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2024 Official DUP NaPoWriMo Challenge

Dangerous Mind
United States 17awards
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Ode to a Twirly Skirt (part 2)

And once she’d given that cursory spin, the  swirl
could not be stopped before, at least, another whirl,

or twenty-four or twelve or forty-one.
For once the twirling twirly skirts began,
she’d find it hard to stop the gleeful fun.
“I’ll wear a skirt that’s just for me, no man
will ever tell me what to wear or how
to fix my hair or how he takes his eggs.”
And then she grew up strong and fierce, her vow
an ever-present thought inside her head.
She’s traded mud for power suits and pearls
and busts through difficulty left and right.
But every now and once and again that girl
will slip into a circle skirt to twirl.

Fire of Insight
England 2awards
Joined 21st Mar 2023
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The Sperm That Came Second

You swam a splendid race, my lad,
as fast as any fish!
The gun went Bang! and out you sprang
and gave your tail a swish,

then moving swiftly, up you went,
the leader of the pack!
You led the field, you did not yield,
and never once looked back;

but tragedy, alas it came,
as it is wont to do,
you banged your head against that egg –
a sperm had beaten you!

A mournful tear rolled down your face,
the saddest sight to see,
but had you won, not been undone,
I wonder who I'd be.

Dangerous Mind
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I am a factory
An electron organizer

Life is becoming a video game
And I am a dedicated player

Groomed to stay
In a loop all year

Resolving on occasion
To step away

Remember to breathe
It’s good to have dreams

I have had many
Am living some

Grow things
And cling to the hope

That one day the elephants
May begin to forgive us

(50 uw)

Guardian of Shadows
Jamaica 12awards
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02 of 30
april song 02:  April 02
journey of life—elemental

journey of a thousand footsteps,
man conceived as living soul;
concept of superior concepts:
what would he write on the scroll?

he could write a script for living
in his earthen universe,
lest binge-taking and stinge-giving
change his blessing to a curse.

he could write a script for dying,
if he understood that life
must soon, in the grave, be lying
‘neath old cold grim reaper’s knife.

he cannot rescind the order
of his freewill compromise
who makes void the sovereign border
that restrains the worldly-wise.

shall he write the wrongs that strangle,
like a fetter, in life’s jungle?

© cab♫

UWC 70

Tyrant of Words
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Into the Wild Into the Water

Oh, how I wish
I didn’t lament
every slight I allowed to fester
into a gaping wound

That I would swim
with the current
and let the tide
take its course

Would that I could
be a duck
able to let life’s issues
roll off my back

Nay, each stab
is a pain felt
forever in body and soul

That no remedy will cure
and only tears will protect

53 u/w

Fire of Insight
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Joined 3rd Mar 2017
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Beneath the Glass

Far from the shallows
beyond the undulating swells
under toe carries into the deep
of a vast, omnipotent sea

Sinking below the quiet surface
feeling the cold depths envelop
uncharted voyage, I’ve come to seek
sensing the maelstrom develop

Treading just beneath the glass
holding breath yet barely able
drifting slowly off to sleep
pausing here, I turn my will over

Underwater, I seem to breathe
impressions of lost memories
fearless now, I do not weep
how I have longed for this comfort

Familiar tactile sensation
alive, I believe I am home
solitude, intending to keep
acceptance acquired in the abyss

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
Joined 21st Feb 2024
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Brother from another mother  

He’s my brother from another mother
Far more sensible than you or I
Got kicked out of home at 16
His mum hung him out high and dry

Just a kid, his bubble burst
Cruel parents, cruel intentions
Left on the streets by the state too
Thank god for kindness from the likes of me and you

Sometimes we’re brought to certain people
Universal intuition some may even say
I had the choice to save him from himself
Coincidentally saving me from my own fate

Out on his ass, no hope to grasp
But divine intervention luckily jumped in his way
I’m happy to say he’s my very best friend
My brother from another mother, here to stay

Unique word count: 86

Tyrant of Words
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good morning, i am falling apart from holding everything together {&} would like to schedule time for the mental breakdown i deserve.  okaythankyoubye.  

i had
no time to
the man
who slept in glass
beside me
each night
{&} if i
had not sold the house
i would have
set it to flame
the day after…
… i couldn't sleep
the dove grey walls,
changed the linen
duck egg blue;
unable to
wash sweat-memories
from the cotton
{such a
small cleansing
of a necrotic wound}
the festering hidden
in sweet bergamot,
but i can
see it there
beneath the veneer

Dangerous Mind
United States 28awards
Joined 30th June 2016
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Miniver Cheesy I

Miniver longed for what he had once
simple plays and something greasy
He bid a glance toward happiness
and gave in so easy.

It was his nature to forget those days
and ever in short was appeasing
true fast food and rented movies seemed
simply more pleasing.

Pretty women and young guns
riding the miles high in achieving
to entertain the furtive vein
and in that exceeding.

55 uw

Twisted Dreamer
United States 3awards
Joined 8th Aug 2016
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Dwellers in the Cellar

Amidst swallowing depths of darkness,
I found myself frozen like a mannequin
The surrounding shadows lurked thick and stout,
Salivating upon my proximity
I felt their sinister intentions,
Vicious delight, akin to sunshine kissing the skin
One behind the furnace, two by the washer,
Three... I now run out of proclivity
In panicking flight,
Scrambling upstairs to the light,
I'm pulled toward the abyss
Demon chains wrapped round my ankles tight,
Devils gnashing beside my feet
Drinking upon memory supple,
My queen of spells bestowed me protective kiss
From the fall, my pride is all that bleeds
I resolve to no return till task complete
Anger and duty push me watchfully past
Those dwellers that whisper their hate
I retrieve mother's precious garments
From the dryer, ascending, my fear abate

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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#3 of 30

There’s a Dog snoring.

There’s a Dog snoring in my room.
the room for me as a guest.
The fold-out bed
goes where she is sleeping
so I’ll let her snore some more
And move her when she wakes up.

There’s a Dog snoring in the room.
Snoring and snorting
in the same tone
as my Grandma used to make.

There’s a Dog snoring in this room.
And I’m using the time
to write a poem
As it would be cruel to wake her,
And anyway,
I get the giggles listening to snoring.

Something about hearing sleep enjoyed
Fills me with mirth and happiness,
I find joy about
sounds of snorkling dreams.

There’s a Dog snoring in this room,
And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.

(Unique Words: 80)

Dangerous Mind
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Napo 2024 Day 2

Quietly gazing at old pictures.
Not sure which one I like the least.
Releasing my tears makes me honest.
I guess I stumbled across the wrong one.
Bar none, this memory hurts the most.
The morose feeling endures
alluring the saddest of thoughts.
They juggernaut through my sternum;
numb... shocked...
succumbed... knocked down...
rocked into a system breakdown.

[Unique Words 50]

Tyrant of Words
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The Ability to Accept

In the constant endless changes of life’s ebb and flow
Acceptance is an integral part of development and growth
Embracing the reality that unpredictability is certain
And so we should walk in accordance with the universe

Trying to resist change can be often fruitless and futile
To reach our destination we may need to alter the course
Or rather go with the flow in order to move in rhythm
Having synchronicity and agility to go along with the currents

If we set our sails and use the winds to our advantage
We must know that storms will be waiting out there as well
So I accept that no matter what comes my way in life
They are lessons to learn to be in harmony with the world

86 Unique
127 Total

Fire of Insight
United States 14awards
Joined 12th July 2017
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Bitter Tenderness

At a loss, I toss to dust
Even my skin abandoned these hollow bones
And I’ve crushed the skull, under
Vengeful feet
That since have lost all sensitivity
To the elements
To people
.. Myself
Look at me! I am a memory in a mind
Whose mind?
Tell me, did their lips release my essence
On a tongue of bitter tenderness?
Why can’t this soul be warmed, swaddled
Into an eternal daydream?
I really thought I meant something
Whose mind is in question?
It could be my own that haunts me
And as I reach my final cell
I catch a glimpse of her
Golden cherry flecks of hair that wave to me
A dainty body so vividly vibrant, it is blinding
Look.. she is smiling
“A rarity is precious, the owner holds the key
Borrowed, bartered, stolen, uncovered
It does not matter
Nobody knew how to treasure this remarkable entity
Your embodiment
Yes, you.”

Tyrant of Words
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Embracing The Aquatic, Heat 2

What of swimwear
for the big-boned paddler?
A marriage of thread and unfailing fabric
deemphasizing girth
while preventing total exposure
of one's suit given at birth.
Trunks that defy gravity,
doggedly clinging to one's waist.
Impervious to pressure
from a low hanging belly.
A retro apparel solution
could be the ticket
A garment akin
to a striped,
roaring twenties, bathing costume.
Barring the handlebar mustache.
Capital remedy
for natation's sticky wicket.

Unique word count: 59

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