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Twisted Dreamer
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To Map Out Infinity

Pondering under punctures of the infinity,
Pinholes, the other side twinkling through
Atop my roof, where visits oft add salinity
Tonight, alone, I plan for what I wish I knew
In present, past trends now cease extending
I'm left to wander about, mapping out infinity
Tightroping, I wobble to futures impending
Pray the ground be closer, by such divinity  
Should the rope snap, I fall to path below
Please guide my feet to night's stars aglow

Dangerous Mind
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They would like it
That we went there

Dipping toes in the pacific
Watching fools traverse

The crumbly cliffs
As poodles and pugs ponder

Prancing and playful
The occasional human

Brave enough to have
Nothing on at all

See the way the ocean
Pulls herself

Through bubbly holes
In perfect walking sand

They would like it
Because she is the muse

(50 uw)

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
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Trek onward to overcome the fear
When it grates my flesh but feeds my spirit all the things I yearn to hear
Truths of grace breaking through
Undeserving yet still I hope in the invisible You

Debts cry to control
Lay claims to the will to reposes by default, my soul
With interests built up, the entitlement of the betrayed
Taken apart, dissect the heart, when my actions are filleted

You’ve every right to reject but still you love when I am unlovely
Fear cast out of perfect affections lavished upon
Beauty from the ashes when everything in me is ugly
You see something more in me, where sight fails my faith perceives beyond

Calibrate my heart when I’m off beat for disoriented rhythms of self
Reset the broken bone when I am sick and yet You heed my cry for help
When the only way to overcome and break the curse of fear
Is to let perfect love speak as I retrain my hope to hear

Resurrected again and again as I oscillate between
Whether dead or alive I’m wanted by something more, unseen…

Fire of Insight
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Charcoal, and the Mess That Was Made

A charcoal illustration of Betelgeuse sinking into the lake that stretches from the margins, jumping off the surface of the sketchbook.

Watchful clouds of assorted gray witness the unfolding of this world, it has become the likeness of a distant past on the tip of one’s memory tongue. Forgotten with intention.. or not.

Cobble streets, swallowed by moonlight. The only light there is in a page so very small, yet immeasurable to one’s mind.
One couldn’t help but sympathize with the barren beauty of this display. Soreness, elegance, recollection braided together so perfectly.
Artistically speaking:
“ a messy masterpiece.”
Devoid of color where there should be.
smudges border trees,
that consuming lake,
and the crescent above, trying to connect in some way——

—Then again, this is charcoal.

The unmistakable image of a different life not far behind, the personable point of view,
there’s magic in that.
This is why one must keep their art at arms length, but miles away.

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
Palestine 41awards
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To find an excuse to intervene
wannabe global policeman U.K
sees distant threats to Britain’s streets: the scene

harping back to Empire, days that have long been
gone in the dust-bin of history — but hey!
oh to find an excuse to intervene

Yesterday’s jets shoot down drones from Iran … preen
GB’s lost pride to Israel’s stauncher play:
a distant threat to Britain’s streets has raped the scene?

Send a destroyer to South China seas — the queen …
err … sorry … the king nods it’s O.K
to find an excuse to intervene

And all along the watch tower there’s this psy-ops meme
to punch above its weight … a past glory day
threatens Britain’s streets and steals the scene

Incapable, politicians can’t come clean
and say “it’s over” — so back-flipped they stay
to find a lame excuse to intervene
and twist distant threats to Britain’s streets, bolstering the scene.

Thought Provoker
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During the night
I travel my dreams
Within my dreams
I search for my soul

Whilst exploring my soul
I experience reality
From reality
To realness

Through dissecting my mind
I sense my body
Interacting with body
Brings me to life

In life we live our dreams
If we’re so lucky
Or if we so choose

By our choosing
We make conscious decisions
Within decisions
Lies a whole world

Lest we stop exploring
Lest we forget whence we came from
The who, what, when, where and how we’ve come to be

Unique word count: 61

Garrett Asa Hughes
Thought Provoker
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Ceaseless wonder
Peaceless wander
Cease fire plunders
An entire nation

From the bastions of self imposed doubt
And the actions that bless those without

Like Robin Hood's favor
To give to his neighbor
Like a ghetto savior
With a heart of gold

Until the king
Holds out his royal ring
Gentrified bling
Then Hood is sold

There is no end

(Late due to phone connection issues; brought the page back up when wifi connected, didn't save, had to rewrite. Wasn't quick enough.)


In Place

Mushrooms grown between my toes
Why, no one knows
No place to roam
Spider veins and deaden nerves
Regained from lessons learned

Fungal spores released and sown
Down to my bones
Nowhere to go
Maintained upon a blessed birth
The same with dead-end Earth

Growing up my spine
Like ivy on the vine
Held magic within them
Spreading in new dimensions

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 10awards
Joined 3rd Mar 2017
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Once We Were

Occasional tears
never do dry
because it mattered
the reason I cry

A bit of me broken
yet living on
despite the pain
from a time now gone

Memories recalled
reminded of your scent
fond recollection
moments we spent

Once lovers, now friends
both of us changed
the future we had
has been rearranged

From love that was
I shall not hide
for you always
a place aside

Dangerous Mind
India 4awards
Joined 9th Mar 2023
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nature's nature

my diary is full of all
kinds of feelings
if you open it,
you will find
peacock feathers,
dried rose petals,
complaints and
your mention
a million times

words are immortal,
but how can I trust my words
which dissolve
in two drops of water.??

but I still feel that
in spring, green leaves
songs of madmen,
intoxicating weather
and I will also be needed

i agree that today
is a dark night and
only emptiness is with me
the sun also thinks the same,

the sun does not trust
the moon,
it comes with the belief
that only when I will rise,
the petals will bloom,
the quiet trees will start shining
with happiness,

the burning questions
of silent time will be answered
the heart sitting in sweet hopes
will find peace

in autumn,
the existence of trees vanishes
birds become homeless
branches become barren
but they all remain alive
on the belief that
when spring blooms
the lost time will come back

well, whatever I am writing today
I don't know what meaning
will be derived from
these words tomorrow
So can't I trust my words too?...

Dangerous Mind
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17 of 30

Russian roulette

it's never been my immediate go-to
drowning my emotions in the contents of a bottle
not much point...
when it takes so little to knock me on my ass
& when I do...it's equal odds...
it might distance me from the haunting...
...or it could cause me to wallow
no way to be sure
I load that weapon with a single shot
take my chances & spin the chamber
just on the off chance I might escape the pain
then reel off toward whichever death it leads me
if...even for a minute...there's any hope to be free...
in my opinion...it's worth the risk
to not hear his voice wrapping its fist around my reasoning
strangling any sense of clarity
& not relive the ache & fear that followed
2 years of fucking perfection
then this...crazy mess
if I can even momentarily forget...
...I'm on it
pass me the ammo & hand me a drink
send memory into blissful darkness
...but only as long as it takes
just until the gashes seal & scars fade
no witnesses here but my conscience
I'll take it from there...
...maybe tomorrow

Dangerous Mind
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Ode to an Honest Moment

I hope she starts feeling better soon,
I said, slipping my arms around his waist.

“Me too,” he said, dipping his head
to kiss my hair.

I rested against him, thankful
that heartbreak and aloneness
were no longer my fate.

“She needs to find a bloke
that fucks the whole woman
and not just her cunt,” he said,
reaching for his cup of tea
on the kitchen counter.

I pulled away from him,
looking to see if there was any smirk
or mirth on his face
and seeing none.

I don’t think I have ever loved
you more,
I said.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 15th Oct 2018
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My  Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
is trying to keep me alive, longer
No idea why
as I felt the US Air Force
never intended to use
my expertise in that
which I am totally capable
in seeing the task, the goal
to its end

Fellow Veterans, who,
like me,
don’t understand
why I don’t trust
my own Healthcare Provider
(LOL!)  the military

They say civilians care and the
Veteran’s Admin is not military.

I still don’t trust them.

My Best Friend died while WE
served in Peacetime

went to His Memorial Service
to this day,  NO one in his Family
knows exactly why he died.

That memory still HAUNTS me.

more, maybe (would have died trying)
had I not been restricted to
base for 90 days.

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Tyrant of Words
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Fool Hearty

my imagination is both a blessing and a curse
my mind knows there is a problem
but not quite what it is

I'm quite obviously anxious
buttons are so readily seen because I'm sensitive
and they get pushed

running amuck in my thoughts is my imagination
I leap to possibilities
from a simple game of peek a boo in the yard
to he's sleeping with her

then my imagination clears and I see
it's just a simple attraction
natural and harmless

the rest now is up to me

don't seek to control what you can't
chastises my Father
you will only push him further from you
a little jealousy is flattering
too much is evil

seeking to understand the relationship dynamics
with the knowledge that he enjoys a challenge
my place in the world is set
not always liking it I rebel

wanting to move forward in wisdom
before I am fully mature
it won't happen until it is the right time
wanting the two of us to grow forward

I take a step back and realize
I've been fool hearty

Dangerous Mind
Philippines 11awards
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I've been feeling anxious
Since yesterday
So much on my plate
But too little time
My days are full next week
Just thinking about Monday
Makes my mood low
It's still Wednesday today
But I'm  already thinking
Of the days ahead
There is class observation
And then RPMS to be submitted
At the end of the month
And we were informed late
About it
Days are passing quickly
I need a break

L.C. McQuillen
Thought Provoker
Australia 4awards
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*Adjective* Birthday

Your birthday card is sitting untouched on
The coffee table
Even though your birthday was yesterday
And you are 500 miles away
I just don’t know what words to say
Because three years ago on my birthday
Your life changed forever with a fall
Brought on by a psychotic episode
Manically searching for gospel

And for three years you’ve been lying
In a nursing home unaware,
With brain damage altering your whole life
And trapping your soul in despair

And everyday I think of you
Feeling guilt for not being close

Yesterday was your birthday
And it’s hard to imagine it was happy
So what do I say
To someone who’s lost
but is still there

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