go
The hurt and agony of the past
Will likely never happen

Reconciled to that circumstance
And engaged in a mental dispute
While life continues dancing about

If alternative decisions were made
If only outcomes could be altered
Why life would be almost tolerable

There can be two endings to a story
There might be a happy conclusion
We’ll never know

And there won’t be a sequel

52 u/w

Dangerous Mind
United States 9awards
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Luna’s Allure

awoke from a dream
with divine gratitude
   for Gaia’s
   sentient gifts

stepping out onto
   the dewy grass,
see it there
in the field:

   fog flowing upward
from the pond,
billowing under
   moon beams

reaching out
   for the stars;
   in the early hours
   of dawn’s awakening

levitating toward
   a deep indigo sky,
in suspension…

   the brume dances
   for Luna
   in the twilight

Lost Thinker
Joined 30th Mar 2024
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some rain

I scream at the vast emptiness in front of me.
My voice echoes in the ruins of what was –
What could’ve been,
What should’ve been.

Death and decay –
Skeletons out in the open for everyone to see,
No matter which godforsaken haunted vault
You try to hide in.
The Wasteland is good at keeping secrets –
But it gives them away in time.

Will all the blood spilled wash away the debt?
The one that's not mine, but have no choice but to carry --
Over-encumbered in the heat, drinking in the hopelessness,
Swallowing down sick the futility of it all.

I wrapped my hand tighter around my bat,
Stare down the radroach skittering at my feet –
I think I hear a faint voice from somewhere,
Saying my name –

But I just keep screaming and bash
and bash
and bash
and bash.

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 4awards
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Knock and the door shall be open
I’ve never trusted my instincts more
Because what has been revealed to me
Has been softly, but clearly directed
After years of unsettled darkness

I had to go back to look forward
Because I only had the ears to hear
And not the eyes to see
Always within my reach
Just extremely misinterpreted

As above so below
Energy flow
Consciousness higher
Magnetic pull
In alignment
Generational reincarnate

Now I feel in my soul
In my bones
It is only up from here

{70 unique words}

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 10awards
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Absent the Hunger

I heard the birds
chose not to rise
tears betray
my blurry eyes

Resting here
unable to sleep
unknown reasons
for why I weep

I am not meant
to exist today
how I feel
no words convey

Devoid of senses
empty, numb
no smell or flavour
seems to come

Absent the hunger
deficient desire
without even a start
decision to retire

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Ticket Number 984533572

What a waste of time.
So much of what I do,
seems just that.
As though counting in chalk
before the rain inevitably comes;
Or as though stuck waiting
anticipating that there is something
beyond this holding-pen waiting room
yet beyond the threshold
is yet another queue,
and not the polite queue mind you.

And yet,
such lingering moments
would be a joyful eternity
if they were shared with someone
as alone can feel like forever
especially if together seems never.

(Unique Words: 63)

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 20awards
Joined 1st Aug 2021
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beasts at seeded grasses grazed,
at vert swards, barbed warfare crazed.
bravest, wettest crawdads fazed:
zebra, badgers, steeds bedazed.

reeded area: waders tweeted.
vexed debaters cede, reseated.
steadfast traders swayed, retreated;
carers, stewards, beasts - defeated.


ravaged streets were desecrated;
trees, deceased, sat devastated.
savage serfs resegregated;
aftereffects reverberated.

arrested wastewater cascaded,
scarred, creased, severed cedars faded.
detracted stargazers sea waded,
resected artefact evaded.

Thought Provoker
Scotland 6awards
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Until tomorrow

Here amongst the clamps and glue,
The dust and stour,
Are the leftover trimmings of the day.
Labors halter on the gate of eve,
And with the work marked rolled up sleeves.
The airborne,
Dust settled crown upon the cap,
Takes flight once more
With its bench made slap of night.
And what is made,
Is made.
Despite the errors in my ways.
And what is left,
Is left undone,
Until tomorrow's sun,
And that new day,

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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Trying my best to do my inner work
Being content with myself
no god
no friend
no lover
no mentor

not giving  in to the temptation
to digest mushrooms
or CBD gummies
or massive amounts of libation
(as if the alcohol would surpass
and be stronger than the mind-
altering natural shit)

I believe, at one time, I was
ever alone, happy, WITHOUT
anything ….. anyone
to get me to that higher plane
of consciousness,
that existence

Somewhere along the way
I forgot when I caved into
all the distractions
along my path

72 unique words

Tyrant of Words
Canada 12awards
Joined 18th Nov 2015
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Ballad of the Fire Swamp

O give me a home where nobody will roam
Where the Count and his soldiers won’t stray
Where a sudden Flame Spurt leaves them crispy and hurt
And the skies smell of campfire all day

Home, home in the swamp
Where the Lightning Sands grip at their knees
Where the R.O.U.S. is our welcome house guest
And the skies smell of campfire all day

O give me a house with a giant guard mouse
Where the Terrors keep burglars at bay
Where seldom is heard an annoying loud bird
And the skies smell of campfire all day

Home, home in the swamp
Where our enemies get what is due
But its secrets we've learned, so we'll never get burned
And the skies smell of campfire all day

Home, home in the swamp
You and me in our sweet summer home
Lovely trees up above, we've been saved by True Love
And the skies smell of campfire all day

Twisted Dreamer
United States 4awards
Joined 8th Aug 2016
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Dawn, rests on grass blades, unbending
My dry dying bones lap up her gift
Mystical rise to skies, ascending
Carried by air, barely, thick on my breath
My atrocities below leak to above
She withdraws her warmth but keeps her cool
Falling gems, she weeps from bitter love
In her wrath, I'm hailed with ice daggers
Calling me into depths of her magnetic ocean
Resting my head softly into her dark depths
Cities and their kings fall to her liquid emotion
In you I give final breath, because I love

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