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Dangerous Mind
United States 29awards
Joined 30th June 2016
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The Unweakening II

To stiffen the resolve hadn't occurred
that I would have to strengthen this way
to rise inside the failure of slipping away
to feel it all crumble like sand

The inner void so receptive
as if all potentials were alive there
waiting for air to awaken them
giving in to imagined success

I wouldn't accept their denial
forcing the light into those corners
was the only option in this scenario
to simply refuse to let them die

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Twisted Dreamer
United States 4awards
Joined 8th Aug 2016
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Warm summer's day
Outdoors with friends
Play tag, I'm it

Run through gardens
Cobblestone paths
Too young to sit

Carrying weight
Thrill of the chase
Trying my wit

Cut through the grass
Not watching where
Into black pit

Water above
Sunlight fading
Dark walls unlit

Glee to panic
Thrashing around
Life might acquit

Fear's encounter
My second time
Not yet close-knit

Breathing water
Not really
Choking a bit

Hands from heaven
Pull me out quick
Mom threw a fit

True punishment
Deep in my dreams
Never forget

Tagging with fear
Always on edge
Since I'm not it

Tyrant of Words
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Selective Sharing

If we choose to be open books
Then be careful with oversharing
Because some things should be private
Otherwise some wonít be so forbearing

Must we publicize every aspect of our lives?
Is the need to be recognized really that bad?
Undergarments in the sun will have you on the line
And draw the worst criticisms youíve ever had

Be more diligent, be smarter with your words
Be more selective with what you have and how to say it
Because in oversharing you will certainly be out of touch
And the disconnect will be worse no matter how you play it

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Tyrant of Words
United States 20awards
Joined 7th Mar 2021
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Emerald fields Ė Becoming a tower
where: You


Dreaming of far-away lands
Desert sands taking stands in wild desert winds
Chiming rain upon symbolic leaves

Telling you to: Believe in your dreams


How I love to hover
Of waves in extensions

Cosmic Connections


How-each segment/sections/into nexuses & sects
Shimmering into Dominions of Suns
Will always/in/all/ways

Hoist the colors high Ė Ships into dark matter depths of eclipses

Dangerous Mind
United States 15awards
Joined 18th Aug 2017
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Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
United States 4awards
Joined 17th Aug 2017
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There's a staleness in the air
There's a stillness in the stare
The prey grazes unaware

There's a hunger for the hunt
There's an anger in the look
There's a danger for the want

In a darkened hillside top
Where the shadows start to drop
Kinetic begins it's pounce

An energy once stored
Now leaps it's way forward
The taste of blood in it's mouth

The puma drags back to it's den
There's still a hunger within
That'll never meet an end

For once the feast is gourged
The hunt begins once more
More bloodthirsty than before

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
United States 7awards
Joined 20th Mar 2023
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Inquiry of questions interrogations in my head
Yesterday a revolving door in paradox of philosophical repose
For all the things I wish I never said
The mystery of the history of all the things that no one knows

I am a stranger to myself gradually learning as I go
Who I am in this experience to discover why
Every choice I make is another revelation of getting to know
Self, in all the tangles unraveling, until the day I die

Mystery in the mirror, mirror
How do I believe the best
When so much of what Iíve done doesnít square
When for all the reasons I find to serenade my joys Iíve as many to wallow in despair

Unanswered, all Iíve got is awe to displace the unreliable certainties of all I cannot see
When I live a life of self denial in my will to come to terms with meÖ

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 21st Aug 2013
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Homage to Modern Minstrel Philosophers - Contemporary Sage

My first encounter
with Natalie
was watching her
on a late night talk show
She sang so beautifully
in her sonorous,
silky alto.
Lithely dancing
to the rhythm,
arms extended, undulating,
hands moving
in Hula or
A one sided romance
began to bud.
Dare I say?
I fell in love
with this free-spirited
and her captivating performance.

Her music teaches me
to pay more attention
to the human condition.
To do what I can to lighten the burden
of the downtrodden
Instills a deep sense of gratitude
for acts of kindness
and generosity
that rain on me constantly.
Reminds me to
cherish each moment
of every day
Elucidates the wonder of
each and every woman
compelling me,
as a father,
to introduce her
to my daughter

I feel humbled
to share the same age
with this captivating sage.

Unique word count: 99

Fire of Insight
United States 15awards
Joined 12th July 2017
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The Divide

Blurred psychic lines, not of a conscience
My brain freezes over like December snow
I noticed his eyes, smile, curled hair
Brought him out of his skin, I climbed out too
We explored in conversation, exchanging blinks from across the set
Obvious or not, we felt the same. The air told us so
Scenes pass, I wished Iíd been at that table too
Cut, and itís done. Weíre wanting something more
But it couldnít come from me, for whatever reason. I wish I had the words
So I changed, said goodbye to the rest
He was gone, or.. I didnít find him
Across the way I found later, as I passed the streets. Longing for a good time to say goodbye
But I drove, I froze again. A blizzard inside.
I just canít stop thinking about it, why do I have this problem. A supernatural divide
That keeps me from moving out of this cold..
Cold world.

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
Palestine 41awards
Joined 2nd Feb 2017
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The media is gunning for World War Three
everyoneís at it, prepare for your fate
like pre- World War One propaganda, you see

Diplomacyís rattled, youíve noted of late
as those who want peace are labelled naÔve
everyoneís at it, prepare for your fate

Most prefer peaceÖ, though some still believe
war gives you peace, bring it on ó count the dead
but peace-niks for peace are labelled naÔve

Wars against labels have masterly fed
millions of corpses to fill up the ground
resting in peace ó not so bad ó count the dead

Hear propaganda, its warring-like sound
preparing your mind to swallow the line
millions of corpses at peace underground

Check out the factoids, the facts of the crime
itís pre- World War One propaganda, you see
preparing your mind to swallow the line
the media is gunning for World War Three.

Thought Provoker
United Kingdom 1awards
Joined 21st Feb 2024
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Take it

Sometimes special moments catch you off guard
Youíre boarding a flight
Flying away to another lifetime

A juncture is upon you
Which way do you go
What direction do you choose to head in

Sometimes in those moments
Everything changes

A new life path carved out in front of you
Ahead lies mystery, perhaps sanctuary
Perhaps scarcity, perhaps anxiety

The unknown can be a thrill to some
However It can be torture to others
I donít know where I fall on that scale

But I do know I wanna take the dive
Deep dive head first into the unknown
As we can only ever move forwards

Iíve been told lifeís not always a straight line
That itís notÖ speaking from experience

But we can hold ourselves back
Try to keep the foot on the break
When the car already crashed long ago

How long do you stay in a heap
Crying in a corner, wrecked and weeping

How long do you tell yourself youíre undeserving

How long do you hold onto dreams long lost
When do you admit the dream shattered
Glass all over the floor
No illusions here anymore

No more tears, no more torment
Youíre flying in the sky
How can you be unhappy in the land where dreams are made

We begin to live a certain story
Start to believe what weíve told ourselves
But thatís just not true and itís simply not right

We can be whoever we want
At any point we choose to take it

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Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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The river

I am like a flowing river
and that is my motivation
i am mad for the setting sun
and bathe myself in the moonlight,
because I am like a flowing river

i have some dirty feelings
and some horny desires
which invigorates my body
i get hit by many stones in life
but I have controlled my speed
because I am like a flowing river

the person who unable to find himself
and a seeker of peace
flow with me
and attains immense happiness like a waterfall
because I am like a flowing river

i will satisfy the demand
well i meet the salty ocean
always looking at the sky
i thirst for its drops
he sees his reflection in me
and I shrank like a bud
because I am like a flowing river

i dream
a handful of stars
and to fill the darkness enveloped
in dark nights with light,
beyond the negative
I share my feelings and emotions with myself
I am transparent like glass
because i  am like a flowing river

my eyes see many pictures of me
rising and falling in the waves of time,
standing in front of the ocean,
i leave my reflection,
I leave my shadow
and spread to the horizon,
i have developed myself
my body, my life, my laughter, my crying,
i am the cause of everything
because I am like a flowing river...

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 32awards
Joined 4th Dec 2018
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Always A Rose Tinted View

when looking
in ocean blue eyes
want to drink thirstly waters
beyond my fill

like a lost puppy
inside doing actobatics
feeling akwardly
teenage again
where i am
totally ongue tied

sleep evades
as thoughts swirl
you bring
colourful visions
inspiring the artist's pallette
capturing summer's
vibrancy on canvas

beautiful flower
blooming petals
opening towards sunlight
white amonst red fields

beauty never tires
tthrough an unrequitted


Unique Words 68

Dangerous Mind
United States 19awards
Joined 8th July 2019
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itís the burden of being an artist -
we try desperately to express
a particular emotion
or invoke an expected response;  
words are a finicky medium,
we can only play with them
so much before the emotion is lost;
If we donít play with them enough,
we lose the interest of our audience;
So in that sense,
we pour out in a moment of pure emotion
and our words often fail to be adequate;
but there have been times  
when I think Iíve pulled it off -
Itís like standing back from painting
and realizing that Iíll be damned,
it really does look like fruit lol

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 27awards
Joined 15th Sep 2019
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Did the mods send a sand worm ?

I couldn't get this poem to the rocks
out of step I turned and ran
no thumpers to call another idea,
already drowning before the day began.

My sacrifice needs to be quick,
these wet words will be left to bake,
falling into fluidised desert,
a thousand teeth untouched.

A giant sand slide deep inside,
I survived three days speaking worm.
As the cave walls rippled
I offered poems instead of prayer.

The Mod Gods heard my offering
the giant muscle wall convulsed
spewing my poetry onto day twenty.
The city has listened to its warning.

The mental block has repented
and here I sit in the shade of my stanzas
I wont complain, for I know another worm
could easily eat everything I write.

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